Đồng nghĩa của surplus

Alternative for surplus


Đồng nghĩa: additional, excess, extra, leftover, spare, superfluous, supplementary,

Trái nghĩa: deficit,

Tính từ

Being in excess
excess extra spare remaining superfluous redundant unused additional excessive leftover left dispensable disposable odd reserve supererogatory supernumerary unneeded unwanted expendable in excess useless de trop not required over residual superfluent uncalled for unnecessary left over not needed too much needless exorbitant profuse extravagant inordinate lavish inessential more extraneous unrequired gratuitous added surplus to requirements nonessential fresh supplementary unconsumed extreme further unessential overmuch optional uncalled-for other supplemental wanton undue too many superabundant prodigal disproportionate abounding uneaten increased new another farther immoderate residuary untouched unconscionable unreasonable extrinsic irrelevant intemperate worthless plethoric steep towering dizzying unmeasurable waste overabundant alternative to spare auxiliary going begging ancillary wasteful undesirable top-up over the top surviving avoidable pleonastic enormous exaggerated futile accidental boundless stiff uncritical profligate limitless super overflowing unasked noncompulsory dissipated indulgent unbounded causeless fortuitous available recrementitious stratospheric overboard supernatural overkill casual haphazard relief sky-high free chance self-indulgent way out random substitute beside the point unproductive outstanding backup unwarranted unrestrained vestigial fallback second preposterous still available discarded unrestricted alternate extortionate in reserve overdue insane overweening intolerable outrageous peripheral unlimited overextravagant devilish uncurbed add-on overindulgent left behind OTT bonus back-up out of all proportion over-and-above a bit much complementary on your hands secondary undrunk unjustifiable unwarrantable incidental in hand unwelcome baroque fancy unmerciful accompanying untempered irrational scrap unusable net supporting unimportant trivial unmerited unprofitable nett remanent not wanted pointless cosmetic purposeless vestigal balance continuing to play with left-over non-essential on the side unfinished lingering special collateral contributory one more new-found in addition supererogative over and above rest of unbridled emergency substantial vast uncontrolled immense grandiose tremendous gross improvident standby replacement monstrous infinite prodigious huge monumental immeasurable astronomic imprudent massive stupendous humongous astronomical fantastic unhampered thumping whopping giant mega silly monster extensive ridiculous unchecked mountainous ludicrous epic mighty gargantuan colossal unfettered mammoth overgenerous gigantic uninhibited duplicate super-duper O.T.T. over the odds fall-back in store more than enough

Tính từ

Extremely or exceedingly abundant
superabundant excessive extra in excess overabundant profuse abounding a dime a dozen alive with ample aplenty bounteous bountiful copious crawling with extravagant extreme exuberant fulsome galore generous immoderate lavish liberal lush luxuriant no end openhanded opulent overflowing plentiful plenty prodigal profusive prolific riotous sumptuous superfluous swarming teeming thick with unstinting abundant rich plenteous cornucopian bumper inexhaustible full infinite lank large substantial flush considerable extensive great replete rife huge comfortable boundless a gogo thick voluminous rank productive rampant fertile fruitful exorbitant thick on the ground handsome heavy well-provided munificent flourishing numerous jungly unlimited inordinate countless plethoric innumerable myriad intemperate overmuch unreasonable disproportionate overboard overkill profligate limitless dense unbounded too many way out in abundance well-supplied thriving overgrown verdant green sufficient fecund vigorous awash flowing immeasurable undue unconscionable steep towering fraught thronging enormous exaggerated sizeable needless super overextravagant dissipated indulgent redundant dizzying unmeasurable vast self-indulgent recrementitious stratospheric sky-high more supernatural lousy insane over the top tidy filled populous prosperous weedy leafy fat grown fructuous gushing stiff measureless multitudinous many mega epic packed manifold multiple dripping improvident large-scale over multifarious unrestrained immense overdue overweening intolerable devilish broad big extortionate unrestricted commodious whopping jungle-like wealthy affluent uncurbed prodigious outrageous imprudent in plenty too much out of all proportion stinking with a bit much OTT O.T.T. no end of abundant in abounding in no end in sight well-stocked effusive diffuse grassy baroque fancy unmerciful unsparing princely crammed stuffed mucho plenitudinous proliferous expansive flushed swamped overrun decent a lot very too moneyed luxurious rolling saturated brimming enough and to spare stink with hefty deluged wordy prolix verbose significant stinking crawling endless knee-deep comprehensive a mess of coming out of ears multifold various sweeping global good deep wholesale substantive unbridled unwarranted booming diverse varied assorted legion prevalent several incalculable gratuitous exhaustive unwieldy Himalayan uncontrolled wanton grandiose tremendous gross complete appreciable uncounted miscellaneous disparate numberless multiplied uncountable unremitting incomputable sundry motley unnumbered frequent mixed outsize whacking cumbersome high major Brobdingnagian monstrous monumental astronomic massive stupendous humongous astronomical wasteful fantastic unhampered thumping giant uncalled for silly monster ridiculous unchecked overindulgent mountainous ludicrous super-duper over the odds mighty gargantuan colossal unfettered mammoth overgenerous gigantic preposterous unnecessary uninhibited enough competent swimming wide-reaching wide-ranging far-reaching chock-full generously proportioned unrelenting unyielding unmitigated lousy with de trop overloaded with well provided with rife with crammed with brimful with awash with well stocked with teeming with crowded with jam-packed with chocker with brimming with chock-a-block with charged with swarming with jammed with bursting with stuffed with overflowing with packed with well supplied with loaded with replete with solid with rich in chock-full of fraught with more than enough

