Đồng nghĩa của stumble

Alternative for stumble

stumbles, stumbled, stumbling

Đồng nghĩa: falter, flounder, stagger, tumble,


To move clumsily while regularly losing one's balance
stagger plod lumber totter blunder flounder limp reel teeter trudge bumble dodder hobble lurch shamble struggle wobble sprauchle flog sway wallow waver blunder about move clumsily falter careen roll waddle weave shuffle pitch rock toddle swing walk unsteadily topple seesaw toss fumble writhe squirm wiggle shake hirple keel walk haltingly walk with difficulty muddle trip tremble slip zigzag wheel swerve slide quiver list titubate clump scuff hop doddle bob plunge walk with a limp walk unevenly walk lamely yaw tilt labor labour toss about gimp shiver quake vary rotate whiffle fall duckwalk waggle patter grope confuse misjudge move awkwardly twist wriggle thrash thresh splash shudder quaver veer walk falteringly move falteringly drag one's feet balance see-saw lean heave dodge jerk duck grope one's way feel one's way walk like a duck pivot stot lose your balance shift stub toe trip up twitch flutter dangle hover flail about wind buck move to the side tremble precariously wabble feel giddy dive move go around halt flail pitchpole sound welter shimmy hesitate drive slump fall away dip lunge tip vault drop move unsteadily hitch make heavy weather tumble roll around in loll roll about sprawl move around in oscillate undulate vibrate wag jounce jog jolt jiggle wave agitate heel billow move up and down judder convulse bend traverse push and pull move to and fro move back and forth move backwards and forwards roll along pendulate swagger wigwag incline roam range ramble rove stray surge jibe swivel swing from side to side swing back and forth swing to and fro swing backwards and forwards pump joggle bounce skip bobble dance ditch chuck dump buffet jump around toss around let fly rise and fall


To trip or fall down
fall topple trip tumble careen founder pitch slip sprawl roll trip over trip up fall down fall over tumble down go head over heels come a cropper lose balance lose your balance lose your footing tilt over drop collapse stagger plunge go down plummet dive lurch slide falter fall headlong take a spill lose footing totter sink skid crash slump keel over topple over flop crater nose-dive tip over take a header go belly up hit the dirt miss one's footing measure one's length descend glide slither nosedive keel buckle crumple sag fluff blunder go headlong lose one's balance fall end over end fall head over heels do a pratfall take a tumble go for six fall in a heap fold go lame misstep crumble settle lose one's footing cascade duck subside face-plant cowp pratfall gravitate come down slip on catch one's foot stub toe on tumble over fall flat pitch forward take a dive go end over end drop down lower oneself prostrate oneself grabble down floor pitch over knock down knock over bowl down capsize overturn tip overbalance teeter unhorse remove land turn over jump free-fall skydive parachute ditch take a nosedive upturn faint swoon upset go headfirst turn upside down pass out roll over black out droop depreciate decrease hurtle plump smash collide flop down dip header precipitate pancake pitch down crash-dive bellyflop upend overset crash-land invert pitchpole knock leap headfirst jump headfirst fall prostrate splash down fall down in a faint conk out lose consciousness crashland sweep tip up push over turn turtle turn topsy-turvy throw over pounce rush stoop dart speed zoom swoop leap fly down lunge


