Đồng nghĩa của buff

Alternative for buff

buffs, buffed, buffing

Đồng nghĩa: burnish, polish, rub, shine, wax,


Having an athletic or muscular physique
strapping muscular robust strong sturdy vigorous powerful brawny rugged burly stalwart lusty beefy husky stout muscly ripped shredded hefty hunky Herculean hulking big jacked thewy stark powerhouse tall hulk hunk ox well built broad-shouldered well-built well muscled sturdily built well set-up athletic powerfully built tough sinewy hardy solid thickset healthy fit able-bodied hearty manly mesomorphic energetic mighty bulky hale and hearty solidly built hale substantial stocky sound firm virile red-blooded muscle-bound masculine in good shape in good health in fine fettle as strong as an ox heavy active vital beefcake forceful staunch herculean fighting fit in good trim all-male male meaty manlike as fit as a fiddle mannish as fit as a flea man-size man-sized sporty well two-fisted chunky well made in trim iron potent bruising in good condition trim in tip-top condition hulky manful well knit well-conditioned bursting with health macho fit as a fiddle gallant as strong as a horse bold brave stout-hearted courageous massive physical butch portly agile nimble lithe aerobicized lively built well-knit peppy dynamic flush generative great in shape jock stud gingery wholesome bouncing well-developed tiger muscled strenuous whole flourishing in rude health formidable gigantic heavyweight right as rain pumped up big and strong lean as strong as a lion swole in the pink obdurate blooming fleshy capable gorillalike bursting with good health resolute broad ape adult stallion honourable boyish hairy caveman honorable heavily built imposing musclebound wiry ropy stringy rude well-proportioned hard overpowering lion-hearted colt audacious jockstrap stately confident he-man self-reliant noble dignified undaunted large roaring rough thriving redoubtable lumbering towering huge gargantuan fine chivalrous swashbuckling valiant weighty full-blooded daring fearless intrepid heroic valorous lionhearted alive and kicking as strong as a ox colossal mammoth secure young fresh sizeable outsize biggish largish grand goodly sizable oversize oversized voluminous boxcar outsized handsome considerable tidy full-bodied durable well-made enthusiastic stiff stouthearted decisive strong-arm healthful able extensive large-scale fat tremendous major ample fertile studly fecund laddish buffed out buffed chiseled chiselled built to last physically fit vibrant reproductive procreative driving sexually potent sound in body and limb A1 full of life strong-featured plump heavyset chubby corpulent dumpy gross rotund tubby fubsy roly-poly pudgy obese overweight paunchy round podgy well upholstered pursy blubbery porky poddy stubby full well padded abdominous buxom broad in the beam stumpy thick zaftig squat corn-fed nuggety pyknic elephantine well covered lardy replete squatty of ample proportions well rounded fattish cobby ponderous rounded beer-bellied pot-bellied flabby enormous wide Falstaffian spacious capacious jumbo whopping squabby good significant porcine comprehensive respectable bull-necked vast immense substantive thick-bodied blimp well-padded overgrown potbellied decent decent-sized plumpish monumental sensible titanic short humongous prodigious monster stodgy walloping commodious cumbersome roomy of ample build not inconsiderable bulging well-covered adipose filled generous swollen morbidly obese whalelike bull clumsy girthy awkward ungainly oafish lumpish curvy splay scrub loutish unwieldy clodhopping clunky full-figured sarcous overblown embonpoint unco avoirdupois compact curved blocky baby elephant spunky good-sized comfortable well-upholstered bloated overstuffed overfed overnourished overheavy clinically obese sonsy having a bay window having a spare tire bulbous lard-arsed bovine inflated distended lard butterball jelly-belly serious fairly large bonny cast-iron hardened toughened hard-bitten inured giant not to be sneezed at reasonable enduring acclimatised unflagging resistant acclimatized resilient tenacious indefatigable seasoned super wide-ranging sweeping monstrous cosmic inordinate lofty ginormous grandiose astronomical global wholesale far-reaching Bunyanesque pharaonic leviathan vasty galactic humungous stupendous brobdingnagian cosmical cyclopean extreme mountainous astronomic stellar mastodonic staggering cavernous monolithic upholstered plenitudinous liberal thumping appreciable expansive wide-reaching exhaustive mass on the large big-boned larger greater universal nationwide giant-sized thumping great of considerable size king-size whopping great dirty great giant-size whacking great king-sized barn door well fed leading heavy-duty super colossal packed copious across-the-board international whopper chock-full thundering stuffed intercontinental a whale of a mondo detailed awash all-encompassing worldwide important brimming crowded king size


