Đồng nghĩa của pay no attention to


To fail to care for or pay attention to
sneeze at disregard blink at brush aside brush away brush off discount have no use for laugh off let pass look the other way overlook pass over pay no heed to pay no mind shut eyes to slight snub take lightly take no notice of turn a blind eye turn a deaf ear ignore shrug off let go gloss over turn a deaf ear to whitewash overpass slur over make light of take no account of wink at turn a blind eye to tune out live with forget excuse forgive dismiss bypass pardon unheed neglect remit omit unmind contemn paper over not take into consideration make allowances for gloze over let slide let someone off with deliberately ignore connive miss shut your eyes to set aside let something ride misheed wink dissimulate take no notice pay no mind to close one's eyes to blank let off easy send to Coventry leave out of account leave be write off cold-shoulder condone spare sink bury stomach take put up with grin and bear it look past be oblivious to let bygones be bygones stand for connive at turn blind eye to roll with punches let ride bear with swim with the tide go along with wipe slate clean play past skip shirk abandon forsake discard pretermit desert defer avoid trifle with fail to care for fail to remember be irresponsible not remember scant keep one's distance leave undone not care for turn your back on underestimate turn one's back on be remiss lose sight of not care have nothing to do with fail to look after keep at arm's length elide think little of be derelict procrastinate over be lax about leave alone evade be indifferent be negligent depreciate overleap not attend to postpone throw to the winds procrastinate pass up pay little attention to be careless skimp on reject be remiss about fail to provide for not trouble oneself be remiss in


To disregard the rules and refuse to conform
disobey defy flout infringe contravene ignore overstep resist violate transgress disregard go against mock oppose rebel rebel against infract baulk balk challenge counteract dare decline desert differ disagree evade insurrect misbehave mutiny neglect object recalcitrate revolt revolution revolutionise revolutionize riot shirk strike withstand be remiss break rules fail to comply with fail to observe not heed not listen not mind pay no heed to run riot set aside set at naught break the rules cock a snook at dig your heels in fly in the face of refuse to comply refuse to obey rise in arms fly in face of take law into own hands go counter to bypass breach veto contradict break leave out take no account of offend trespass kick against fracture traduce fight commit a breach of encroach dissent rise up transgress against be insubordinate run amok repudiate remonstrate denounce renounce combat buck come out against exceed go beyond meddle protest intrude demonstrate encroach upon rampage take to the streets take no notice of be in breach of disagree with intrench thumb one's nose at renege on agitate fall foul of violate law refuse to accept the authority of kick over the traces be at odds with crash entrench obtrude lift pirate borrow presume steal impose arise campaign scout ride roughshod over thwart cross rock the boat opt out get out of line upset secede break with make waves drop out overturn turn against stage a rebellion rise up in arms take up arms mount a rebellion hinder refute stir up trouble go on rampage stage mount the barricades rise disaffirm gainsay conflict with interfere with abjure negate spurn interpose exclude impugn traverse reject offend against interfere err sacrilege outrage sin contaminate set one's face against not comply with trample on tamper with disobey authority oppose authority resist authority defy authority go on strike take part in an uprising refuse to obey orders take part in an insurrection kick over rise against

Trái nghĩa của pay no attention to

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