To pause in indecision before doing something
hesitate waver vacillate dither falter delay stall fluctuate teeter haver stagger pause swither wobble oscillate halt scruple dawdle equivocate temporise temporize dally wabble linger wait hedge alternate shillyshally tergiversate demur dillydally hover seesaw pussyfoot defer deliberate doubt stop baulk balk boggle flounder debate hang mammer ponder weigh shilly-shally be indecisive dilly-dally hum and haw hang back be unsure be uncertain think twice hold back be doubtful hem and haw be hesitant shy away be reluctant hold off be unwilling pull back think about sit on fence end cease discontinue check quit finish terminate arrest block conclude curb drop impede close obstruct interrupt break suspend frustrate elapse can bar lapse stay hamper pass determine expire go still die catch hobble stem belay freeze staunch immobilize balance limp whiffle immobilise break off leave off break up wind up cut off cut out desist from be abandoned come to a stop stand still dead-end call it a day wiggle-waggle come to an end knock off come to a standstill put an end to come to a halt nip in the bud come to a close be broken off be suspended pack in bring to a stop close down blow the whistle on hold at bay wink out bring to an end hold up put a sock in lay off put a cork in stem the flow bring to a standstill bring to standstill pull the plug on come to rest shut off bring up draw to a stand cut short let up pull up give over put a stop to be over fetch up put the kibosh on pack up draw to a close draw up be undecided blow hot and cold be irresolute pussyfoot around sit on the fence procrastinate yo-yo sway be ambivalent be in two minds chop and change get cold feet tarry run hot and cold waste time change one's mind tremble change waffle trifle reel loiter keep changing your mind be unable to decide be unable to make up your mind play a waiting game see-saw prevaricate wobble about flip-flop be on the fence will and will not faff about flicker tumble vary dodge quiver bobble lurch roll quaver palter trim shudder whiffle waffle potter hang about hang around mess around be on the horns of a dilemma um and ah go from one extreme to the other kill time drag your heels move slowly mark time let the grass grow under one's feet while away time fence-straddle rock swing straddle change mind be tentative have doubts be divided feel uncertain wonder about lack conviction be sceptical think something unlikely be dubious have doubts about have reservations about harbour reservations about harbour suspicions about have hesitations about have suspicions about fluctuate on express suspicions about have one's doubts about feel uneasy about express reservations about entertain doubts about adjourn prolong retard postpone protract cool goldbrick lag poke drag put off play for time suspend action kick the can down the road let slide put off doing something use delaying tactics drag one's heels postpone action drag your feet be dilatory defer action drag one's feet take a raincheck hang fire


To add (something) up incorrectly, make a wrong calculation of (an amount etc.
misreckon misconstrue misinterpret misjudge misunderstand misread err underestimate overestimate overvalue underrate undervalue misestimate overrate blunder blow discount disregard miscount overlook get wrong get signals crossed go wrong slip up drop the ball mess up mix up miss by a mile miscalculate misgauge misconceive mismeasure misdeem mistake estimate wrongly boob calculate wrongly be wide of the mark get something wrong make an error get it wrong make a mistake about make a howler make a boo-boo make a mistake misapprehend be wrong about presume belittle suppose presuppose prejudge dogmatize miscomprehend misconjecture misthink wrong judge incorrectly get the wrong idea about be unfair be misled get the wrong end of the stick about get the wrong idea jump to the wrong conclusion about be overcritical come to hasty conclusion put foot in do someone an injustice get the wrong impression be partial bark up wrong tree be wrong take amiss get the wrong end of the stick confound misknow confuse put a wrong interpretation on misperceive miss be mistaken get someone wrong be barking up the wrong tree get hold of the wrong end of the stick be at cross purposes receive a false impression be under a delusion misapply miss the point lose count misrepresent fail distort pervert be bewildered not register be confused be perplexed take wrongly get wrong impression take the wrong way get signals mixed get your lines crossed about take something the wrong way get the wrong impression about mishear mistranslate set too low get your lines crossed be at cross-purposes with get your wires crossed exaggerate make a wrong interpretation of get a false impression of fail to understand be misguided about misidentify falsify muddle up not know have wrong impression be off the mark


To enter or interrupt suddenly and without invitation
barge in interrupt intrude break in burst in butt in charge collide cut in encroach gatecrash infringe interject intervene push shove breeze in horn in muscle in push in rush in storm in walk in interfere obtrude meddle invade trespass interpose pry poke snoop intermeddle squeeze in nose mess interlope crash muck around horn in on muck about shove in jump the queue put your two cents in mix in sneak in chime in disturb hinder intervene in bother break in on butt in on fool with muscle in on stick your nose in worm in cut in on interfere with intrude on impede busybody overstep tamper disrupt divide insinuate kibitz encumber advance chisel in stick nose in abuse rights put two cents in put your oar in enquire work in molest encroach on entrench on pester get involved come between cut short impose mess around inquire sidewalk-superintend edge in stick your oar in dabble in mess with crash the gates step in come uninvited intrude into queue-jump skip the line march in blunder in skip the queue cut off gossip stir thrust jump the line hold up intercalate interpolate go beyond thrust yourself in interpose oneself walk in on insinuate oneself interpose yourself put in two cents involve oneself involve yourself force one's way into elbow one's way in on come uninvited to slip into show up uninvited sneak into butt into impose oneself on intermediate be nosy about intercede in poke nose in intercede impinge on be a busybody nose into pry into kibitz on poke your nose in barge into meddle in get involved in tamper with impinge creep infiltrate trench elbow in appropriate arrogate inch tread on someone's toes usurp step on someone's toes eat into make inroads invade someone's space stick nose into entrench worm impose oneself violate impose yourself make inroads into poke one's face in put one's two cents in charge in get into the act burglarize burgle raid breach force one's way in crack a crib break into force the lock break down the door burglarise get in force an entry rob commit burglary break and enter heckle chip in cut stay separate check prevent barge in on disunite intersect inject disconnect disjoin in shortstop arrest put in break someone's train of thought break train of thought chime in on bust in chip in on crowd in get in the way


