Đồng nghĩa của elect

Alternative for elect

elects, elected, electing

Đồng nghĩa: appoint, choose, pick, select, vote for,

Động từ

To choose or decide
choose select pick appoint vote opt for prefer vote for cherry-pick cull determine handpick name return tag take decide designate opt vote in accept admit ballot conclude decide on judge mark nominate optate put in receive resolve settle single out tap choose by ballot fix on plump for put in power settle on decide upon pick out vote into office go down the line cast one's vote for go for adopt favor favour settle upon desire hand-pick like will wish want embrace fancy see fit agree please make a decision come to a decision fix upon specify figure plump feel disposed to take up love crave sift out pitch on make your mind up make a choice establish identify finger purpose decree set feel like elect to choose incline toward wish for be inclined toward propose come down in favour of agree on espouse pick and choose incline towards reach a decision make up your mind plump on make a selection make up one's mind take a stand have as a favourite settle on a plan of action lean towards think more highly of lean toward be partial to like better show favouritism towards cotton to have a preference for commit oneself to have a bias towards treat with partiality hold in higher regard side with go in for want to make a choice to move for coopt stipulate help yourself peg cap demand yearn exercise choice would like settle for winnow thin sift discriminate pull out commit pin down forechoose undertake intend aspire end up elect for indicate cite resolve on make the choice of see fit to make the decision to predestine incline think fit feel inclined to have a mind to think best come to the conclusion make a point of take a decision remain firm discriminate between set aside make choice point out make up your mind on weigh call for co-opt be inclined feel inclined sort out mark out ponder make a decision on deliberate on take a stand on come to an agreement on reach a decision on come to a decision on consider come to a conclusion on make a choice on flag up present aim recommend rule reach plan guess cinch submit suggest surmise conjecture mediate poll award invite put up put down put forward reach a conclusion reach decision arrive at conclusion have in mind come to decision come to agreement have the intention commit oneself form opinion have final word draw a conclusion come to conclusion cast the die go down line come to a conclusion end with call shots

Động từ

To select for a given role or responsibility
assign appoint designate nominate name commission delegate select ordain place constitute detail post hire authorise authorize make tag vote enrol enroll adopt slot tab cast deputise deputize empower promote create dub co-opt select for install in choose for decide on for detail for induct in institute in invest in ordain in hold responsible install choose instal decree charge employ pick engage establish induct sign up vote in attach depute accredit recruit mandate tap order set identify entitle allocate label enjoin peg title mark decide on take on fix cast as call allot install as pin down settle on invest put down for entrust send station conscript task advance commit intrust trust christen proffer enlist denominate promote to elevate to tender flag earmark opt indicate finger prefer favour favor contract plump for button down point out inaugurate warrant give nod swear in licence place trust in license farm out anoint frock consecrate specify determine confer holy orders on decide announce declare handpick brand resolve denote recognise conclude recognize propose classify figure command settle upon opt for dictate single out point to put one's finger on cherry-pick legislate enact rule pass lay down direct prescribe pronounce foresay adjudge institute set down deal bless lay down the law walk heavy proclaim impose put your foot down deal with consign charter qualify certify enable sanction vest apportion appropriate permit allow initiate legitimize okay legitimise OK give the go-ahead to give power to give authority to give the green light to give the thumbs up to give the OK to find employment for give relegate find a job for burden refer ascribe encumber saddle load instate design validate countenance ratify consent rubber-stamp legalize endorse approve coronate enthrone decide upon legalise assign the part to give the part to give permission to confer a right to grant the right to ennoble honour crown honor dignify found start begin form set up originate instruct dispatch bid plant launch develop introduce pioneer shape innovate organize confide to draft let equip capacitate organise draught grant endow privilege give permission put in place invest with power give someone the authority give the means to give means to give the power to

