Đồng nghĩa của buffalo

Alternative for buffalo

buffalos, buffaloes, buffaloed, buffaloing

Đồng nghĩa: American bison, American buffalo, Bison bison, Buffalo, Old World buffalo,


To confound or perplex someone
baffle bamboozle bewilder confuse addle beat befog befuddle bemuse confound discombobulate disorient flummox fox fuddle get gravel maze muddle muddy mystify perplex pose puzzle vex nonplus stump throw stupefy floor disconcert faze dumbfound stun wilder obfuscate daze fog mix up make someone scratch their head be all Greek to distract astound fluster flabbergast cause to be at a stand rattle amaze astonish stagger blow your mind surprise go to your head set someone thinking throw off shake disorientate take aback throw off balance startle dismay unnerve upset discompose disturb stymie bowl over ruffle frustrate bring up short mess with one's head cloud snow overwhelm shake up catch off balance discomfit perturb intoxicate make punchy bother inebriate worry psych out ball up get to make your head spin blur elude obscure becloud dull boggle bedevil boggle the mind of derange make unclear confusticate set thinking confuscate leave open-mouthed leave aghast strike dumb knock out take by surprise blow away knock sideways metagrobolize knock for six exercise stop someone in their tracks boggle the mind shock involve tangle beset thicken complicate screw up encumber jumble entangle knock the stuffing out of stumble muck ravel baulk balk thwart rock dumfound thunderstrike surprize snarl up muddy the waters mix you up conquer discourage daunt demoralize dispirit dishearten unman frighten alarm deject cow distress agitate unsettle disquiet disarm jolt intimidate panic chill unhinge give a turn throw into a tizz put into a flap set back put someone off their stroke enfeeble scare spook put the wind up demoralise uncalm cause someone to lose their composure ride undermine sap enervate weaken needle trouble flurry distemper discountenance discomfort frazzle undo alarum put off abash take your breath away concern disorder ail fuss derail hagride render speechless bug weird out freak out terrify overcome unbalance depress displease irk awe benumb shatter paralyse dazzle paralyze disappoint overpower embarrass petrify foul up harass consternate irritate annoy knock for a loop disarrange horrify affect afflict appal terrorize numb sadden make uneasy make anxious snafu affright mess up let down devastate psych terrorise peeve oppress appall pother pester anger disenchant make waves gall deter pique move disorganize disrupt strike touch impress destabilize dizzy provoke electrify grieve prostrate destabilise dement craze nark overmaster swamp whelm knock over crush plague hurt offend turn sicken hassle put one away wound make difficulties hit like a ton of bricks burn up hack off spring on fret fill with fear scare to death miff torment muck up throw a curve knock over with feather throw into a tizzy indispose scare stiff pull the rug from under stir up make a scene snow under get at pull the rug out from under scare someone out of their wits set hurdles scare the pants off scare the bejesus out of give a hard time throw into a panic tick off scare the living daylights out of pick on throw into a blue funk muddle up lower stick it to mistake besot underwhelm overawe gobsmack dislocate mortify subdue hit jar make nervous hinder bully browbeat fill with wonder fill with amazement knock senseless pour cold water on throw cold water on down displace discommode rummage disarray make fretful cause wonder traumatize bring around bedazzle make speechless put away take the wind out of your sails strike with awe catch unawares put out of countenance gnaw at scarify fright throw for a loop inconvenience cause to lose your bearings blind put someone off their stride set someone back on their heels upset the applecart put out of action throw into confusion make one's hair stand on end chill off frighten to death frighten the living daylights out of be unbelievable knock your socks off traumatise grind down greatly upset throw into uproar throw into disorder give a shock rock the boat incapacitate flip hurt somebody's feelings get someone bum out fire up wind up egg on get across turn on get on your wick lay up flip out cramp give someone grief key up debilitate stir dash put off one's stroke transfix disillusion chagrin disgruntle spellbind madden immobilize scare witless make emotional grate exasperate rile nettle aggravate strike terror into immobilise fill with consternation louse up wreck run circles around hit for six steamroller do in downgrade leave speechless sweep someone off their feet grind subordinate destroy kill crack unstring frenzy loco rasp persecute gripe itch frost eat spite chafe pain scare silly put the fear of God into frighten the life out