Đồng nghĩa của resign

Alternative for resign

resigns, resigned, resigning

Đồng nghĩa: abandon, abdicate, forego, give up, quit, relinquish, renounce, retire, surrender, vacate, waive, yield,


To relinquish or give up a right, claim or title
surrender relinquish cede abandon yield renounce abdicate waive drop forgo abnegate forsake disclaim give up hand over turn over sign away step down from step aside from stand down from sign off divorce oneself from separate oneself from wash hands of quit leave sacrifice deliver concede part with lay down turn in render give over forbear abjure demit cough up give vacate submit allow transfer proffer forswear capitulate grant repudiate eschew spurn lay aside fold defer make over refrain from give way cast off let go of do without give in let go back down throw in the towel throw in the sponge retire commit quitclaim entrust trust consign abstain withdraw desert suspend reject chuck stop cease renege decline bequeath refrain bow succumb kick remit pass hand step down refuse relent vest depart from disown transmit delegate shed ditch opt out leave off intrust budge dump bail out betray leave high and dry deliver up stand down lose give away dispense with leave in the lurch commend present cast aside knuckle under cave in concede defeat turn down leave behind climb down desist sign over bow out swear off kiss goodbye admit defeat say goodbye to abstain from take the oath cut out tender pack in go without pass up terminate disgorge deny offer provide throw up throw away extend volunteer yield up blink release recommend assign repose confide acquiesce gift resign from retire from forfeit cry uncle buckle under pull out hand in despair chicken out comply collapse renounce the throne free relegate convey confer forego withgo pull out of bow out of walk out of jack in spare prostitute strand sacrifice something pay with be deprived of be stripped of kiss goodbye to jilt render up skip disavow discontinue disregard end put aside postpone jettison leave flat maroon resist break with leave stranded throw over neglect delay stay remove set aside shelve table prorogue reserve break off belay conclude keep wash one's hands of take your leave of turn your back on go away from change one's tune give someone the big E run out on give someone the air walk out on drift away break up with show the door rat on bin off give someone the push give the elbow hold back discard cast sit out withhold from pass by give something a miss desist from steer clear of pass on leave out keep from leave alone put off hold up hold off have done with halt avoid surcease pause bag it sell out break leave holding the bag buckle lay off cut loose drop out kiss good-bye let pass indulge take the pledge quit cold turkey let go by drop like hot potato communicate vouchsafe abalienate accord remise knock off call a halt to not do call a stop to pack up give oneself over fall victim lay down arms fold up be conquered suffer defeat be beaten accept defeat be overwhelmed cry quits lay down your arms give up the struggle show the white flag come to terms be overcome raise the white flag resign yourself call it quits fork over come across with shun forbear from ignore finish can give a wide berth to curb keep off check dismiss shy from withhold omit overlook brush aside lay off of stop oneself not touch deny yourself pass over bypass shirk evade shake have nothing to do with break up miss put a stop to get out of snub restrain scrap inhibit cancel axe restrain from ax escape call it a day stay away from get off cut off fight shy of dodge resist the temptation to restrain oneself from skip out on prevent oneself from withdraw from take the cure put an end to rebuff devote dedicate disapprove deny oneself discount junk knock back scrub reprobate exclude do away with eliminate fail to take advantage of manage without renege on rein in interrupt repeal shut off say no to baulk at nix arrest balk at offer up not accept negative lose out on preclude dispose of shake off sidestep avert break the habit of shrink from skirt escape from finish with steer clear kick the habit quit cold cry off eighty-six let up not give in to stop oneself from pack it in wind up throw out turn one's back on bring to an end get around prevent yourself from bring to a halt kick over come off give something up waste squander pledge consecrate endure dispense buck turn aside from keep away from immolate unsay foreswear retract recant disallow disinherit bridle fast fence-sit starve constrain cut check oneself blow deselect forlet kill miss out on pay for abolish cut short bring to a close manage not to stop trying put the kibosh on back off from check out from go cold turkey restrain oneself botch fritter away expend not heed abort get by without get along without decline to restrain yourself go easy kibosh surcease from call it quits on stay neutral render needless elude nip something in the bud scratch rescind pass something up sit on one's hands give the go by not take sides give a miss skim over carve isolate extirpate usurp delete exsect sever marginalize extract oust excise revoke give the thumbs down to not take advantage of divorce fail to grasp let slip fail to take drop the ball get rid of knock something on the head be temperate avoid doing disdain duck back out back out of bring to a stop pull the plug on close gainsay shy disaffirm finesse scape dust off call off write off part from wipe out forget about determine retreat elapse take out marginalise cut dead take away go on the wagon wrap up dead-end sew up cut it out wink out not continue get on the wagon hang it up stay away interfere with stave off make up for nullify obviate ward off prevent block impede counterbalance withstand prohibit neutralise hinder head off fend off negate circumvent neutralize help counteract anticipate stay clear of let well enough alone weasel out of have no truck with shy away from keep clear of shuffle out of give notice repulse demur stop using demur at allocate spend turn a blind eye to stop having toss exorcize exorcise cashier bin pitch unload shuck off throw off fling sluff off fling away lay by deep-six wash your hands of fling off away slough off refuse to take advantage of look down one's nose at opt out of send one's regrets shake one's head give the thumbs down give the red light cease to indulge in


