Đồng nghĩa của bear the cost


Pay the bill for something, typically when the amount is considered large or unreasonable
foot the bill pay come across cough up fork out pay out pay the bill pay up settle up shell out ante up bail someone out chip in finance pick up the tab pony up pop for redeem spring for stump up bear the expense pick up the check settle meet discharge clear liquidate balance foot pay off square honor fork over make good on take care of pay in full honour make payment hand over dish out lay out part with come across with come up with make with defray the cost of defray come through with satisfy check out recompense stand quit cover pick up the bill pay for pick up the tab for cover cost foot the bill for contribute fund bear the cost of pick up the check for surrender deliver cede yield relinquish render turn over give lay down turn in give up fork up grant donate put up sacrifice provide waive furnish give away transfer commit renounce confer abdicate abandon impart leave kick in present supply accord hand offer pass bequeath pitch in resign remit pledge bestow let go of gift entrust forfeit devote transmit advance deliver up make over give over assign extend award concede volunteer endow spend forgo expend proffer lay aside disburse give out invest put in drop give in sign away ante hand out lend subscribe afford consign throw in share delegate trust convey dispense distribute give a donation of make a donation of dole out lose provide with pass on relegate submit furnish with present with gift with vest intrust forsake sweeten the pot let someone have commend yield up let go vouchsafe cast off sign over hand in shed settle the debt produce forswear confide loan repose recommend supply with slip will give back credit club together come up with the money meet one's obligations render up inject outlay find feed make a donation make a contribution have a whip-round lay on do your part get it up make a contribution of confer on feed the kitty pass the hat make a gift of give of get in the act put oneself down for endow with front up plunk down stake put aside put down finish with set down let fall venture speculate splurge lavish gamble risk sink in plough in sub pay in advance supply on credit accommodate someone with spare kiss goodbye say goodbye to leave behind betray forego pay with prostitute withgo be deprived of eschew do without be stripped of go without pass up kiss goodbye to cast aside step down from step aside from abnegate fold give way communicate allow throw in the towel throw in the sponge capitulate abalienate remise back down cut loose take the pledge forbear desert ditch drop out kiss good-bye withdraw discard opt out cast repudiate take the oath let pass stand down turn down quit cold turkey let go by swear off dump drop like hot potato bequest subsidize sponsor purvey mete tender enrich subsidise come through sweeten the kitty dower

Trái nghĩa của bear the cost

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