Đồng nghĩa của forgive

Alternative for forgive

forgives, forgave, forgiving, forgiven

Đồng nghĩa: absolve, excuse, pardon, quit,

Trái nghĩa: punish,


To forgive (someone) for a fault or offense
pardon acquit excuse absolve exonerate amnesty remit condone exculpate let off bear no malice towards grant an amnesty to make allowances for not hold something against accept someone's apology bury the hatchet bury the hatchet with feel no malice towards feel no resentment towards go easy on harbour no grudge against stop feeling malice towards stop feeling resentful towards let off the hook turn a blind eye to turn a deaf ear to bear no malice forgive and forget let bygones be bygones let it go turn other cheek let off easy kiss and make up think no more of wipe slate clean free spare release reprieve discharge let go show mercy to have mercy on clear exempt liberate deal leniently with be merciful to vindicate shrive be lenient to justify relieve whitewash look the other way make allowance for let someone off with let something ride have pity on deliver be lenient on overlook dismiss sanitize sanitise let it go by let up on save be easy on atone accept discount purge abandon dispense drop remove privilege from explain rationalize disculpate rationalise find innocent disburden declare innocent pronounce not guilty let off hook give dispensation to give amnesty to loose give indulgence to unguilt extenuate lifeboat bleach spring launder be reconciled make up resolve differences make peace fall upon each other's necks wink at blink at write off let someone off wipe it off set free wipe the slate clean respite pity forbear give absolution make excuses for grant amnesty apologize for pass over take rap for alleviate allay palliate abate mitigate postpone end a quarrel accept apology make a peace offering hold out the olive branch smoke the peace pipe forget remit someone's punishment let off this time commute someone's punishment grant a stay of execution to cancel someone's punishment stay grant a stay of execution grant a stay postpone someone's punishment be merciful save from save from harm save bacon bail out save neck be lenient grant a pardon to refrain from hurting give quarter to give a break pull out of the fire leave uninjured leave unpunished not harm get off the hook get out of hock leave unhurt grant pardon to leave unharmed disencumber disembarrass unchain unburden divest rid emancipate except unbind unfetter unshackle untangle grant immunity unleash redeem manumit enfranchise uncage find not guilty disenthrall disenthral disimprison relinquish ease enlarge let out set loose let loose turn loose assoil free from blame exclude grant someone an exemption grant someone a dispensation grandfather immune wipe off relieve of give immunity strip protect pass by make an exception of make an exception for wipe the slate extricate unyoke lighten parole unbridle rescue safeguard privilege allow to go allow to leave send away free from restraint cut loose demobilize free from restriction unlock turn out give rights to ransom loosen affranchise put on the street demobilise disengage bail untie make exempt resign pull yank deliver from disburden of free of get rid of absolve from exempt from disembarrass of free from excuse from unburden of boot out discharge from extricate from rescue from disencumber of liberate from release from remove blame set free from


