Đồng nghĩa của entrust

Alternative for entrust

entrusts, entrusted, entrusting

Đồng nghĩa: assign, charge, commission, delegate,


Give custody, authority to
commit deliver commend consign delegate trust confide hand over assign give hand leave pass recommend repose transfer transmit turn over vest allocate allot authorise authorize confer give over make over relegate deposit with give custody give custody of leave with give free rein intrust grant bestow bequeath cede pass on relinquish charge convey present hand on devolve accord offer commission place surrender yield sign over hand down gift provide donate impart apportion invest endow task contribute refer render furnish appoint award devote vouchsafe confer on designate proffer dispense lend afford give up give away give to hand out depute put direct lay remit send submit apply supply abdicate cast cough up send on appropriate ordain engage set lodge will issue abandon resign decentralize decentralise sacrifice favour dispatch pledge pass to turn in volunteer favor burden invest in come up with alienate fork out entrust to lay on lay down let bestow on saddle show deliver up hand to award to consign to allot to assign to lavish on leave to kick in let go of endow with put into someone's hands tender nominate confine elect decree install make something over to someone deposit divert shift move instal grant to settle pertain belong promise employ destine redirect grace render up shunt treat channel endue put in charge of toss throw pin chuck indue provide with allocate to furnish with parcel out deed alien change reassign put in the hands of exchange reach bung level send on errand send on mission hold responsible for circulate forward entrust with charge with patronise advance store loan patronize aid command provide for bless add dedicate renounce bestow to consecrate reserve impose instate target aim ascribe let someone have waive allow to look after let out make trustee point offload dump guide put into the hands of devise demise subscribe foist earmark put forth give out put at someone's disposal forfeit put into hands of encumber exact legate save share chip in spare bring pass down route put in set by set aside give up to set apart put up fork up part with give and take provide use of be generous with allow use of lay on one extend lend-lease oblige allow permit inject accommodate shark loan shark stake steer shell out make a contribution of give a donation of pitch in stump up ante up give of make a donation of dish out fob off palm off usher marshal marshall assess fine tax levy inflict lavish leave in one's will leave to by will pony up do your part get it up sweeten the pot feed the kitty pass the hat make a gift of get in the act put oneself down for dole out get rid of be handed down present to accord to distribute to bequeath to vest in apportion to afford to donate to send to direct to deliver to turn over to put in touch with pass on to honour with commit to impart to heap on come through honor with put out render to communicate give in concede indulge feed capitulate pay up fold come across with hand in give way back down throw in the towel throw in the sponge set down make with forgo bow succumb quit fork over lay aside relent relay forswear forsake yield to lose budge knuckle under cave in concede defeat give way to drop climb down defer give oneself up to admit defeat lose oneself in send out let go produce unload come across yield up broadcast find let off drop off disseminate put aside put down finish with let fall stream hand round give back spread register wallow in enter blink pay pay out lease acquiesce carry send in put forward give rein to abandon oneself to purvey settle up lay out send forth stop leave off cry uncle buckle under pull out give free rein to despair bail out desist cut out cease chicken out bow out comply collapse step down from step aside from abnegate telex fax ship abalienate remise foot the bill transport post give the title of give the right of mail address shoot defray the cost of forbear desert ditch withdraw discard repudiate shed send off sign away pack off break buckle cut loose take the pledge drop out kiss good-bye opt out cast off take the oath let pass stand down turn down quit cold turkey let go by swear off drop like hot potato indulge in give oneself over fall victim lay down arms fold up be conquered suffer defeat be beaten accept defeat be overwhelmed cry quits give up the struggle show the white flag come to terms be overcome raise the white flag resign yourself call it quits lose oneself to