To remove blame or responsibility from
relieve free disencumber unburden absolve clear deliver disburden discharge divest release rid spare disembarrass dispense excuse exempt pull dismiss yank boot out free from free of let go let off release from remove blame absolve from disburden of discharge from disencumber of excuse from exempt from extricate from get rid of liberate from set free from unburden of deliver from disembarrass of rescue from save from liberate exonerate acquit pardon lighten exculpate set free extricate purge unchain redeem purify let off the hook emancipate except alleviate cleanse reprieve remove save rescue sanctify spring unload strip empty vindicate shrive disengage void untangle forgive disentangle whitewash unleash privilege from write off bail out relinquish ease unbind unshackle unfetter declare innocent lustrate loose remit salvage unlade disculpate unpack sanitize find innocent wipe the slate clean cut loose sanitise lift get out wink at blink at manumit let up on get off the hook find not guilty off-load go easy on abandon drop assoil exorcise exclude grant immunity exorcize clean grandfather grant someone an exemption grant someone a dispensation pronounce not guilty relieve of give immunity sublimate wipe off let someone off make exempt clarify elutriate depurate decontaminate pass by make an exception of make an exception for wipe the slate offload disabuse wash shed enfranchise unship unstow unyoke disimprison make free disenthrall uncage parole unbridle disenthral remove cargo put off take off take away carry away get rid bleach lifeboat launder amnesty demobilize enlarge unlock loosen affranchise bail untie respite free from restraint let out free from restriction turn out set loose give rights to ransom put on the street demobilise let loose turn loose jettison disgorge discommode dump wipe it off let off easy allay palliate mitigate abate postpone wriggle out of get oneself off the hook get out from under slough protect stay take a load off clear out break bulk unloose save the day bring someone off get out of hock save someone's bacon give a break bail one out pull out of the fire save from danger save the life of get someone out save life of save someone's neck bail someone out come to the rescue of bring off come to the aid of remit someone's punishment let off this time commute someone's punishment grant a stay of execution to cancel someone's punishment grant a stay of execution grant an amnesty to grant a stay postpone someone's punishment


To cause to be acclimatized or used to something
accustom acclimatise acclimatize adapt habituate adjust condition familiarise familiarize acclimate accommodate attune acculturate assimilate harden discipline season inure reconcile come to terms with get used to become resigned blend in fit in become accustomed to come to accept learn to live with make used become acquainted with get to know conform fit domesticate naturalize prepare naturalise tailor train integrate suit harmonize school harmonise shape toughen fashion climatize doctor edit tune proportion become accustomed get used become seasoned become naturalized familiarize oneself with educate acquaint break in temper coordinate put conciliate acculture establish key regulate accord get accustomed get someone accustomed resign oneself get someone used match comply familiarize someone with compose mitigate shape up find one's way around find one's feet get one's bearings grow used to instruct initiate get into the habit cultivate rear raise become inured mature introduce jack up set strengthen fortify steel age indurate settle alter modify correspond prime mellow qualify become established grow wild grow naturally balance modulate counterbalance compensate desensitize desensitise ready equip ripen tailor-make make consistent affect haunt teach frequent visit case-harden anneal moderate make experienced endure confirm devote orientate addict tolerate make agree resign oneself to become habituated habituate oneself orient oneself roll with punches come around find your feet reconcile oneself to orient oneself in condition oneself to settle in become resigned to grow used condition oneself get a feel for reconcile oneself become habituated to habituate oneself to familiarize with resort to hang at absorb adopt incorporate grow accustomed to become used to take to make familiar with make used to be in harmony with be in tune with be in accord with accept homogenize take in homogenise reunite pacify placate appease propitiate mollify arbitrate merge restore harmony between bring back together assuage get together on reconciliate fix up bury the hatchet kiss and make up resolve differences between restore friendly relations between re-establish intercede make peace between bring to terms join come together bring back together again mediate make matters up win over cool restore harmony make up arrange patch things up bring together re-establish friendly relations between customize change customise quadrate fix readjust mould mold square convert pattern align revise transform design cut tweak make reshape tighten organize organise tune up trim readapt plan clue realign plot string pitch dial size measure dispose process bring in line orient position style treat put in position put in place soften gear true up set straight make appropriate to make fitting to make appropriate for make fitting for custom-build personalise dovetail custom-make personalize blend follow make ready cut to fit make to measure make to order go along to get along run with the pack follow the crowd follow tradition be guided by be conventional follow custom follow convention keep in step follow beaten path swim with the stream acquaint oneself with fit in with blend in with grin and bear it do as Romans do get act together swim with the tide find one's feet in get it together familiarize yourself frame sculpt form cast model sculpture create revamp rectify calibrate rearrange order rejig rework enhance reform improve repair carve hew whittle vary correct amend normalize remodel redress jigger recast overhaul normalise grade sharpen twiddle focus troubleshoot mend straighten sort throw together crystallize mint roughhew assemble pat forge block out knead block manipulate crystallise smooth chisel fabricate fine-tune bring into line fiddle with make good put right set right patch up see to make conform put in working order set to rights


