Đồng nghĩa của discrete

Alternative for discrete

discreter, discretest

Đồng nghĩa: distinct,

Tính từ

Individually separate and distinct
separate detached disconnected unattached distinct individual discontinuous free freestanding single unconnected different disjoined disjunct diverse isolated several various non-continuous independent disparate unique distinctive separated particular sole respective solitary singular specific special lone only exclusive apart especial alone divided dissimilar unrelated distinguished express disengaged removed distinguishable autonomous unassociated contrasting uncoupled one characteristic unlike divergent distinguishing nonidentical distant unalike mismatched standalone definite unitary not attached divorced by itself precise dissociated peculiar unaccompanied solo unhitched contradictory contrastive unallied one-off clashing incompatible inconsistent incongruent conflicting differing discrepant idiosyncratic incomparable contrary antithetic proper undivided unequal other deviating sui generis standing alone standing apart cut off signature diacritic not related selfstanding non-identical severed unrepeatable certain secluded sequestered irrelevant categorical individualized disjointed personal private dispersed individualised opposite opposed particularised antithetical opposing discordant incongruous dissonant particularized select typical segregated unlinked disharmonious inconsonant diverging incommensurate varying variant pure odd lonely not joined free-standing set apart self-contained contrasted uncoordinated anomalous impertinent nongermane irrelative inappropriate unmixed unshared one only uncompounded left alone one and only only one simple unalloyed unblended singled-out extraordinary bipolar lonesome companionless unescorted not kin not kindred unaffiliated alternative disproportionate in opposition ill-matched at variance at odds diagnostic classic unusual remarkable discriminating identifying differentiating symptomatic noteworthy uncommon original diagnostical uncommitted alternate by oneself stag forsaken single-handed abandoned all alone without companions by yourself onliest neutral non-aligned self-ruling non-partisan self-governing loose parted uninvolved unassociated with independent of uncommited fancy-free footloose unfastened untied on one's own at liberty off the hook loosened unhooked unbuttoned undone loosed unzipped offbeat disunited emancipated poles apart

Tính từ

Clearly defined or identified
specific distinct specified certain definite precise express set explicit single clear determined defined fixed distinctive exact particular predetermined concrete established identified limited selective given identifiable outright reserved sole specialised specialized straight-out special peculiar separate isolated individual especial singular proper distinguishing characteristic unique signature exclusive clear-cut representative typical indicative idiosyncratic symbolic discriminating emblematic appropriate marked symptomatic restricted identifying personal individualistic circumscribed unmistakable differentiating discriminative diagnostical individualising diagnostic individualizing one regular actual inherent archetypal delimited innate original quintessential prototypical classic standard peculiar to particular to definitive found only in narrow local essential demarcated very deliberate stipulated absolute unidentified unnamed private lone only alone categorical anonymous purposeful in character complete detailed confined localized designated select earmarked inborn inbred archetypical true contained exclusive to copybook illustrative model vintage paradigmatic textbook custom-built purpose-built tailor-made classical exemplary stock ideal stereotypical typical of native characteristic of measured direct confirmed finite determinate bounded black-and-white prime stereotyped prototypic prototypal archetypic suggestive stereotypic ingrained plain cut-and-dried hard patterned typic perfect localised constrained convinced assigned well defined prescribed clearly defined beyond doubt endemic intrinsic particularised particularized most typical