of put chill on embroil complex sophisticate complexify drive you out of your mind torture rack stress make difficult anguish curse try harry hound agonize roil impose upon put out burn put on the spot dissatisfy inflame niggle clog interrelate fold convolute interweave multiply mire elaborate intricate impede combine twist make intricate open can of worms add fuel to fire make complicated make more difficult handicap make complex interfuse infold render unintelligible snag nag injure strain agonise strap aggrieve dog break tantalize nit-pick tantalise prick push desolate harrow martyr eat at arouse anxiety in make miserable do a number on be on one's case make wretched cause suffering to push buttons make it tough for weigh on cut up cause anguish to


To deceive or fool someone
deceive fool mislead hoodwink dupe delude trick con hoax beguile bamboozle bluff misguide misinform sucker cozen snooker gull gaff hornswoggle have humbug snow gammon spoof juggle burn catch take in have on fake out string along suck in cheat swindle defraud put one over on pull the wool over someone's eyes double-cross take for a ride kid lead on bilk gyp rook pull a fast one on pull a swifty on pull one's leg scam sting diddle do shaft rip off outwit stiff do a number on lead up the garden path lead down the garden path flimflam betray victimize victimise entrap euchre mulct bunco illude seduce inveigle ensnare fleece fiddle swizzle sharp chicane sell a pup to screw lie disinform befool fake jive take advantage of take to the cleaners give someone a bum steer put on skin finagle outfox sell make a fool of overreach mousetrap impose on lie to rope in misdirect hose entice tempt lure misstate prevaricate outmanoeuvre stick chisel ream goldbrick doublespeak misrepresent bait propagandize distort pervert fabricate catch out beat circumvent outmaneuver caboodle propagandise give wrong information to send on a wild goose chase throw off the scent put on the wrong track put on an act throw dust in someone's eyes lead up garden path cover up wrong steer play trick on put up smoke screen put on false front set up bait and switch lead astray double-talk impose four-flush thwart maneuver manoeuvre pretend use fudge bunk juke stump stitch up feign sham baffle dust entangle enmesh fox pull in give the wrong impression do the dirty on pull jerk around wind up play-act play a trick on shuck blag frame play a jest on play a prank on play a joke on murphy sell a pup get the better of pull a fast one pull someone's leg make a sucker of play a practical joke on pass off psych out run a game on play games with charm enchant attract entrance hypnotize bewitch dazzle woo blind mesmerize captivate spellbind trap hook falsify clip rob disappoint cuckold gouge win over soft-soap sweet-talk trifle dally toy play joke on impose upon take to cleaners beat out of take for play away cross up step out pull fast one take for ride wanton throw decoy allure solicit play for a fool pull wool over double deal hocus-pocus butter up exploit take jockey shave hypnotise play manipulate finesse mesmerise toy with dally with play fast and loose with send on a wild-goose chase play with trifle with make use of give the runaround hustle play for a sucker bleed shortchange squeeze short skunk chouse thimblerig pluck nobble shake down do in coax persuade cajole induce wheedle draw influence flatter blandish blarney urge fascinate talk into sway prevail on convince steer bring round wangle come on palaver tantalize wile get round prevail upon tantalise work on invite get coerce tease sandbag press worm snare banter plague pester honey double-deal milk sweep off feet turn on argue into smooth-talk pull strings pull wires bribe prejudice bedevil impel pressurize intrigue brainwash jolly control appeal to work importune jawbone soothe barter contrive enrapture flirt with turn stroke whet the appetite of oil soap bias pressurise outsmart bring pressure to bear on get around dissimulate toll dissemble cross rig sweeten up arm-twist gaslight make up to one-up make your mouth water spread it on fix sell down the river play games put up a front stretch the rules bend the rules pull something funny stack the cards hit below the belt embezzle talk pilfer witch magnetize kill court put someone up to something play dirty beckon impress trip up make prod lead poison flannel fawn distract ensorcell tout shill magnetise pressure reason argue flam train rope drag poke borack flatter into dare ingratiate kowtow do number on sucker into do someone in the eye do out of sell a bill of goods to obsess hit on draw in two-time operate angle draw out soften up toady caress give the come-on to stupefy lay it on bootlick soften crowd push brownnose massage arrange bat eyes at twist around your little finger stage-manage pander to