Đồng nghĩa của disengage

Alternative for disengage

disengages, disengaged, disengaging

Trái nghĩa: engage,


To set free, especially from entanglement or difficulty
release disentangle extricate free liberate detach loosen separate disconnect loose remove uncouple unfasten unloose untie decouple unbind unclasp undo clear disembarrass disentwine disjoin disunite ease unfix unhitch unhook untangle unyoke disarticulate unbridle unclick unlock set free cut loose cut out sever part unbutton unlink divide unravel unleash disassociate unloosen split dissociate sunder unwrap unclose open isolate unlace divorce dissever disjoint unblock let go unchain unfetter unstop unshut break up let out uncork unbolt untether resolve ramify unknot take apart unlash extract unbuckle unpick unpin slip unstrap segregate unshackle disassemble dismount withdraw abstract disencumber rescue unmanacle pull out take out let loose unzip untwine emancipate discharge cut off unseal disaffiliate relieve tear off disburden unlatch enfranchise deliver break off uncage manumit disenthrall disenthral break unsnap spring unbar ransom cast off set loose bail out turn loose disembroil unstitch delink solve unpen skim disinvolve unmoor unstick discumber unplug take off clip off chop off hack off nip off pull off prune off distance unburden set adrift strip off dislodge rupture bifurcate dissect rip off uncombine dichotomize cleave pull free get free get out get loose lighten break apart pull apart come apart split in two divide in two come away come loose unscrew become unfastened mitigate untighten slacken off work free work loose partition disband dismantle disrupt become disconnected become detached alienate disperse estrange rive embroil disimprison save parole shy move away split up dissolve demobilize acquit enlarge affranchise dismiss reprieve bail redeem set at variance set at odds demobilise pop jimmy let off free from restraint let off the hook free from restriction turn out give rights to put on the street pardon absolve throw open break in open the door throw wide expel avoid let off the lead allow to leave set at large set at liberty cast loose divest rid spare vent befree exempt exonerate bring off relinquish direct come to the aid of retire allow to go express aim demob strip free up alleviate salvage excuse dispense send away exculpate lift come to the rescue of save the life of get out from under bail one out get off the hook relax send home dig out unpeg unsnag open the door for grant exit to let someone out except restore to freedom disembed spring loose snatch whitewash extend broaden widen expand save one's neck retrieve recover write off come to rescue wipe the slate clean make exempt get oneself off the hook wriggle out of protect vociferate holler explode go ape release conditionally release on parole give terms save from danger finance uncheck save someone's bacon empty get out of hock save the day bring someone off give a break pull out of the fire get someone out save life of save someone's neck bail someone out unload assist help out aid help purge let fly void let go of purify resign allow to run free allow to run riot cleanse give a free rein to disabuse pull decommission scatter shed lend a helping hand to come to somebody's aid give a helping hand to make free yank deactivate get rid demilitarise disarm demilitarize deliver from disburden of free of get rid of absolve from exempt from disembarrass of free from excuse from unburden of boot out discharge from extricate from save from rescue from disencumber of liberate from release from remove blame set free from part company go their separate ways


To set free, especially from entanglement or difficulty
untangle solve fathom understand answer clarify decipher disentangle explain resolve unravel clear up elucidate clear disembarrass expound extricate free illuminate liberate release simplify straighten out unfold work out crack find an answer to find a solution to find the answer to make plainer make simpler puzzle out sort out figure out find the key to find the solution to make easier to understand make more comprehensible make more intelligible piece together remove the complexities from make head or tail of suss out get to the bottom of separate faze unwind undo unlace ravel settle fix rectify put right set right deal with put to rights iron out unriddle enlighten shed light on patch up unsnarl untwist remedy untwine unknot make clear unlay unbraid unweave untie smooth over decode ravel out demystify interpret unjumble unscramble illustrate reveal throw light on thrash out set to rights hammer out explicate break demonstrate construe