Đồng nghĩa của bung up


To close an opening, typically with a cork
caulk close block cork clog obstruct stop up clog up choke plug occlude dam jam stuff stopper congest fill plug up seal bung block up stop dam up fill up clot pack block off gum up shut off gunge up hinder impede bar barricade blockade cut off obturate close off stem check close out curb suppress block out close up shut silt up seal up hold back slow restrict restrain inhibit halt prevent repress control confine brim heap cram stopple make airtight stick ram make watertight seal off jam-pack retard charge squeeze load fill in foul hold in brake cover secure cap throttle cut out lock out obscure hamper stand in the way of get in the way of hedge cumber glut leash entrammel tie burden clutter up shut up gum waterproof plaster paste enclose stick down top ram in lade top off constrict gibbet kill stunt die drown noose wring wedge press compress push shoehorn force shove compact squash thrust overfill pack tightly insert wad tamp sandwich staunch contain arrest curtail stifle stymie stall intercept stay jam up bridle hold off choke up stanch shut out interfere with limit stonewall thwart choke off bottle muzzle gag crowd crush pile throng overcrowd fill to overflowing scrunch place drive stow pile up put chock overrun overflow flatten fill to the brim pound stock lodge squish slip mass slide constringe hold plunge jostle condense slot sardine pack in pop concentrate cram full load up work in cram into wedge oneself tuck in stick in congregate in press into pop in occupy all of crowd into squash into squeeze into bunch inside pack into pack like sardines crash sink strangle fix dig hammer pinch squelch squirt pad line arm thrust in drive in overstuff upholster drum feed into pack it in fill to capacity drive into trample mash smash overload put into load with swarm mob prepare to fire top up jam into flock force one's way sit on stamp on force into stuff to the gills pile into flock into flock to slot in squeeze in fit in squash in position fit set wedge into stuff into tuck work install depress implant embed telescope capsule contract capsulize collapse instal squidge coarctate coarct thumb pinion pin bind consolidate wrap narrow down coagulate narrow tighten cramp tack level move stack force into space pack together store deposit bear heavily force down bear down press down weigh on pin down hold down weigh upon push down bear down on lean on freight bundle bear weigh flood swamp oversupply gorge surfeit containerize carry arrange ballast heap up put away put aboard pour in pile it on


To hit or strike repeatedly
beat pound thrash batter thump whip bash belt wallop hammer lash pummelled pummel flog maul drub buffet tan bludgeon whale pelt lick club birch hide slog bat thresh lambaste switch slate whop pommel lace baste paddle lather whap whup lambast tromp fib curry belabour belabor do rough up work over mess up punch out beat up on strike hit clobber smack whack bang knock clout punch cudgel thwack slug paste slap sock punish bop biff rap swat slam cane box spank crack beat up smite flail lam smash whomp flagellate bust assault beat the living daylights out of give someone a hiding clip leather swipe strap clock clap bonk nail trounce bob zap tag rain blows on deck welt attack boff crush larrup lace into lay into chastise knock about lay one on knock around maltreat knock into the middle of next week give someone a good hiding scourge horsewhip cowhide rawhide slash flay abuse break bruise tonk ram mash defeat do over give someone a drubbing let someone have it trash manhandle lacerate cuff slosh overwhelm rout thud cosh mutilate tap plug quilt dong swinge pitch into assail drum strike down annihilate massacre roll defeat utterly marmalize pulverize bomb hit hard blow away dust murder crucify take a stick to be victorious over forge wipe the floor with snow under worst blow out get the better of walk all over tank make mincemeat of wax shellac slaughter walk over skunk take to the cleaners destroy cream win a resounding victory over light into bring someone to their knees smother run rings around draw chasten kill own flatten beat hollow pulverise turn inside out best triumph over smoke demolish bury stick one on blow out of the water chin hit repeatedly revile blister weigh into set on malleate tear into warm someone's seat paddlewhack tan one's hide dust someone's britches fill in bump strike with a stick blackjack beat with a stick fustigate drive bear down thump on knock on impact knob finial saddlebow handle flutter flop flap ferule jerk whisk wear out shake mistreat bash up duff up beat to a pulp wreck deface brutalize dash against mangle aim blows at disable disfigure maim contuse brutalise cripple lame take care of break face put in the hospital lean on wham give someone a good drubbing give someone a beating give someone a good beating let have it rain blows upon have a go at get stuck into sail into set upon mug jump set about fall upon injure let fly at ambush pounce upon turn on fall on charge total rush descend on go for besiege descend upon jump on pounce on lash out at conquer wound overthrow subdue overpower harm vanquish overcome quell subjugate master stuff quash ill-treat beset undo steamroll storm launch oneself at knock out trim route stop have at slay outrun prevail over dispatch shipwreck bring to ruin take to cleaners take it all take put paid to overturn wade into sic launch an attack on finish off overbear sick put an end to upset edge out skin KO mow down go in on edge outplay outhit decimate blitz entrap floor nose out win a victory over trample obliterate slap around do down swamp overmatch outjump outmaneuver get around ruin sink drop upend outmanoeuvre roll back pip at the post run roughshod over torpedo wipe out fly at whitewash pwn flax run rings round make an assault on get outflank plow under butcher hit out at pick apart overrun surmount subvert strike at win against kick bombard come down on haul off on physically attack jump down one's throat lob knock for a loop assault physically knock block off knock cold mishandle roughhouse knock someone's lights out beat someone's brains out launch at run at rush at spring on spring at rush upon go after knock down steam kick in torment damage persecute molest bushwhack impugn accost round on invade come at raid encounter impair beat someone up afflict martyr incapacitate gash graze give someone the works inflict suffering on martyrize torture impale grill inflict pain on put on the rack scratch cut scrape hurt put out cause pain to bang up pinch cause injury to aggress


