Đồng nghĩa của stump up


To pay for something, often with reluctance
pay give donate contribute provide shell out lay out fork out ante up cough up dish out pony up part with pay up hand over chip in put in come up with come across with put up grant hand out pitch in spend kick in dole out present disburse expend gift furnish accord splurge offer impart bestow foot the bill devote pay out supply yield confer advance extend fork over lavish commit hand outlay bequeath volunteer endow pledge dispense throw in spring for proffer give out give away drop fork up squander deliver relinquish surrender settle give up settle up turn over award share sacrifice purvey afford blow invest dissipate waste subscribe cede foot meet quit recompense discharge liquidate balance stand render clear bequest subsidize entrust pay off distribute give a donation of make a donation of transfer leave pass provide with furnish with transmit present with assign gift with tender subsidise come through sweeten the pot let someone have blue venture defray the cost of defray put out lend put forward lash out splash out allocate ante make with make over supply with vouchsafe slip will let oneself in for bring forward spend money deal acquit fritter away out spring club together knock down pay down use up come across come up with the money pay in full meet one's obligations make payment speculate gamble risk sink in plough in pay for pick up the tab make a donation make a contribution have a whip-round lay on do your part get it up make a contribution of confer on feed the kitty pass the hat make a gift of give of get in the act put oneself down for endow with lay down turn in lay something out spend money as if it grows on trees pour down the drain throw around like confetti spend money as if it were going out of fashion spend like water throw money at throw down the drain spend money as if there were no tomorrow spend money as if it were going out of style prepare implement make available plan equip arrange for accommodate ready procure attire fit outfit arm spare stock up fix up prorate add organise accoutre turn out bring forth line up deed allot rustle up kit out manage parcel out ply with rig come with set up issue install portion rig out instal make up raise stock provision cater to line deal out apportion rig up array organize fit out mete out stake fund sponsor mete pass on enrich sweeten the kitty dower consign vest delegate give over trust convey intrust allow confide hand on hand down commend designate repose dedicate apply recommend sign over bestow on reserve favor favour earmark devolve cast send appropriate produce set throw set aside serve give to endue bring bless concede feed present to consecrate devise charge permit direct abdicate relegate vest in submit grace indue let go of resign lodge task save appoint demise commission inject register level alienate place refer set by reach trot out bear award to hold out invest in entrust to set apart give up to donate to shoot grant to remit lay dart get rid of cater renounce enable prescribe empower bind obligate concern occupy loan enter put forth vow toss chuck alien accord to legate bung set down flash stretch out honour with store oblige depute lavish on let minister abandon allot to consign to assign to circulate impart to ration dispatch favour with pass down show pass to administer decorate with entrust with place at disposal send on leave in one's will hand out to put in someone's hands hand round avail engage put at someone's disposal make something over to someone do deduct arrange forfeit waive forbear forgo forsake put pay something out attorn release tempt someone with divert credit lose reward provide for result in cede to yield to replenish address redirect decree bestow to pertain belong deposit unload channel record post file accede disseminate treat deliver up pin buckle restrict crown lay something on acquiesce give in lay aside free give out to extend to vouchsafe to shark lend-lease contribute to run by charge with sub pay in advance supply on credit disinherit probate disherit change reassign invest with allocate to bless with buck render up send in ply feed into giving honor authorize bend vote act with accommodate someone with outstretch fix put in the hands of patronise aid patronize command loan shark denote disperse fit up begive pass around divvy up diffuse partition pass out sanction accredit qualify license entitle licence determine impart with settle on immolate deliver to saddle burden aim instate target ascribe give over to lay on one buckle down warrant certify cut off offload dump allow to look after let out make trustee hand over to sell specify stipulate lot keep dish up nurse put into the hands of lay at one's feet hold out to give an opportunity put into hands of foist authorise charter hypothecate convey to transfer to leave to decentralise decentralize plate up set out ladle out indicate divide endow in afford to distribute to bequeath to apportion to hallow enshrine sanctify spoon out let off drop off serve up back sign finance autograph ink pose stick out hold forth decide on leave to by will give authority deal in commit to heap on hand to fob off be handed down palm off enhance begift cater in trade in underwrite reach out honor with render to exchange occupy oneself concern oneself offer up forward include promise enrol second give money enroll buy contribute towards signature chip into make a subscription pitch into tack on add on sign up make a deal


To interrupt a discussion for the purpose of making a comment
chip in interpose interrupt break in chime in intrude cut in interject butt in collaborate conate help partake participate pay subscribe ante up come through go Dutch take part go shares in share the expense intervene interfere interfere with horn in have your say cut off obtrude interpolate chisel in move in join in join the conversation exclaim put your oar in remark parenthesize add one's pennyworth put your two cents in interrupt with speak put one's pennyworth in speak up voice your opinion pipe up comment heckle cut in on disturb barge in intrude on intervene in disconnect arrest separate crash hinder disjoin insinuate in check disrupt break in on infringe cut prevent shortstop barge in on disunite divide bother intersect stay inject bust in put in horn in on break train of thought come between chip in on butt in on edge in muscle in crowd in muscle in on cut short get in the way work in chime in on meddle burst in pry poke snoop pester nose mess walk in interlope intermeddle push in breeze in rush in storm in intrude upon muck about muck around march in blunder in intercede impose stumble push charge shove gatecrash encroach collide meddle with burst in on walk in on butt into come upon break into interpose oneself put in two cents involve oneself insinuate oneself mix in get involved step in trouble plague hassle startle insert chivvy rouse bug distract chivy introduce harass molest inconvenience put out intersperse intercalate sandwich put place add fit into fit in sandwich between sandwich in throw in charge in stick your oar in stick your nose in poke one's face in get into the act

Trái nghĩa của stump up

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