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eschews, eschewed, eschewing

Đồng nghĩa: shun,


To shun or shy away from
shun avoid elude abjure forgo forswear renounce abandon disavow forsake reject relinquish repudiate sacrifice shirk spurn abdicate abnegate abstain deny disclaim disdain dodge drop duck escape evade kick refrain from disaffirm finesse gainsay refrain scape shake shy abstain from give up dispense with fight shy of swear off steer clear of give a wide berth to have nothing to do with not touch renege on get around keep clear of pack in shy away from jack in stay clear of turn your back on weasel out of have no truck with let well enough alone shuffle out of sidestep circumvent renege recoil from skirt bypass retract bilk shrink from recant cheat balk at turn away from escape from body-swerve disown get away from miss balk keep away from parry baulk flee shuck run away from shake off give the slip give the runaround skirt round tergiversate surrender decline rebut refuse pussyfoot frustrate foil baffle unsay foreswear withdraw repeal lose funk thwart cut disallow get out of duck-shove shuffle off ditch cast aside fly welsh slide out of cop out of skive off wriggle out of leave behind sneak away slip out slough off avoid dealing with discard revoke leave alone skulk concede hide from wriggle yield snub ignore cold-shoulder cast off trick forbear goldbrick slip malinger fend off give a wide berth keep out of the way of keep at arm's length contradict refuse to acknowledge give the cold shoulder extricate oneself from throw off wash one's hands of turn one's back on take back outrun hedge do away with equivocate double outwit waffle refute negate negative disconfirm stay shy of throw off the scent be beyond someone run around slip away from give the slip to get away give somebody the slip run from slip through the net slip through someone's fingers defeat fudge neglect wash your hands of skip check prevent renig impugn disacknowledge forget go back on word drop out wash hands of worm out of not attend scrimshank let slide shrink demur leave undone play truant from quit creep skimp on dog bludge fence lose sight of duck out of not attend to bob off be lax about be remiss about weasel pay no attention to pay little attention to lie down on job cop out slip through the net of stay away from lead on a merry chase escape the clutches of end-run give someone a wide berth break away from keep distance put off worm one's way out of hem and haw tap dance beat around the bush dance around an issue lay low flinch shy away beat hang back shortcut quail at turn away skive back away draw back jib at baulk at boggle at juke tergiverse back out of give something a miss pussyfoot around short-circuit find a way out of disregard go around find a way round overlook desert dance around take no notice of outmanoeuvre default let lapse duck out outmaneuver discount brush off swerve fail to pay shy from keep one's distance from omit fail outflank pay no heed to pay no mind tune out pull out of back out overpass pretermit get round fail to remember pass over not remember be remiss skip out on jouk deke overcome excuse rationalize backpedal slight stymie put the move on run away abscond elope find a way around get past outpace outstrip outdistance clear fake back down back off weasel out get out use pretext have alibi rationalise lose track of run off let something slide duck out of the way of swerve away from get out of the way of get rid of get ahead of rid sneak away from be oblivious to lay low from unmind turn back on unheed turn a blind eye to shut eyes to let something go downhill let something go to seed shirk from burke fake out cut someone dead give someone the brush-off give someone the go-by give the cold shoulder to cut someone cold take back road depart from deviate from go around the barn wink at blink at waive rat backtrack backslide cede forego levant welch disinherit disgorge dishonor stiff defraud skate swindle leave vacate quitclaim dishonour step down from hand over withdraw from bag it opt out deliver up bail out step aside from turn down go into arrears see in the alley run out on leave town not pay put on the cuff fail to honour meet under arch fall behind break one's word dismiss dart defer contemn underestimate scant elide depreciate overleap postpone procrastinate fail to care for keep one's distance not care be derelict slur over laugh off throw to the winds be remiss in set aside trifle with let go be irresponsible not care for make light of let pass fail to look after think little of gloss over procrastinate over brush aside be indifferent be negligent pass up be careless live with fail to provide for not trouble oneself look the other way turn a deaf ear to shrug off zigzag bolt jink slalom dive weave shift jump spring shoot leap lunge veer turn aside


