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Alternative for sporadic

sporadic /spə'rædik/ (sporadical) /spə'rædikəl/
  • tính từ
    • rời rạc, lác đác
    • thỉnh thoảng, không thường xuyên

Tính từ

Happening at irregular intervals
irregular intermittent occasional erratic spasmodic fitful infrequent episodic scarce unsteady discontinuous aperiodic random rare scattered odd episodical uncommon spotty isolated periodic casual choppy uneven patchy periodical seldom desultory catchy few unfrequent semioccasional scattershot unpredictable on-again-off-again on and off in fits and starts hit-or-miss in bits and pieces disconnected inconsistent inconstant seasonal unusual interrupted broken exceptional recurring fragmentary fluctuating recurrent cyclical sparse few and far between variable on-and-off shifting unsystematic cyclic haphazard alternate unwonted unmethodical unaccustomed limited abnormal unsettled unstable continual incidental capricious isochronal isochronous uncertain unique uncustomary out of the common varying out of the ordinary atypical unexpected jerky aberrant anomalous thin on the ground repeated regular disrupted aberrated changeable scanty unreliable surprising unconventional epochal rhythmic serial especial unorthodox rambling habitual frequent extraordinary strange indiscriminate singular on again and off again off and on inconceivable scant volatile disturbed punctuated iterative discontinuing checked rhythmical arrested metrical iterant wavering unlikely sometime stop-and-go every other here and there now and then chance changing aimless by bits and pieces shaky curious nonuniform special disjointed rarefied queer peculiar unfamiliar weird alternating entropic different bizarre intervallic wandering incredible remarkable unequal unheard of offbeat novel stray not habitual convulsive deviant unorganized perennial fractal freak freaky oddball quirky outlandish steady constant continuing ever-changing phenomenal orderless preternatural chaotic muddled non-linear unorganised every so often part-time at fixed intervals every once in a while discrete strewn widespread incomplete impulsive broken up restless on-again, off-again spurtive twitching temporary flickering outré in short supply troubled non-uniform herky-jerky uncharacteristic repetitive not frequent impermanent exclusive particular specific reiterative freelance outsourced outside freakish accidental gaping inchoate disordered unconnected incohesive incoherent continued chronic alien fortuitous fluky contingent funny conspicuous persistent rolling repeating reoccurring chain meager exceeding violent left-field off-centre something else out of the way off the wall out-of-the-way way out loose sketchy happening at intervals meagre catch-as-catch-can unthinking slapdash arbitrary offhand unfocused like gold dust systemless disorganized once in a blue moon as scarce as hens' teeth paroxysmal uncontrollable extraordinaire helter-skelter without purpose dynamic uncoordinated unsystematized eccentric designless turbulent temperamental unpunctual unconsidered purposeless fluid moving oscillating mutable whimsical fickle deviating mercurial vacillating orbital annual weekly routine yearly daily monthly hourly centennial scrambled undirected disorganised all over the place confused disorderly up and down unthinkable unimaginable subtile flimsy outstanding subtle towering tenuous thin preeminent attenuate short light attenuated magnificent deficient recherche standout off-and-on stop-go non-periodic irresolute swaying altering changeful roving flighty undependable abrupt sudden flakey flickery vagarious iffy developing flaky waffling mobile fluctuant growing skittish on certain occasions at various times always changing full of ups and downs labile protean blowing hot and cold wayward up-and-down kaleidoscopic movable moody jumbled quicksilver bipolar irrepressible excitable yo-yo up in the air active giddy elastic chameleonic unfixed careless untrustworthy faithless reckless slipshod variational directionless chameleon-like unplanned unpremeditated all over the map peaky illogical uncontrolled rough untrue disreputable sloppy flexible incalculable floating messy bitty chancy aleatory mixed up irrational dubious undisciplined shifty heedless unguided not conscientious fluke all over the shop without goal without direction thoughtless blind lost wanton fragmented scrappy evolving inexact tempestuous checkered chequered alterable lax shambolic everchanging hit and miss indeterminate progressive unintelligible piecemeal adaptable adaptive not constant garbled frenzied stochastic promiscuous unsteadfast unequable slippery in disarray ungovernable faddish wild versatile without a goal mixed-up ill-thought-out ephemeral transitory vicissitudinous crotchety ambiguous unsound weaving doubtful suspect frivolous transitional irresponsible vagrant revocable agitated reversible indecisive variant commutative transformable inelegant in a state of change momentary transient fleeting hit-and-miss uncontinuous not fixed constantly changing higgledy-piggledy all over the lot short-lived spontaneous willy-nilly devil-may-care unconcerned unselective unconscious rugged hit or miss any which way any old way twitchy perfunctory cursory remiss meandering lackadaisical dicey nomadic shaking tremulous bumpy slap-happy jumpy jolting bouncy trial and error adventitious some not many scattering related serendipitous inadvertent unintended coincidental unintentional flukey unwitting accompanying contributory by-the-way unlooked-for concomitant attendant juddering shuddering by chance circumstantial by accident concurrent

Tính từ


Tính từ

Happening by chance rather than design
adventitious accidental unexpected casual chance fortuitous unforeseen unintended unintentional unplanned unpremeditated coincidental fluky incidental involuntary random serendipitous spontaneous aleatory unhoped-for unlooked-for without warning out of the blue not bargained for inadvertent unanticipated flukey unwitting occurring by chance occurring by accident unforeseeable unthinking unmeant lucky contingent odd ad hoc unknowing unconscious uncalculated subconscious circumstantial occasional offhand impromptu extemporaneous by chance unpredicted arbitrary fortunate capricious stray at random unlooked for related accompanying spot attendant by-the-way concomitant contributory by accident concurrent irregular fluke misguided mistaken happening unexpectedly spur-of-the-moment unprepared extemporary extempore off-the-cuff improvised ad-lib unrehearsed improvisational unstudied offhanded unconsidered snap haphazard undesigned impulsive not planned down and dirty unscheduled unthought undevised erratic aimless purposeless unpredictable scattered hit-or-miss careless innocent uncertain isolated unconcerned reckless desultory variable catch-as-catch-can helter-skelter unpurposeful possible lucky-dog naive thoughtless simple luck out luck in negligent well timed heedless unheeding depending liable provisional likely probable probably subject reliant feckless uncaring unmindful irreflective naïve providential heaven-sent periodic trial and error hitty-missy expedient opportune felicitous propitious convenient auspicious timely rare honest well-intentioned happy apt seasonal infrequent intermittent not on purpose jammy chancy incalculable natural freak unsystematic indiscriminate disorganized disorderly slapdash lone single unmethodical part-time fragmentary scattershot slipshod chaotic at the mercy of events undirected orderless hit-and-miss higgledy-piggledy unorganised designless unselective sudden uncoordinated disorganised messy loose jumbled unorganized willy-nilly devil-may-care hit or miss any old way all over the map all over the place any which way

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