Danh từ

A quantity or amount left over in excess of what is required
excess surfeit superabundance superfluity overabundance oversupply plethora glut remainder residue bellyful fat leftovers overage overflow overkill overmuch overplus oversufficiency plus profusion redundancy remnant surplusage remains balance extra overrun overstock spare extra material something extra the limit too much flood more than enough overload nimiety deluge plenty abundance avalanche embarrassment overdose too many leftover exuberance enough plenitude inundation too much of a good thing extravagance enough and to spare overindulgence saturation satiety wastefulness slew superfluousness waste recrement supererogation luxuriance redundance refuse fulsomeness overweight by-product surplusage. superabundance mountain over exorbitance lavishness plateful overflowing superfluous accumulation embarrassment of riches additional things expendability repetition tautology uselessness additional people extra things extra people overconsumption overburden backlog overstatement great quantity satiation leavings extravagantness extravagancy excessiveness rest satisfaction overfullness repletion overwork burden heavy-handedness overegging the pudding dead wood plentitude wealth cornucopia feast torrent up to here much many myriad deductible runoff overspill more … than one can shake a stick at engorgement inordinateness prodigality immoderation intemperance overspending intemperateness insobriety unreasonableness congestion profuseness immoderacy impregnation soaking immoderateness feeding indulgence filling gratification extremeness fullness overfilling completeness slaking

Danh từ

A part or quantity that is left after the greater part has been used, removed, or destroyed
leftover remnant remainder scrap stub end oddment remains balance excess leavings residue remnants scraps dregs residuum leaving overage rest oddments debris crumbs rejects scourings slops offcuts orts pickings relic trash fag end odds and ends uneaten food unused supplies tail ends bits and bobs leftovers difference extra remaining part remaining quantity overspill overflow rump lees legacy vestige residual remaining number junk heel what's left butt others trace superfluity vestiges refuse waste fragment hangover wreckage overplus detritus number left over those left quantity left over additional people bottom of barrel extra material additional material extra things dross tail end part left over extra people part that is left over garbage number that is left over additional things quantity that is left over inheritance carryover outstanding amount bit survival piece fragments shred rest of scrapings bits sweepings pieces portion particle strip last part part end piece rubbish litter cast-offs spoil castoffs holdover sediment grounds part leftover sublimate precipitate settlings slag deposit parings silt sewage scum filtrate shavings carry-over wreck stump ruins salvage the rest of obverse dreck truck chaff raffle offal effluvium deadwood effluvia riffraff drek dust offscouring spilth rubble rummage bits and pieces offscourings slop mullock flotsam and jetsam discarded matter muck grot debitage gash draff raff lumber swill flotsam cultch remainders miscellany sundries traces filth odds and sods ashes hogwash bric-a-brac stuff gubbins effluent clutter spoilage mélange waste material collateral waste matter jumble particles mishmash patchwork mixed bag loose ends hodgepodge notions novelties knickknacks potpourri this and that melee medley rags sundry items assortment motley miscellaneous paraphernalia etcetera olio things miscellanea paraphernalia mess snippets cuttings knick-knacks clobber excrement notion etceteras sludge knick-knackery landfill sullage shreds scree grains outs husks hulls domestic refuse grouts runoff sewerage discharge wastewater glumes rejectamenta dump rash scattering compost pod shell shard crust dunghill food precipitation cheese slush tripe sleaze crapola offcut useless things discarded things white elephants tatter castoff discard cutting space junk residues stubs stalks straw snippet sliver table scraps end of a line off cut stems droppings stubble

