Đồng nghĩa của jumbled

Alternative for jumbled

jumbles, jumbled, jumbling

Đồng nghĩa: confuse, mix, muddle, scramble,

Trái nghĩa: order,

Tính từ

Mixed up, or in a state of disarray
chaotic confused disordered disorderly scrambled disorganised disorganized messy random unsorted cluttered disarranged disarrayed disheveled dishevelled littered messed muddled mussed mussy sloppy tangled tousled tumbled unkempt untidy rumpled unsettled topsy-turvy mixed-up pell-mell upside-down higgledy-piggledy hugger-mugger in disarray out of order out of joint at sixes and sevens in a mess shambolic in a muddle haphazard all over the place mixed up haywire unsystematic orderless slovenly in disorder unorganized in a jumble helter-skelter unmethodical unorganised anarchic all over the map in chaos all over the shop wild scattered indiscriminate slapdash in a shambles all over the lot straggly mussed up upset messed up disjointed out of place upside down irregular in a state tumultuous every which way disrupted slipshod dislocated undirected hit-or-miss in confusion uncombed casual erratic snarled unplanned uncoordinated overturned uncontrolled frenzied unpremeditated riotous unruly undisciplined unarranged purposeless incoherent shuffled in turmoil convoluted arbitrary knotted upended discombobulated awry askew matted upturned lawless tangly ruffled lax deranged turbulent hectic careless out-of-line out-of-step out-of-control out-of-whack untrained heterogeneous tumult unsystematized unrestrained fluky downside-up desultory rampageous designless offhand loose in uproar utterly confused like a bomb's hit it screwed up harum-scarum in pandemonium unorderly muddly straggling fragmented stirred up strewn strewed unfastidious unclear bedraggled dilapidated neglected rough crude untidied piled crowded ragged in a clutter inside-out windswept like a dog's breakfast broken like a dog's dinner out of kilter misplaced displaced tossed unhinged cockeyed luxated snafu top ungroomed windblown messed-up mussed-up worse for wear complex unpredictable out-of-place reversed multifaceted complicated intricate twisted aimless variable capsized backward entangled uncertain hit and miss illogical indeterminate whimsical inconsistent entwined ravelled knotty accidental chance multifarious manifold confusing inverted non-linear nonuniform promiscuous entropic fractal stochastic disconnected aleatory catch-as-catch-can stray hit-and-miss bottom-side-up wrong way on head wrong-side-up bottom up coiled intertwisted enmeshed varied systemless unconcerned incidental spontaneous unselective sudden any which way unthinking willy-nilly unconsidered devil-may-care hit or miss any old way unexpected reckless fluke unconscious snarled up ratty chancy incalculable kaleidoscopic many-faceted cursory perfunctory interlaced raveled trapped thoughtless slack neglectful negligent heedless remiss clumsy imperfect botched shabby hurried unmeticulous shoddy threadbare unthorough faulty inexact junky inaccurate hasty poor inattentive slap-happy lackadaisical thrown together lazy unprofessional

Tính từ

Lacking a coherent or logical sequence or connection
incoherent confused disconnected muddled unintelligible disjointed disordered unconnected rambling wandering incomprehensible garbled inarticulate unclear uncoordinated illogical mumbled muttered scrambled wild choppy discursive disorganised disorganized inconsistent slurred stammered stammering stuttered stuttering inchoate breathless desultory discontinuous discordant dumb faltering incohesive incongruous maundering puzzling mixed up hard to follow all over the place indistinct vague scrappy fragmented fragmentary piecemeal loose patchy meaningless haphazard unsystematic bitty incomplete sketchy woolly muffled fitful broken irrational stumbling aimless irregular unfathomable fuzzy disorderly erratic uneven blurred indecipherable obscure wooly mumbling scattered inaudible poorly spoken unorganized unorganised ununified diffuse irrelevant nonsensical hazy muddle-headed chaotic muddy muddleheaded mixed-up ill-thought-out random partial unmethodical hesitant halting uncontinuous interrupted distorted hesitating fragmental deficient discrete disunited speechless mute voiceless half untidy halfway spasmodic tongue-tied inconclusive fractional part divided separated in pieces reticent awkward unvocal clumsy dislocated without unity displaced split directionless mangled twisted corrupted misconstrued far-out jumpy spaced-out unattached jerky out-to-lunch out-of-it cool spacey varying variable indiscernible cryptic impenetrable enigmatic inscrutable ungraspable illegible senseless ambiguous uncertain unexplicit equivocal tenebrous incognizable inexplicit unknowable opaque fathomless Greek all Greek to me