disencumber disembroil unpick reconcile compose spell out dope out riddle out get across make plain crystallize cast light on give insight work through reach an agreement about crystallise make perfectly clear clear the air give insight into take care of decrypt inform translate unkink shed light cryptanalyze work sew up sort separate out loosen unstitch comb card bring to an end put an end to annotate comprehend gloss open sever sunder loose emancipate discumber expand part disinvolve get the answer to get answer discover meaning illumine exemplify prove shed come undone work loose smooth out square draw a picture explain in detail comment on expound on straighten up make see daylight let off let go remove the knots from bail one out brainstorm lick unlock divine realise realize get think out make plausible put away clean up cipher dissolve tidy up arrange straighten cypher make reasonable tidy get right make out get around determine a solution to find out pan out make a dent get to the bottom work on decide on hit upon define characterize describe show specify delineate detail disclose formulate explicitize tell analyse uncover run over make simple expose break down give the details of explicitise analyze draw a picture of flesh out characterise point out go into detail lay out clear the air about get something straight highlight put across put in order


To remove or take out, especially with effort or force
pry extract pull prize uproot wrest wrench wring yank lever corkscrew heave raise uplift upraise uprear elevate hoist lift root out tear out pluck remove draw force extricate take out rip twist tear draw out dislodge prise pull out take off weed out pluck out withdraw deracinate snatch eradicate seize unearth drag release free weed rend dig out physically remove remove by force dig up prize out wrench out jimmy rip out tug grab extort reap evulse pick take extirpate peel haul out wheedle out force out take by force fish out tear up pull out by the roots rip up tear up by the roots work free grub up pull up grub out work loose winkle out take down take apart fish retrieve confiscate tweak jemmy displace open snap cull gather unstick winkle pry out coax pick out pull off wring out pick off drag out pull up by the roots choke compress push throttle turn strain contort pinch shake down whisk exact jerk elicit squeeze whip out milk assault blast bleed screw ravish defile use violence on burst isolate unsheathe siphon mine garner secure root avulse catheterize syphon bring out eke out sunder out pick up clutch twitch collect produce pump tap abstract whip separate detach get out draw off educe inspire evoke develop bring forth uncover rake out haul yank out prise out tug out lug siphon off suck up drain off pour clear hoick out pull something out attract catch hold of evince nip harvest take something out cut dig crop hold enfold glean pull sharply tease pull in clasp embrace gather in whip up take in hug dissociate catch suck embosom cuddle grasp uncouple pull at tug at clutch at snatch at take away take hold of catch at


To make something less tight
untighten loosen slacken relax release slack loose lessen relieve abate aid allay ameliorate anaesthetize anesthetize appease assist assuage calm cheer comfort cure disburden doctor expedite facilitate forward free further improve lift lighten meliorate mitigate moderate mollify nurse pacify palliate promote quiet relent simplify smooth soften soothe speed still tranquillize tranquilize let up attend to clear the way let up on make easier open the door run interference for speed up ease unclench let go make looser unknot become looser open weaken reduce diminish veer become less stiff become less tense become less rigid ease off ease up salve alleviate hearten console gladden uplift solace cheer up succor succour encourage buoy up placate brighten reassure condole assure compose sweeten bolster elevate help boost enliven revitalize lighten up give solace to bring comfort to inspirit put at ease take a load off revitalise buck up unloose relinquish make better set right broaden stretch modify unwind liberalize liberalise give condolences to lighten burden reanimate support empathize with commiserate with envigorate make one feel at ease give sympathy to quiet fears sympathize with besoothe invigorate make well give a lift to condole with commiserate free up quieten become relaxed resolve fix settle unbind hang loose go easy contain quell extinguish control make slack become slack lax become loose rectify remedy extenuate cool dull give respite to perk up mellow mend heal dispel counteract revive elate buoy vary punctuate work free work loose inspire enhance stimulate restore stop temper liss subdue interrupt iron out sort out prevent break up leaven ginger up bring respite to patch up bring an end to make bearable refresh loosen up look up jazz up take load off bring aid to make something bearable bring aid put to rights