Tính từ

Consisting of fragments
fragmentary incomplete broken disconnected incoherent partial piecemeal sketchy bitty disjointed scattered scrappy unsystematic deficient discontinuous fragmental fragmented half halfway inconsistent patchy uneven untidy fractional inconclusive jumbled part in pieces unfinished imperfect fitful inadequate uncompleted disorganized interrupted unaccomplished undone disorganised unexecuted erratic intermittent insufficient spasmodic perfunctory superficial defective half-done disrupted undeveloped immature confused unconnected not completed rambling wanting under construction lacking disturbed limited restricted outline qualified unperformed sectional divided unpolished rough crude rudimentary garbled meagre inchoate fuzzy meager not finished ongoing unassembled truncated unfulfilled unconcluded unperfected in progress half-baked in the making not done broad-brush moderate part-way thumbnail irregular varying variable skeletal lacking in detail awaiting completion half-completed half-finished slipshod patchwork thrown together not concluded partially finished partially complete unsettled sporadic spotty troubled partially haphazard fitfully gradual intermittently cursory vague skimpy slight disordered short disunited imprecise half- compartmented dismembered dispersed compartmental parceled apportioned frationary constituent segmented by degrees at intervals abridged shortened muddled scanty hurried hasty provisional aimless half-pie by fits and starts little by little step by step stage by stage faulty preliminary cobbled together woolly uncritical shallow coarse wooly unclear hazy introductory depthless choppy separated half done unwhole rude not total curtailed expurgated underdone not whole unconsummated not entire dislocated mixed up wandering without unity displaced split loose directionless parcelled far-out jumpy unorganised spaced-out unattached incohesive jerky out-to-lunch irrational out-of-it cool spacey unorganized disorderly on the back of an envelope flawed scant low unsound scarce poor shy shoddy impaired amiss weak not enough damaged bad warped blemished sparse insubstantial paltry inferior substandard too little unsatisfactory malfunctioning cracked duff shabby green injured below par in short supply marred out of order raw unformed unripe incommensurate pathetic measly exiguous scratched deformed torn inoperative second-rate failing piddling bereft too few small not working not functioning unfit sick unreliable fallible not up to scratch unrefined inexperienced callow stunted unmellowed puerile unripened juvenile unfledged adolescent thin dry infrequent rare buckled non-functioning destitute devoid finite found wanting distorted minus miserly drained needing incorrect too small knackered minimal junk not ripe lame in disrepair lean gone wrong needed inexact too little too late lemon botched on the blink frail tainted leaving much to be desired broken-down not much cop shorthanded chipped crippled off not making it not hacking it coming up short undermanned not developed underdeveloped inconsiderable unsellable unsaleable inappreciable unsuitable unworthy bare laughable feeble crummy tenth-rate below standard lousy unequal underprovided undersupplied spare parsimonious depleted derisory barren rubbish ropy inaccurate unproductive stinted disfigured vicious garbage faultful schlocky two-bit bottom-of-barrel dud second string second fiddle outta gas third string little tiny fallacious invalid wrong erroneous not make it not cut out for circumscribed defined definite determinate measured basic in a state of disrepair not up to snuff few bugs bush-league abortive half-grown unready set reduced ineffectual diminished mean debased rank unretentive contradictory adulterated awry false malformed blamable leaky maimed disappointing sour premature young fresh unsatisfying unacceptable imperfectly developed not mature absent missing not good enough not up to standard bodger not acceptable buggy not matured omitted empty cooked gone away bankrupt deprived less unqualified abnormal seconds unhealthy subnormal not up to par burned out in default cut off unfitted incapable unample incompetent out of gas not up to expectations on the bum at a premium short of out of

Tính từ

Having more than one shape or appearance
multiform all manner of assorted changeable changing different disparate distinct distinctive divers diverse diversified heterogeneous individual legion manifold many many-sided miscellaneous mixed motley multifarious multitudinal multitudinous numerous omnifarious peculiar polymorphic polymorphous populous protean separate several sundry unalike unequal unlike variant varied variegated haphazard eclectic ragtag differing kitchen-sink piebald indiscriminate patchwork wide-ranging jumbled raggle-taggle magpie promiscuous various conglomerate varying myriad dissimilar divergent contrasting multiple incongruous mingled multifaceted multiplex unrelated discrepant a variety of broad extensive contrastive distinguishable wide confused farraginous contrary comprehensive inconsistent disordered unique unsimilar loose multifold diversiform multicultural a number of an assortment of a mixture of a range of composite compound inharmonious discordant odd contrasted mismatched complex alternate disproportionate discriminable muddled unconnected unassociated alternative colorful contradictory varicolored opposite some non-identical nonidentical colourful many and various like night and day not the same a mixed bag of balanced dubious hybrid random abundant copious scrambled unmatched scattered unsorted conflicting streets apart incompatible voluminous multivarious multiplied pluralist multiethnic many and different unsuited varietal well-rounded morefold plural beaucoup collective ill-matched omniform variform collected dissonant a mixed bag anthologized jarring independent mongrel mosaic amalgamate unallied opposed of every description general quite a few clashing catholic distinguishing all-embracing uncongenial antagonistic irregular liberal broad-ranging universal aberrant exotic combined blended alloyed united fused cosmopolitan broad-based inclusive encyclopedic distant other not similar ill-assorted at variance incorporated amalgamated pluralistic offbeat weird antithetical antonymous mismated interdisciplinary non-exclusive multidisciplinary cross-disciplinary selective poles apart not alike assimilated hybridized multinational transfused multiracial hybridised joint brewed unsegregated heterogenous merged infused woven crossed embodied interdenominational interracial married international kneaded integrated tied dilettantish far from far cry complicated intricate not capable of comparison encyclopaedic like chalk and cheese chaotic convoluted march to a different drummer disorganized confusing disarranged kaleidoscopic disorganised many-faceted