Speak in a confused or indistinct way
bumble burble babble drivel ramble blather gabble gibber jabber prattle chat chatter drool mumble mutter sputter waffle prate hesitate murmur rabbit on stutter twitter gab gas blether twaddle natter jaw patter blab yap cackle yak run on witter chunter talk converse yatter blabber yabber slabber rattle rabbit jibber-jabber schmooze clack go on yackety-yak mag chaffer rap chin palaver shmooze twattle kibbitz kibitz maunder gossip run off at the mouth visit rattle on yammer talk incoherently tittle-tattle blither tattle earbash rant chitchat shoot the breeze chitter-chatter speak communicate powwow gabber chinwag engage in conversation have a conversation splutter spout gush rattle away have a confab claver confabulate rave blubber chew the fat talk rapidly chew the rag talk unintelligibly witter on talk nineteen to the dozen have a chinwag shoot the bull talk foolishly go on and on chit-chat dialog dialogue talk rubbish talk nonsense gaggle blethe wander palter footle clatter talk nonsensically yakkety yak shoot one's mouth off talk trivially swap gossip twiddle utter run off at mouth bleat flannel blurt talk gibberish spill the beans confer discourse discuss parley have a chat commune consult have a discussion have a talk debate network interact interface touch base talk idly deliberate buzz dish korero liaise confab rumor rumour connect discuss things reach out exchange views be in contact talk a blue streak conversate exchange negotiate wag argue groupthink yakkety-yak meet contact have negotiations snitch counsel link keep in touch circulate rumours spread rumours spread stories noise spread gossip blow smoke reason intercommunicate speak to each other have a word thrash out hold discussion have dealings make contact tell tales talk the hind legs off a donkey discuss matters tell on be in touch be in communication have a tête-à-tête get in contact establish contact spit bark orate socialise banter socialize blah blah-blah list inform spiel talk a mile a minute use yakety-yak patter on and on have a tete-a-tete piffle talk ten to the dozen hold forth talk the hind leg off a donkey consult with each other tongue yack runon peach squeal mouth deal talk aimlessly run through reel off chat idly engage babble on brag boast talk at length talk a lot talk incessantly slabber on talk tete-a-tete renew communication have a friendly chat spread rumors brainstorm get in touch engage in communication treat advise make conversation talk someone's ear off talk out of turn talk through one's hat shoot your mouth off collaborate rack brains share ideas put heads together cooperate whisper skinder grass spill leak sneak wiggle-waggle intimate hint suggest report bad-mouth insinuate imply repeat schmoose spread discuss terms make a deal discuss a settlement consult together make terms hammer out a deal try to reach a compromise treat with someone hold talks work out a deal spread rumor tell tale rat on give away tell secrets cut up bruit something about correspond interconnect cut to pieces tell tales out of school bend one's ear blow the whistle dish the dirt interview vent huddle canvass collogue relate confide give the show away have a big mouth meet up chin-wag consult each other compare notes acquaint reply bicker have a meet carry on conversation join in conversation telephone e-mail text write phone moot go into a huddle commune with ring up kick about talk game toss around hash over bandy words bump heads wrangle over talk over bat around kick around have at it bat back and forth bat about have discussions lock horns hash out cross swords be close to drop a line drop a note get on the horn give a call be near give a ring associate with hear from