To bother or cause unease to one's mental or emotional state
unhinge distract disturb unsettle upset agitate ail alarm alarum bother concern derail discomfort discompose dismay disquiet distemper distress exercise flurry frazzle fuss hagride perturb undo worry freak out weird out confuse detach disconnect fluster separate uncouple unfasten unhitch drive insane send over the edge disconcert rattle trouble unnerve faze ruffle vex perplex bewilder discomfit annoy discombobulate afflict confound spook frighten shake fret get to bug make anxious hassle provoke irritate irk startle make uneasy pester scare throw off balance panic nonplus discountenance harass throw plague dishearten daunt stir up frustrate appal embarrass demoralize sicken torment derange psych needle appall depress shake up demoralise put off shock excite bedevil discourage pain take aback try chill disorder abash chafe muddle work up pother turn gnaw at puzzle terrify unman horrify terrorize intimidate affright stress cow bustle displease sadden grieve chagrin harry gall repel mortify hurt offend beset oppress torture aggrieve astound terrorise lie heavy on craze psych out throw off burn up put someone off their stroke give a hard time make waves nauseate dispirit petrify hurry revolt discommode nettle disgust unbalance jolt fright preoccupy burden rack curse surprise rouse disappoint exasperate disarrange strain wound awe anger peeve arouse addle browbeat weigh down badger aggravate miff despair make fretful fuddle deter beleaguer bulldoze scarify agonize disburb stiff indispose tantalize tantalise floor affect nag persecute mystify cause anxiety to agonise flip scare to death make a scene get at make blood run cold strike terror into chill to the bone put into a flap put the wind up make teeth chatter push buttons egg on turn on do someone's head in scare away throw into a tizz tick off curdle the blood give someone grief scare off pick on baffle haunt make uncomfortable incommode heat occupy unquiet make nervous put out frenzy cause disquiet to make restless incite inflame eat away at set someone back on their heels inconvenience put on edge send into a spin occupy someone's thoughts prey on someone's mind make someone scratch their head dash stimulate disillusion paralyse nark tax incapacitate cramp debilitate cause anxiety disgruntle disenchant flutter ferment rock the boat get on someone's wick hurt somebody's feelings get someone bum out fire up wind up get across hack off lay up flip out key up hustle quicken paralyze snafu let down flummox dumbfound besiege ventilate examine move throw into panic tease knock sideways test importune scare stiff scare witless mess up fill with consternation foul up screw up put the wind up someone throw into a tizzy knock for six louse up give someone a turn muck up anguish hound dun tear goad hector fill with fear scare the bejesus out of freeze your blood make flip bug up work someone up injure be make someone jump out of their skin make your hair stand on end give someone goose pimples make one's flesh creep give one the creeps chill someone to the marrow scare someone out of their wits get the wind up put the fear of God into scare the pants off scare someone half to death throw into a fright give someone the heebie-jeebies throw into a panic make your blood run cold scare the living daylights out of throw into a blue funk deject daze mess with someone's head sweat out weigh heavily on one's mind be a great weight on strap dog break nit-pick prick push desolate harrow martyr repulse make one sick suffer be unwell cause suffering to cause anguish to pique outrage complicate amaze intrude tire interfere disarm eat at arouse anxiety in make miserable do a number on be on one's case make wretched make it tough for weigh on cut up be indisposed be crook stun stupefy carp cavil get in the way niggle fear be sick be wrong with feel pain be in pain feel unwell be ill be weak be the matter with gross out sweat stew quibble nitpick ride uncalm undermine buffalo weaken enfeeble sap enervate reluct make sick turn off be repugnant to make someone want to throw up turn one's stomach make someone feel nauseous make your gorge rise turn your stomach flap fidget destabilize bowl over give a turn set back cause someone to lose their composure be agitated take pains down disorganize dement