To give up or abstain from something
renounce cease quit discontinue stop end forgo abandon halt finish drop break desist conclude can avoid forbear refuse check curb reject kick abjure abstain forego desist from break off give up refrain from knock off cut out lay off leave off forbear from abstain from give over keep from do without pack up call it quits lay off of pack in let up withhold from restrain oneself from kick the habit stop oneself from kick over quit cold swear off not give in to prevent oneself from prevent yourself from go without keep off cease to indulge in shun relinquish forsake forswear steer clear of refrain dispense with pass up decline jack in give a wide berth to keep hold back resist repudiate pass waive yield spurn resign withhold sacrifice suspend skip surrender have nothing to do with cut off cast aside rebuff abdicate restrain resist the temptation to pass on stop oneself disown inhibit evade belay deny yourself sit out have done with shy from take the cure give something a miss leave out forfeit cede snub terminate disavow repulse shake neglect leave alone omit fight shy of not touch arrest desert ignore cut bypass scorn not do disdain excommunicate discount surcease restrain from pass by unfollow part with escape say goodbye to stay away from get out of steer clear cast out call a halt to shut out skip out on break with have nothing more to do with hold off cold-shoulder come off hold back from starve fast constrain fence-sit resign from leave disincline bring to an end jack something in refuse to recognize refuse to abide by endure dispense pause stay neutral ditch get off rein in call a stop to keep away from manage without chuck bridle not take sides escape from go cold turkey sit on one's hands give the go by restrain oneself restrain yourself decline to go easy disregard overlook dislike close determine withdraw elapse dead-end sew up cut it out wink out not continue get on the wagon call it a day wrap up hang it up pack it in break up wind up pass over give a miss skim over throw something up concede lose don't want betray withgo antedate spare prostitute render precede dismiss antecede preexist predate interrupt deny hinder stay away interfere with head off fend off sidestep dodge stave off negate make up for circumvent get around avert nullify obviate shrink from ward off prevent preclude neutralize shake off block impede counterbalance break the habit of withstand shirk help prohibit neutralise skirt counteract anticipate let go pay with sign away lay down turn over turn in sacrifice something hand over kiss goodbye leave behind be deprived of cough up be stripped of kiss goodbye to disapprove avoid doing be temperate demur reprobate take the pledge say no to knock back baulk at demur at turn down brush aside go on the wagon balk at not accept miss out on opt out refuse to take advantage of look down one's nose at opt out of send one's regrets shake one's head give the thumbs down give the red light blackball ostracize blacklist jilt repel exclude blank veto abnegate disfellowship ostracise unfriend despise burn kick someone in the teeth freeze out give someone the brush-off give someone the big E give someone the go-by scoff at cut dead put down give someone the air send to Coventry hand someone the frozen mitt not buy bin off give someone the push leave out in the cold give the cold shoulder give the elbow disinherit discard turn tergiversate defect apostatize tergiverse dump apostacize throw off wash your hands of sell out walk out on toss over divorce oneself from cast off wash hands of throw over expire put a stop to lapse die put an end to cut short cancel go shut off bring to a halt pull the plug on scrub axe complete close out ax bring to a close rescind repeal revoke abort scrap come to an end culminate kill finish off shut down bring to a stop call recall draw to a close cry off be over call off nip in the bud come to a close set aside pull out of back out of dissolve abolish wind down intermit round out round off scratch adjourn ultimate close down stay run out die down put the kibosh on eliminate postpone rest give a rest jack it in abrogate remit forlet achieve succeed down tools stop work shelve withcall lay aside wrap extinguish recess bring to a conclusion prorogue prorogate annul bring to an untimely end stop doing lie by spell fail thwart foil throw in the towel stop trying throw in the sponge phase out bring to a standstill get rid of do away with intervene bag it separate give something the chop knock something on the head interpose disunite disconnect disjoin blow off dissever part come to a stop immobilize stem turn back deactivate immobilise delay defer intercept hold up back off quit cold turkey forfend stonewall consummate defend against turn aside save keep from happening cinch crown come to a halt come to a standstill bring back off from check out from stop dead draw to a halt come to rest fade away peter out kibosh call it quits on surcease from nip something in the bud bring down curtain draw to close put a period to put the lid on top off put to bed die away get done end up die out stop in one's tracks fizzle out cool it run its course reach a standstill collapse drop out of pull up hold stand knock it off call a halt stop midstream


To express one's opinions in terms which admit of different senses, with intent to deceive
equivocate hedge waffle fence tergiversate fudge prevaricate quibble be evasive dodge evade flannel parry pussyfoot shuffle shilly-shally sidestep waver be ambiguous be non-committal be vague cavil hesitate palter stall temporise temporize vacillate weasel adumbrate con dodge the issue double-talk elude escape evade the issue falsify fib flip-flop jive lie parry questions shuck stonewall tergiverse fudge the issue pussyfoot around shuffle about beat about the bush cop out cover up hem and haw hum and haw mince words run around stall for time straddle the fence avoid the issue beat around the bush beg the question cloud the issue cop a plea duck the issue duck the question give run around pass the buck sit on the fence tell white lie blow hot and cold duck sidestep the issue avoid shift circumvent shirk misrepresent dither balk deceive put off baulk be noncommittal mince one's words ramble skirt fake shift ground about gloss over skirt the issue fabricate feint baffle maneuver foil contest outwit manoeuvre play it close to the vest change yo-yo invent distort misstate exaggerate dissemble garble misspeak belie fight off hedge one's bets shuffle around give the run around be indecisive phony up put on stretch the truth play one's cards close to one's chest dodge the question straddle an issue give nothing away blather blandish blarney beguile change one's mind give a false colour to bypass welsh renege flee get around use flattery talk blarney butter up fast-talk not pay not give a straight answer to fend off cop out of skirt round beat around bush get out of find a way round be equivocal about beat about the bush about be evasive about quibble about avoid answering fudge and mudge back and fill dance around euphemize tapdance sneak away tap dance lay low slip out give the runaround dance around an issue bargain worm one's way out of haggle negotiate deal chaffer dicker babble wheel and deal cut a deal horse-trade