To deliberately ignore (something that is generally frowned on)
condone overlook ignore discount disregard overpass whitewash forget turn a blind eye to brush aside brush off gloss over gloze over wink at blink at connive at deliberately ignore let go let pass paper over pass over shrug off close one's eyes to not take into consideration take no notice of take no account of excuse pardon remit pay no attention to let ride close your eyes to make light of neglect minimize dismiss minimise bypass slur over pay no mind tune out live with pay no heed to look the other way turn a deaf ear to enable tolerate pooh-pooh reject slight downplay treat lightly shake off soft-pedal de-emphasize treat as unimportant deal rapidly with omit unheed blank contemn unmind connive miss shut eyes to let off easy send to Coventry leave out of account brush away leave be turn a deaf ear turn a blind eye laugh off write off cold-shoulder set aside spare sink bury stomach take put up with grin and bear it look past be oblivious to make allowances for let bygones be bygones stand for let slide turn blind eye to roll with punches let someone off with bear with swim with the tide go along with wipe slate clean play past shut your eyes to let something ride spurn skip snub leave out turn your back on repudiate exclude dispense with drop discard play down pass by avoid abandon evade waive rebuff decline eliminate cut belittle fail shirk forgo pass up disdain refuse flout put aside cast aside put behind you put out of your mind turn down cut out dispel underestimate throw out give something a miss scoff at disparage never mind skip over depreciate banish overleap pretermit pass miss out discharge forsake look through desert wave aside elide not take into account pay no attention pay no heed think no more of put down lay aside knock back fail to notice lose sight of preclude steer clear of give someone the brush-off get rid of look right through freeze out underrate leave undone prohibit sidestep undervalue dodge scorn disallow escape vilipend duck refuse to acknowledge forget about shelve misheed diminish relegate deny shun ostracize disown trivialize despise get out of shy from turn back on cancel treat with contempt push aside trivialise disapprove cop out of downgrade deselect nix reprobate take no notice pay no mind to be remiss fend off negative snout cock a snook at ostracise not remember fail to remember stiff-arm abstain from do without shut out give the cold shoulder take no heed of not hear of say no to give someone the go-by give the brush put out of one's mind take out turn one's back on balk at leave off cut dead tell someone where to get off keep at arm's length sweep aside leave behind close your eyes be oblivious take lightly have no use for sneeze at blank over make a joke of erase from your mind leave well enough alone sweep something aside disbelieve cushion laugh something off leave not choose close the eyes to wink dissimulate undersell circumvent blink doubt disqualify withgo palliate obviate prevent devalue indulge lose track of pretend not to notice pour cold water on throw cold water on deodorise deodorize circumnavigate hack give no credence to not dwell on avoid considering override take with a pinch of salt stop thinking about except consign to oblivion turn away throw over trample on give absolution grant amnesty let off bury the hatchet suspend charges grant a pardon to cross out rule out shut the door on ride roughshod over let it go turn blind eye turn deaf ear remove dissipate quell eradicate plead ignorance put to one side rule something out bar repulse close one's mind to relinquish renounce disperse dislodge disvalue bury one's head in sand withhold repel skirt work around scatter deprecate denigrate check give up deride overshoot dance around elude wriggle out of discredit turn up one's nose not bother count out fail to include fail to mention act cool factor out make unwelcome discourage resist eschew fail to observe let slip fail to see fail to spot reckon without have no time for oust understate underemphasize disclaim do away with abolish pussyfoot around weasel out of shake tergiversate get around run away from skirt round eject ridicule mock sneer at misjudge reduce lessen misprize stave off push back ward off beat off keep at a distance keep at bay chide rebuke cross put off oppose send away put in one's place reprove hold off tell off lash out at evict delete expel sideline slur erase minify wipe make little of undermine slam-dunk give the slip to duck-shove keep one's distance from go around funk lay low from dispose of put a stop to render needless fail to anticipate fail to take account of tell someone to get lost rate too low give the bum's rush throw out on your ear kick out chuck out turf out boot out send packing sniff at elope run away abscond flee give a miss skim over defer duck out of shirk from shuffle out of finesse scape set no store by look down on not do justice to hold cheap sell short set little store by think too little of do an injustice to put an end to knock something on the head postpone procrastinate scant displace invisibilize express contempt run off marginalise marginalize give the cold shoulder to demote skimp on be lax about not attend to turn up your nose at think little of not care for fail to look after procrastinate over leave alone be remiss about not care pay little attention to cast out cast off leave out in the cold pass on not heed fail to care for keep one's distance trifle with be irresponsible be indifferent be negligent fail to provide for not trouble oneself have nothing to do with be derelict throw to the winds be remiss in be careless scout hold up to scorn withhold from desist from give the thumbs down to baulk at not accept refrain from not take advantage of kiss off put away have done with laugh away