To put away or aside (for later use)
deposit bank store consign lodge hoard keep house put save stash stow commit lay away lay in put aside put away put by sock away stock up lock away salt away squirrel away put in storage put aside for a rainy day cache stockpile amass lay aside garner lay by squirrel set aside stow away treasure invest place collect gather reserve lay up accumulate pack keep in reserve hide put to one side stash away load scrimp buy up pile up put aside for rainy day pack away stock up on pile heap archive tuck acquire hold reposit warehouse husband stock plant pay in put up preserve hive save up put in tidy away tuck away put down stock up with put by for a rainy day heap up put away for a rainy day lay mound speculate hill mass jam bundle stuff have an account coffer cram posit wedge store up shove stack hide away stack up top off pack like sardines keep a place for lay down set down conceal file clear secrete file away place secretly cumulate mothball retain park conserve maintain hutch bury pack up put in store lock up roll up put into storage get in supplies of tidy up save for rainy day secure withhold earmark allocate hold back dedicate build up keep back hang on to rack up run up scrape together scare up tot up round up devote spare assemble bottle regulate shut away keep safe pick up draw together seal up set by load up on defer sustain economize consecrate economise keep on hand build up stocks get hold of bring together ensconce give up to keep out muster put in the bank cover ditch screen duck contain skimp budget control put in the hole clean up possess shelve use sparingly economize on be frugal with use economically keep intact be careful with manage thriftily save for a rainy day go easy on repress stifle retain in one's possession keep to yourself not part with keep for oneself hold in hang onto hold onto keep hold of hold fast to retain possession of cling to hold on to keep possession of


(archaic) To reveal (information)
discover reveal divulge share detail disclose expose impart relay tell trust bare spill uncloak uncover unmask unveil unbosom make known provide details let on about leak betray communicate confess give away blab admit lay bare declare blurt out let slip broadcast let out proclaim make public publish let on show bring to light report announce display pass on let drop go public with inform blow the lid off unfold cough spill the beans about let the cat out of the bag about exhibit mouth manifest publicize relate acknowledge vouchsafe publicise come out with bring into the open get off your chest spill your guts about let the cat out of the bag bring out into the open disseminate release babble confide evince squeal avow squeal about blow wide open tell all about spill the beans blow the gaff present promulgate blurt unearth recount tattle air out undress demonstrate bespeak circulate spring unburden show up unclothe utter narrate blow explain concede own up snitch affirm fess up open up let fall post come clean tell all expose to view tip one's hand give the game away open your heart let cat out of the bag set forth take the wraps off come out of the closet take the lid off convey nail debunk open unfurl overshare own intimate disburden lay open let it all hang out denude strip break instruct teach unclose give out notify talk about unburden oneself whisper put on display put on show get out of your system bring out into open give the low-down bring to public notice give the show away go public on break the news come clean about bring to public attention put cards on table dish the dirt blow the whistle on spill all confide in breathe hold up to view crack wide open to make clear bring to notice bring forward bring into view hint buzz suggest insinuate bewray gossip unload on spill to lay the gaff crack to lay it on bend an ear let in on share a confidence allow to be seen expose information go public cough up bring out tip off blow the whistle let your hair down blow the gaff on recite describe portray illustrate clarify elaborate spell out give an account of clear up figure out dope out decipher resolve set out solve explicate elucidate allow profess grant prove confirm agree assert own up to sing attest aver admit guilt accept responsibility chirp vent weasel unload accept blame unbosom oneself finger plead guilty cop to fink clue in self-declare dump on make a clean breast self-respond self-disclose humble oneself make clean breast of make a clean breast of sound off level with 'fess up tell the truth spill your guts rat on come out make a clean breast of things be completely honest self-report self-divulge spit out make a clean breast of it state express enunciate mention indicate voice say advertise advertize spread articulate transmit verbalize trumpet pronounce verbalise herald sound speak blazon cite put forward speak about specify advise put out outline annunciate tell of blare flash raise signal chronicle issue put into words comment on apprise placard blaze point out refer to discuss signify moot address denote pass put across get across broach propound repeat rehearse give voice to give deliver allude to point to touch on imply chart note connote infer advance acquaint retail distribute depict delineate bring up remark on vocalize represent read drop quote introduce itemize fill in designate summarize itemise vocalise summarise be evidence of testify to make clear brief advert to shout from the rooftops touch upon talk evidence hand on paint exclaim retell document warn enumerate make aware catalogue evoke remark list particularize phrase testify make plain argue put forth frame keep posted particularise catalog purport shout cry instance notice render run through speak of hint at let it be known give utterance to call attention to let anyone know of throw out point toward make spin reflect alert produce familiarize propagandize mean word claim make manifest make obvious cover ventilate register splash give details of serve spotlight propagandise propose symbolize picture allude purvey opine allege familiarise betoken give forth expound track adduce asseverate maintain attest to mutter avouch give the facts print put over pipe up with declaim recap intone emphasize stress preconize drum inform of let know offer modulate emphasise advert tweet name put symbolise bear witness to showcase reel off feature run down adumbrate translate flag up write up break a story noise abroad put in the picture get at get out give an account be a sign of let someone know of bring in make reference to put in words blazon abroad go into give an inkling get off pin down point at run by pop off account for send propagate celebrate transfuse conduct transfer feed flourish renown splatter reference give up mediate inscribe boast disport identify add chip in project reproduce define slip open up on brandish return trickle transpire establish show off breathe a word of throw in put in two cents weigh in contribute provide chime in hand down wire cable moan groan emit explore write rehash echo recapitulate parade sport strut exteriorize lay out update press give details bring word on bring word communicate information run past interject have a say interpose send out bruit abroad put in circulation bruit about churn out contend vouch protest spout plead chatter predicate enounce orate mumble blast spread around pass the word issue a statement about give notice of read out call run off at mouth show and tell wave around administer tell the story of run by again play back say again perorate swear yammer pipe spiel soliloquize drawl jaw yak regurgitate lip gab gas murmur canvass canvas conjure up ring up get through furnish charge enlighten sound out paint in words give a description of bill immortalise headline skywrite immortalize spot extol soft-sell press-agent billboard treat give a rundown of give a account of speak briefly of provide details of give the facts on give details on advise of paint a word picture of level sketch verse clear weave deliberate about exchange views about talk through make mention of converse about exchange views on talk over confer about deal with play up hard sell mark give the lowdown bring up-to-date make familiar with give the latest keep informed catch up make a pitch for put on the map gazette witness pinpoint leave word call upon tell on put before give facts wise up have printed signpost spit it out table give evidence of put in print tip the wink give a clue remind angle coax allude to the fact make a reference to the fact cue drive at give someone to understand foreshadow put flea in ear let out of bag give someone to believe solicit refer to the fact say in passing bear out couch submit debate be symptomatic of add up to smack of serve as evidence of gesture towards be a symptom of advocate look import formulate asservate inflect intonate yell reassert clothe allegate roar reaffirm talk of make out give utterance get over give expression speak out give testimony pour out give expression to lay down give vent to bear witness sling say to express to reveal to state to disclose to alert to spin a yarn shoot the breeze give the word confess to communicate to proclaim to forewarn mention to lay it on the line make known to announce to acquaint with speak about to utter to break the news to


