Đồng nghĩa của appreciable

Alternative for appreciable

appreciable /ə'pri:ʃəbl/
  • tính từ
    • có thể đánh giá được
    • thấy rõ được

Tính từ

Large enough to be estimated
detectable perceptible considerable discernible distinguishable marked measurable noticeable significant substantial visible apprehensible ascertainable clear-cut definite discernable evident fair goodly material obvious palpable perceivable pronounced reasonable recognisable recognizable sensible sizeable tidy apparent estimable good-sized healthy large manifest observable plain sizable tangible clear distinct conspicuous unmistakable patent striking notable transparent blatant audible prominent signal salient identifiable outstanding dramatic overt distinctive unconcealed decided lucid perspicuous undeniable arresting remarkable bold demonstrable noteworthy kenspeckle crystal clear open solid ponderable concrete unambiguous indisputable discoverable unambivalent unequivocal real positive self-evident nonambiguous actual barefaced ringing broad bald luminous luculent straightforward commanding bodacious splashy eye-catching flamboyant brilliant catchy noisy grabby showy emphatic stark categorical certain bald-faced open-and-shut bright-line arrestive rare surprising uncommon factual stunning objective unusual true quantifiable phenomenal out of the ordinary well defined known familiar decipherable understandable cognizable traceable moderate classifiable sharp visual seeable explicit well-marked enunciated divergent unique discrete special individual consequential weighty heavy massive plain as day well-defined clean-cut black-and-white easily distinguishable important unexpected of importance worthy of attention of consequence easily seen astonishing extraordinary sensational pointed spectacular physical worldly hearable wonderful strong impressive drop-dead amazing incredible memorable staggering dazzling astounding corporeal earthly eye-popping jaw-dropping gee-whizz forcible temporal fleshly mundane under one's nose in plain sight in full view big as life open and shut can't miss it dynamite singular telling startling jazzy cogent compelling forceful lofty charming fascinating powerful electrifying confounding bizarre wondrous distinguished loud sublunary right under your nose terrestrial carnal bodily earthborn non-spiritual terrene earthbound resounding auricular deafening roaring carrying vocal aural sounding genuine hard legitimate veritable authentic nonspiritual lay incarnate certified verifiable veridical confirmed valid legit verified certifiable secular undoubted firm honest absolute unquestionable indubitable substantive proper intelligible loud enough within earshot able to be heard well documented bona fide well-grounded honest-to-goodness incontestable incontrovertible pellucid glaring blinding undisguised inescapable plain to see flagrant beyond doubt beyond question writ large gross credible sure plausible ostensible seeming believable colorable as plain as a pikestaff written all over someone standing out a mile sticking out a mile as clear as day staring one in the face sticking out like a sore thumb standing out like a sore thumb irrefutable conclusive comprehensible out-and-out naked definitive brazen outright proven complete downright cut-and-dried unqualified arrant utter self-explanatory final shameless express sheer rank decisive unarguable frank axiomatic unsubtle unhidden unmitigated simple direct irrefragable inarguable obtrusive unanswerable unchallengeable accurate staring someone in the face egregious audacious as plain as the nose on your face revealed unassailable thoroughgoing accepted dreadful accomplished pure recognized convincing not in doubt beyond dispute out in the open limpid outrageous recognised univocal easily understood clear cut flat-out total ultimate undebatable seen ocular unadulterated unfeigned macroscopic graspable precise confirmable unreserved blunt