Đồng nghĩa của tablet

Alternative for tablet


Đồng nghĩa: capsule, notebook, pad, pill,


A small block or bar of soap
bar block cake slab brick chunk piece lump cube bit slice wedge hunk portion quantity wodge stick ingot cut chip loaf section segment scrap fragment length part nugget shred share division article knob sample fraction sliver morsel item flake offcut particle quota speck grain allotment allowance splinter take wafer mouthful remnant proportion crumb end shard snippet mite half iota parcel sampling lot smithereen bite member dole gob stone mass tile cinder block strip muck boulder billet stave rod plate cutting board extract spot excerpt subdivision atom gobbet passage dollop molecule snip scruple tittle percentage blob drop measure smidgen glob element shaving apportionment wad granule allocation ration selection clod mote clump trace jot unit fleck nub whit dribble nubble moiety amount patch dab component nubbin quotation modicum clot flyspeck smidge tad scintilla citation helping whack quote ball ounce touch hint paring pinch constituent dot suspicion line clipping clip paragraph suggestion verse module rake-off dash split scantling stanza little taste divvy instalment subsection installment cluster shiver lick feature commission pat tiny piece phrase quantum bulk shadow smidgeon spoonful tinge streak stim sprinkling partition wisp snatch reading assignment square driblet wing tiny bit stub sentence ingredient spall piece of the action chapter swatch skelf cite branch layer ratio whisper strain skosh nip batch splash spatter fillet filet sector bump droplet mound spark small piece slice of the cake serving group remainder dram oddment jot or tittle wood growth ace instance factor specimen knot appropriation shade spillikin pile bunch ray butt tranche solid canto skerrick splint smack belt episode tier partage agglomeration limit soupçon reference tongue scene stump saying little bit minim degree dose text representative piece example band tatter projection hoot test piece rag trifle excrescence excrescency rasher ribbon department column glimmer trickle nodule node concentration remains smell snap smattering stripe due joint peanuts meed clause corner grant dividend spell articulation quotum knurl globule triangle titbit slat interest gallet slip timber shot chop stint narrow piece piece of the cake cross section dod finger cut of pie small amount stipend fag end fig whoop syllable continental tail end rap durn darn piece of action sound bite end piece plank tiny amount least bit lath ghost chippings smudge payment area smear roll trimming potsherd sprinkle blot compartment peck dispensation extension aspect leftover smithereens strand oblong number curl act contribution field slot clove drip needle kickback paraphrase range briquette any bulge handful equity stake entitlement collop round escalope consignment mention allusion bead corn distribution abstract plug break pellet seed stitch hunch scaloppina scallop fricandeau representative chipping cross-section entity whole routine sequence large piece pad wadding utterance segmentation output product contract speckle analects matchwood flinders inch pencil rectangle lion's share plateful slither affiliation rock class office doorstep loads trailer moment attribute part of something claim construction lyric partial quotient rake off extent size measurement rate magnitude dimension rove tear schtick case small thing tutorial juicy bit thorn offshoot illustration ream lining tuft cushion foldout flap insertion insert detail side digit integer arm link fifty percent incomplete number platter lashing load slew bowlful course comparison equation admeasurement capacity amplitude thin piece source quoting building block tip base diddly picayune spice squat eyelash prosodic unit infinitesimal minimum discrete item piece of pie bucket order spate fistful mountain meal tester pattern job group of words tiniest bit nucleus dog end coin pericope nibble forkful notation note sip tidbit swallow beam spacer leaf sup bole draft draught slurp pension annuity subsidy rest floorboard residue leftovers chock remittance trunk alimony salary endowment recompense bequest scholarship pay gift wage bounty aid permitted amount inheritance legacy prize budget honorarium permitted quantity fee fellowship balance residuum leavings tapered piece solid piece taper shim spire cusp cotter quoin prong keystone cleat deal lumber piece of timber tree trunk chunk of wood driftwood log block of wood survival pin money hangover dregs rump lees support platform vestige residual relic heel excess surplus dross orts odds and ends last part smitch pin small portion chicken feed


A portable computer, that uses an integral combination flat panel display screen / graphics tablet or touch screen/graphics tablet for primary input and primary display, the size of a notebook computer

Trái nghĩa của tablet

tablet Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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