Big, strong, and muscular


A person who is enthusiastically interested in and very knowledgeable about a particular subject
addict aficionado devotee enthusiast fan lover fanatic fiend freak admirer connoisseur expert maniac nut maven afficionado authority bug cognoscente fancier fool habitue ham head hound junkie junky mavin pundit savant sucker fundi geek habitué nerd ninja aficionada votary one of the cognoscenti follower adherent zealot supporter groupie jock believer rooter disciple booster amateur partisan a great one for monomaniac worshipper worshiper -head hanger-on votarist crank pupil convert acolyte partizan epigone obsessive sectary liegeman bigot wizard master ace appreciator votarient participant prosumer bum eccentric stalwart backer advocate protagonist apologist upholder barmy army cohort devoted fan hobbyist doyenne doyen techie champion practitioner activity slave extremist militant great one one who is into cat patron visionary activist avid supporter obsessed fan sectarian radical dogmatist student camp follower ultra chauvinist diehard power user wackadoo wackadoodle energumen member learner friend defender fundamentalist ultraist crazy demon apostle proponent attender henchman catechumen bhakta chela proselyte janissary servant sectator scholar attendant satellite witness card-carrying member revolutionary sympathizer sympathiser revolutionist rebel revisionist agitator promoter die-hard sycophant accessory sponsor hardliner nonconformist racialist renegade dogmatizer racist subversive doctrinaire segregationist prejudiced person opinionated person terrorist pursuivant game changer adorer crusader perfectionist hero-worshiper idolizer separatist dissident schismatic dissenter idolater recusant supremacist xenophobe ally agnostic atheist non-theist sceptic unbeliever fan club free thinker idealist Young Turk heretic misbeliever skeptic maverick sexist person black supremacist racial bigot white supremacist klansperson voter helper abettor confederate comrade bedfellow abetter reformer true believer persecutor sexist homophobe insider progressive superpatriot stickler intolerant MCP jingoist hypocrite puritan leftist fellow traveler red socialist firebrand avant-garde objector nihilist mutineer rioter revolter insurgent iconoclast freethinker secessionist insurrectionist anarchist male chauvinist pig Bolshevik Bolshevist


A person who is highly skilled or knowledgeable in their field
dab ace authority expert guru hotshot master whiz aficionado maestro virtuoso artist artiste boffin champion cognoscente connoisseur crackajack crackerjack demon doyen doyenne fundi geek genius grandmaster marvel maven meister oracle phenomenon pro prodigy professional pundit sage savant scholar shark specialist star superstar veteran whizz wiz wizard wonk dab hand master hand old hand adept past master proficient fiend ninja hand mavin sharp skilled person alpha geek wunderkind consultant brain egghead rocket scientist old pro thinker whizz-kid practitioner something to write home about something else one of the cognoscenti hot shot something to shout about intellectual intellect brainiac exponent winner brains doctor professor walking encyclopedia whiz kid leader grand master cordon bleu fancier trooper fanatic addict leading light devotee enthusiast technician natural magician performer celebrity champ dillettante prima donna real pro scientist whiz-bang powerhouse bravura player hot stuff no slouch whizz kid up-and-comer vet warhorse old-timer stager graduate resource person high priest key player longtimer mastermind person experienced in something old stager old soldier old guard experienced person old school Einstein brainbox judge bible kingpin arbiter highbrow polymath top dog executive top brass boss ivory dome Bible big shot city hall kingfish front office big cheese textbook law brass top hand governor exec big wig expert witness czar power elite aristocrat mentor adviser gifted child idiot savant bright spark intelligent person clever clogs brilliant person mental giant master-hand member of a think tank learned one auger cereb commentator self-appointed expert member of a policy unit teacher philosopher solon cognoscenti bookworm analyst wonder hero obsessive director miracle sensation critic talent portent spectacle flash caution splendor curiosity stunner splendour conductor beast victor one and only number one insider old master top player gifted person headliner lead MVP spellbinder paragon idol heroine great person eye-opener wonderful thing amazing thing aesthete dilettante appreciator miracle worker retired soldier trouper aficionada esthete shellback GI sourdough luminary wonder-worker miracle-worker one for the books old warhorse specialist in expert judge of arbiter of taste authority on expert judge dignitary public figure old salt big name most valuable player VIP icon mogul heavyweight figure elite standout notable face name worthy personality personage architect big kahuna official big noise big gun person of influence light guiding light top cat celeb bigwig engineer organizer manager planner monster freak mind author grotesque monstrosity mutation abnormality deviser originator initiator girl-genius child genius boy-genius rarity enormity wonder child inventor girl wonder rare bird child prodigy one in a million boy wonder instigator organiser prime mover intelligence

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