Tính từ

Consisting of a variety of ingredients or parts
miscellaneous mixed varied assorted indiscriminate motley confused diverse diversified heterogeneous various sundry mingled multifarious farraginous different disparate divers eclectic kitchen-sink magpie manifold multiform patchwork piebald promiscuous raggle-taggle ragtag variegated conglomerate disordered divergent many muddled odd scattered scrambled unmatched unsorted many and different differing haphazard wide-ranging composite separate discrete broad wide extensive contrasting unrelated unlike incongruous varying dissimilar discrepant myriad variant contrasted inharmonious legion amalgamate independent contrastive mosaic contrary unallied opposed discordant mongrel multiplex blended alloyed cosmopolitan united compound fused combined amalgamated incorporated hybridised joint woven brewed international multicultural crossed embodied assimilated kneaded hybridized interdenominational integrated unsegregated multinational interracial tied heterogenous merged infused transfused multiracial married multitudinous numerous several distinct omnifarious distinctive unalike polymorphic all manner of multiple many-sided multitudinal populous changeable varicolored polymorphous hybrid unequal peculiar changing protean individual colorful multifaceted colourful multiethnic a variety of loose mottled dappled multicolour multicoloured multicolored multicolor alternate unique unsimilar disproportionate discriminable unconnected unassociated alternative kaleidoscopic polychromatic rainbow catholic prismatic distinguishable general non-identical chromatic polychrome multihued colored multifold pied multipart flecked blotchy blotched speckled diversiform particoloured marbled some versicolor coloured an assortment of a mixture of a range of patchy a number of many and various marled not the same a mixed bag of parti-colored linked mixed-race of mixed race contradictory dubious opposite interethnic conflicting nonidentical random pluralist syncretic like night and day voluminous varietal omniform variform collected dissonant a mixed bag anthologized inconsistent jarring spotted comprehensive morefold plural beaucoup collective of every description quite a few complex all-embracing liberal broad-ranging universal synthesized brindled skewbald broad-based inclusive encyclopedic pluralistic distinguishing pinto brindle interdisciplinary non-exclusive multidisciplinary cross-disciplinary selective irregular unlimited unrestricted unqualified unspecialized dapple marked splotched aberrant exotic compounded dilettantish streaked varicoloured many-coloured tabby encyclopaedic melded synthesised many-hued multifactorial black and white two-colored brown and white rainbow-like jazzy psychedelic harlequin striated splodgy splotchy general-purpose all-purpose all-round all-around parti-coloured poikilo- patched striped checkered chequered particolored

