Đồng nghĩa của have no stomach for


To hold or have a negative opinion of
mislike disfavour disfavor disesteem dislike deprecate discountenance reprove tsk-tsk disrelish disapprove of abhor abominate antipathize avoid condemn contemn deplore despise detest disapprove eschew execrate loathe mind regret resent scorn shun frown on frown upon tut about tut over tut-tut about tut-tut over not appreciate not endure object to shudder at be allergic to bear malice toward be averse to grossed out on have hard feelings look down on lose interest in make faces at not care for not feel like be turned off to have no taste for have no use for not take kindly to hate oppose have no taste find intolerable have a down on don't like hold in disfavour find repellent take exception to find distasteful be repelled by shrink from regard with disgust be unable to stomach not be able to bear have an aversion to disagree with be unable to bear recoil from have no liking for take a dim view of be unable to tolerate be unable to abide regard with distaste be unable to stand disdain be against have it in for discourage reject feel aversion to repudiate not think much of not be able to stand spurn find unacceptable dislike greatly can't stand regard with contempt feel aversion towards regard with repugnance discommend feel repugnance towards look askance at feel hostility to be down on frown at distaste feel hostile towards disrespect slight bear a grudge against feel malice to feel revulsion towards be displeased with be dissatisfied with be revolted by object be revolted be repulsed feel hostile to feel repelled by have a poor opinion of veto resist view with dislike indicate disapproval of view with disfavour show disapproval of look down one's nose on shake one's head feel revulsion to frown be grossed out by take dim view of have a problem with revile dislike intensely misprize dispute think wrong show displeasure feel distaste for be hostile to feel disgust for decline refuse revolt down on feel animosity to feel hostility towards feel disgust towards find disgusting put down feel hostility toward feel aversion toward feel repugnance toward feel repugnance have a strong aversion to can't bear feel contempt for not stand for hold no brief for not go for count me out feel contempt not be able to stomach have aversion to have a low opinion of disincline don't want renounce

Trái nghĩa của have no stomach for

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