displace jumble rummage disarray disrupt be in a tizzy be worried labour over be in a flap get worked up get in a stew be in a stew destabilise make a big thing out of make a big thing of make a meal of make a mountain out of a molehill make a thing of throw into confusion pull the rug out from under throw into uproar pull the rug from under throw into disorder silly make one's blood run cold make one's hair stand on end scare the daylights out of rile eat excruciate bait drive up the wall molest bully get chivvy devil grate mither be on your back rasp heckle gnaw spite gripe gravel pursue frost heavy get on your nerves crucify taunt infuriate madden itch incense rankle nudge blight prey on rub up the wrong way sting work on drive round the bend get in your hair press enrage keep after keep on at traumatize weigh heavily on rark smite rankle with nag at obsess overwhelm bend someone's ear hack you off hang over interrupt victimize chivy assail crush traumatise cause trouble to attack go on at victimise give a bad time breathe down someone's neck be a burden to be at drive round the twist cut to the quick give someone the hump make someone see red put down possess devastate pressurize disorient wring encumber abrade dissatisfy pressurise affront antagonize catch off balance ridicule coerce dragoon dominate haze wrong cause agony to grate on disoblige overload harp on at be a nuisance to drive crazy drive bananas pick at get your back up put your back up confront hump exacerbate take control of face antagonise tee off mix up cause to be at a stand weigh heavily on someone's mind get on someone's nerves rib chaff grip pressure stress out hamper rag overburden stab insult hinder cast down saddle criticize buffet bullyrag befuddle abuse stump overcome mistreat tangle bore entangle maltreat humiliate intrude upon be a burden on gibe wear bamboozle henpeck beat shame devour balk make angry press down on prod make cross carp at overpower jar baulk take over bite impose on handicap cause pain to criticise quiz bluster cause concern to railroad get on your wick burn put out of countenance infest cause discomfort to kick rattle one's cage blackjack put the squeeze on force get someone down sound get down thwart lead on fall on consume weigh hunt drive to distraction astonish load jibe at find fault with cause anguish put someone off their stride get in one's hair drive mad niggle at bleed be a pain in the neck be a thorn in someone's side roil get under your skin flirt with inflict anguish on exploit make things hot for someone make it hot for someone give someone the pip ruffle someone's feathers get someone's dander up get someone's back up make someone's hackles rise make someone's blood boil get in someone's hair ride roughshod over get on someone's back get under someone's skin get up someone's nose muse labour labor squirm harm damage scorn give someone hell stir touch sear buttonhole insist remind roust fester grind be in someone's way rend macerate noodge despoil foray pierce lie heavily on scar beleague tear away at pall convulse spur recur accost encroach obtrude overcharge furbelow frill breath down someone's neck insist on punish bone dizzy cut rock mess with prey on your mind scandalize jerk around expel exile disaccord jangle disharmonize discord aggress chide jeer grind at consternate give the business be bothered bring down discontent disaffect come back to be a pest to throw into tizzy barrack boo catch somebody off balance catch somebody unawares question tweak run up the wrong way lie heavy on someone's mind weigh heavy on someone's mind lash at be prey to be the victim of unstring be on someone's back dash the hopes of dampen spirits break one's heart bring one down jump on one's case give one the business break in misplease wing curdle zing cool cap put through wringer single out stay with shout down fall upon get on one's nerves slight make blue drag down put a damper on break the heart of put into a funk start in on strike disorientate drive you up the wall weary give the needle visit take entice titillate lead someone a merry dance play cat and mouse rub salt in wound tatter erode fray scandalise get the knife into stick the knife into hiss be ever present prey on one's mind chasten be a weight on someone's mind get up your nose T-off make your blood boil get your goat be hurtful to mourn cause suffering cause offense lambaste cause sorrow be a thorn in someone's flesh get someone's hackles up try someone's patience be a weight on one's mind put off his or her stride worst make someone laugh on the other side of their face make self-conscious make someone laugh out of