Đồng nghĩa của stop trying


Decide or agree to stop doing something
call it a day admit defeat be beaten capitulate concede defeat despair give in give up lose heart surrender abandon hope break off call a halt call off end finish give up hope halt quit stop bring to an end throw in the sponge throw in the towel drop abstain from pack it in get off renounce cut short forsake discontinue desist cut out lay off bring to a close get out of relinquish wind up put a stop to suspend forgo put the kibosh on pack up conclude desist from pack in call it quits leave off forlet knock off lay off of cease abandon call a halt to pull out of bring to a halt put an end to eschew forswear refrain from kick dispense with terminate abjure do without avoid leave give over shun can resign withdraw jack in abstain reject ditch swear off refrain cancel break axe break up chuck cut off discard abdicate ax forbear do away with go without scrap abolish repudiate steer clear of disavow waive abnegate refuse disclaim close dump yield resign from decline disown shut off pass resist let up step down from deny interrupt belay withhold from keep from chuck in scrub renege abort cast aside get rid of cast off retire from forbear from withdraw from cut surcease elapse determine dead-end have done with sacrifice pull the plug on wink out cede knock something on the head give a wide berth to bow out of step aside from repeal keep revoke pass up hold back keep off retract spurn recant shake withhold give something the chop expire lapse desert eliminate check turn your back on drop out skip forego deny yourself not touch die go vacate renege on cry off exit curb dispose of evade escape back out of divorce oneself from give something a miss have nothing to do with back out wash hands of junk remove jettison restrain from stay away from rescind shy from hold off shirk throw out leave out intermit ignore skip out on dodge escape from gainsay resist the temptation to take away disaffirm stop oneself leave alone restrain fight shy of inhibit arrest sit out stand down from retire say goodbye to give up on stop participating in walk out on get out pull out wrap up hand over wash your hands of depart from not continue take the cure bail out demit bow out bin shed rein in phase out pause preclude recall toss pass on call omit bypass stop oneself from restrain oneself from sidestep avert break the habit of shrink from check out from skirt delete get shut of nip something in the bud complete unsay foreswear forget about forfeit unload manage without get shot of throw off release cashier scratch rebut kill not do shuck off eighty-six write off throw away disconnect shut down head off disallow pull bag it blow off bag kick the habit neglect interfere with abstract oneself quit cold part with weasel out of walk away from refuse to acknowledge finish with walk out of back off shake off opt out drop out of disengage bail step down throw over close out pass by turn one's back on sew up cut it out negate throw up get around steer clear move from sell out stop participating sign away jilt shelve have nothing more to do with kick over lose hope quash throw something up turn away from hold back from concede achieve succeed come off turn aside from jack it in prevent oneself from not give in to cease to indulge in prevent yourself from get on the wagon hang it up lift dust off remit break with divorce part from wipe out go cold turkey wash one's hands of cut into disturb break into jack something in down tools stop work bridle decline to restrain oneself restrain yourself go easy fail walk off walk out disregard set aside betray take the count wriggle out make one's exit separate oneself from sign off turn over elude give a rest stop doing lie by spell rest contravene turn back on refuse to accept pass over brush aside dissolve relieve immolate take the pledge be temperate go on the wagon avoid doing culminate stay disengage from secede recede from detach yourself pull back absent oneself scratch from detach forget endure dispense give the elbow give someone the big E give someone the air end relations with bin off give someone the push disinherit contradict stop using close down die down quit cold turkey come to a close bring to a stop disdain duck raise resolve retreat give notice stay clear of let well enough alone have no truck with shy shy away from keep clear of shuffle out of finesse scape carve isolate exclude extirpate usurp snub exsect sever marginalize extract overlook oust excise pull the plug round off get done wrap sunder put paid to finish off crown put the lid on annul switch off consummate round out end up ultimate wind down settle wind something up nip in the bud top off stop having keep away from throw stay away stave off make up for nullify obviate ward off prevent block impede counterbalance withstand prohibit neutralise hinder fend off circumvent neutralize help counteract anticipate depart turn defect tergiversate apostatize tergiverse fast fence-sit starve constrain spare deny oneself get by without get along without render needless antedate brush off bail from go away from break off with clear out from disappear from run along from take off from be gone from abscond from be done with exit from set out from absent oneself from postpone erase disburden fling away loose one's hold on fling off let go unhand loosen one's hold on toss over apostacize become invalid run out vanish become void trail off dwindle come to an end fade become obsolete disappear go by tail off stay neutral sit on one's hands give the go by not take sides refute go back on word renig welsh impugn worm out of disconfirm negative disacknowledge take out marginalise cut dead precede call a stop to preexist predate antecede quitclaim leave in the lurch render miss out on leave holding the bag leave high and dry toss out back off from kibosh surcease from call it quits on disjoin dissever intervene separate interpose disunite part put out to pasture deep-six throw aside cast lose exorcize shuck exorcise take back apprehend extradite deliver bring to justice bring to trial dishearten sadden despond

Trái nghĩa của stop trying

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