To inflict emotional or physical harm or distress upon
mistreat abuse misuse ill-treat ill-use maltreat harm injure manhandle molest maul mishandle brutalise brutalize bully beat hit hurt knock around strike wrong handle roughly knock about persecute treat badly treat roughly backbite bash chop kick around mess over oppress outrage rip roughhouse rough up total trash wax wound beat up do over do wrong dump on mess up push around shake up give black eye give the shaft damage batter push pull victimize assault harass mar torture hustle jostle shove ruin victimise paw interfere with roust cut up bang up mangle handle bundle be violent toward slap around torment pick on hound terrorize discriminate against terrorise afflict martyr harrow punish agonize mutilate maim lean on tyrannize inflict suffering on inflict pain on agonise have it in for put down tyrannise crucify traumatize rack cripple hassle impair distress needle plague excruciate wreck spoil push about martyrize get at anguish harry intimidate punish unfairly blemish be down on scathe vitiate browbeat crush vandalize deface tarnish disfigure domineer traumatise break do an injustice to bloody threaten lacerate have a down on give a hard time vandalise make things hot for someone cross up trample on cause pain to ride roughshod over neglect disapprove of be hostile to show antagonism to be prejudiced against be against be set against feel ill will towards show ill will towards bear a grudge towards hunt pain scourge bulldoze besiege beset curse bedevil pursue worry mortify trouble kick about boss about boss around tread on offend against smite impale grill whip be detrimental to work over cause agony to cause suffering to inflict anguish on scare subjugate tyrranize aggrieve menace do an injury to do the dirty on bruise dominate overbear cow overwhelm overpower hector frighten give someone the works put on the rack exploit manipulate humiliate violate spite antagonize insult provoke belittle mock taunt be cruel to walk all over play the heavy with treat harshly be brutal to deform wrench deride abase aggravate dishonor annoy disserve incommode inconvenience discommode take advantage of antagonise dishonour impose on lash out at step on the toes of immolate use demonize cause injury to demonise do violence to lay a finger on give no quarter go for jugular lay a bad trip on hit where one lives devastate blight defile smash undo weaken desecrate gut shatter demolish annihilate disrupt taint compromise crab destroy flaw sabotage ravage endamage stain disfeature incapacitate smirch blot raze sully crack bleach dent scratch play merry hell with scorch fade tear dirty dismantle stab drive a nail into the coffin of knock corrupt corrode wreak havoc on discolour do damage to smash up gnaw infect split wear away cause injury play havoc with pollute rust rot discolor contaminate burn undermine disintegrate tamper with stack the deck get on someone's back have your knife into

Trái nghĩa của bung up

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