Động từ

To choose to have something
like prefer desire want choose crave fancy favor favour love care for could do with covet feel like have a preference for incline toward lean toward lean towards long for need rather relish select aspire to be inclined toward be partial to endorse feel inclined toward hanker after hunger for opt for pine for require wish for ache for approve of be turned on to go for have an urge for have eyes for itch for lust after lust for spoil for suggest take to thirst for would rather would sooner yearn for die for take a liking to take a shine to welcome desiderate have a fancy for wish have a yen for hanker for hope for cry out for yen for feel in need of sigh for appreciate set one's heart on adore like better incline towards have an inclination for thirst after be dying for dig feel up to have the inclination for be bent on hunger after pine after have one's heart set on take a fancy to have a need for feel a need for pick adopt dream of be desirous of have as a favourite single out think more highly of show favouritism towards cotton to plump for have a bias towards treat with partiality hold in higher regard side with go in for consider have in mind cherish admire esteem yearn seek care affect will enjoy envy beg savor savour sanction be in need of pray for have as one's aim have need of look forward to wish to have ask for have as one's goal have a craving for have a yearning for would rather have think preferable would sooner have be more partial to find appealing rejoice in be enamored of delight in revel in get off on be mad for be wild for be crazy about fall for think much of be desperate for jones for have a passion for salivate for feel inclined to feel the need for pant after repine for burn for would give one's eyeteeth for eat one's heart out over hanker long hunger pine pant for be athirst for be consumed with desire for dream thirst lust wish to ache expect suspire for sigh have your eye on be unable to wait for languish aspire desire to aim for would like seek to await anticipate eat your heart out thirstily await be counting down the days to anticipate with pleasure be eager to await with anticipation intently await be excited to vigorously await really want thirstily anticipate energetically await actively anticipate cannot wait await with pleasure anticipate with gusto ardently anticipate be enthusiastic about fervently anticipate can't wait impatiently await eagerly anticipate earnestly await await with gusto actively await be enthused about expectantly anticipate impatiently anticipate await with enthusiasm breathlessly anticipate be interested in enthusiastically await enthusiastically anticipate wait for be gung ho about fervently await be keen on be impatient about breathlessly await ardently await vigorously anticipate eagerly await spiritedly anticipate longingly anticipate count the days until spiritedly await hungrily await hungrily anticipate have an eye on earnestly anticipate longingly await intently anticipate anticipate with enthusiasm zealously anticipate be hung up about expectantly await lick one's lips over energetically anticipate zealously await be excited at suspire jones feen count the hours until anticipate with anticipation desire intensely begrudge give eyeteeth for miss dislike lament repine be covetous of have hots for pant aim die over turn green be envious object to carry a torch regret the loss of dream about regret the absence of shed tears for cry for have designs on have the hots for have hard feelings be greedy for be hungry for be thirsty for fantasize grieve for daydream imagine contemplate carry a torch for visualise visualize envision contrive romanticize muse woolgather idealize live in a dream world romanticise build castles in air pipe dream conceive of conjure up pictures idealise set your sights on picture ideate fantasise pursue aim to long to hope to want to yearn to hanker to expect to hope struggle hunger to be ambitious try strive lick your lips lick one's chops have the objective of be eager raise standards push the envelope want more raise the bar expect more raise expectations