Make or become more tender or loving
melt soften touch disarm mollify relax affect move relent yield become lenient give in show mercy capitulate acquiesce backpedal unbend accede give way weaken budge surrender submit concede blink bow forbear quit succumb do a U-turn come round back down have mercy sympathise give quarter become merciful show pity fold slow sympathize comply knuckle under have pity be merciful concede something allow something agree to something admit something let go let happen die away cool it cave in lay back mellow out say uncle do an about-turn come around cry uncle give up lighten up give some slack change one's mind go along with go easy on let it happen ease up on take a softer line change your mind throw in the towel admit defeat defer cede concede defeat fall throw in the sponge raise the white flag climb down buckle under show the white flag be beaten agree accept defeat lay down arms be overcome wave the white flag lay down your arms bend assent relinquish crumble accept abandon go down go under be overwhelmed toss it in pack it in put up white flag give up the struggle consent grant suffer defeat be defeated retract collapse cave kowtow resign bow out deliver indulge lose buckle knuckle break be conquered abdicate yield to give way to lay down fall victim hand over pull out throw in your hand eat crow roll over give yourself up surrender to comply with lay down one's arms cooperate with acquiesce in give in to come to terms concur with resign yourself retreat compromise change give oneself up adapt entrust consign leave forego throw up one's hands chuck it in play dead throw up the sponge eat humble pie fall in line adhere waver hesitate vacillate conform eat one's words proffer stop drop despair desist tender cease waive present forswear ease off ease up be overcome by be overwhelmed by heed observe truckle leave off hand in bail out cut out chicken out be conquered by be beaten by show white flag give oneself over fold up cry quits turn over turn in call it quits act in accordance with be servile be the loser come off second-best be bested by fail be trounced be vanquished lose out keel be submissive hoist the white flag bend the knee resign oneself humble oneself give ground be converted come to grief default get the worst take a licking have the worst come up short be worsted fall short renege bow to something bow to someone give away the store backtrack suffer be humbled come a cropper drop a bundle be taken to cleaners meet one's Waterloo crash out be outdistanced take a beating agree with be persuaded cop out go back on default on do an about-face back out have second thoughts break your promise fail to honour break one's word allow approve endorse be converted to be persuaded by be won over recognize permit okay undertake engage comprobate roll over and play dead concede to come round to give carte blanche give blessing cave in to give something the nod consent to say yes acquiesce to enter into recognise be game for agree to give the green light back down to defer to assent to relent to give the go-ahead astipulate play ball be won over by


Feel sorrow for the misfortunes of
pity feel for compassionate sympathize with bleed for commiserate with ache ache for comfort commiserate condole condole with console empathise empathize empathize with feel pity for feel sorry for pardon relent reprieve solace soothe sympathise sympathize understand weep for yearn over be compassionate towards be moved by be sympathetic towards feel sympathy for grieve for take pity on be sympathetic feel with give quarter grant amnesty grieve with have compassion identify with lament with show concern show forgiveness show sympathy be sorry for have compassion for have mercy on be there for somebody put out of one's misery have one's heart go out to show compassion for compassion sorrow for express sympathy relate to bleed show interest share another's sorrow offer condolences to show sympathy for grieve feel compassion for lament for open one's heart feel give solace to mourn for express sympathy for have mercy send condolences to be sympathetic to offer sympathy to share sorrow show compassion offer condolences acknowledge be cognizant of take on board be wise to feel compassionate towards be conscious of be with you be able to see be alive to be sensitive to take account of comprehend appreciate identify emphathize pick up on offer consolation to be there for be supportive feel heart go out to show kindliness show tenderness care for be kind to show mercy be understanding offer consolation be supportive of be in rapport with tune in stand in one's shoes connect link with grasp get apprehend see follow recognize accept discern cognize fathom register take in note sympathise with absorb agree with dig empathise with recognise acknowledge the validity of accept the validity of take admit the validity of commune share imagine feel togetherness have a rapport feel at one be in tune be in sympathy suffer with have insight into put oneself in another's place put oneself in the shoes of talk the same language as be on the same wavelength as

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