To oppress with severe or excessive burdens
task strain test exhaust load push saddle tax burden oppress overload weary charge encumber lade lumber weigh weight exert overwork stretch tire overtax extend overextend overtask overreach overexert overburden drive rack knacker fatigue distend weaken wrench try tense tighten wear out push to the limit overdo it exert to the limit make too many demands on work too hard exert excessively knock oneself out drive too far run yourself into the ground work oneself into the ground overwhelm overstretch weigh down stress drain sap challenge overstrain laden freight trammel put a strain on make demands on bite off more than you can chew pressure overuse overfill overcharge cumber hamper overdo handicap pile crush obstruct snow under force worry surfeit embarrass retard work over put demands on surcharge put great demands on be too much for be exacting on impose on put too much in enervate empty deluge swamp overstress push too far weigh heavily on go too far prey on clog oversupply beset make heavy demands on press hard on put pressure on ask too much of yoke inundate excess glut hinder impede snow dump on make heavy saddle with bear down on impose excessive strain on exceed outreach overstep break outrun overpass overshoot overrun surpass transcend overact labor labour sweat wear oneself to a shadow overload oneself work like a Trojan work day and night drive oneself into the ground drive oneself too hard work one's tail off push oneself too hard wear yourself out overtax one's strength overburden oneself strain yourself burn the candle at both ends overtire yourself burn out work like a slave kill oneself do too much work your fingers to the bone overtax oneself work like a horse burn the midnight oil overstrain yourself drive oneself too far practice presenteeism sweat blood