To surrender to, or to be conquered by
fall succumb submit surrender capitulate yield bend be overthrown give way defer back down be conquered by be defeated by be overcome by be overthrown by be taken by eat dirt fall victim give in give up go under knuckle under be beaten by be destroyed by be overwhelmed by be vanquished by be a casualty to be smitten by lie down pass into the hands of fall to pieces pass into enemy hands fall victim to lose one's position to relent concede acquiesce cave in concede defeat admit defeat throw in the towel raise the white flag quit bow cede budge fold blink buckle under wave the white flag throw in the sponge show the white flag crumble accept defeat climb down be overcome pack it in lay down your arms toss it in put up white flag accede be beaten be overwhelmed lay down one's arms give up the struggle go down eat crow lay down arms cry uncle roll over give yourself up retreat accept lay down indulge abandon give oneself up throw in your hand fall in line be defeated consign leave knuckle entrust forego let go go along with play dead eat humble pie agree cave buckle kowtow relinquish surrender to be submissive hoist the white flag bend the knee say uncle resign yourself resign oneself humble oneself give ground comply give away the store come to terms bow to something bow to someone withdraw pull out assent backpedal back out stop deliver concur make concessions chicken out recoil comply with renege back off go back on cancel cop out recant bow out call it a day conform approve beg off back pedal adapt respect retire recede balk despair do a U-turn lose heart yield to change your mind do an about-turn give in to call off drop out baulk pull back back away backtrack scratch welsh avoid observe fink out wimp out truckle draw back weasel out wiggle out shy from worm out admit break heed blow it off get cold feet adjust accommodate hand over abide by obey conform to agree to consent to acquiesce in come round give way to bow to cooperate with concur with act in accordance with toe the line give oneself up to lose oneself in bottle out shrink die of lose your nerve give change compromise stop trying wuss out bottle it funk out turn yellow have no stomach for think better of something retract honor honour throw up one's hands chuck it in knuckleunder fawn cringe agree with throw up the sponge give up hope break off halt abandon hope finish call a halt end abdicate subdue subjugate genuflect adhere indulge in put one's tail between one's legs eat one's words shy away move away go backward proffer tender present collapse drop lose desist cease waive forswear lose oneself to be deferential turn in suffer defeat turn over leave off hand in bail out cut out give oneself over call it quits fold up be conquered bring to an end show white flag cry quits renege on retreat from withdraw from repudiate reconsider demur soften dishearten sadden be servile melt follow take back hold back drop back unbend default on cry off pull out of fail to honour weaken wallow in forbear mind have mercy adhere to keep get cold feet about chicken out of sympathise have pity become lenient become merciful slow give quarter show pity sympathize show mercy embrace retrograde row back do an about-face fall back back regroup eat your words run away sing a different song have second thoughts admit that one is wrong ebb retrocede despond retract one's words give back abandon oneself to give rein to admit you were wrong have no fight left withdraw from agreement or statement agree to something allow something be merciful admit something concede something hold to answer fulfill serve fulfil accord respond goose-step to stick to come around let it happen change one's mind cool it go easy on take a softer line lighten up die away mellow out give some slack let happen lay back ease up on give free rein to keep to take orders do as you are told do as one says do what is expected come to heel act upon do one's bidding play it by the book get into line do what one is told play second fiddle live by do one's duty hold fast be ruled by get in line be loyal to allow consent permit tolerate brook subscribe buy suffer reconcile OK jibe yes ditto okay assent to stand by submit to play ball give one's blessing to give one's approval to roll over and play dead give the green light to accept tacitly give the thumbs up to say the word say yes to cut a deal shake on go along give the go-ahead to give the nod to give one's consent to let pass give one's assent to

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