Đồng nghĩa của trample

Alternative for trample

tramples, trampled, trampling

Đồng nghĩa: tramp down, trampling, tread, tread down,


To conquer or be victorious over
subdue defeat conquer beat overcome best lick master crush vanquish subjugate overpower overwhelm trounce worst quell surmount quash thrash suppress clobber dispatch skunk stop get upend overmatch take overbear demolish hammer trim dominate subject overrun break reduce tame pacify humble subordinate extinguish drop chasten triumph over prevail over win against get the better of wipe the floor with make mincemeat of walk all over put down bring someone to their knees get around do down bear down beat down shut down gain ascendancy over gain the upper hand over get the upper hand over get the upper hand destroy annihilate overturn overthrow rout pulverize stuff tank paste pound crucify drub slaughter cane massacre murder flatten cream slam subvert shellac own pulverise blow out put an end to give someone a drubbing take to the cleaners give someone a hiding turn inside out blow out of the water repress whip bust smash steamroll whack trash wallop total undo zap whitewash upset marmalize deck ruin sink pommel floor flog torpedo whomp slay edge outplay tan lambaste route skin obliterate flax outflank outrun swamp outjump outmaneuver butcher shipwreck outhit decimate ambush entrap outmanoeuvre knock out work over wipe out plow under edge out run rings round nose out run roughshod over KO mow down take it all put paid to finish off win a victory over run rings around bring to ruin take to cleaners roll back pip at the post pick apart pwn defeat utterly beat hollow be victorious over win a resounding victory over squash check stamp out silence squelch discontinue inhibit quench cow end clamp down on crack down on terminate halt arrest clamp bottle kill put out slap down spike shush interrupt snuff out abolish bury stem drive underground trample on hold in hold down sit on cut off keep inside block out keep in put lid on put kibosh on bring to naught put the lid on outclass surpass outdo top better outshine blow away excel smother wax exceed outstrip eclipse smoke devastate whup outperform whop whap finish tromp waste wreck snow under transcend dust bomb overshadow put in the shade cap curb bring down raze topple walk over do in trump go one better than do better than shatter outdistance gain mastery over triumph unseat outmatch outgun control overtop put to shame tower over eradicate put the kibosh on outrival undermine desolate thwart frustrate overtake rub out level upstage leave standing win tower above oust down scotch depose scupper stifle outvie eliminate gain a victory over pass vaporize outpace be a cut above rise above throw outsmart nix get rid of dethrone pull down do for tear down be head and shoulders above vaporise outrank be better than bulldoze strike run circles around sabotage impair knock off leave behind blight ravage put away blast dash liquidate mess up wrack dwarf nuke exterminate walk away from knock spots off take out be superior to batter prevail weaken oppress go one better cripple bash extirpate spank knock for a loop gain control of outwit be victorious get over do bridle win over improve on outfox cut to pieces put a stop to get a grip on dismiss knock down hegemonize improve upon blow a hole in humiliate go beyond demoralize sap blot out immobilize thump hurdle hide mar render incapable enervate belt defeat heavily supplant render helpless render powerless thresh bludgeon maul enfeeble spoil execute pummel knock over buffet immobilise neutralize queer baste slog whale demoralise blow desecrate curry grind down shut out assassinate unbuild depress botch beat up chastise pummelled give someone a pasting banjax nip in the bud dish neutralise do away with deal with wipe off map force wreak havoc on rough up bung up bump off dispirit enslave restrain stagger displace beat back foil degrade break down incapacitate eject rule out-think impoverish dismantle lather debilitate leather dislodge bring to heel devitalize take care of roll hit weary fell overmaster defenestrate checkmate bring under the yoke punish vitiate injure make a mess of capsize muller leave override foul up keep under thumb hold sway over damage ruinate disable shoot ahead of give a drubbing to louse up come out on top bring to knees disrupt deprive bowl over remove ice outstep ravish despoil take a stick to off put someone in their place screw up blow out of water prostrate cruel euchre get control of shoot down dilapidate mangle strangle bear down on outgo throw a spanner in the works of axe invalidate cope with mutilate maim break up tumble dispose of ax throw a monkey wrench in the works of wash out put to death raze to the ground wipe off the face of the earth blow to bits shake off get ahead of lay waste lay in ruins shoot ahead wipe off the map score points off bring about the downfall of bring low take apart outthink bypass nullify defeat easily negate take down astonish render speechless steamroller turn over survive weather solve stun render shock outlive govern manage regulate knock for six seize power varnish circumvent curtail see off discomfit confound direct command scrunch squish crack down come out on top of knock your socks off colonize tyrannize smite demote make a fool of cook one's goose fix one's wagon wipe off the mat eat alive reject slap about succeed over weed out wear down enthrall compel coerce underyoke disrate downgrade be more than get one up on overpass shame club destabilize outjockey lead outfight keep down gain the advantage over whelm hose tyrannise colonise enthral rule over larrup be the ruination of predominate get under control bring under control unsettle beat the pants off finesse catch napping steal a march on smash down endure resist birch destruct disassemble snow cook quelch put the skids under be the ruin of seal the doom of trample underfoot stand above be a class above stand head and shoulders above be greater than be on another level be master of take precedence hold sway kick around disestablish dissolve put out of action put out of commission write off blow up kill off climb negotiate vault over crest leap gain on bang knock punch throw down reduce to ruins gobble up crack wolf blow to pieces tear to pieces put in toilet uncrown send to the gas chambers torture cut down stick put to the sword force down banish reel back in dampen be unstoppable by drive off get further ahead of pull a fast one be one up on fake out draw away from break someone's spirit put to flight avenge torment undercut clean up on throw back in confusion put to rout lace lambast pelt lash paddle fib bat switch slate belabor get through cause instability abrogate rebel reverse destabilise supersede invert stretch dumbfound overawe blank shellack cudgel tonk dispense with phase out drive out get shot of give the chop cast out knock something on the head usurp unthrone give the coup de grâce take off administer the coup de grâce drive to the wall carry off take someone's life move in for the kill tower outhussle croak ail deject trouble lower dishearten dismay disfigure stiff defile deface poison bodge scourge sweep discharge defrock unmake belabour punch out deplete snuff erase discourage shake sadden diminish daunt scrag murk gain control over cancel reduce to nothing reduce to rubble leave in ruins bring to nothing wreak havoc upon clean out leave desolate discrown shut off roll over lay out efface expunge hang give someone the works decapitate chill dust off garrote take a life garrotte take the life of lynch shoot blow someone's brains out guillotine behead knife asphyxiate terminate with extreme prejudice electrocute garotte cool do to death delete win the race deaden chagrin abase perturb bother distress exhaust be the victor win out gain a victory prevail against come first win hands down take the crown carry the day get last laugh take the cake win through take the prize be successful gain mastery of take the honours tire excise fatigue scratch scrub drain weigh down bum out dull cast down damp down remove from office drum out cross out blank out clean up cut remove all traces of sweep away destroy root and branch ink out X-out wipe off face of earth blue pencil black out blow sky-high strike out mark out score out cover obscure root out rub off frazzle overtire tax cast a pall over put a damper on harm knacker overtax paralyse put at risk poop hamstring etiolate hamper obstruct cancel out hinder soften paralyze render ineffective play havoc with handicap disarm mow have craze overreach abate crimp cramp offset stymie muck up bowl down make weary make helpless tucker out lay low make powerless take it out of tire out make impotent fag out wear out balls up work against make waves rain on someone's parade