besot rush torture torment titillate dangle trim lirt crib blench rogue belirt backstab fail dangle a carrot in front of work over build up apple polish infatuate let down short-change come on to be disloyal to split play someone false break faith with sell out be unfaithful to stab in the back flirt vamp suck up to play up to get next to hand a line machinate swing plot bring off collude lobby connive conspire taunt provoke excite yuck yuk jest jape joke fun josh quip gag wisecrack chaff lick someone's boots take out fast talk give bum steer break the rules screw over give the shaft philander with direct rub the right way lay it on thick frustrate badger annoy harass worry harry gnaw beleaguer sweep you off your feet net compel dragoon intimidate counsel encourage capture chat up rag ridicule mock bother work upon lean on affect simulate counterfeit twist someone's arm incite talk round pull strings with incline browbeat make eyes at profess assume suborn colour keep hanging fib allege bag immesh implicate embroil mesh ensnarl entoil tangle make yourself felt with carry weight with touch bring pressure to bear upon cut any ice with keep someone hanging on mollify appease land color make sport of poke fun at make fun of yank someone's chain act claim placate convert involve catch up betrap benet aspire impersonate purport mistreat patronise capitalize on misuse abuse profit from step on walk all over treat lightly play on take liberties with prey on cash in on maltreat ill-use leverage trade on target patronize use for one's own ends conciliate pacify propitiate sweeten talk someone into something let on make out pass for lay claim masquerade be deceitful stonewall malinger be hypocritical fish jazz claim falsely whitewash pass oneself off as shuck and jive exaggerate assuage gentle reel in lay for box in set a trap for twist one's arm perjure equivocate misspeak humour palter bull overdraw misinstruct forswear BS be economical with the truth not speak the truth make up a story tell stories invent a story lie through one's teeth be untruthful break promise make believe tell a lie lack candor forswear oneself bear false witness say something untrue tell an untruth commit perjury not tell the truth fake it tell a falsehood stretch the truth tell a white lie perjure oneself tell untruths tell a terminological inexactitude concoct a story be forsworn depart from the truth set at ease win the affection of put off guard humor unarm disarm undermine someone's resistance


To outwit, confuse, deceive, or intimidate
browbeat frighten intimidate cow bully coerce threaten inhibit terrorize terrorise scare terrify daunt subdue pressure pressurize harass awe unnerve bulldoze domineer hound force harry menace railroad dragoon hector oblige compel constrain bullyrag blackjack badger bludgeon overawe bogart strong-arm bluster enforce pressurise lean on use strong-arm tactics on mau-mau dismay abash alarm disconcert deter nag press push discourage hustle goad prod pester brainwash persuade influence impress psych out overbear despotize bring pressure to bear on take your breath away blind someone with something act on prevail on put the screws on put the squeeze on put pressure on walk heavy press-gang work on ride roughshod use pressure on fast-talk put under an obligation turn on the heat tyrannize oppress persecute torment ride ruffle steamroller affright spook appall plague tyrannise appal push around push about scare off twist someone's arm scare the bejesus out of pick on hassle bother drive impel bait worry trouble annoy make tease needle chivvy victimize bug provoke heckle bedevil give a hard time victimise irritate urge obligate vex squeeze muscle sandbag nudge keep on at eat devil prompt distress heavy be on your back disturb irk criticize induce go on at incite petrify breathe down someone's neck dog discomfit rattle molest chivy criticise faze aggravate stir agitate goose pursue blackmail taunt put up to scold egg on drive up the wall get at henpeck nettle upset perturb exasperate peck at harp on at keep after gripe attack insist require instigate pick at whip twist one's arm find fault with trigger tighten the screws on sic give someone grief force one's hand make things hot for someone make it hot for someone shake subjugate admonish discriminate against carp spur boss around boss about confuse encourage berate importune grumble at ramrod fuss unsettle embarrass bounce abuse growl motivate disquiet beset niggle fluster carp at necessitate ride roughshod over rag inspire peeve discompose single out issue threats to perplex rile disrupt nark be down on concuss grate pique rasp itch frost get spite gall chafe throw stress move mither wring bind key up put heat on exploit beleaguer find fault put off insist on shake up excite put out try turn the