Đồng nghĩa của fawn

Alternative for fawn

fawns, fawned, fawning

Đồng nghĩa: bootlick, cower, crawl, creep, cringe, dun, grayish brown, greyish brown, grovel, kotow, kowtow, suck up, toady, truckle,


A yellow-brown color, like that of caramel


Mammal with antlers and hooves


To seek favor from by fawning, servile behavior
flatter eulogise eulogize praise apple-polish be obsequious to be servile to be sycophantic to bootlick brown-nose crawl to creep to curry favor with curry favour with fuss kowtow kowtow to play up to soft-soap sweet-talk toady toady to truckle truckle to butter up cringe before dance attendance on grovel before ingratiate oneself with pay court to abase abase oneself before blandish bow brownnose cajole cotton court cower crawl creep cringe crouch debase defer fall all over fall over oneself for grovel invite jolly kneel make up to massage oil pander praise to excess scrape slaver smarm around snow stoop stroke submit suck up woo yield be all over bow and scrape before praise to the skies sing the praises of smoodge to suck up to be obsequious be servile buddy up cater to curry favour curry favor honey up lick someone's boots pay court cave in to lay it on lay it on thick fall on one's knees rub up the right way be at beck and call lay it on with a trowel bow and scrape pander to fawn on wheedle abase oneself kiss one's feet be servile towards be sycophantic towards blarney honey inveigle humour prostrate oneself charm give in adulate humor humble oneself behave obsequiously knuckle under kiss up to humble yourself keep someone sweet bow to flannel coax palaver revere quail concede bend give way kiss-up snivel be sycophantic genuflect overpraise scratch one's back beslaver soften make much of glorify sell con salve respect abase oneself to be obsequious towards demean oneself to rub the right way get round abase yourself ingratiate yourself eat crow show respect for work over build up bow and scrape to spread it on defer to work on sweeten up eat dirt get next to curtsy make a leg bob a curtsy bend the knee make up smoodge fold prostrate persuade smooth-talk get in with cozy up say uncle cave in kiss someone's feet toe the mark go along with lie down and roll over cultivate compliment humiliate yourself prostrate yourself prostrate oneself before fawn over try to get on the good side of eat humble pie seek the favour of try to win over kiss the feet of prostrate oneself to grovel to admire commend puff implore pamper hero-worship belaud ingratiate entice beguile panegyrize laud pay tribute to express admiration for urge caress allure wax lyrical about pay blandishments to demean yourself throw oneself at someone's feet adore elevate lionize worship gush say nice things about compliment excessively lionise put on a pedestal apple polish acquiesce accede capitulate surrender honour honor comply with accept be deferential adapt knuckleunder adjust admit assent knuckle agree give in to accommodate buckle agree with cave comply obey succumb lure tempt seduce prevail on talk into induce win over influence manoeuvre maneuver sway soap bring round banter decoy gush over tantalize get tantalise worm get around argue into press soothe fawn upon soften up venerate mollycoddle fuss over cosset pat spoil baby pet indulge solicit rave over puff up back-scratch submit to captivate overdo it sweet talk talk get on the right side of flatter into attract wile butter up to make a fuss of encourage draw stroke one's ego exalt convince prod make hook wangle reason argue coerce pressure pressurize plague twist somebody's arm pester importune come on talk someone into something tease prevail upon rope in jawbone barter arm-twist roose pressurise finagle dupe deceive crowd push mislead delude entrap bring pressure to bear on hand a line


Obsess, fawn

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