To cause severe and extensive damage to
ravage destroy ruin wreck devastate demolish smash annihilate raze total desolate shatter trash waste level extinguish cream spoil damage desecrate crush gut consume dismantle impair exterminate scourge overwhelm havoc disrupt overrun prostrate wipe out pull down break up leave in ruins wreak havoc on lay waste leave desolate wreak havoc pulverize decimate pulverise vaporize tear down despoil vaporise nuke wrack torpedo rub out break flatten do in obliterate mar deface sink sack pillage depredate vandalize sabotage spoliate devour defeat vandalise knock down bring down blow up raze to the ground lay waste to blow to bits take out ravish dash blight blast dilapidate bring to ruin mess up blow to pieces take apart burn bulldoze scupper fell crash ruinate mangle topple nix bomb stamp out reduce to ruins smash up wipe off the map wipe off the face of the earth defile plunder disfigure deplete scotch blow eradicate smite botch raid bust bust up mutilate maim injure reduce overthrow remove unbuild efface undo blow sky-high wipe off map throw down undermine foul up get rid of make a mess of reduce to rubble put paid to crack up lay in ruins wrack up write off dash to pieces louse up depopulate make desolate empty vitiate chastise chasten rape bring about the downfall of mess spray paint take care of burn out lay low disassemble ransack shipwreck wipe from the face of the earth knock to pieces batter cripple crack wolf trounce wax tear to pieces beat put in toilet gobble up massacre execute slaughter butcher run onto the rocks damage beyond repair put out of commission pile up tear up play mischief with create chaos prang dynamite spend take explode engulf commit genocide kill off cut a swath through cut down overcome break down maraud fracture disintegrate fragment absorb envelop drain exhaust expend profane violate scorch dispatch draw down play out use up muller poison cruel overturn euchre bodge banjax dish dishonour pollute contaminate torch blaspheme pervert incinerate blow a hole in bring to naught reduce to nothing bring to nothing screw up wreak havoc upon clean out do for put the kibosh on go through combust scald debase befoul commit sacrilege infect degrade carbonize cremate carbonise dishonor abuse treat sacrilegiously prostitute insult outrage erase treat with disrespect blaspheme against burn to the ground burn down destroy by fire reduce to ashes burn up burn to a crisp cancel expunge make lose face commit sacrilege against delete eliminate extirpate liquidate abolish excise kill zap scratch ax finish scrub off squash ink out score out cover knock out knock off cut cross out blot out blank out wash out obscure X-out clean up block out wipe off face of earth blue pencil root out finish off black out remove all traces of strike out axe shoot down sweep away KO snuff out destroy root and branch mark out rub off