screws on flummox fleece fret cause burn up hack off hunt have a down on have it in for throw off balance order demand gnaw command rowel sound put the frighteners on fire up bleed be on one's case burden get to bend someone's ear put the heat on rattle one's cage give the business prey on drive round the twist drive round the bend impose on extort take advantage of get on someone's back hog keep at cajole dominate swagger give someone hell lean compress harp on remind constrict condense squash castigate sell politick repress restrict hinder suppress shotgun shanghai come at frighten off work over mistreat antagonize high pressure lord it over antagonise rouse stimulate be on at someone punish repeatedly and unfairly anger chide flurry put the wind up put through the wringer put the chill on inflame prick sting challenge cavil put the arm on discountenance tighten the screw on high-pressure have turn the screw on prevail upon have someone do something effect will stress out hold a gun to one's head make an offer they can't refuse affect noodge jerk around burn macerate give a bad time despoil pain foray strain shock panic scarify horrify fright alarum startle discombobulate miff make nervous make fun of be critical of roust lash titillate jeer interrupt work up stump put into a flap put someone off their stroke furbelow abrade floor wind up get across frill cause someone to lose their composure throw into a tizz wear throw into tizzy fuddle warn foment barrack boo strike terror into strike terror in scorn rib chaff shout down toy with fiddle with overcome dishearten bewilder crucify aggrieve outrage injure expel wrong beat exile haze hiss fill with terror inspire panic in anguish afflict besiege curse torture rack excruciate harrow agonize charge overwhelm nonplus venture peril jeopard adventure jeopardize imperil risk compromise endanger hazard snarl comminate fulminate scowl caution forewarn occasion impose foist confound dis gibe ridicule use duress on conscript use force on urge by force choke apply obtrude contract enjoin hurt agonise punish break smite bone scare to death put the fear of God into frighten out of your wits jibe at shout at exert force on get the knife into stick the knife into make uneasy make anxious be a nuisance to bear down bear hard on put screws to put squeeze on bring pressure to bear upon pin down put the bite on upbraid portend jeopardise chill gamble with impend lower loom bad-eye jolt baffle destabilize unbalance butt in shout catcalls at make game of get in your hair be in someone's hair be a pest to drive bananas make threats against threaten to harm flex muscles look daggers make threat threaten to kill make threats to advise implore mystify promote beef grouse yowl holler mutter grumble kvetch complain squeal crab yammer wail moan caterwaul whine grump scream grouch repine kick squawk inveigh whimper bellyache bleat murmur yaup croak keen grizzle yawp whinge maunder beg put through wringer take aback blind destabilise advocate expedite lead someone a merry dance play cat and mouse rub salt in wound shake fist at whip around utter threats to egg moan at inspan beseech solicit recommend moan on at keep complaining to catch put off one's stroke pull the rug out from under pull the rug from under adjure propel entreat steamroll exhort bust someone's balls bust chops take it out on speed up try to persuade put the screws to scare hell out of manipulate railroad into pour it on dragoon into misuse cheat steamroller into push for swindle bulldoze into turn on enslave appeal to sell one on exert influence on curdle treat unfairly step on suck dry walk all over play on walk over live off the backs of ill-use take for a ride put one over on rip off withhold rights from ill-treat take advantage of somebody preoccupy live off haunt depress load plunder feed on depredate seize consume live on kill devour tax raid weigh go to town on browbeat into bear down on be at yap at scratch around rag on search high heaven


To make a strong, lasting, or favorable impression on
impress affect influence move excite inspire stir amaze astonish grab strike touch awe dazzle galvanise galvanize overawe overcome overwhelm rouse sway impact overpower reach arouse astound bulldoze carry electrify enforce enthuse faze get grandstand kill pique provoke register score slay stimulate tell on thrill feel admiration feel respect have an impact on leave a mark on take aback be conspicuous blow away knock out make an impression on make splash push around show off cut a figure make a hit make an impression stick in someone's mind knock your socks off bowl over floor daze stun stagger dumbfound spellbind stupefy bedazzle fascinate hypnotize take your breath away shake flabbergast sweep someone off their feet get to hypnotise surprise leave