assured in view in sight viewable acknowledged apodictic perspicacious undisputed guaranteed uncontroversial not hidden candid flat watertight full settled specific to be seen graphic authoritative brass-necked unblurred nailed-on bare-faced established easy to follow beyond a shadow of a doubt lucent beyond a doubt as plain as day clearly expressed black and white cut and dried provable unrestrained perfect thorough flaunting shocking wholehearted consummate ostentatious unashamed fathomable heinous enormous scandalous atrocious easy to understand notorious demonstrative categoric glaringly obvious unchallenged uncontested user friendly user-friendly crying knowable unalloyed profound unconditional as plain as the nose on one's face written all over one clear as a bell clinching surefire determinate deliberate on view on display terrible reprehensible disgraceful set much in evidence empirical straight airtight dead stone plumb regular clean as clear as crystal crystalline monstrous wicked shameful unquestioned double-checked deadly iniquitous villainous uncontestable vivid safe forthright blank matter-of-fact blooming unimpeachable particular capital in evidence sure thing no mistake undisputable infernal crystal severe de facto crisp very literal all-out straight-out out and out plain as the nose on your face authenticated in the bag crystal-clear real-life as sure as eggs is eggs no ifs ands or buts effective substantiated as plain as daylight cotton-picking hard and fast demonstrated realistic existent without doubt avowed comprehendible easily noticed translucent percipient observant sensitive trenchant cognitive cognoscible appercipient knowing dinkum well-known manifestly evinced divulged disclosed unrestricted evidenced unexaggerated understood exclusive controlled exposed public utmost right under one's nose unshakable prima facie unveiled mere unbounded noncontroversial joined-up accessible unproblematic telltale runaway serious unequivocable noted articulate coherent attestable evincible inordinate grievous patently true transpicuous inimitable exorbitant extreme excessive major clear as day digestible readily comprehensible well grounded well-founded well-proven cinched unalterable immoderate especial intrinsic sure-enough nailed down anywhere to be seen staring you in the face unfailing infallible blessed confounded for certain easily grasped impregnable invincible irresistible sharply defined convinced confident for sure on ice artless implicit inevitable sound undubitable minute silhouetted clearly defined not vague stated incisive great crystalling no two ways about it foolproof irrevocable unerring make no bones tacit flawless supportable sustainable checkable empiric resolute doubtless virtual implied well-constructed irrebuttable overwhelming ironclad odds-on apodeictic without explanation clearly explained no catch ascertained secure essential no holds barred no strings attached no fine print unacknowledged straight from the shoulder point-blank straight out awful inexpugnable stable frozen sealed fixed hard-and-fast deducible inferable inerrant questionless failsafe infamous not in question unvarnished unembellished unstinting unsparing immodest establishable supreme nof ifs ands or buts can bet on it upfront guileless upright outspoken unadorned uninhibited flagitious fail-safe sure-fire can't-miss plainspoken heartless forthcoming unguarded natural real-world attested validated having down pat flagitous there are no two ways about it all sewn up brutal grody flaming practical non-fictional everyday corporal unabashed impudent unblushing free-spoken up-front no-nonsense plain-spoken unfabled unembarrassed brash insolent hanging out stick out like sore thumb surpassing unrepentant crashing entire blasted snazzy without shame protrusive meretricious gaudy glitzy flashy screaming overbold brassy garish through and through that's a fact no ifs ands or buts about it