the other side of their mouth take the wind out of someone's sails catch knock props out dis play dirty cheese off push button heat up get your dander up take by surprise put someone off dish out dish it out give it to stick it to cause pain cause someone distress have had enough make fed up become bored make discontented exhaust someone's patience try the patience of grate at lose patience lean on disadvantage scour wear down bemuse give offence to make unhappy be disagreeable to push the buttons of hurt someone's feelings threaten strong-arm put pressure on throw a curve ask for it hit a sour note bring pressure to bear on shout at be in someone's hair rattle someone's cage hit where one lives rub the wrong way put someone's back up raise someone's hackles be on the back of put someone's nose out of joint tempt intrigue beguile fascinate lure allure menace thumb nose at stop someone in their tracks upset apple cart fox butt in shout catcalls at make game of get under one's skin scrape away bite into gnaw away at rage wear away wear to shreds wear out weight pose fog deflate humble mau-mau bogart cause someone difficulty discommodate meddle impel make impress charm maze abase overstretch overtax tense steamroller be a problem to put someone to trouble befog wilder thicken muddy involve hang up put in a spot give trouble make someone go out of his way make it tough put on the spot give someone bother put to trouble oblige compel obligate swagger scold stretch live off blackmail plunder take advantage of depredate kill raid extort feed on fleece seize live on muck ravel stumble get one's comeuppance take down belittle make someone eat humble pie disgrace put someone to shame put to shame take down a peg take the wind out demean degrade charge muscle sandbag steamroll constrain make mouth water keep hanging on keep someone hanging on make someone's mouth water keep hanging berate upbraid crunch overextend use strong-arm tactics on push around mix you up be all Greek to absorb laden lade lumber freight snarl up muddy the waters suppress subjugate engross engulf yowl crab yammer wail moan grump squawk inveigh whimper bleat growl murmur yaup croak keen yawp whinge maunder beef grouse holler mutter grumble kvetch peck at complain squeal caterwaul whine scream grouch repine bellyache grizzle drive overdo trammel subdue monopolize egg urge moan at grumble at surround make tense tense up push to the limit eat up enthral repress tyrannize enslave dither obstruct moan on at keep complaining to kid hegemonize master ill-treat mock enthrall monopolise deride find fault subject scourge josh joke overrun jive razz cause to feel emotional strain cause to feel mental strain put in traction put on trial take it out on keep down treat harshly rally satirize roast banter be cruel to grind down bring under the yoke tyrannise tyrranize rule with an iron hand trample underfoot weigh heavy upon hold down smother beat down be brutal to rule with a rod of iron trample on rule over hold sway over walk all over tyrannize over put screws to bring someone to their knees overthrow trample despotize rule put upon bring to heel twit jostle encircle press the panic button go into a panic become flustered be in a dither be in a state be in a twitter get into a state guy fun mob chiack slang shuck smoke swarm around set upon crowd around descend on converge on crowd round rot sledge impede cross spoof slam snap satirise laugh at scoff at jeer at make fun of poke fun at send up make jokes about goof on rag on make one's hackles rise get on someone's case be sarcastic about poke mullock at make sport of sling off at take the mickey out of put on make a monkey of have on flout at mess around swipe at lead somebody on pull someone's leg poke borak at take the piss out of pull somebody's leg


To become less serious or severe
ease abate diminish lessen decrease drop dwindle ebb moderate reduce subside wane fall relent decline downscale recede remit shrink taper weaken de-escalate downsize lower slacken deplete release dent pall quieten drop off die away die down die out fall away let up peter out slow down tail off taper off come to an end drain away knock down phase down ratchet down slacken off become weaker grow less fade sink relax ease off contract attenuate fall off curb temper slump curtail quell mitigate soften alleviate plummet cut minimize lighten wind down slash cut down tone down minimise ease up depreciate plunge cut back check drop away restrain limit go down flag pare down slow droop slack off scale down decrement grow smaller dull nosedive wither devaluate depress narrow shrivel descend trim become smaller