Tính từ

Complex or complicated in nature
involved complex complicated elaborate intricate confusing tangled confused convoluted knotty labyrinthine sophisticated bewildering difficult tortuous entangled hard Byzantine unfathomable baroque byzantine detailed fancy impenetrable involute labyrinthian complicate daedal Gordian high-tech mazy mixed up muddled ramified winding involuted dense knotted mixed maze-like ravelled raveled perplexing puzzling thorny abstruse interwoven mixed-up cumbersome tricky baffling obscure serpentine fiddly cryptic inscrutable undecipherable enigmatic interlaced recondite Daedalian sinuous circuitous Daedalean hi-tech multifaceted heterogeneous nuanced multifarious variegated difficult to understand full of twists and turns messy tough problematical troublesome problematic arduous scrambled chaotic devious intertwined compound composite compounded twisted multiplex ornate rococo manifold miscellaneous collective multiform conglomerate motley multipart mosaic meandering mingled multiple drawn-out long-drawn-out can of worms delicate awkward ticklish sticky sensitive hairy spiny prickly catchy tricksy touchy dodgy nasty taxing inextricable trying ambiguous advanced mystifying indirect roundabout controversial crooked vexed uncertain curving twisting gnarly subtle refined challenging irksome worrying bothersome vexatious concerning dicey precarious critical zigzag nettlesome flexuous anfractuous snaky spiraling gyrating wriggly extensive meticulous thorough risky precise upsetting insoluble exact bending meandrous unanswerable impossible spiralling formidable windy nice embarrassing unstable deep curled curvy curved curling crazy incomprehensible confounding rocky paradoxical volatile mind-bending plotty long-winded layered perplexed mazelike inordinate labyrinthial labyrinthical labyrinthal labyrinthiform labyrinthic unpleasant reticular effortful uphill terrible harassing state-of-the-art loaded pluridimensional frustrating bemusing insolvable indivisible inseparable meandry severe clever gimmicky new contentious radical problem fiendish touch-and-go like herding cats provocative kittle heated elite demanding emotive divisive scandalous devilish multidimensional unsteady unpredictable uncomfortable inconstant capricious fickle temperamental mercurial chancy dangerous variable changeable wry contorted drastic irreducible hair-trigger quirky undependable twisty misleading unstraightforward indissoluble impossible to separate very devil of a devil of a particularized painstaking sweeping extreme revolutionary complete lopsided turning looping spiral snaking zigzagging hairsplitting fine fastidious methodical high-level higher-level overlong verbose deceptive lengthy full particular studied laboured perfected careful minute major exquisite top-level cunning perverse serpentiform wrenched twined unintelligible abstract unclear skillful prodigious labored circumstantial skilful imposing gingerbread twisting and turning mind-boggling inexplicable profound well-crafted overworked particularised many-faceted overdone above one's head hard to solve vexing beyond comprehension rambling beyond one's grasp esoteric enigmatical unsolvable hard to explain mysterious hazy mystical thought-provoking opaque over one's head fathomless knurly gnarled coiled braided tortile awry bent wound well-executed well-made difficult to follow blow-by-blow highly wrought high tech pointed echinated briery annoying stimulating

