Đồng nghĩa của indulge in


Take pleasure from
delight in admire adore appreciate cherish relish revel in savour savor be taken with take pleasure in amuse oneself be content be pleased dig eat up enjoy feast on get a kick out of get high on get off on glory in groove on like live a little live it up love luxuriate in take delight in take great delight in wallow in bask in fancy find irresistible care for be keen on be partial to prize lap up go for hold dear thoroughly enjoy be fond of take great pleasure in have a predilection for nuts about have a penchant for have a passion for mad about have a thing for have affection for get a buzz out of have a proclivity for have a soft spot for really like have a taste for dote on get a buzz from of have a weakness for enjoy greatly take a fancy to have a great liking for go a bundle on have a thing about get a kick from of rejoice in immerse yourself in exult in roll about in make the most of lie in soak up dote doting prefer venerate feel deep affection for choose adulate be smitten with have a pash on be nuts about hold very dear care very much for be attracted to esteem carry a torch for be besotted with be potty about be wild about be infatuated with be passionate about leaning be devoted to be mad about overindulge feel affection feel affection for think the world of be in love with be enamored of be enchanted by be hooked on bewitched by smitten with thrive with give one's heart to like very much entranced by develop a crush on become smitten with gone on carrying a torch for be attached to be fascinated with potty about fall head over heels in love with consumed with desire for long for crazy about twitterpated by love-struck by with a passion for become infatuated with be addicted to besotted with doting on be mad for infatuated with derive great pleasure from wild for bowled over by be captivated by be swept off one's feet by captivated by enamoured of very much like be crazy about have it bad enthralled by devoted to lose one's heart to fall for put on pedestal wild about passionate about enamored of luv wuv take joy in have fun treasure value stuck on be gratified by have a ball find appealing cotton to delight take to have a good time derive pleasure from take satisfaction in get a thrill out of be pleased by be entertained hanker for take an interest in take a thrill to favour jubilate embrace favor be sweet on get a charge out of find pleasure in be amused by drink in be entertained by find satisfaction in go in for be pleased with really enjoy like to indulge in worship desire idolize indulge revel idolise want revere have a liking for approve of take a shine to crave take a liking to nurture find attractive covet be enamoured of wish for spoil pamper have a fondness for luxuriate wallow pet rate highly get a bang out of lavish affection on gloat over get a buzz from have a preference for crow about support lust after be soft on rate cosset dote upon coddle be shook on be nutso about bask ache for glory have a crush on have the hots for regard highly have eyes for thrive get a thrill from indulge oneself feel like endorse take pleasure derive satisfaction from have regard for find enjoyable find agreeable yearn for rollick lean toward get pleasure from feel self-satisfied about pine for hanker after thirst for hunger for have an affection for be stuck on get a charge from of itch for be wild for exalt burn for be mad on be nutso over be biased toward be nutty about love dearly mind heart lech over lech after appreciate greatly think well of be into respect hold in esteem yearn attract cannot resist have taken a shine to less than three have a high regard for be gone on be serious about feel affection toward exult be find attractive be find irresistible be enthralled by be very fond of be very partial to be very keen on be all over affect think very highly of rejoice joy exuberate care be bewitched by be entranced by triumph kvell be bowled over by be love-struck by be consumed with desire for have it bad for desiderate cajole brown-nose praise fawn blandish flatter sanction partake of feel satisfaction with amuse oneself with have fun with enjoy to the full drool over find joy in take great pleasure take great delight find great pleasure dream of have a craving for have a yearning for lean towards elect incline toward need could do with rather select glorify be desirous of set one's heart on sigh for have a yen for baby lionize welcome require spoil for feel inclined toward would sooner opt for aspire to have an urge for be turned on to suggest would rather die for lust for be inclined toward mollycoddle nourish comfort tend take satisfaction grow flourish lionise look up to honour cultivate enshrine honor sustain applaud grovel humour humor immerse prosper burgeon abound bloom overparent feather-bed cocker have an eye for give oneself up to indulge yourself overdo roll be in clover riot take it easy live high on hog feast have the time of your life live extravagantly live the life of Riley live in luxury wanton increase marvel at get a kick from get a bang from be immersed dandle be amazed by be awed by make a fuss of fuss over wrap in cotton wool be crazy over be in awe of be crazy for moon over put on a pedestal enthuse about rave about wish to want to love to like to


To partake in a feast or large meal

Trái nghĩa của indulge in

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