Đồng nghĩa của make reparation


To make amends for an offense, crime or sin one has committed
atone pay compensate recompense answer expiate redress propitiate reconcile redeem requite apologise apologize appease correct repair square make amends make redress atone for do penance make amends for make recompense make restitution make up make up for make good redeem oneself absolve oneself pay the penalty pay one's dues pay the price say sorry take one's medicine rectify make reparation for put to rights do penance for make redress for amend remedy reform adjust right balance ease regulate cure fix set right improve retrieve make right harmonize heal relieve better ameliorate put right resolve sort out settle deal with compensate for mend cancel level out balance out neutralise recompense for even up dial back restore the balance even out patch up pay for annul frustrate turn things around counteract revise turn over new leaf harmonise vindicate countercheck negative restore turn around change neutralize negate recalibrate make restitution for straighten out offset counterbalance counterpoise countervail make better emend cancel out fix up nullify set to rights solve put in order outweigh alter shape up debug modify doctor help rework reconstruct upgrade remodel revamp clean up counterweigh refine repay scrub overhaul indemnify edit reimburse rewrite redraft red-pencil adapt enhance recondition equilibrize set straight fiddle with reward tweak replace pick up advance touch up square up invalidate renew reword retouch launder straighten raise boost equalize reorganise polish reorganize review meliorate remunerate reinforce convert tailor clear up arrange tune go over obviate emendate transform promote elevate perfect enrich refund rearrange order rejig make over mitigate renovate restitute reshape straighten up reenforce set the record straight clean up act vary fashion readjust remit make good for recast equalise attend to relinquish see to take care of fine-tune make recompense for honor a claim make repayment set off pay back work on give back put something to rights return avenge patch redress the balance go straight do justice forgive absolve excuse purge aid save benefit clean up one's act rejuvenate redevelop charge equipoise counterpose equal account undo square things be equivalent allow for revitalize revivify comp satisfy contravene halt counter reduce go against stabilize cross respond lessen stabilise counterwork buck resurrect overcompensate rebrand redraw remaster pay money to make amends to make reparation to make restitution to recoup become better make improvements to step up revitalise doctor up re-create be an antidote to override deactivate defeat subdue overrule overcome make ineffective abrogate conquer defuse wipe out counterweight render ineffective appreciate assuage hone amplify forward remediate brush up smarten up fortify strengthen uplift beef up augment build on progress smarten transcend lift excel change for the better improve on increase further rescript customize set revolutionize redesign temper affect alternate remould reorientate diversify reshuffle reorient rejigger reconfigure modulate remix make alterations to shuffle rehash become different reorder redo revolutionise mould tamper retool make innovations reconstitute moderate refashion restyle mold make adjustments to warp remake remold regenerate permute morph freshen up translate commute make different tamper with shape accommodate conform calibrate reclaim fit normalize condition prepare treat iron out jigger align coordinate attune put organize turn maneuver transition make ready handle optimise administer optimize metamorphose act with manoeuvre manage concoct act on work effect process perform on do over pay dues normalise sharpen twiddle quadrate focus troubleshoot sort grade organise tighten suit customise bring into line put in working order tune up tailor-make make conform get with it


To pay off (a debt or creditor)
satisfy recompense compensate settle indemnify meet pay remunerate repay requite balance clear discharge equalise equalize foot recoup reimburse square disburse liquidate atone close end fix pay off clear up make good pay back pay for pay in full square up dispose of pay up compensate for make reparation for take care of give payment to spring for tide over honour honor ante up defray pony up quit stand account for reward redress guerdon remit settle up return redeem make amends make amends to make restitution to make up for pay something off acquit exchange clear off eliminate amortize cash out amortise erase solve relieve repair fee tip refund vouchsafe award accord grant make redress for bear the cost make good on bear the expense foot the bill come through with make payment settle accounts with settle up with shell out dish out comp expiate counterpoise counterbalance countervail offset overcompensate propitiate atone for make restitution for pay money to make amends for make reparation to reciprocate respond retaliate match get even make restitution make restitution give in return even the score return like for like give tit for tat pay someone back in his get your own back restore correct give back make recompense for make up even up balance out pay something back rectify replace right mend rebate make reparations recover give money back pay dues square accounts with pay compensation pay damages pay costs make good for put right counteract neutralize cancel out answer nullify reconcile cancel apologise appease apologize annul negative make redress make recompense pay one's dues pay the price pay the penalty do penance redeem oneself absolve oneself say sorry take one's medicine even out equilibrize obviate decorate be equivalent charge outweigh allow for negate neutralise set off equal equipoise counterpose counterweigh account recognize recognise stroke give a present to give a bounty to make something worth someone's while give an award to

Trái nghĩa của make reparation

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