To take place or do something by accident or without intending to
chance happen occur befall betide come hap transpire luck tumble arrive pass come about come off fall out go on turn out blunder on come to pass hit upon light upon stumble on turn up come down go down be one's fate fall to one's lot arise be take place do develop ensue eventuate result cook materialize crop up fall materialise follow appear emerge pan out present itself break spring surface come into existence supervene go issue bechance come into being become take shape be realized manifest action come out originate start begin stem dawn proceed commence derive erupt burst out upspring break out be born come up take effect set in overtake prove befit presage have effect goon play out present eventualize shake out show catch contract gel shake pass off end up chance upon see the light of day become a fact actualize form engender flow occur suddenly come forth suddenly come forth birth flow from emanate spawn become apparent issue from come from have one's foundations start off spurt be set in motion spring from loom hail from head emanate from gush rise flare up metamorphose shoot up pick up propagate germinate be a direct result uprise sprout foment spring up make an appearance chance to happen evolve take form unfold pop up be caused by be produced by be brought about by exist become manifest crystallize crystallise come to light be consequent on accompany begin life grow originate in shape up supervene on culminate work out finish up come after attend flourish kick in show up intervene launch catalyze be a consequence of catalyse be the result of come to the fore enter the picture bob up enter into the picture succeed come next hit roll up recur be found to be happen suddenly be attended by follow on be subsequent to see daylight first see the light of day arise from manifest itself stem from accrue arise out of result from be a result of stop end terminate be developed be created be brought to pass be brought about kick off be established be brought into existence arrive on the scene be forged come on the scene be brought into being have its origin in be taken be due to be brought on by be had be got be the consequence be the result be consequent be a consequence circulate be released leak out be announced be made public be promulgated become evident get around slip out become common knowledge be uncovered get out be made known become known be revealed come out in the wash be brought out leak be exposed be reported be discovered be issued prove to be the case be disclosed be divulged spread come out in the open be published express incorporate embody externalize instantiate epitomize personify body substantiate incarnate personalize coalesce exteriorize come true symbolise typify objectify realise pragmatize personalise make real realize entify hypostatize epitomise visualise symbolize personize become visual be incarnate externalise visualize reify become real reveal yourself corporealize become concrete substantialize


To confound or perplex someone
perplex puzzle baffle bewilder confuse confound mystify befuddle flummox bemuse dumbfound nonplus stump addle bamboozle discombobulate disconcert fox fuddle get muddle throw beat faze fog pose exercise gravel maze worry befog beset buffalo complicate disorient floor involve muddy tangle thicken vex wilder distract encumber entangle jumble astonish astound baulk balk discompose muck perturb rattle ravel stun surprise thwart catch off balance throw off balance be all Greek to get to mix up mix you up make someone scratch their head muddy the waters snarl up cause to be at a stand obfuscate mull profundicate foil amaze flabbergast frustrate obscure snow disturb wonder stir set someone thinking put off psych out stupefy fluster upset dismay unsettle bother discomfit agitate daze unnerve ruffle stagger shake take aback startle flurry alarm disquiet distress shake up shock trouble embarrass discountenance discomfort abash unhinge overwhelm bowl over distemper frazzle concern blow one's mind mortify undo fuss disorientate ail cloud alarum blur knock for six freak out weird out throw off hagride derail annoy make uneasy go to one's head strike dumb derange frighten becloud daunt provoke scare disorder jolt irk leave open-mouthed blow away stop someone in their tracks rock dumfound put someone off their stroke thunderstrike stymie bring up short afflict awe irritate make anxious take by surprise demoralize knock sideways chagrin make unclear foul up paralyse benumb dazzle paralyze demoralise spook stir up unbalance surprize elude hassle intimidate disorganize distort discourage disrupt terrify confuscate horrify excite gall leave aghast terrorize dizzy mess with one's head disarrange appal boggle bug put out of countenance mess up panic make nervous petrify psych appall terrorise pother put someone off their stride depress consternate set someone back on their heels confusticate convolute deter defeat stick destabilize intricate discommode affect harass pique numb shatter intoxicate inebriate make punchy set thinking snafu destabilise hurry boggle the mind bustle dishearten overpower screw up make a mess of put out pain devastate electrify needle affright boggle the mind of pester ball up hit like a ton of bricks work up pull the rug from under throw into disorder gnaw at distract from put into a flap pull the rug out from under throw into a tizz make someone's head spin take someone's breath away make waves muck up muddle up bedevil stick it to dull tie somebody in knots fret knock out set one thinking snooker displease nettle metagrobolize exasperate mistake daydream moon outwit shame humiliate dislocate overcome corner aggravate knock the stuffing out of someone put down cow overawe sadden heat hinder stop plague harry dispirit gather wool pipe dream put someone off make fretful subdue unman get at throw for loop make uncomfortable make a scene bully browbeat disappoint dash strike touch impress move turn sicken down dement displace rummage disarray fill with wonder fill with amazement upset apple cart be too much for put at a loss chill disillusion flip put on edge craze send into a spin take breath away take someone aback give a shock knock the stuffing out of cause to lose your bearings muss worst disgruntle disenchant preoccupy burden rouse outrage badger grieve arouse intrude tire interfere bring someone up short conquer blind fill with consternation let down put the wind up someone throw into a tizzy louse up give someone a turn throw into confusion clutter make self-conscious make someone laugh out of the other side of their mouth put off his or her stride take the wind out of someone's sails make someone laugh on the other side of their face catch somebody off balance catch somebody unawares cause someone to lose their composure take the wind out of your sails strike with awe take one's breath away throw a curve spring something on cause wonder jar blow someone's mind render speechless bedazzle garble try occupy throw into uproar burn up get in the way knock one's socks off be unbelievable blow one away straiten botch bungle besot knock for a loop put one away boggle someone's mind chafe embroil snarl twist put off one's stroke knock senseless occupy someone's thoughts prey on someone's mind do someone's head in lie heavy on render uncertain mislead misinform obnubilate make difficult make more difficult make complex darken lead astray muddy up scarify fright scare to death scare stiff make your hair stand on end fill with fear scare someone out of their wits put the wind up scare the pants off scare the bejesus out of chill off frighten to death frighten the living daylights out of throw into a panic scare the living daylights out of throw into a blue funk rattle one's cage flutter hustle quicken