Tính từ

Selected as the best or most desirable
choice chosen picked preferred selected select cherry-picked favoured favored favourite favorite first-line handpicked elite hand-picked of choice exclusive popular carefully chosen culled privileged designated screened elected noble preferential weeded special prize certain nominated finest particular private recherché advantaged lucky ideal appointed preferable recherche top-quality cliquish named in recommended approved conscripted tabbed blue-ribbon specially selected well-liked restricted cliquey number one singled out invited aristocratic crack standard primary vetted fave best-liked sweetheart blessed default first-choice specially chosen upper-class fancied rarefied limited endorsed sanctioned adopted liked pegged called entitled honoured honored settled upon decided upon fortunate posh indulged much-loved with the nod close intimate closed exclusory clannish noninclusive restrictive discriminating segregated small uninclusive exclusionary discriminative prime superior excellent best first-class fine quality first-rate top fantastic bad exquisite tip-top grand high-quality premier great nice phat wonderful dainty hot high-grade fabulous superb exceptional terrific top-notch crucial optimal sensational splendid beautiful 10 groovy heavenly awesome marvelous sterling topflight lovely stellar fab swell famous marvellous fantabulous unsurpassed dynamite rad neat top-shelf frontline dandy gangbusters righteous superlative classic rare immense prizewinning bonny peachy high-class corking divine slick vintage schmick elegant precious cool capital plum bang-up bumper gangbuster boffo banner nifty mean def cracking brag crackerjack unusual primo A-OK bonnie valuable boss keen uncommon radical dope supernal out-of-sight jim-dandy first-string blue-chip five-star gilt-edge top-drawer par excellence top-of-the-line gilt-edged 24-karat grade A top of the line top of the range peachy keen A-1 solid gold numero uno of the first water topping bully wizard four-star down hype brave gone outstanding magnificent supreme super out of this world brilliant perfect ace wicked premium peerless champion smashing world-class good admirable sublime brill tremendous pre-eminent matchless very good glorious incomparable impressive too much supercalifragilisticexpialidocious deluxe distinguished tiptop unparalleled beaut top-hole unrivaled amazing priceless notable unrivalled preeminent exemplary topnotch leading accomplished striking worthy mega sik consummate remarkable luxurious upmarket bosting magic spiffing on fleek flawless bodacious delightful invaluable extraordinary desirable greatest exo expensive ripping belting top-tier noted chillin' estimable dominant foremost sovereign A1 unequalled unique classy gorgeous refined incredible fancy delicate highest transcendent pearler chic barrie applaudable choicest plush meritorious costly eminent unequaled of high quality phenomenal optimum unreal mind-blowing spectacular attractive high stunning splendiferous peak of the first order opulent formidable dazzling rich top drawer bonzer lavish model top-class of the highest quality ritzy quintessential luxury first illustrious stupendous second to none class commendable enjoyable surpassing breathtaking high-end sumptuous of the highest standard amazeballs pet skilful masterly dear skillful praiseworthy upscale laudable lush highest quality extravagant unmatched fly most-liked pricey winning pleasing dreamy awesomesauce unexcelled sound idyllic the dog's bollocks top-level top-grade bosker majestic star prodigious unbeatable right irreplaceable swish proper certified stylish distinctive too good to be true worth its weight in gold swank without equal out of sight best possible beyond compare inimitable of the highest order polished memorable charming lofty outrageous chief stately extreme enchanting deft swanky treasured unexampled singular fav noteworthy creditable delectable best-loved pleasant solid excessive spanking spendy ultraexpensive pricy beyond price top-of-the-range scrumptious tops inflated very precise classical goodly beezer state-of-the-art way-out hunky-dory palatial requisite big-ticket high-ticket of a high standard far out nonpareil better top-end prize-winning very best the best super-duper superfine best-case prized graceful high-priced snobbish tasteful paramount main plushy entrancing sophisticated cultivated fancy-pants virtuoso smart of incalculable worth of incalculable value legit of inestimable value fashionable dearest Lucullan unprecedented pleasurable radiant standout handsome mint prestigious adroit captivating dignified inestimable luxuriant key cream masterful significant fantastical elaborate deserving palatian lead of inestimable worth of immeasurable value venerable gratifying major flagship of immeasurable worth prominent inspired renowned agreeable ornamented ornate ostentatious well-designed central essential overdone faultless far-out awe-inspiring worthwhile uppermost marvy untouchable honourable unsurpassable effusive fabby exalted comely lank exaggerated worthiest kif head A-grade principal golden honorable meritable high quality top quality august complete award-winning virtuous best ever in a class all by itself closest to one's heart world class zero cool industry leading ka pai top-flight first class above and beyond of highest order reliable piked enviable imposing without price crowning advanced cardinal tough heavy world sharp quick resplendent bestselling bewitching celebrated really good cherished unforgettable arresting agile clever thoroughbred satisfying rewarding colossal tophole blue-eyed exotic gnarly blissful glittering mighty unorthodox deep wild handy apt natty convenient ingenious spruce ravishing rapturous alluring instinctive at a premium rocking foxy juicy esoteric arcane far-fetched not too shabby covetable snobby high-hat toffee-nosed potty snotty grandiose glitzy elitist lavishly appointed persnickety snooty glamorous good quality high-caliber a cut above really nice paragon pick fat only baller crash hot irreproachable banging exacting cushy shipshape high-test cat's meow like wow moving eloquent surprising agitating most unbelievable bright sup rior all very well well and good good-quality high-calibre amiable improved enhanced snazzy stuffy five star dream nang No. 1 grade-A elevated splendorous paradisal paradisaic paradisic ambrosial superhuman yummy adorable spiritual saintly respectable better than usual of the best quality better than average proud with it pretty cool of the highest type top grade best-quality highest-quality desired exciting above average slap-up congenial thrilling diverting not bad plump plummy profitable delicious magical Lucullian palace silken luxe loaded Babylonian apex number 1 beyond comparison copacetic astonishing number-one Grade A undefeated unbeaten a cut above the rest one-in-a-million utopian crown dominating record-breaking big-time sans pareil signal the very best a standout archetypal pure well-favored tip top very agreeable very pleasant very nice luscious well appointed marked worthier up to standard up to snuff up to scratch up to par cordon bleu hunky dory go-to destination traditional exorbitant extortionate refreshing meritious winner praisable meedful world-beating worthy of admiration worthy of commendation cat's pajamas thankworthy skilled expert nicer advantageous very fine mind-boggling overpriced ripe mature adept proficient able first-picked must-see immoderate high-cost big-budget steep practised talented gifted artistic predilect professional master discerning highly priced stiff pretty experienced highly-priced modish petite trim slight dexterous versed capable cher inordinate executive urbane courtly competent efficient trained seasoned slim set cultured aesthetic dashing over the odds an arm and leg decorous suave prefered specialized earmarked specialised airy subtle dinky nuanced genteel affected debonair pro practiced professed indispensable exact esthetic stylized deadly veteran educated esteemed appropriate correct suitable fitting opportune well-dressed vital instrumental a dab hand at well versed habile compleat dextrous sweet lacy tender diaphanous light soft darling well-made frail cute thin ethereal fair fragile feeble a la mode well-bred critical consequential important integral pivotal helpful just right on the money on the button serviceable incalculable up-market trendy extremely useful vitally important of great consequence of the utmost importance extremely helpful all-important collectible valued voguish high class upper-crust upper crust high-toned worth a king's ransom more suitable more desirable more advisable more eligible more expedient most excellent most favourable most advantageous most appropriate most favorable