To oppress or domineer (someone) with one's authority


To apply great and continuous effort
slog toil slave plod labour plug grind grub work drudge graft moil peg plough travail work hard bullock endeavour endeavor exert oneself hump hustle labor persevere plow strain strive struggle sweat tug keep at it slog away bang away beaver away dig away drag hike kill oneself knock oneself out peg away schlepp sweat blood trail work day and night work like a dog work like a Trojan apply oneself to bear down buckle down peg away at plough through keep your nose to the grindstone work your fingers to the bone work one's butt off plug away trudge drive go all out go for it push try hard grind away bend over backwards make every effort go for broke give it your best shot beaver fight slave away exert yourself give it your all drag oneself lumber knuckle down apply oneself stagger make an effort plod away break one's back bust a gut pull out all the stops keep your head down scramble grub away soldier on push oneself make an all-out effort break your neck rupture yourself do all one can wade lean over backwards hammer away do your best pour it on try battle push yourself do your damnedest make a great effort put yourself out do your utmost work oneself to the bone spare no effort fall over backwards put one's back into something footslog clump flounder trog attempt seek undertake persist aspire aim hammer fight your way overwork grapple assay essay apply skivvy venture plough away muck carry on leave no stone unturned work your guts out use elbow grease have a crack at give your all sweat away plug along give something one's all peg along burn the candle at both ends give it all you've got work like a slave put your back into do one's best be at pains take on suffer bang on trawl putter cultivate tend trek endure campaign withstand exert soldier toll acquit oneself dig pound perform grovel purpose tramp traipse stand up to press work very hard overwork oneself graft away be servile yomp schlep pitch in work one's socks off dig in grind out plod along put up a fight against go to war compete contend keep nose to grindstone go back to the salt mines work fingers to bone work one's nuts off jockey move with difficulty go all out for take pains head-down offer shoot for tackle have a go at give it a whirl go the limit have a stab at try for do all you can jump through hoops go for the jugular old college try work hard to have a crack keep going press on make a supreme effort try very hard drive oneself to the limit go for the doctor strain every nerve push oneself to the limit stick with it push one's way stick at get your head down move laboriously work away have a swing at try one's hardest make a run at put one's back into it have a shot at have one's nose to grindstone proceed laboriously stumble bumble blunder battle one's way clamber limp sputter plug away at proceed with difficulty work through work one's way toil away at make one's way with difficulty shinny move heaven and earth set out have a go have a shot go hard go ham have a stab take it on oneself apply yourself concentrate drudge away get down to it show dedication be industrious show commitment be diligent study hard be assiduous buckle to devote yourself commit oneself get stuck in make effort give it a fly use some elbow grease drive oneself have a bash break sweat bust chops do one's darnedest give all one's got go hammer and tongs give best shot give it a burl take care take great pains devote work at commit give belly up to the bar get your act together roll up one's sleeves shape up pull up one's socks persevere with toil away persist with dedicate give something a whirl go all-out for keep at address keep on empty the tank go the whole nine yards go all-out try my best bend direct give something one's best shot kill oneself with take a stab at put to the test embark on take a whack at try out have at it make an attempt at keep on with chip away plough on with soldier on with study work one's socks off on not cease front up lift a finger make an attempt chip away at go for have a whack make a pass at make a bid go after vie for drive for take a crack at do one's durnedest put in effort put effort plow away put effort into something put in work pull out all stops give old college try put one's back in it put one's shoulder to the wheel hit the ball be attentive pay attention wheel give it all one has dive in roll roll along trundle rattle overstrain overextend overload overtask work too hard overtax oneself overdo it bite off more than you can chew wear oneself to a shadow overload oneself run yourself into the ground drive oneself too hard push oneself too hard overtax one's strength strain yourself overtire yourself overstrain yourself drive oneself into the ground work oneself into the ground work one's tail off wear yourself out overburden oneself burn out do too much work like a horse burn the midnight oil drive oneself too far practice presenteeism

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