speechless strike dumb knock for six startle have an effect on shock razzle-dazzle disturb hit bewilder alarm knock sideways get through get through to cow prostrate frighten blind devastate intimidate terrify whelm daunt overmaster crush impassion swamp confuse oppress scare nonplus confound upset rock delight dumfound dismay thunderstrike dawn shatter surprize disconcert penetrate snow under leave open-mouthed leave aghast impact on register with be understood shake up sink in dawn on hit for six take by surprise blow your mind carry away enchant captivate blur glitz sweep away exhilarate wow soften melt benumb jolt perplex sweep off feet disquiet agitate make emotional knock over involve wreck demoralise grind subordinate steamroller destroy downgrade demoralize puzzle mark carry weight with quicken knock dead bias make a splash knock for a loop stop someone in their tracks boggle the mind put one away render speechless do in bully touch a chord strike a chord leave an impression on run circles around tug at your heartstrings impress on browbeat subdue unnerve hit hard strike at terrorize horrify prevail over exert influence on emotionally move cross abash deter appall hotdog showboat enthrall enthral appal discourage spring to mind come to the mind of enter one's head occur to make an impact cross your mind come into one's consciousness come to mind make an impact on come to present itself emerge to grind down sweep over terrorise psych out blind someone with something throw click become clear be grasped be comprehended catch off balance seem to appear to come home to have an effect strike home get across have an impact come across fall into place be taken in come home look to give the impression to give the impression of being bemuse flummox baffle stump mystify discompose discombobulate fox fog gravel maze pose befuddle knock the stuffing out of beat paralyse befog addle numb wilder paralyze petrify make someone scratch their head cause to be at a stand boggle muddle disorient bamboozle vex fuddle be all Greek to unsettle obfuscate set someone thinking consternate distress muddy distract jar affright rattle spring on throw a curve hit like a ton of bricks set someone back on their heels discomfit outrage disgust sicken scandalize perturb panic mix up insult knock over with feather spook scandalise throw off balance scare to death chill gross out scare silly scare stiff take the wind out of your sails scare the bejesus out of give a turn put the wind up scare the living daylights out of bedaze disorientate poleax gobsmack dizzy disorder depress dishearten fill with wonder fill with amazement elude throw into a tizzy bedevil be unbelievable make speechless put away give a shock besot stick it to bring around metagrobolize cause wonder confusticate throw a curveball boggle the mind of strike with awe throw for a loop screw up throw off set thinking confuscate put out of action knock senseless knock down with a feather mesmerize mess with one's head grip arrest fluster scarify ruffle fright offend revolt nauseate make jump work up make someone's hair stand on end traumatize repel mesmerise displease conquer antagonize anger traumatise antagonise bring up short give offence to catch up raise someone's eyebrows completely surprise shake out of your complacency make someone's blood run cold hit like ton of bricks transfix animate fire energize titillate invigorate intoxicate charge fill with fear immobilize scare witless motivate frenzy strike terror into immobilise magnetize commove dynamize magnetise envigorate energise turn on get someone going fire with enthusiasm give someone a charge stir up give a buzz fire someone's imagination pump up give someone a kick light a fire under frighten the life out of throw into a panic scare the pants off put chill on scare someone out of their wits put the fear of God into throw into a blue funk


To frustrate or prevent (someone) from achieving an aim
foil frustrate thwart counter disappoint check stop defeat hamper hinder baffle balk baulk dash impede obstruct oppose prevent block checkmate cripple derail scotch smash snooker stymie beat circumvent discomfit elude nobble outwit scupper nullify queer root traverse bilk bollix crab cramp crimp curb disconcert ditch dodge do for duck faze halt juke mess up promote rattle restrain screw up shake skip put paid to foul up hang up shake off shuffle off give the run-around give the slip put the mockers on run circles around run rings around halt in its tracks throw monkey wrench in upset the applecart nip in the bud put a spoke in someone's wheel throw a spanner in the works throw a monkey wrench in the works forestall inhibit ruin hold back bar spoil arrest trammel hold up put a stop to interfere with avert head off retard fetter stave off put the kibosh on