(rely on/upon one) To depend on with full trust or confidence
rely depend count reckon bank bet plan trust anticipate bargain calculate expect lean hope look believe in count on depend on bank on be confident of be sure of hope for trust in gamble on have faith in place reliance swear by commit to have every confidence in put your faith in be certain about be dependent on bet bottom dollar on have confidence in cling to lay money on figure on take for granted take on trust ride on coattails pin one's hopes on pin your faith on rely on bet on reckon on lean on calculate on take as read look to call on hope to assume be looking to confide place reliance on be supported by believe be prepared be sustained by have faith pin one's hope on turn to put trust in confide in rely upon build upon be unable to manage without hinge on be dependent pin one's faith bet one's bottom dollar not manage without hang one's hat on score tab aim for plan on bargain for rest on expect from stake on heed count upon forecast estimate foresee predict foretell project divine speculate gage conjecture guess gauge prophesy prognosticate suppose call presage imagine determine surmise figure augur think predetermine infer envisage envision vaticinate see forewarn presume portend soothsay read gather previse auspicate spae judge reason conclude adumbrate hazard a guess dope out have a hunch demonstrate contemplate visualise visualize theorize fancy suspect hypothesize ascertain consider posit postulate deduce presuppose deem daresay telegraph forebode say hypothesise theorise apprehend foreknow foreshadow think likely figure out think it likely take it be of the opinion see it coming come to the conclusion draw the inference regard as likely see something coming have sneaking suspicion be inclined to think get the idea psych out take it as given extrapolate model chart purpose contrive diagram image vision feature delineate conceive call the turn omen picture foreshow tip signify forespell announce bode forespeak halsen plan for see handwriting on wall size up tell in advance warn of crystal-ball divine sense feel discern perceive espy entertain prevision premise understand foretaste preknow forefeel pre-empt crystal ball bargain on have a hunch of be prepared for allow for see in the cards contemplate the possibility of call it watch for be hopeful of count chickens wait for be afraid prepare for be afraid of look for