Tính từ

(in amount) Exceedingly large
huge significant generous gross handsome excessive abundant ample considerable hefty immeasurable lavish plenteous plentiful princely substantial substantive prodigious respectable profuse bountiful voluminous liberal major meaningful notable copious exorbitant extravagant important serious healthy fat sizeable large sizable great goodly big tidy extensive decent good vast marked reasonable astronomical massive largish biggish comfortable immense fair superabundant bounteous enormous tremendous not to be sneezed at material bumper solid grand noticeable astronomic heavy monumental full oversize hulking extraordinary titanic pronounced large-scale bulky outsize oversized outsized competitive excellent decent-sized bonny legit worthwhile phenomenal gigantic monstrous expansive mountainous steady thick whopping giant king-size meaty elephantine jumbo hulky king size grandiose colossal humongous herculean mammoth king-sized measurable vital crucial utmost paramount prime momentous fundamental urgent critical consequential pressing essential central exceeding ultra earth-shattering earthshaking much tolerable boundless commodious pretty worth taking into account overflowing infinite inexhaustible prolific galore teeming complete flush rich opulent fertile cornucopian plenty productive aplenty fruitful luxuriant lank rife competent swarming swimming a gogo exuberant unlimited superfluous fulsome prodigal sufficient well-provided lush flowing chock-full abounding enough improvident replete no end lousy with thick on the ground gargantuan mighty stupendous monster gigantesque cyclopean heroic super-duper mega super Brobdingnagian cosmic humungous towering whacking supersize leviathan oceanic cosmical galactic heroical pharaonic vasty planetary walloping supersized Himalayan ginormous thumping epic very big very large Herculean thumping great whopping great whacking great weighty brobdingnagian blimp stellar whale of a behemoth whaling inordinate limitless Bunyanesque massy pythonic mastodonic wide broad imposing almighty unbounded incalculable terrific fantastic endless ponderous eternal awesome immoderate cumbersome titan interminable illimitable cumbrous measureless unwieldy super-colossal behemothic Cyclopean mondo unreasonable extortionate mahoosive outrageous overgrown preposterous extreme sky-high barn door mastodontic Moby amazing wonderful cracking remarkable striking staggering marvellous impressive startling fabulous unusual exceptional miraculous astounding stunning astonishing sensational breathtaking dramatic incredible spectacular unbelievable flabbergasting abnormal mind-boggling mind-blowing fantabulous comprehensive wondrous capacious marvelous mortal ominous widespread formidable expanded overwhelming spacious sweeping mundo detailed Gargantuan never-ending very great iniquitous inflated expensive far-flung spread-out stretched-out far-reaching all-inclusive penal undue unrestricted unbridled exaggerated unwarranted intemperate unrestrained gratuitous needless unconscionable overmuch disproportionate surplus plethoric uncontrolled profligate wanton dissipated indulgent overdue insane overweening overabundant uncurbed intolerable redundant imprudent steep dizzying unmeasurable wasteful unhampered silly ridiculous recrementitious stratospheric unchecked overindulgent ludicrous overboard overextravagant more supernatural overkill devilish unfettered overgenerous extra unnecessary uninhibited uncalled for out of all proportion self-indulgent too much too many a bit much OTT O.T.T. over the odds over the top way out magnificent tall heavyweight statuesque kingly megalithic good-size good-sized extremely large extremely big full-size jumbo-sized giant-sized giant-size extra-large a whale of a super colossal larger-than-life

Tính từ

Considerable though not outstanding in size or amount
fair considerable abundant biggish comfortable generous goodly marked noticeable significant sizable sizeable substantial tidy worthwhile middling acceptable decent passable reasonable respectable average satisfactory so-so adequate moderate tolerable mediocre ample common goodish medium okay ordinary sufficient usual fairish intermediate mean fair-to-middling good enough pretty good all right not bad fair to middling OK O.K. run-of-the-mill up to standard presentable good fine serviceable fairly good sensible moderately good not to be sneezed at unexceptional suitable agreeable standard up to scratch copacetic competent alright unobjectionable palatable sufficiently good unremarkable admissible vanilla pleasing bog-standard indifferent plain vanilla hunky-dory undistinguished up to par up to snuff up to the mark pleasant fit half-pie fitting copasetic jake swell allowable sound no great shakes in order sufficing nothing to write home about quite good workaday not too bad unexceptionable convenient cool not up to much solid assuasive appeasing assuaging middle-of-the-road kosher A-OK amateur bearable appropriate proper amateurish second-rate delightful run-of-the-mine run-of-mine second-class not much cop ducky satisfying commensurate valid enough tickety-boo right on on the beam on the ball up to code becoming prepared attractive modest commonplace minimal honest fair enough groovy delighting cogent gratifying peachy fulfilling able plenty cromulent everyday uninspired unexciting inferior pedestrian nothing to shout about lacklustre forgettable prosaic not very good lackluster meh not so hot correct big hep trendy welcome large inoffensive innocuous peachy keen hip in the swim cooking with gas harmless snug totally fine completely understandable unimpeachable livable supportable better than nothing sustainable okey-dokey sufferable justifiable defendable endurable defensible