Danh từ

(figuratively) A plentiful source of supply
well reservoir repository reserve stockpile supply cache fountain mine stream wellspring allocation fount hoard store storehouse accumulation amount bank cradle fountainhead fund inventory seedbed source treasury font origin root stock pool collection arsenal stash amassment buildup nest egg repertoire quantity pile mass heap crop number budget backlog force portfolio holdings agglomeration aggregation deposit stack conglomeration cumulation wealth trove set assemblage pileup bunch cluster armory armoury gathering chunk range hunk bundle group array gob treasure clump agglomerate depository build-up plant lot accretion repertory list reserves batch abundance load selection aggregate magazine garner riches suite treasure-trove combination depot cumulus lodgment lodgement lump storeroom congeries caboodle weapon store munitions store ordnance depot arms depot hideaway body spring storage series vault coffer savings safe fall-back variety dump assortment wares produce treasure house treasure trove commodities choice merchandise provisions warehouse ordnance resource factory plethora goods articles pharmacopeia pharmacopoeia common supply ensemble accrual ammunition dump arms cache composite unit clutch pataka gang pack assembly party mob crowd crew constellation band clot battery acquisition huddle parcel knot muster passel block grouping package mess rick hiding place shade drop supplies assets drop-off kitty stake gunroom hidden treasure sum whole lot amalgamation entirety integrality totality total kit hidden supply drop joint headquarters the whole kit and caboodle the whole enchilada congregation record listing register catalogue file account roster military building missile silo description directory log tally roll checklist schedule statement archive itemization catalog index table stock list stock book tabulation