Tính từ

Out of place or not compatible
incongruent absurd alien at variance bizarre conflicting contradictory contrary different differing disconsonant discordant discrepant disparate dissonant distorted divergent diverse extraneous fantastic fitful foreign illogical improper inappropriate inapropos inapt incoherent incompatible incongruous inconsistent inconsonant irreconcilable irregular lopsided mismatched out of keeping rambling shifting twisted unavailing unbalanced unbecoming unconnected uncoordinated uneven unintelligible unmixable unpredictable unrelated unsuitable unsuited varying wrong clashing jarring out of place odd strange off-key inept infelicitous unhappy unseemly perverse unapt untoward amiss malapropos inapposite incorrect graceless unfit indecorous ironic at odds paradoxical like a fish out of water not in harmony sticking out a mile incongruitous in opposition standing out a mile ill-suited unbefitting inharmonious unacceptable inapplicable undue unfitting untimely unseasonable inexpedient inadequate ineligible ill-timed inadmissible irrelevant inopportune inadvisable ill-matched uncalled-for incompetent awkward ill-advised undesirable ill-assorted not good enough unprofessional tasteless unladylike ungentlemanly uncongenial unwarranted misplaced dissimilar unlike unalike unqualified ineffective lacking in propriety uncomely antagonistic unfitted ill-adapted opposed useless not proper distinct contrasting unattractive bad form no good unsightly not up to scratch plain unfortunate ugly-looking hideous ugly injudicious regrettable misguided unflattering tactless inexpert ill-considered ill-judged disproportionate clumsy immaterial gauche maladroit unproficient ill-fitted erroneous inaccurate imprudent abnormal preposterous inexperienced ludicrous impertinent in poor taste in bad taste out of order out-of-place out-of-season off-base insufficient ineffectual inefficacious inefficient inferior unworthy of unworthy objectionable unable hopeless uncool not designed ineligible for beside the point unequipped for not equal to unprepared for not up to snuff unsuited to inadequate for ill-suited to unsuitable for unfitted for inappropriate to not designed for not germane ill-adapted to variant deviating asymmetric off-balance unequal unjust misallied one-sided inequitable unreconcilable various ill-fitting stupid slow dull immoral dishonourable illegitimate dishonest corrupt unethical crooked false unscrupulous unhandy unfacile flat jejune inadept unmeet undexterous insipid banal dishonorable unprepossessing against the rules not cricket not qualified not suitable varied antipathetic insensitive off dissenting opposite antithetical unmatched dissident disagreeable interfering senseless indelicate out of character counter disagreeing unharmonious out of line left-field ill-chosen inconformable foot-in-mouth way off offensive undignified indecent unmannerly unallowable discreditable not good enough for invalid unreasonable unhandsome rough unfair ungodly tacky unlovely salacious impermissible forbidden prohibited precluded disallowed irrelative feeble unsatisfactory unadmittable not allowable exceptionable censored unadmissible ill-favored excluded unwelcome barred not acceptable banned unwanted remote inappurtenant garbage unskilful nothing to do with it neither here nor there not pertinent not appropriate ill-favoured deficient limited pathetic ham-fisted cack-handed lacking ability weak unskillful unskilled unproductive impotent broken flimsy powerless junk unadvantageous lousy futile defective worthless disqualified losing poor a dead loss unequipped naive inproficient vulnerable like chalk and cheese not up to something marching to a different drummer not know one's arse from one's elbow incapable unequal to the task like day and night not up to it poles apart not up to dependent like night and day frail not equal to something butterfingers leaving much to be desired not much cop out of one's depth worlds apart

Động từ

To have thrown into disorder
confused disorganised disorganized disordered cluttered disarranged disarrayed discomposed disheveled dishevelled disrupted unsettled agitated disjointed disturbed hashed messed messed up muddled mussed ruffled tousled dislocated mixed up rumpled scattered scrambled shuffled untidied upset deranged mussed up snarled up threw into disorder tumbled made untidy confounded made a mess of fouled up rummaged thrown into disorder spoilt spoiled mixt mixed botched bungled tangled jumbled up screwed up mucked up snarled perturbed loused up entangled put off put out of place turned upside-down put out of order made a shambles of fumbled ruined muffed bewildered thrown into confusion threw into confusion muddled up wrecked perplexed distracted discombobulated rattled changed displaced convulsed complicated raveled ravelled interfered with got into a tangle turned topsy-turvy psyched out mismanaged thrown into disarray threw into disarray fluffed butchered bobbled made disorderly foozled flubbed puzzled destroyed befuddled rearranged intermixed nonplussed flustered littered disconcerted addled fazed unbalanced beat made a mess shifted fuddled goofed up exercised worried derailed muddied beset distempered strewed misplaced tost discreated embroiled tossed turned brought into disorder encumbered interfered riffled upset the apple cart mucked changed the order reordered got to cut short muddied the waters put someone off their stroke put in disarray snafued threw thrown shaken shook misaligned dealigned misdirected mishandled booted murdered mangled boggled dubbed baffled misconducted misgoverned marred mystified bothered alarmed blew blown flummoxed made unclear turned something topsy-turvy dismayed bemused reorganized made a Horlicks of ballsed up overturned dumbfounded stumped disquieted unnerved troubled discomfited dizzied randomized recombined veiled muffled mistaken mistook foxed bamboozled got mingled daunted fogged posed made a muck of stuffed up mazed gravelled graveled unhinged destabilized frazzled made anxious fussed discomforted hagrid distressed ailed flurried concerned alarumed jolted made uneasy disoriented vexed befogged involved wildered buffaloed thickened vext floored dispersed demobilized mislaid disbanded downed discommoded demented needled sickened spooked misarranged strewn broke up broken up stopped bollixed played havoc with bumbled thrown into chaos brought into disarray caused turmoil in weirded out intruded on subverted blundered gummed up freaked out surprised randomised replaced stirred up dirtied astonished disaligned rattled one's cage pulled the rug out from under caught off balance stunned turned upside down wrinkled distorted balled up astounded gotten out of order gotten to slopped meddled caused to be at a stand stumbled bollixed up caused mess demobilised threw off caused confusion in crumpled broke down reorganised got out of order baulked thrown off balance broke the deck tampered threw into chaos made hay of mixed you up filled turned inside-out destabilised threw off balance made a hash of made someone scratch their head shifted about thwarted covered thrown off transposed balked fouled sloshed broken the deck tilted pulled the rug from under reversed gotten gat beaten mislay bestrewed bestrewn undone hagridden undid hagrode broken down thrown into a state of disorganization threw into a state of disorganization threw out thrown out shaken up thrown into uproar threw into uproar taken aback took aback shook up thrown a monkey wrench in the works of threw a monkey wrench in the works of thrown a spanner in the works of threw a spanner in the works of