restrict ward off avoid encumber hamstring hobble stand in the way of handicap delay stall counteract shackle deter wreck disrupt cumber obviate repress undo destroy put an end to upset interrupt fend off handcuff prohibit throw a spanner in the works of stonewall slow down evade confound intercept clog shut out throw a monkey wrench in the works of hog-tie escape sabotage preclude quash manacle defend against embarrass suppress constrain short-circuit neutralize hold off tie up cramp one's style deflect neutralise sidestep overturn damage skirt devastate undermine impair stump louse up debar mar forfend shatter put the stopper on get in the way of get in the way steer clear of set back resist cross subvert put a brake on stifle bridle threaten dish demolish limit discourage take down injure slow divert interdict bork pre-empt interfere circumnavigate bypass confuse turn aside overcome entangle annul cut off harm rule out crush blight curtail smother take wind out of repel scuttle parry repulse chill blow torpedo botch anticipate help brake be beyond withhold forbid reduce choke bind debilitate put the lid on ward be a hindrance to defy puzzle shut off terminate mystify eradicate attack throw withstand negate get out of break nonplus obliterate snafu extinguish flummox prejudice cancel disable annihilate conquer affect stultify dampen weaken influence abolish corner suspend discontinue decimate stay shun invalidate offset keep lid on banjax hurt challenge clobber skin squelch contravene eschew remit pause muck up save play off cook someone's goose cancel out preempt put a wrench in the works inconvenience shelve bottleneck spike someone's guns keep compromise intermit queer someone's pitch put at risk second-guess hold sap play havoc with work against outmanoeuvre give the run around be detrimental to rein in outmaneuver shirk destabilize choke off get ahead of get in before cool chain put a spanner in the works cause havoc wreak havoc diminish put a damper on keep from happening be disadvantageous to dam provide against steal a march on pick off get around put off sandbag keep back hold in hold down drag your feet blow a hole in stem the flow of throw cold water on close off beat someone to the draw keep at bay beat someone to the punch bring to naught pour cold water on beat someone to it give a hard time keep off shut down destabilise countermove worst buck finish finish off subdue crash unsettle act against throw a curve sink miss blast vanquish triumph gain bring to a close make an end of surpass obscure spike hit freeze burden muzzle squash poison damp dissuade bring an end to inc commandeer stave cork leash tie forefend bring to an end let endanger blank counterplot bury exceed postpone euchre nix saddle with bit taboo outlaw enjoin disadvise scare detain retardate cheat weigh down jeopardize imperil desist cease defer protract tie one's hands put the brakes on take out of play cruel wreak havoc on be early box in throw a spoke in the wheel of put on brakes put an stop to keep in confront prorogue be one step ahead of act in advance of prepare for head off at pass put the damper on pigeonhole dead-end beggar get the better of turn off cloud bodge topple confine prolong crool talk out of act like a wet blanket slow up lick jeopardise cause setback beat down hang fire take wind out of sails put end to bog down wreak havoc with disturb bulwark fence defend guard shunt look away shove aside turn turn from veer be prejudicial to burst bubble put back back off hold off on bring to screeching halt make late hold over put on hold take the wind out of your sails make a mess of render ineffective tamper screen dash one's hope trouble discommode jam incommode conflict put on back burner be deleterious to wrack have impoverish raze craze overthrow unbuild overreach vitiate outfox abate outsmart cover fend shortcut throw a monkey wrench into minimize undercut detract belittle lessen chip away minimise demean perplex bewilder dispatch balls up count inspire work weigh incapacitate ravage outflank bring down make waves control end eliminate rain on someone's parade shield against safeguard against secure against stand up for defend oneself against fight off guard against protect against keep at arm's length skirt round render null and void stem preoccupy monopolize foresee predict forecast project expect envision quell tend to prevent go against militate rein kill monopolise contain cut short catch still muffle swallow abort fox floor find a way round govern staunch fight back moderate break down break up get round find a way around get past end-run go around operate against act on tell against tame rebuff choke back bottle up regulate intrude on wilder gravel discombobulate obfuscate dumbfound maze enfeeble draw up keep in check pull up keep a