Tính từ

Of great size
large big colossal enormous giant gigantic huge great massive monumental humongous sizable grand immense super astronomical cosmic elephantine gargantuan ginormous grandiose inordinate lofty mammoth mighty monster monstrous overgrown oversized prodigious sizeable tall titanic towering tremendous vast astronomic beefy brawny broad brobdingnagian Bunyanesque burly cavernous chunky commodious cosmical cyclopean extreme fleshy formidable galactic heavy heavyset heavyweight Herculean hulking hulky humungous husky leviathan mastodonic meaty monolithic mountainous muscly muscular pharaonic powerful staggering stellar stout strapping strong stupendous sturdy thick thickset vasty walloping weighty wide capacious liberal roomy spacious thumping well-built biggish boxcar Falstaffian flabby fubsy hunky jumbo largish oversize paunchy solid buxom greater larger outsized whopping zaftig blimp dirty great giant-size giant-sized goodly gross king-size king-sized man-size man-sized of considerable size thumping great whacking great whopping great barn door big and strong broad in the beam broad-shouldered bulky corn-fed muscle-bound not inconsiderable powerfully built roly-poly solidly built well fed well upholstered king size considerable extensive ample voluminous substantial significant hefty substantive abundant tidy major long profuse large-scale herculean immeasurable outsize bumper pronounced whacking profitable plentiful prosperous full superabundant much respectable noticeable adequate sufficient advantageous lavish lucrative worthwhile rewarding whole entire not to be sneezed at reasonable marked plenteous handsome complete paying stiff good remunerative gainful steep exorbitant boundless high terrible consequential extraordinary serious protracted extended numerous excessive expansive prolonged decided fat bull mondo lengthy massy Himalayan supersized mega Brobdingnagian supersize gigantesque oceanic super-duper heroical planetary heroic epic very large very big generous almighty infinite ponderous princely terrific limitless very great cumbersome behemothic imposing unwieldy impressive fantastic magnificent unlimited incalculable cumbrous super-colossal notable measureless titan kingly great big rip-roaring thundering endless intense eternal jumbo-sized extremely large extremely big interminable extra-large illimitable extravagant conclusive outstanding roaring striking decisive emphatic overwhelming Cyclopean unbounded resounding remarkable unmistakable memorable phenomenal noteworthy unqualified comprehensive full-size mahoosive good-size good-sized megalithic awful awesome out-and-out thorough dreadful Gargantuan cracking fearful a whale of a socking great whopper super colossal larger-than-life whale of a awkward unhandy ungainly unmanageable unmanoeuvrable incommodious girthy high-cost inflated extortionate OS Moby moving august dynamic eminent majestic renowned illustrious irresistible behemoth statuesque bountiful astounding lumbering healthy bounteous daunting laborious whaling appalling clumsy widespread frightful bonny unsparing thrashing expanded severe over the odds deep life-size horrific fierce harsh sweeping prolific mundo detailed unfathomable fathomless elephantic fair-size fair-sized family-sized through the ceiling sky-high thunderous never-ending family-size swelled economy-size magnific economy-sized far-flung spread-out stretched-out far-reaching all-inclusive empyrean global interstellar cosmogonal interplanetary catholic cosmopolitan space intergalactic cosmogonic ecumenical moneymaking economic money-spinning juicy