To exercise disbelief
disbelieve discredit discount doubt reject mistrust repudiate not accept suspect distrust negate not credit question challenge contradict not believe not buy scorn scout unbelieve give no credence to not swallow scoff at be incredulous of be suspicious of be unconvinced about have no confidence in have no faith in take with a pinch of salt misdoubt query dispute be wary of have reservations about smell a rat have suspicions about feel uneasy about wonder about cast doubt on impugn call in question misgive skepticize have doubts about disbelieve in misbelieve be chary of impeach contest oppugn have misgivings about be unsure about be unsure of regard with suspicion have qualms harbor suspicion give no credence be apprehensive of entertain doubts about call into question object to harbour reservations about raise doubts about harbour suspicions about raise objections to express suspicions about cast aspersions on express reservations about throw doubt on take something with a pinch of salt deny look askance at be sceptical of be suspicious be leery of take with a grain of salt ask grill quiz interrogate catechize inquire demand enquire inquire of knock probe test the waters hit up look into put out a feeler question fluctuate demur be undetermined be uncertain fear waver take dim view of vacillate shilly-shally read differently be in a quandary wonder at be puzzled insinuate imagine scruple surmise be dubious hesitate have one's doubts be curious wonder scruple over oppose controvert feel apprehensive about lack confidence in have reservations have hesitations about puzzle over cast doubt upon be skeptical of have qualms about call something into question be sceptical about feel chary about smell a rat about have your doubts about beware apprehend have a funny feeling about be mistrustful of suspicion be distrustful of be uneasy about be wary have doubts


To feel distaste for or hostility towards
dislike hate loathe abhor despise detest scorn shun abominate disfavour disrelish execrate oppose resent deplore disfavor mislike antipathize condemn contemn deprecate disapprove mind reprove discountenance disesteem regret disapprove of object to be averse to disagree with find repellent frown upon recoil from shrink from shudder at take exception to frown on have no liking for hold in disfavour don't like find distasteful find intolerable not appreciate not take kindly to regard with disgust regard with distaste be repelled by have an aversion to look down on not endure be turned off to be unable to abide be unable to bear be unable to stand be unable to tolerate lose interest in take a dim view of bear malice toward be unable to stomach grossed out on have hard feelings have no stomach for have no taste have no taste for not care for tsk-tsk be allergic to have a down on not be able to bear make faces at tut about tut over tut-tut about tut-tut over have no use for avoid not feel like disdain deride spurn revile slight mock feel contempt for undervalue regard with contempt repudiate snub neglect scoff at renounce reject jeer at sneer at misprize heap scorn on pour scorn on not be able to stand feel contempt wipe out put down not be able to stomach look down nose at have it in for feel aversion to disparage disrespect disregard pooh-pooh sniff at treat with contempt look down upon dislike greatly feel aversion towards can't stand feel repugnance towards refuse feel disgust for hold in disdain vilipend regard with repugnance high-hat dis snoot diss feel hostility to feel revulsion to show contempt for be down on hold in contempt turn your nose up at look down one's nose at feel hostile to feel repelled by feel hostile towards feel revulsion towards bear a grudge against feel malice to be revolted be repulsed be revolted by sneer revolt decline find disgusting denounce treat as inferior be contemptuous of be snobbish to turn down be grossed out by look down at sneeze at walk over feel repugnance have a strong aversion to can't bear vilify dislike intensely distaste find unacceptable have aversion to flout decry excoriate anathematize be displeased with be dissatisfied with be hostile to feel distaste for thumb one's nose at defy slam down on feel animosity to feel hostility towards feel disgust towards turn one's nose up at take dim view of have a poor opinion of have a problem with feel aversion toward feel repugnance toward feel hostility toward curse imprecate ignore disobey fail accurse objurgate belittle have contempt for brush off refuse to acknowledge scout chill be contemptuous about look down your nose at turn up one's nose at

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