lid on pull in keep under control slacken pace bite back fetch up bring up short stagger bamboozle stick have an effect on eat away whittle away disempower bring to a standstill drag through the mud emasculate clip one's wings mine dig out chip away at dig demoralise soften tunnel knock the bottom out of queer the pitch of demoralize blunt dent poke full of holes attenuate corrode hollow out wear flee play for time lose scape be all Greek to be too much for put at a loss outrun body-swerve stay shy of fly weasel out of shy slip away from give the slip to run from slip through the net throw off the scent run around get away from escape from run away from shuffle out of double get away finesse give the runaround shuck slip through your fingers decelerate close plug straiten barricade clog up stopper blockade stop up block up block off plug up slacken constrict gag congest seal stuff occlude ban fill tie down bung up cramp someone's style deny disadvantage throttle decrease mire strangle blemish bloody flaw endamage clot close out stamp out entrammel hem in close up block out cross up shut in gum up proscribe circumscribe dissuade from estop exclude delimit stunt caulk deteriorate quelch make illegal damp down wound disallow enervate embargo tarnish quit bring up disqualify quiet keep waiting drop measure rule loiter overload disfigure deface embog fill up can charge debase adjourn take out bung make impossible choke up put at a disadvantage deprive procrastinate table reschedule rough up let up place at a disadvantage deny access mothball continue cut back lock up put out of commission respite knock off put over put the brakes on cool off do harm to extend lose speed leave off desist from keep within bounds cut out lay on the table put out of action take a rain check on set aside put on the back burner put on ice put in cold storage bring to a stop give rain check pull the plug on hold in abeyance straitjacket erode consume use up wear away tie-up isolate constipate cause to wait cause to stay net enmesh ensnare capture oppress bother cap snag sideline veto tie someone's hands entrap sidetrack fix scrub brace whittle pack stanch jam up silence deaden pocket submerge prevent from making progress make difficult tether boycott blacklist complicate wall off hold captive clip someone's wings impose limits on set limits on temper quench mute overpower give disadvantage put a crimp in ostracize put straitjacket on get bogged down bottle obturate stand criminalize garrote garrotte shush worsen stand in the way lag dam up glut silt up monkey with slam on the brakes ease up peg discipline hesitate dawdle down loaf falter bog flag poke make it impossible for make it impracticable for qualify reef gunge up censor temporise temporize dally give a rain check take a raincheck keep in abeyance imprison incarcerate intern afflict taint devitalize depress trash dismantle corrupt shutdown immobilize ostracise gainsay duel contradict impugn combat negative disaffirm contest fight dispute narrow down not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of hedge declare taboo criminalise clutter up stand still indispose shut put a limit on come to a standstill cordon off stand off peter out not move make impracticable scorch wither batter shock give the thumbs down to declare illegal put the chill on give the red light to say no render powerless lock in coop up fence in jail necessitate gaol close in immure concuss shotgun back-water cut down lose steam wind down anchor it wrong cool down devalue tweak unfit devaluate ding cheapen total detract from shake up smash up hit the brakes let down flaps button up keep the lid on keep a tight rein on keep tight rein on immobilise crack down on cause detriment to treat harshly have a negative effect on have a bad effect on hedge out lock out make useless lose strength cut in take away put out of business bring someone to their knees wipe out put half nelson on drive a nail into the coffin of do a disservice to treat unfairly give a disadvantage to be unfair to put in an unfavourable position treat unfavourably inflict a handicap on refrain from strangle at birth carry over waive lengthen lay over withhold from stay away from refuse deny oneself make up for break the habit of skip out on kick steer clear shrink from abstain renounce keep from stay away forbear give up abstain from restrain from counterbalance do without shy from forgo forbear from paralyse load bankrupt overwhelm saddle paralyze strain break off laden weight lumber close down put a sock in wind up blow the whistle on put a cork in lay off pack up pack in give over lade pile freight yoke dump on snow under bear down on snow overburden make heavy


A fully grown female animal of a domesticated ox breed

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