Tính từ

scattered infrequent intermittent irregular isolated occasional sparse sporadic strewn widespread odd erratic spasmodic periodic casual episodic rare scarce fitful discontinuous aperiodic uncommon episodical periodical random seldom semioccasional unsteady patchy spotty choppy spastic uneven unfrequent catchy unusual few limited on and off exceptional scanty unwonted unaccustomed few and far between scant in fits and starts unlikely rarefied incidental out of the common unique desultory unheard of disconnected recurrent recurring out of the ordinary seasonal on-again-off-again hit-or-miss fragmentary on again and off again not frequent not habitual convulsive jerky uncustomary rambling uncertain spurtive twitching shaky changeable wandering aberrated aberrant chance intervallic abnormal atypical anomalous disjointed accidental outré in bits and pieces unpredictable scattershot fortuitous fluky contingent unconventional surprising uncharacteristic unexpected unorthodox part-time broken bits and pieces fits and starts cyclic punctuated on-and-off continual stop-go isochronal epochal cyclical alternate shifting checked stop-and-go iterative interrupted rhythmical arrested metrical discontinuing isochronous iterant rhythmic alternating serial scattering some not many unthinkable light unimaginable attenuated singular subtile magnificent deficient flimsy outstanding recherche subtle standout towering inconceivable tenuous strange thin remarkable preeminent attenuate extraordinary short by bits and pieces here and there every other now and then meager sometime stray meagre thin on the ground like gold dust once in a blue moon as scarce as hens' teeth

