Đồng nghĩa của tincture

Alternative for tincture

tinctures, tinctured, tincturing

Đồng nghĩa: impregnate, infuse, instill, shade, shadow, tint, tone, trace, vestige,


A slight trace of something
hint trace suggestion touch dash note scintilla shade tinge bit strand streak suspicion vein air aroma element flavor flavour impression nuance overtone smack soupçon vestige whiff whisper savor savour smidgen breath intimation drop sprinkling shadow glimmer spot speck dab shred strain splash tad smattering pinch taste flicker smidgeon smell trifle crumb lick little nip spark jot spatter ray scent undertone mite tang driblet ounce dram particle scruple snap iota skosh ace inkling peanuts small amount colouring sign tittle nib coloring trait thread footstep indication whit fragment cast slot step ghost spoor echo draft odour snuff draught odor inhalation fume flatus snippet record proof token minimum memento residue murmur tiny amount modicum trickle scattering dribble sprinkle smidge shot grain dollop tot seasoning squirt part few drops scrap morsel atom molecule stim scantling fraction dot fleck granule sliver piece snip mote little bit jot or tittle shaving patch nugget flyspeck nubbin droplet semblance chip minim dose portion shard sample aura gleam slice chicken feed chunk lump splinter snatch flake connotation drop in the bucket hoot implication atmosphere sniff bite tiny piece mouthful degree segment share flash skerrick butt fig evocation moiety whoop syllable continental rap scoosh durn darn stub stump specimen undercurrent glimmering feeling tiny bit extract vibrations small quantity insinuation tone smitch measure sparkle small piece subcurrent end nucleus parcel excerpt division item section ort inch scale tiniest bit spoonful clue small bit hunk paring hair wind tenor association glitter quantity vibes sense distinction tendency soupcon glint faint sign stitch any smithereen infinitesimal small portion seed diddly squat niggle stroke speckle least bit snort footprint footmark evidence spit arc beam corn relic thimbleful glow minute cantlet mixture shake powdering dust admixture amount signal tatter smudge recreation elicitation idea reminiscence recall wisp smear blob glob slip gob faint appearance glimpse blot brush sip tidbit significance innuendo peck some detail slightest bit tiny part small degree bubkes doodly-squat diddly-squat beans doodley-squat bupkes oval wee bit hair's breadth notion secondary meaning inference meaning hidden meaning niff picayune spice eyelash squeeze reminder cue millimeter allusion gradation subtlety refinement nicety distinctive quality temper small thing trend a small sum a trifling amount a trifling sum a paltry sum faint smell brief smell breadth hairsbreadth ambience ambiance drift redolence pinpoint mark hum rumour buzz rumor mumble halo patina karma mood intonation climate inflection graduation variation shading modulation propensity flow stream eddy tide direction crosscurrent current riptide inclination pull hairbreadth hair's-breath nimbus hidden feeling low tone gobbet mottle blotch dapple pip eyespot splotch pin inflexion representation millimetre whisker period twinkle fine distinction subtle difference subtle distinction point shine twinkling wink blink glance shimmer quality manner feature characteristic character attribute mannerism stamp side quirk eccentricity trademark virtue hallmark aspect habit custom idiosyncrasy peculiarity affection foible lineament fingerprint


A drug or other preparation for the treatment or prevention of disease
medicine cure drug medication remedy medicament physic prescription medicinal nostrum cure-all dose panacea pharmaceutical placebo specific treatment anaesthetic anesthetic antibiotic antidote antiseptic antitoxin balm biologic capsule elixir injection inoculation liniment lotion ointment patent medicine pharmacon pill potion quack remedy salve sedative serum tablet tonic vaccination vaccine modern medicine Western medicine opiate corrective essence poison depressant pharmaceutic counteragent alleviation narcotic dope counteractant preparation therapeutic therapy help mixture antiserum stimulant medicant restorative preventive catholicon fix countermeasure curative healing rectifier relief analgesic neutralizer antivenin aid lozenge pellet painkiller magic bullet healing agent solution quick fix caplet elixir vitae theriac bolus pilule troche pastille cap formula jujube medical drug prophylactic course of treatment counteractive tab drop ball rubric heritage tradition rule convention custom anodyne mitigation assuagement amelioration antibody easing improvement antipoison edict decree ordinance forescript law prescript regulation palliative compound mithridate antivenene answer neutralizing agent counteracting agent counterstep negator nullifier rehabilitation healing treatment therapeutics method of healing remedial treatment concoction tranquilizer morphine aspirin demulcent alleviative embrocation redress reparation recovery assistance proprietary diacatholicon panpharmacon cream creation substance restora-tive plan scheme universal remedy sovereign remedy pain reliever tranquillizer wonder drug sovereign cure composition liquid paste application cure for all ills big idea home remedy quack medicine

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