Đồng nghĩa của douse

Alternative for douse

douses, doused, dousing

Đồng nghĩa: dip, dunk, extinguish, immerse, quench,


To drench with water or other liquid
drench soak souse drown saturate wet bathe bedraggle deluge duck flood inundate slosh sodden sop splash steep submerge wash water waterlog water-soak dunk immerse cover plunge slop sluice snuff spatter splatter squench wet down hose down plunge into water dowse moisten spray sprinkle dip submerse sink dampen marinate imbue dash plash shower impregnate macerate hose pickle ret irrigate bespatter squirt swash strew get wet swamp damp marinade drouk brine infuse wet through seethe rinse fertigate lap make wet daub overwhelm spritz mark speckle smear stain dabble pour splodge blotch lower humidify season imbathe suffuse seep permeate preserve wet thoroughly imbrue transfuse penetrate douche percolate swill down teem sluice down engulf baptise throw wallow paddle wade dip in drool baptize overflow gulf immerge water down stream whelm flush gush lave put in lip splat soil dirty speck mottle get water on scatter fleck besprinkle slabber bestrew splotch bedabble throw liquid splutter spot broadcast dot polka-dot smudge spangle discharge disperse dribble sputter stipple emit pepper freckle dust dapple shoot marble besmirch sully stud sow bedaub drizzle smirch diffuse spread splosh streak bespeckle powder dab begrime befoul besmear trickle slap atomize anoint coat apply spew befleck intersperse bestud mist maculate throw around pimple throw out muddy carpet sift variegate pock tarnish scar taint rain blot gurgle garnish mizzle ripple finish top bubble smack guggle spread in droplets trail guddle send out fling plop disseminate distribute slather rub toss cream smother expel litter throw about plaster layer eject set expend cast shed scramble lard wipe overlay overspread slick grease tar take off in all directions patch beslubber beslobber spurt spread over pop spit rub on put on cough up cough out


To extinguish a flame or fire


A hard strike or hit
blow smack hit thump punch knock whack wallop belt clout thwack cuff sock slap bash crack bang box clip rap stroke buffet biff slug swipe welt swat hook smash bop pound bat spank bust slam lash chop lick hack stripe stinger pelt fillip haymaker larrup wham clap dab plump thud beat whop whap switch poke pick strike slosh boff dong whale clobber bump tap whomp lam crash uppercut pat impact swing tan skelp clump shot ding jab plug roundhouse collision zap plunk fist thunderclap pop blast report boom whump snap concussion conk tonk clobbering slog dot glance hard hit paste bonk shock butt fisticuff one-two punch bell-ringer clash whammy zinger stamp hammer tunk whang spanking hiding thrashing drubbing lambasting brush jolt quilt battering whiplash assault stump drub flourish smite beating clomp prang percussion jar blindside cut KO knockout potch percuss blip straight lambaste nail thrash stoush body blow king-hit knuckle sandwich pummel pummelled one-two nudge prod dig thrust jog lollop thunder burst peal explosion clang pounding clonk sound roar clunk detonation rumble reverberation stomp blare loud noise din noise kick roaring echoing touch howl thrumming drumming discharge hammering banging crackle knocking bellow racket smashing clatter sharp noise clattering explosive noise attack lunge striking head-butt click clink tick hitting brunt shove elbow echo gunshot jostle throb plop flump thunderbolt roll crump loud sound clangour rat-tat-tat rat-tat flash of lightning crash of thunder clap of thunder clangor shoulder wail ram stab honk push hoot dig in the ribs trumpet toot blaring clamour scream screech resound clamor resounding crashing resonance thundering blasting barrage drumfire cannonade re-echoing

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