Đồng nghĩa của give notice


To inform or warn someone in advance, especially of something important
inform notify warn alert apprise tell forewarn remind hint instruct prompt signal tip tip off let know put wise clue in give warning make aware put someone on notice wise up advise caution acquaint wake fill in put on guard enlighten brief flag familiarize verse update clear give fair warning wave a red flag put in the picture about lay it out keep posted raise the alarm give a warning to clue familiarise tip the wink give the high sign put on the alert sound the alarm give fair warning to wake one up to put you on your guard direct level with make known to report to clue in on declare to educate clue up about enlighten as to gen up on announce to make known acquaint with give the low-down leak to keep up to date with make familiar with give information about bring up-to-date send word put wise about post point out keep up to speed with give the gen update about give intelligence give the rundown put on the line fill in on give the word let in on offer information alarm prime prepare prewarn put a bug in one's ear premonish caution about portend put wise to dissuade give advance warning pull one's coat admonish clue in about forbode put on the qui vive alert about telegraph tip off about warn in advance put on one's guard about tip someone the wink about intimate communicate hip keep abreast make aware of keep up to date put in the picture catch up make cognizant send word to keep up to speed appraise explain divulge impart reveal disclose relate give the lowdown run by announce counsel edify make conversant communicate to clue up apprise of keep informed report recount teach ground school train declare coach impart to guide make familiar describe habituate alert to accustom to give information to drill indicate mention retail instruct in teach in educate in inform of advise of school in indoctrinate in initiate into give details to bring up to date initiate keep someone briefed explain the circumstances to get up to date level open up pass on give someone the latest information keep in the picture bring up to speed bring out explain the situation to put on to describe the state of affairs to give a rundown of get together give the gen about give the low-down on break the news to fill-in relate to make knowledgeable repeat refresh send word of retell suggest run past relay give a sitrep to tutor give the latest discipline give information give the skinny on prime on ground in brief as to intro upskill illuminate lesson indoctrinate say to orient tell about update on notify of state to disclose to express to reveal to knock down fix up lecture give lessons to inculcate pilot engineer steer lead brainwash confess to mention to proclaim to explain to come out with give rundown give a rundown give instructions give the rundown on show the lay of the land gen up give the gen on bring up to date on disillusion disabuse accustom din something into drum into put someone through their paces give lessons in break it to give lessons break in flag up speak about to utter to open eyes season get off your chest train in coach in habituate to inure knowledgeable about familiar with instructed in skilled in proficient in informed about acquainted with conversant with correct disenchant prime in naturalize mix popularise introduce to adapt wont adjust popularize case naturalise use condition clue up on tout at home with abreast of well informed about apprised of get lowdown on get lay of land become aware of bring into common use become adept in get to know about make clear come to know get with it break the ice gain friendship awaken to bring into use let next to get to know check out get in make used to let down hair wise tattle leak undeceive sneak on grass up communicate knowledge fill someone in be honest with show the ropes give a pointer give two cents give the low-down to give a tip give someone to understand make conversant with au courant with plugged into in touch with no stranger to well up on genned up on au fait with keep in the loop blow the whistle on state narrate speak utter say clued in on in the know about clued up on up to date with switched on to recite rehearse chronicle voice portray proclaim depict vocalize verbalize broadcast pass uncover uncloak charge chart talk bare show expose unmask enunciate delineate articulate unbosom unveil convey unfold paint exhibit signify spin represent spill display verbalise gossip express confess vocalise sketch weave set forth leave word call upon give an account of tell on put before give evidence of give out let on about spit it out be evidence of give facts reel off break the news let slip lay open