Tính từ

(of an object or situation) Significant in degree of importance or urgency
major important significant crucial serious urgent core critical fundamental key big consequential considerable focal grave intrinsic meaningful paramount pertinent pivotal pressing substantial vital weighty central integral large main material ponderous primary principal profound sweeping capital dire essential exceptional exigent far-reaching heavy heavy-duty high-priority imposing intense large-scale notable noteworthy prime pronounced severe sizable acute almighty burning cardinal determining especial eventful foremost heavyweight historic immediate impactful influential instrumental mighty monumental overriding pointed powerful prominent salient striking telling top-priority worthwhile all-important big league big-league big-time dangerous grand grievous high-level high-profile life and death life-changing major-league of concern of consequence of note overshadowing top-level life-and-death of great consequence momentous earth-shattering earthshaking earnest hefty of moment of significance of great import landmark memorable decisive much tectonic sober somber tough difficult solemn sombre major league hard fateful portentous no joke no laughing matter meaty leading super eminent valuable mammoth super colossal strategic extraordinary forceful extensive extreme milestone noticeable great conspicuous signal marked remarkable carrying a lot of weight impressive special ponderable sensational conclusive glaring newsworthy distinctive front-page outstanding rare unusual deep uncommon glum staid sedate stern climacteric unforgettable glorious headline preponderant obvious keynote resonant particular unordinary emphatic quantum generous potent strong worthy of attention humourless gloomy dour grim austere downbeat quiet humorless underlined sad uncomic cold sober no-nonsense matter of life and death of great importance big deal chief imperative necessary basic deciding relevant epoch-making settling radical indispensable blue-chip predominant final dominant definitive groundbreaking compelling active top lively useful ground-breaking requisite pre-eminent professional famous staple original four-star high-power imperious strictly business innovative absolute playing hard ball massive premier certain substantive quintessential supreme pioneering underlying rudimentary necessitous preeminent first elementary dynamic elemental mandatory needed required foundational structural determinative dramatic clamorous strenuous indicative inherent energetic constitutional rudimental earth-shaking prerequisite constitutive of importance meat-and-potatoes must-have vitally important ultimate life-preserving life-sustaining arresting overwhelming celebrated busy full moving intrusive projecting protruding arrestive jutting obtrusive last clear exciting red-letter breakthrough valid purposeful greatest renowned famed drastic applicable highest event-filled egregious responsible defining shaping causal evaluative apocalyptic hectic action-packed arch commanding epochal innovatory revolutionary pithy apposite germane fitting well-known creative testing sententious definite huge appropriate apropos apt world-shaking world-shattering formative trying searching basal trenchant authoritative sizeable psychological solid high priority imaginative decided incisive characteristic root primordial primitive organic initial natural compulsory desperate overruling primal tremendous real widespread crisp fatal operative settled peremptory needful obligatory constituent productive stunning devastating earthshattering ruling master climactic firm respectable sturdy sound touchy insistent showdown climatic component connected innate beginning introductory abecedarian ingrained litmus test good durable healthy ample touch and go hanging by thread on thin ice now or never wide-ranging broad vigorous superabundant abundant galvanic vast steady all important at the heart of sustaining axiomatic axiological bottom-line supporting deep-seated substratal substrative grass-roots theoretical bottom underived groundlaying blanket all-embracing overarching called for germinal inspiring inspirational seminal generative far-flung expansive comprehensive ambitious extended wide rangy pervasive wholesale big-deal much needed very important life-or-death of the utmost importance of the essence clamant importunate far-ranging in-depth across-the-board emergent crying across the board prevalent controversial topical current harsh urging propulsive violent enterprising driving motivating impellent instant contemporary disastrous life-threatening distressing live of interest terrible painful brutal bad awful hazardous arduous fierce toilsome threatening bitter bleak ugly taxing sobering worrying perilous intensive peracute exacting punishing menacing excessive precarious grinding competent arterial talented through trunk top-notch able big time excellent effectual of use capable robust number-one stupendous effective splendid splendorous of value skookum top-drawer efficient efficacious most influential most important