Tính từ

Appointed to an office or post but not yet installed

Danh từ

A person or thing regarded as precious or special
gem jewel treasure prize cream paragon flower best pearl ideal pride finest nonpareil choice epitome model exemplar masterpiece tops star embodiment standard prototype archetype apotheosis glory quintessence pick wonder personification acme paradigm catch elite plum peach prime taonga trump humdinger godsend jewel in the crown something else outstanding example shining example leading light one in a million perfect example of its kind chef-d'oeuvre classic perfection showpiece angel honor nonesuch masterstroke trophy masterwork honour boast darling credit crown jewel beau ideal magnum opus tour de force piece de resistance work of art stroke of genius cream of the crop find coup triumph dream hit eidolon essence perfect example knockout monument idea beauty patron saint source of pride ne plus ultra pride and joy master work source of satisfaction joy delight nugget stereotype picture oner objet d'art type representation byword peak of perfection beau idéal crème de la crème the bee's knees valued object valuable object objet of virtu precious thing saint typical example last word norm acme of perfection criterion pattern good example cynosure asset champion love crackerjack champ ultimate sublimation lovely original one of a kind brick the best source of honour feather in cap proud boast paragon of virtue good person kind person finest example finest specimen best specimen choicest specimen choicest example best example specialty phenomenon charm rarity speciality prodigy genius phoenix pick of the bunch pièce de résistance sensation marvellous feat great work

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