calm down dip calm degenerate cease drain terminate fade away roll back deteriorate step down erode dry up disappear prune subdue impair slack take a nosedive rachet down stop dial down make less minify die off restrict clip regress tumble decay allay assuage dive settle crash waste dampen mollify close bring down relieve make cutbacks in trail waste away evaporate crumble nose-dive get smaller settle down slim down go downhill slake cool off blunt vanish dilute wear away wear down run low make smaller pare abridge downgrade melt away collapse shorten mark down fail quiet retrench modulate blur get less palliate trail off become less cut back on phase out modify lose edge narrow down end quieten down finish qualify degrade tame desist decelerate take the edge off truncate fizzle out couch contain axe withdraw melt slope stifle ax extenuate retire control run down take down dissolve lapse shave trim back trim down deflate come to a stop devalue level off cheapen downturn bate crater damp down rebate scale back turn down go through the floor whittle down hit the floor become lower fall short tail away soothe loosen appease peter ration sag pass pass away lull deaden untighten revise be forgotten dissipate dim grow condense discount dock incline downwards slant down slope down tilt downwards languish still thin out wilt slim wrinkle defuse abbreviate rescind trail away shape elongate slip atrophy loose flow away sink into oblivion disappear slowly blow over halt unlax coast cool cut down on make fewer constrict become less intense telescope round down fade out break drop down close out restraint undermine sap grow faint disintegrate fall down take the heat off chill out cool it undervalue demote thin down give way evanesce give in become weak make reductions in retrench on salami-slice disempower make weaker relapse retreat come down die away or out die away or down totter skid lose be on the way out write off get lower cause to fall write down go downwards ease up on rationalize play down drag backslide buckle amputate thin crop soft-pedal draw to a close deduct economize flop rationalise economise bow out slack up go into a tailspin fold up hit the dirt tip over break down be precipitated take a header lose value decrease in value cave in decline in price retrocede fall back pull out return back away drop back take the bite out take the sting out move away go back retrogress constrain retrograde back retract depart move back budget cut tune down roll down trim away inhibit back off move further off govern bridle go away draw away draw back flow back hold measure trammel intern confine rule keep regulate keep down pull in rein in hold back amortise cast down amortize tighten pitch tilt tip bank incline slant lean slide cant list fall sharply drop rapidly heel angle fall steeply grow dim wear off disperse be at an angle go skew set take a dive lag emaciate perish tire grow weaker dematerialize fly flee shelve bend careen grade grow feeble die dump dilapidate stoop founder bevel flounder run be reduced recline roll splay break up slope downwards go to the bottom touch bottom angle off fizzle gutter spiral falter verge faint impoverish cripple debase vitiate tremble limp give out precipitate decrease rapidly cascade compress dip below the horizon toss decompose topple throw lose spirit etiolate descend rapidly compact rise ground lean over get quieter become softer get softer become quieter squeeze hush fold deliquesce rarefy evanish clear shoot plump diffuse scatter disassemble constringe capsule capsulize heel over keel over become unimportant elapse discontinue worsen lower in price devalorize lower in value scrimp slant downwards determine expire quit conclude dispel be destroyed unmake cease to exist break into pieces pass off poop out fag out tucker out become less loud become shadowy take in lose ground numb become indistinct become vague become confused make faint become blurred descent ascend molder moulder die on vine vanish into thin air jump down ramp climb dunk rake go lower come downwards break off run out wind up dead-end leave off wink out go dead pack in train lie obliquely aim diverge level be askew swerve direct beam veer point deviate fall headlong go under the surface dip beneath the horizon deluge overwhelm submerge engulf drown flood swamp gulf inundate overflow sway bow bias bend forward overhang deflect curve beetle drift nod bend over put divert be slanted sheer wreck ram drive force down excavate dig shipwreck put down overturn lay drill stick capsize let down stab scuttle bore demit submerse thrust

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