Tính từ

Renowned and recognized in a given field or domain
estimable respectable esteemed respected reputable name reputed good prestigious recognised recognized valued excellent honoured valuable worthy admirable honourable meritorious admired august decent deserving high-powered honorable honored meretorious meritable noble palmary praisable prized sterling venerable well-thought-of big name big time in limelight major league celebrated renowned acclaimed distinguished revered illustrious famous eminent well thought of upright famed noted virtuous righteous honest notable venerated acknowledged lionized highly rated important of repute well-regarded pre-eminent lauded prominent lionised reliable highly regarded of note vaunted creditable great exemplary of high standing well known well received exalted much touted principled upstanding just dignified trustworthy dependable moral well-known irreproachable ethical laudable praiseworthy right-minded much vaunted highly esteemed pure highly thought of extolled considerable unimpeachable blameless conscientious high-principled of good repute high-minded commendable established praised professional seemly popular outstanding fine faithful glorious incorruptible anti-corruption elevated redoubted imposing morally correct squeaky clean scrupulous law-abiding decorous influential trusted proper constant authoritative innocent sound of good standing notorious well respected appreciated leading preeminent star major smart angelic sinless irreprehensible guiltless sincere visible significant big-name big feted storied above board pure as the driven snow whiter than white clean straightforward legendary laureate redoubtable modest with a good reputation applauded justifiable justified fitting loyal incorrupt trusty much-admired dutiful right clean-living uncorrupted right-thinking self-righteous solid nice of good report highly praised salt of the earth true responsible up there beloved prizewinning decorated immortal large commended hailed cheered time-honored needy due thankworthy rightful eligible well-favoured well favoured flaunted number one numero uno touted reverenced hallowed impressive paraded worshipped promoted overhyped advertised publicized hyped rectitudinous equitable high-status conscionable above reproach on the level stand-up honest-to-goodness guileless fair-minded unerring above-board veracious wholesome publicised boasted about bragged about made much of shown off saintlike saintly godly lofty sacred reverend sage immaculate impeccable chaste in the public eye untainted obedient balanced lawful unbribable incorrupted favoring wise exulted in crowed about prated about moralistic celibate genteel made a display of serious grand sedate matriarchal experienced patriarchal philosophical worshipful stately worshiped grave cultivated inculpable tractable well-behaved lily-white charitable sanctimonious unobjectionable undefiled foremost correct polite befitting presentable lenient sportsmanly favouring religious prim sportsmanlike saving dinkum G-rated vestal top noteworthy worthwhile neat tidy spruce accepted peerless chief model applaudable appropriate comely conforming suitable ordinary well bred moderate becoming sublime mediocre de rigueur done exceptional proud devoted invaluable signal powerful infamous superior conspicuous first-class comme il faut dedicated steady superstar memorable celeb world-class big-league widely known of distinction staunch A-1 true-blue firm worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out much-publicized major-league high-profile fast big-time big-shot big league unswerving having made a name for oneself VIP true-hearted sure straight pious steadfast tried unwavering stanch secure trustable devout safe supportive calculable tried-and-true truehearted veridical allegiant down-the-line resolute wholehearted all right ardent no lie on the up and up undistorted liege confirmed up front square legitimate favored legit truthful fair high-ranking copper-bottomed favoured tried and trusted in high favor dominant remarkable seminal predominant premier principal regal aristocratic paramount luminous supreme bright puissant iconic high-level main prime brilliant high profile astral mighty senior pivotal cherished magnificent majestic key primary central extraordinary arch capital highest formidable resonant top-drawer high-up potent heavy of mark much publicized splendid kingly solemn gallant staid royal imperial lordly top-ranking public cardinal magnific portly focal consequential integral high-flying essential head heroic refined distinctive historical golden core gracious highfalutin' resplendent commanding heavyweight greatest prevailing fabled well-connected alpha all-important big-gun celebrious first self-respecting sovereign learned of influence incomparable upper-class primal heavy-duty overbearing far-famed talked about high-quality well-beloved high loved widely-known holy underlined strong award-winning instrumental leonine lionlike page-oner widely knowbn dynamic formal eventful top-level controlling magnanimous energetic substantial of consequence something else of importance well-liked in spotlight marked material fundamental eloquent rich oratorical upper marvelous towering cogent four-star successful phenomenal deciding superlative triumphal idealistic weighty reserved courtly ceremonious singular liked prodigious especial special striking unforgettable shining unparalleled gifted matchless prior unexcelled unequaled unequalled first rate arch- of the first rank unsurpassed marvellous nonpareil arresting salient big-wheel imperious highbrow composed master great-hearted historic dominating regnant hot-dog couth sombre magisterial distingué starchy somber nifty monumental superb lead trendsetting vital winning governing awe-inspiring heroical epic massive grandiose baronial Homeric talked of far-reaching patrician premium beneficent valiant just so apex transcendent of great consequence pompous elite familiar posh biggest largest independent self-sufficient accomplished recognizable highborn upmarket overmastering highbred gentle huge sovran overriding wellborn number-one in the limelight top-notch widely praised well born silk-stocking blue-blooded upper-crust high-born recognisable valid authentic accurate factual attested certified scholarly definitive verifiable veritable authenticated proven straight from horse's mouth documented supported convincing from the horse's mouth precise circumstantiated validated well founded verified

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