Danh từ

The amount or proportion of something that is wasted or lost by deterioration or other natural process
wastage destruction ruin annihilation devastation extermination obliteration ruination demolition extinction desolation decimation demolishment wreckage havoc loss mincemeat waste excess leftovers eradication elimination slaughter liquidation extirpation abolition massacre carnage wiping out end wreck extinguishing wrecking subversion overthrow murder damage slaying assassinating subjugation extinguishment spillage dissolving ravaging disintegrating ravages depredation shattering abolishing subverting death termination sacking crashing crushing invalidating invalidation disrupting excision calamity killing plunder dissolution rooting out dilapidation downfall bane nullification erasure utter destruction. zapping undoing pillage ruins spoliation leakage isolation bleakness wildness dying out levelling razing defoliation violation confusion total destruction oblivion disappearance vanishing flattening bulldozing solitude barrenness loneliness despoliation mince hamburger obsolescence explosion disaster catastrophe solitariness bareness dispatch butchery butchering massacring slaughtering overwhelming ground meat minced meat ground beef minced beef ravagement clearance pulling down knocking down finishing off no life despoiling cataclysm vandalism grimness sterility starkness aridity dismalness killing off leveling thing of the past end of life rubbing out snuffing out taking out putting down rack and ruin tearing down remoteness forlornness desolateness putting to sleep wrack perdition spoilage dereliction emptiness breakdown collapse demise decay disrepair slick spill puddle crash disintegration decrepitude deterioration decline degeneracy atrophy downgrade degeneration labefaction crumbling comedown topple tumble drop break-up falling to pieces failure degradation impairment fall adulteration debasement defeat depreciation decadence defacement harm corrosion corruption blight rotting mortification dying fading rot wasting descent defacing desecration defilement withering perishing decomposition failing decrease vitiation abuse putrefaction putrescence scarring putridity spoiling disfigurement wasting away contamination gangrene rottenness smashing expiration doom passing cropper vandalization spoilation senescence consumption rust caries quietus expiry decease putridness mutilation curtains festering weakening passage grave injury exit neglect foundering shabbiness profanation sacrilege fate devolution marring affliction ravage enfeeblement debilitation blasphemy declension pollution blemish retrogression disturbance great divide ruining dishonour crumpling dismantling blow wear and tear finish falling apart dishonor blighting falling down rape decaying ebbing ebb detriment abandonment sabotage seediness worsening wipeout sleep mischief cessation ricketiness down erosion attrition flameout slump battering waning impiety downturn damaging fizzle reduction lapse abrasion shutdown disuse irreverence infliction bruise mishap falling buckling breaking up slip slide abasement devaluation lessening outrage crackup cave-in disgrace dégringolade trashing revolution grafitti aggravation meltdown kiss of death sentence retribution terrible fate grim fate ending disfiguration prejudice depredations deleteriousness violence destroying desertion banefulness noxiousness mischance curse scourge forsaking uglification vandalizing nemesis impurity fragmenting contaminant adulterant profanity pollutant foul play subsidence smash yielding smashup vandalising relinquishment renunciation rejection giving way depravity ousting road to ruin acts of destruction declination eclipse befoulment unseating deposition displacement malfunction stagnation removal disruption hitch interruption dislocation perversion degringolade debacle depression depletion unrepair disorder halt hindrance impediment stoppage supplanting dethronement rout disestablishment suppression toppling diminishment rack destitution break degrading befouling dishonouring infection exhaustion ravishment dispossession defenestration bad condition poor order poor shape bad shape ravishing molesting lack of success fizzling out seizing up conking out falling through molestation deficiency removal from office removal from power croaking passing on snuffing passing away blue ruin complete distruction deflowering bedding assault devitalization dishonoring defloration seduction seducing dwindling demotion humiliation humbling belittlement reverse downgrading attenuation mistreatment interfering interference Waterloo enervation immiseration downer discomfiture flop letdown dive loss of face lowering reality check comeuppance loss of status pratfall sexual abuse indecent assault sexual assault impoverishment slipping shrinking hurt falloff falling-off suffering friction detrition ill deprivation evil breakage knockout casualty adversity illness wound accident disservice hardship wrong felling torpedoing bombing dynamiting blasting blowing up laying waste razing to the ground

Danh từ

The state of being congested
congestion crowding overcrowding clogging bottleneck mass snarl-up blockage blocking jam obstruction choking plugging stoppage stuffing gridlock cramming crowdedness excess jamming mobbing overdevelopment overpopulation press profusion rubber-necking surfeit traffic jam tailback logjam snarl backup hold-up tie-up holdup jam-up rush hour clog queue roadblock restricted access block barrier constriction line traffic congestion file overflow traffic peak hour heavy traffic road rage overloading deadlock halt stalemate impasse standstill excess numbers standoff Mexican standoff sig alert obstacle full stop restriction stop pause arrest cessation delay check dead end interruption discontinuance stand-off cutoff stand layoff checkmate draw stay close closure shutdown rest stopping dead heat downtime abeyance hitch end tie break interval discontinuation wait respite suspension wash intermission lapse interlude breather catch-22 hiatus dead stop stopover breathing space letup freeze time out break-off sit-down occlusion snafu walkout lockout hindrance down deduction immobilization buildup blind alley fly-half wall immobilisation level toss-up lull end of the road gap hesitation backlog collision showdown even game photo finish drawn battle even money caesura interregnum let-up traffic snarl log jam moratorium recess breath adjournment hole cross-purposes beat entr'acte inaction break off hush silence lapse of time pausation lacuna happy hour stillness comma interim rest period awkward moment breathing spell coffee break communication breakdown termination finish ending conclusion cease expiration arrestment surcease closedown shutoff offset screeching halt grinding halt screaming halt

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