Đồng nghĩa của by the way

Alternative for by the way

Đồng nghĩa: by the bye, incidentally,


Used to indicate the introduction or change of subject


(colloquial) Used to gain one's attention before making an inquiry or suggestion

Tính từ

Happening as a minor accompaniment to something else
accidental extraneous extrinsic incidental lesser marginal minor secondary subordinate subsidiary supplementary unimportant accessory adventitious alien external foreign immaterial irrelevant parenthetical peripheral supervenient tangential inessential non-essential unnecessary by the by beside the point of little account insignificant inconsequential trivial trifling negligible ancillary auxiliary by-the-by by-the-way background small fiddling small-fry frivolous less important slight nugatory foolish minute inconsiderable petty little occasional nonessential dispensable expendable of less importance Mickey Mouse related contributing contributory paltry piddling piffling picayune footling measly niggling nominal pointless inappreciable of no account of no consequence worthless nickel-and-dime superficial meaningless piddly pimping light not worth mentioning no-account lightweight de minimis peanut of no importance of little importance insubstantial minimal casual of little consequence chicken meager meagre unessential minuscule small-time tiny small-bore neither here nor there not worth bothering about dinky needless redundant valueless unneeded scanty shallow not worth speaking of silly accompanying of no moment superfluous inadequate pettifogging optional derisory insufficient twopenny-halfpenny penny-ante mingy puny ignorable additional cosmetic useless unsubstantial inferior exiguous second-rate mean shoestring inapposite not required infinitesimal of no great concern idle gratuitous unrequired miserable trite unwanted lower token pitiful pathetic off the subject poxy collateral low-ranking lower-level wide of the mark uncalled for purportless minor-league not needed concomitant corresponding correlated low unconnected not pertinent not germane borderline impertinent excessive inappropriate inapplicable indirect associated minimum flimsy unrelated not to the point irrelative skimpy out of place imperceptible everyday unmerited subservient futile unwarranted purposeless smaller nondescript diminutive uncritical noncompulsory two-bit nothing to do with it dependent slender nothing base cheap of minor importance bush-league not to the purpose senseless uncalled-for no great shakes surplus time-wasting impractical exorbitant supererogatory miserly ornamental lilliputian of no value neglectable stingy sparse limited adscititious beggarly frothy zero zilch tinpot zip null indifferent de trop second-class poor modest scant ungenerous frugal empty obscure smalltime ineffectual uncelebrated contingent not necessary not essential shabby scratch unconsiderable contemptible junior inconsequent minus tacky second-string surplus to requirements of little import outermost outside tenuous tributary under substract subject second reserve unintended perimetric outer exterior unconsidered runt wimpy shrimp below the mark vain hollow loitering jejune inane idling vapid insipid banal side similar commonplace surface sideline bordering weak little bitty bitty smallish no biggie small potatoes two bit entry level of no significance big zero resulting all the same littlest least smallest wanky slightest connected beside the question wide of the point not important nihil ad rem not at issue not significant not the main on the side lowest momentary atomic microscopic skin-deep evanescent vanishing no big deal no big thing merest basal minutest tiniest fewest analogous alike attendant kindred derivative derived resultant consequential circumstantial next to none least possible very little smallest amount of next to no linked cognate correspondent extra inadmissible inapt intrusive disposable fortuitous undesired wanton wasted avoidable haphazard causeless prodigal contextual hardly worth mentioning random undesirable chance no need to no purpose to no avail

Tính từ

Occurring by chance in connection with something else
incidental accidental chance casual fortuitous random adventitious fluky accompanying coincidental flukey inadvertent odd related serendipitous unintended unintentional unplanned unpremeditated unwitting aleatory attendant by-the-way concomitant contingent contributory unlooked-for by accident by chance circumstantial concurrent fluke irregular occasional unexpected unforeseen unthinking lucky unanticipated haphazard involuntary unmeant unconscious fortunate arbitrary unforeseeable undesigned occurring by chance occurring by accident unpredictable spontaneous careless aimless opportune propitious auspicious happy timely extemporaneous undevised unthought providential erratic felicitous purposeless subconscious offhand uncalculated sporadic heaven-sent stray out of the blue successful unknowing advantageous scattered golden convenient variable expedient favourable uncertain promising unpredicted apt enviable meet proper just favorable nice efficacious fitting unconsidered unconcerned reckless hit-or-miss well-timed well timed unpurposeful ad hoc capricious impromptu spot welcome unlooked for at random right unhoped-for without warning not planned lucky-dog possible not bargained for benign good seasonable isolated mistaken misguided periodic ripe luck out luck in rare trial and error hitty-missy thoughtless appropriate correct satisfactory beneficial suitable befitting effective infrequent seasonal intermittent happening unexpectedly passing jammy chancy incalculable negligent prosperous privileged depending liable probable probably provisional likely subject reliant innocent unheeding heedless healthy unstudied feckless uncaring unmindful irreflective at the mercy of events fragmentary wholesome well-off profitable part-time unsystematic bright disorganized slapdash indiscriminate disorderly parenthetical nonchalant ill-considered not on purpose unmethodical favored fair slipshod chaotic catch-as-catch-can undirected desultory helter-skelter orderless hit-and-miss favoured off-the-cuff throwaway higgledy-piggledy unorganised designless unselective sudden uncoordinated disorganised any which way loose jumbled unorganized willy-nilly devil-may-care hit or miss any old way all over the map all over the place messy impulsive automatic reflex rash instinctive mechanical knee-jerk imprudent intuitive hasty mindless neglectful injudicious remiss reflexive precipitate unwise inconsiderate unconditioned incautious natural ill-advised foolhardy habitual blind unguarded unthought-out spur-of-the-moment instinctual foolish insensitive unlearned absent-minded senseless inattentive uncontrolled gut regardless robotic mechanic unreasoning improvident unprompted indiscreet deaf listless unmeditated hot-headed ill-thought-out naive simple subliminal untaught default uncontrollable naïve responsive unbewised conditioned unchosen uncircumspect headlong disregarding uninterested honest well-intentioned temerarious unfeeling derelict nonobservant delinquent unbidden hurried overhasty stupid silly hotheaded brash unwilled abrupt unsought surprise surprising coarse disregardful impetuous careless of blithe oblivious routine perfunctory unforced autogenetic unsafe sloppy rude slack crude lax asleep at the switch fast and loose out to lunch without regard witless tactless brutish indelicate outrageous napping vacant blunt untactful astonishing undreamed of unthought-of startling undreamed-of uninvited unsolicited cavalier unobservant undiscerning unreflective unreasonable harebrained unsympathetic innate without notice ditsy indifferent unrealized inherent uncalculating apathetic madcap undiplomatic irrational flighty undeliberate ill-conceived not thought through ill-judged hare-brained badly thought out hard-wired

Trái nghĩa của by the way

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