Stop resisting to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority
surrender yield submit succumb capitulate give in quit concede relent cave in acquiesce bow defer abandon blink budge cede crumble fall indulge knuckle under back down climb down give way be beaten be overcome be overwhelmed consign fall victim fold forego knuckle leave accept defeat concede defeat admit defeat buckle under cry uncle eat crow give yourself up go down go under lay down arms let go play dead raise the white flag roll over throw in the sponge eat humble pie go along with pack it in toss it in put up white flag wave the white flag show the white flag throw in the towel give up comply accede withdraw resign agree retreat assent pull out accept bend backpedal say uncle deliver concur make concessions back out chicken out recoil comply with stop renege back off give up the struggle go back on cancel cop out recant bow out cave kowtow relinquish conform buckle approve back pedal beg off adapt respect retire recede balk despair admit do a U-turn be overcome by fall victim to lose heart yield to be overwhelmed by be conquered by agree to do an about-turn change your mind bow to give in to resign yourself call off drop out pull back baulk back away backtrack scratch welsh avoid observe fink out wimp out truckle call it a day draw back worm out weasel out wiggle out shy from break allow heed get cold feet blow it off lay down adjust accommodate hand over abide by obey give ground be beaten by conform to consent to acquiesce in come to terms come round give way to cooperate with concur with eat your words act in accordance with toe the line throw in your hand hoist the white flag give oneself up to lose oneself in bottle out shrink die of lose your nerve compromise change stop trying give retract turn yellow think better of wuss out have no stomach for bottle it funk out honour honor give up hope break off halt abandon hope finish call a halt end throw up one's hands chuck it in knuckleunder cringe fawn agree with fall in line be defeated surrender to throw up the sponge proffer drop lose desist tender cease waive present forswear collapse abdicate subjugate genuflect subdue adhere indulge in put one's tail between one's legs shy away go backward move away give away the store leave off hand in bail out cut out lose oneself to be deferential humble oneself turn in bring to an end be submissive bend the knee suffer defeat turn over give oneself over call it quits fold up be conquered soften show white flag demur reconsider be overthrown cry quits melt unbend renege on retreat from withdraw from repudiate take back hold back be overthrown by be defeated by be taken by eat dirt weaken dishearten sadden be destroyed by be vanquished by be servile forbear follow lie down be a casualty to be smitten by pass into the hands of have mercy drop back default on cry off pull out of fail to honour become merciful slow sympathise give quarter show pity sympathize have pity become lenient show mercy fall to pieces pass into enemy hands lose one's position to wallow in be merciful mind admit you were wrong have no fight left withdraw from agreement or statement die away mellow out come around let it happen give some slack let happen change mind lay back cool it go easy on take a softer line ease up on lighten up adhere to keep chicken out of get cold feet about embrace run away retrograde row back do an about-face fall back back regroup sing a different song have second thoughts admit that one is wrong ebb retrocede despond retract one's words give back give rein to abandon oneself to goose-step to hold to answer fulfill stick to serve fulfil accord respond give free rein to keep to take orders get into line do what one is told do as you are told do as one says play second fiddle live by do one's duty do what is expected come to heel hold fast be ruled by get in line act upon do one's bidding play it by the book be loyal to consent permit tolerate brook subscribe buy suffer yes ditto okay reconcile OK jibe assent to stand by submit to play ball give one's blessing to roll over and play dead give approval to shake on give consent to go along give the go-ahead to give the green light to give the nod to accept tacitly let pass give one's assent to give the thumbs up to say the word say yes to cut a deal grant sanction recognize endorse recognise accede to countenance authorize acknowledge say yes warrant give the nod bless authorise support confirm pass sign license ratify defer to licence sign off on validate confess approve of give the go-ahead affirm own clear rubber-stamp favour favor condone see eye to eye give permission avow accredit formalize let certify approbate finalize homologate engage endure let on finalise concede to formalise give the OK to subscribe to take kindly to give carte blanche green-light acquiesce to have humour own up to humor give your blessing give the green light thumbs up uphold mandate advocate bear reveal seal profess undertake stand undergo abide stomach sustain second put up with empower enable see concur in realize boost appreciate swallow be in sympathy pass on greenlight give someone leave give one's leave take stick fess up realise bear with go for open up abet charter get behind 'fess up be of the same mind own up be of the same opinion come clean sanctify live with pay homage fall in with vail give permission for set go with the flow give the thumbs up make a deal recommend reach a decision hesitate vacillate waver toe the mark pay attention to play along with bow down to be guided by succumb to resign oneself to make law rubber stamp stump for buy into lap up push for make valid take up O.K. give go-ahead jump at the chance entitle ease off ease up champion admit as true bind give permission to stand for be subject to permit to grant permission to withstand sit through be doing with cope with hear of allow to bear the brunt of engage in authenticate qualify nod show agreement establish believe in undersign signature cosign legalize legitimatize legitimate give someone authorization comprobate astipulate cause legalise legitimatise admit of franchise wink at blink at facilitate grant the right privilege enter into be game for relent to come round to cave in to back down to hold put John Hancock on give stamp of approval be in agreement with hold with espouse fess adopt be united cognize know perceive note be as one be aware of be conscious of take on board take an oath come out of closet attest to cop a plea be wise to be as one man be down with wear fess up to stoop feel weather league collaborate join conjoin unite concert cooperate conspire divulge deign disclose declare give the stamp of approval to descend brave hack give five expose vouchsafe be in harmony coadjute harmonize meet fall in band together team up correspond combine band be in accord equal harmonise sweat spill sing leak let out indicate go into details communicate narrate talk make a clean breast of make public blow the lid off squeal about make known come out of the closet cop to confide proclaim bring into the open give away bring to light state uncover make a clean breast tell all about bare spill the beans about blurt out get off your chest cough up spill your guts tell blow the gaff on unveil go through wait out sit and take it be together be consonant with be in agreement be in accordance come together humble oblige lower demean condescend lower oneself be courteous enough deem it worthy of oneself debase oneself degrade oneself think fit be courteous toss a few crumbs lower yourself come down off high horse see fit demean oneself

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