Tính từ

Able to be perceived, sensed, or discerned
distinguishable discernible perceptible detectable sensible appreciable apprehensible discernable palpable conspicuous noticeable obvious recognisable recognizable evident manifest well-marked apparent clear divergent individual observable perceivable ponderable special unique visible unmistakable plain distinct marked patent pronounced striking salient blatant bold tangible clear-cut prominent unconcealed open measurable glaring transparent arresting decided overt significant notable signal unambiguous outstanding unequivocal lucid inescapable perspicuous straightforward self-evident discoverable identifiable remarkable explicit undeniable crystal clear pointed seeable indisputable nonambiguous easily seen under one's nose undisguised bald-faced ringing writ large as plain as a pikestaff standing out a mile definite sticking out like a sore thumb visual eye-catching obtrusive understandable considerable luculent bald big as life out in the open unambivalent flagrant pellucid barefaced open-and-shut sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb audible dramatic seen ocular revealed commanding flamboyant brilliant grabby emphatic macroscopic unhidden splashy catchy showy kenspeckle bodacious noisy in view in sight demonstrable viewable certain not hidden to be seen unquestionable luminous broad conclusive bright-line plain to see beyond doubt beyond question ascertainable as plain as the nose on your face written all over someone staring someone in the face substantial known incontrovertible incontestable blinding sure positive noteworthy self-explanatory unsubtle open and shut exposed cut-and-dried clear as a bell as clear as day written all over one standing out as plain as day clearly visible as clear as crystal staring one in the face cut and dried clear cut familiar decipherable classifiable noted distinctive cognizable traceable strong great articulate transpicuous sizeable reasonable material fair goodly tidy on show dominant predominant indubitable noncontroversial stark gross flashy good-sized healthy large sizable estimable credible plausible ostensible seeming believable colorable defined forestanding notorious much in evidence staring you in the face make no bones beyond a doubt plain as the nose on your face to the fore in the foreground sign-posted well-worn sensational arrestive spectacular on display on view in evidence anywhere to be seen axiomatic in plain sight in full view can't miss it frank right under your nose precise public as plain as the nose on one's face right under one's nose settled absolute final firm unarguable decisive guaranteed concrete proven express univocal definitive black-and-white specific assured convinced confident recognized black and white crisp silhouetted forthright clearly defined graphic well-defined severe not vague full vivid recognised hard and fast undubitable well-grounded stated clean-cut incisive sharp minute as plain as daylight categorical irrefutable undoubted comprehensible rank brazen intelligible egregious direct naked out-and-out outright inarguable downright shameless unqualified irrefragable accepted unanswerable arrant unchallengeable compelling true real sheer unassailable simple accomplished accurate convincing coherent undisputed utter genuine complete watertight confirmed acknowledged apodictic not in doubt sound outrageous pure beyond dispute undebatable necessary graspable verifiable well defined fathomable nailed-on limpid audacious unquestioned set unmitigated dreadful beyond a shadow of a doubt unchallenged knowable crystalline blunt in the bag accessible unblurred confirmable inevitable hard avowed cogent undisputable thoroughgoing flat authoritative lucent sure thing provable authentic extreme user friendly user-friendly capital compulsory exact pertinent relevant forceful shocking predestined logical ostentatious valid infallible particular telling easily understood scandalous atrocious heinous ineluctable clearly expressed wholehearted unavoidable uncontested crying loud comprehendible gaudy garish terrible actual monstrous brass-necked unpreventable shameful ultimate clinching established digestible uncontroversial unconditional airtight veritable deducible perfect not in question unadulterated mandatory legitimate unimpeachable comprehensive legit impressive prima facie ascertained unerring legible automatic for sure fixed regular reliable safe destined determined supreme establishable unrestrained intelligent crystal major no mistake on ice easy to understand flat-out crystal-clear having down pat unmissable no ifs ands or buts flaunting unfeigned important unexaggerated unashamed protruding awful protrusive enormous intrusive glaringly obvious ineludible translucent verified honest inordinate infamous famous doubtless excessive thorough inexorable published bright deliberate disgraceful reprehensible without doubt assumed obligatory total wicked understood demonstrative diaphanous thick villainous iniquitous fated lurid solid bare well-known consummate publicized fundamental bare-faced plain as day straight plainly seen see-through certified weighty veridical predetermined unescapable preordained surefire factual flawless undoubtable scrutable candid penetrable exhaustive required uncontestable determinate double-checked cold publicised unalloyed categoric profound on the nose forcible plumb sure-fire well-founded proverbial trustworthy all-out out and out dead clear as day crashing deadly cotton-picking clean blank very stone straight-out blooming whole bound to happen sure to happen deep-dyed widely known down pat for certain bona fide well founded salted away in the cards as sure as eggs is eggs trenchant perspicacious rich fresh manifestly dinkum ill-disguised moderate easily noticed evinced disclosed divulged above board exclusive controlled evidenced aboveboard wholesale preposterous patently true unveiled unshakable enunciated attestable evincible ineliminable binding extravagant immodest resolved satisfied stunning runaway telltale joined-up easily grasped unequivocable exhibitionistic colourful lively glittery thrusting protuberant unfailing glassy flagitious well focused inimitable imminent doomed imaginable glanceable readable unrestricted unmodified crystalling flagitous liquid cinched unalterable determinable irresistible impregnable invincible easily distinguishable faultless dependable holding water rational perceptive subtle wise justifiable discriminating judicious germane commonsensical kosher consistent extensional juridicious analytic well-organized analytical congruent discerning consequent inferential holding together unreserved foolproof irrevocable nailed down sharply defined supposed reputed putative ostensive presumed grody flaming spelled out well grounded checkable supportable sustainable empirical empiric matter-of-fact well constructed artless well marked colorful truthful resolute well-proven pat superior sure-enough thin filmy out of place sticking out inexpugnable stable frozen sealed hard-and-fast unimaginative describable entire all unproblematic gauzy no ifs and or buts secure beyond the shadow of a doubt certifiable in focus harsh brutal realistic odds-on irrebuttable overwhelming ironclad apodeictic inferable no catch routine no two ways about it substantive objective stick out like sore thumb inerrant questionless failsafe detailed hanging out readily comprehensible chief primary principal explicable celebrated no holds barred no strings attached no fine print straight from the shoulder point-blank straight out proper upfront literal unvarnished quantifiable beyond a shadow of doubt lacking nuance effective energetic vigorous repeated robot-like usual fail-safe can't-miss unabashed given vehement can bet on it nof ifs ands or buts shared broadcast there are no two ways about it all sewn up renowned definable impudent unblushing persuasive powerful satisfying intuitive insightful efficacious influential effectual urgent coercive formidable ingenious well-established assertive earnest insistent in circulation lacking subtlety declared popular admitted confessed brash unembarrassed insolent over-literal granted honest-to-goodness well documented serious true to life freely available clearly explained without explanation unrepentant grievous pivotal basic critical crucial prime essential staple main key vital in the open snazzy without shame meretricious screaming overbold glitzy brassy ardent exorbitant warts and all proclaimed identified common unfabled indemonstrable presupposed easy to follow immoderate aggressive violent full-blooded strenuous resounding muscular dynamic in the public domain public knowledge easily understandable ratiocinative branded received goes without saying aphoristic axiomatical apothegmatic leading moving paramount projecting central jutting focal one hundred per cent dogmatic stressed solemn for a face sober accented potent well known self-confessed generally known publicly known that's a fact outside inveterate undiminished external outer no ifs ands or buts about it uncompromising exterior right surface true-blue in every respect undiluted through-and-through full-bore through and through dyed-in-the-wool surpassing right-down full-scale superficial outermost extrinsic impending inevasible prescribed locked up outward over out on the surface to the eye toward the edge from within most likely

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