A mistake, typically unintentional
error mistake blunder slip gaffe fault oversight boob lapse clanger misstep gaff inaccuracy goof slipup fluff flub fumble screwup miscue clinker trip brick bobble blooper bungle accident hesitation mishap upset boo-boo slip-up faux pas howler bloomer boner miscalculation fail indiscretion solecism thinko misjudgement misjudgment foul-up flaw defect impropriety barry muff botch failure misapprehension lapsus calami lapsus linguae slip of the tongue screw-up bloop false step misunderstanding snafu misjudging slight muddle miss glitch transgression omission erratum gaucherie fallacy slip of the pen misdeed botch-up floater indecorum offense mess familiarity offence false move error of judgment breach of etiquette delusion misinterpretation aberration misconception misreading misreckoning cockup err Freudian slip crime breach negligence literal trespass hash peccadillo sin wrong fall delinquency mess-up bumble misconduct deviation mix-up dumb move pratfall inadvertence underestimation drop wreck shambles neglect overestimation imprudence gremlin bug imperfection mishandling misfielding confusion illusion mismanagement debacle fiasco snag misapplication bodge absurdity poor judgment flop break wrength failing flub-up corrigendum violation shortcoming carelessness lapse of etiquette social blunder colossal blunder bungling typo dereliction bas vice bozo eruption putting foot in mouth unfaithfulness wrongness impreciseness unreliability inattention dumb thing to do stupid mistake snarl-up hiccup dilemma complication botched job laxity blunder in etiquette wrong move bad move typographical error preterition chasm disregard overlooking blank overlook skip pretermission upheaval difficulty trouble quandary goof-up misdesign mispositioning misarrangement misalignment printer's error brain fart complexity emergency snarl encumbrance commotion intricacy struggle failure to notice disorder awkwardness involvement disorganization misconfiguration disarray disorganisation poor configuration misdemeanour felony wickedness folly wrongdoing mischief mischievousness wrong configuration poor layout misbehaviour balls-up car crash hastiness ingenuousness simple-mindedness bad behaviour excitability naivete unseemliness foolish mistake indiscreetness misdemeanor dropping the ball stupidity thoughtlessness unthinkingness misspeak crudeness misbehavior misconstruction miscount misestimate misconstruing misimpression mixup misestimation misknowledge exception incomprehension irregularity tongue twister confounding breakdown false impression virus distortion abnormality misbelief misevaluation spoonerism malfunction anomaly eccentricity aberrancy oddity wrong impression false reading obstruction blip catch showstopper limitation rarity quirk wrong idea departure freak rogue muddle-up poor decision bad choice whoops malapropism flummox bonehead play foulup misspeaking own goal slip up inadvertency flounder improper act poor decision-making misperception bad overestimate foul up screw up bad idea incorrect sum underestimate overvaluation undervaluation blow false belief poor choice misstatement sus linguae jumble despisement scorn disdain error of judgement tangle hole self-defeating action cacology miscommunication misreading of the situation chaos fankle turmoil puzzle human error mispronunciation misuse abuse grammatical mistake barbarism misusage turkey bomb lemon bummer frost washout clunker bust dud fizzle disaster catastrophe malware want default loss computer malfunction hitch blemish problem something wrong computer glitch misappreciation straying happenstance surprise fluke coincidence peculiar turn of events unusual occurrence one-off hazard twist of fate divergence rambling wandering peculiarity inconsistency variation oddment digression oddness difference unusualness diversion phenomenon incongruity curiosity strangeness weirdness

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