To fire or dismiss (someone) from a job
fire dismiss sack terminate discharge can lay off let go terminate employment axe ax give the heave-ho remove throw out make redundant get rid of kick out give someone the boot show the door give someone the sack give someone their cards give someone the push boot out give someone the bullet give someone their marching orders cashier release retire bounce muster out give the old heave-ho turn off pink-slip give the elbow oust expel give someone their notice turf out send packing bump turf give someone his drop displace boot give marching orders depose throw eighty-six evict hand walking papers give one's cards give pink slip pink slip give the sack to shed dehire give someone the pink slip give bum's rush unhire eject discard run out of town supplant nix relieve of duty declare redundant excuse deprive of office lock out freeze out supersede replace bust ride out on rail ship out give a pink slip give notice to impeach pay off unfrock give the ax pension let out give the gate shut out disqualify shelve recall give walking papers defenestrate deselect disfrock disemploy furlough give someone the big E depone suspend wash out kiss off turn away bin off give someone the air give warning defrock unseat give the push to give the boot to give the bullet to drum out dethrone topple turn out dislodge banish exclude remove from office overthrow uncrown chuck out unthrone drive out deprive unmake bring down cast out force out give the bum's rush overturn rout reject throw out on your ear run off cut push out eliminate relegate usurp chase discrown send away remove from power debar bar ban break deport degrade omit disregard slang unhorse chuck thrust out extrude disbar see the back of sling out fling out expulse chase out leave out set aside drive away throw someone out on their ear give the chop heave vote someone out move on demote court martial triumph overwhelm defeat sever connections unsettle downgrade blackball yeet put away disthrone disenthrone upset subvert blacklist give someone his or her walking papers black strip of rank step into shoes of take over put out show the door to toss out give their cards give the axe retire early give heave-ho purge exile fordrive dispossess heave out move ask to leave transfer expatriate reposition abolish give the hook show you the door shift evacuate pull relocate expunge detach excommunicate ostracize waive budge abstract dislocate repatriate extradite transport outlaw cancel delete proscribe isolate rusticate ostracise extradict drive off sequester slur elide erase forget take down do away with shake off chase away ignore leave off rule out give something a miss take out miss out cross out cut out shut the door on remove by force disband disperse demobilize liberate dispatch rid bundle clear demobilise show out allow to go send home send off dispense with dispose of cast off slough off do without push aside


To recluse oneself or stop doing an activity
drop out forgo abandon quit withdraw cease discontinue leave relinquish stop back out cancel end forsake halt renege terminate retreat give up withdraw from finish with retire from dispense with cry off pack in throw up have done with pull out bow out bail out get out resign back off retire throw in the towel disengage avoid exit pull out of back out of opt out desert cop out walk away from wriggle out stop participating in weasel out go call it a day walk out opt out of chicken out step down evacuate duck out go back on renege on back down welsh fink out pull give up the ship pull the plug step down from back pedal get cold feet secede abstract oneself resign from cease work get out of vacate stand aside bow out of chuck get off strand worm out hand in resignation stop participating contract out hang it up blow it off jack in stand down wiggle out demit shy from abdicate take a walk move out beg off maroon exclude oneself hand in your notice leave your job step aside give in one's notice end service give up your job resignate turn yellow think better of wuss out lose your nerve have no stomach for wimp out bottle it funk out bottle out dissociate disassociate abstract delink give something a miss take the count throw in the sponge chuck in make one's exit escape flee sign off run away disengage from pull back recede from scratch from absent yourself detach yourself detach pack your bags bug out push on bug off pack off dig out run out push off step along shove off buzz off book clear out go away decamp scarper peel off sally forth take off clear off cut out get bail vamoose begone depart blow check out pike off part go off move pack up pike out go out run along flake out turn your back on cut loose let go of kiss goodbye wash your hands of let someone stew in their own juice leg it ditch leave hanging give someone the big E storm out run out on fly the coop screw walk out on leave behind dispose of leave high and dry cast off walk away jilt orphan break up with leave in the lurch break with leave stranded turn back on take a powder hang out to dry bin off give someone the push dump cast aside throw over scratch retreat from backpedal surrender recant repudiate default on chicken out of call off get cold feet about fail to honour change your mind

Trái nghĩa của give notice

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