Động từ

To have made something more complex
confused complicated confounded convoluted obfuscated muddled befuddled clouded discombobulated distorted garbled muddied obscured blurred perplexed twisted beclouded befogged embroiled raveled ravelled darkened disoriented entangled tangled intricated made a mess of made complex made difficult made more difficult made unclear muddied the waters rendered uncertain upset set hurdles embarrassed fogged complexed sophisticated complexified mixed up involved snarled up impeded clogged interfused rendered unintelligible fuddled rattled made waves messed up made obscure misled thwarted fouled up screwed up interweaved made complicated folded muddied up mired mucked up snagged led astray handicapped multiplied deranged elaborated disarranged made difficulties eclipsed concealed overshadowed infolded interrelated bedevilled disordered made intricate confuscated opened can of worms bedeviled misinformed obnubilated combined interwove snafued interwoven added fuel to fire overcast misted shadowed shrouded hazed dimmed blackened bedimmed overclouded bleared dislimned fuzzed up shaded veiled clouded over cast a shadow over mystified adumbrated murked puzzled flummoxed cloaked bamboozled hid screened masked addled deepened loured dulled grayed greyed filmed tarnished clouded up blotted out made hazy smeared beat stupefied dusked fuzzed gloomed enveloped smudged benighted mantled faded blacked out misted over shielded blinded made indistinct made dark cast a shadow on made dim made vague made darker distracted from become cloudy become shaded become hazy cast a shadow tainted grown dim blocked out become blurred put out of sight become indistinct grew dim hidden grown dark grew dark baffled bemused streaked obstructed bewildered covered vexed vext repressed blanketed blocked enshrouded foxed mazed gravelled graveled buffaloed buried camouflaged misrepresented misted up bedarkened disguised suppressed unfocussed unfocused closed in posed encased ensconced curtained obliterated stained blotted spotted besmeared become fuzzy dazzled become dim grown darker opaqued become less sharp grown blacker inumbrated pettifogged hindered become black become vague blemished got became blurred covered up falsified clouded the issue steamed up become obscure became indistinct kept out of sight become covered in condensation steamed extinguished made black glared grew darker discoloured made less distinct muddied the waters of dazed occulted become misty cached become gloomy bemisted formed mist showered belied grown black stonewalled blocked off the light to discolored papered over grew blacker wrapped turned black fogged over wrapt sheltered umbraged glazed over become clouded overhung enveloped in shadow colored became hazy filmed over become overcast grew black made cloudy coloured equivocated became cloudy toned down made blacker became shaded fogged up blanked out beaten became overcast became gloomy gotten gat became vague became fuzzy became dim became less sharp threw up smoke screen thrown up smoke screen threw a veil over thrown a veil over became misty became clouded became covered in condensation became obscure became black

Động từ

Past tense for to intermingle or blend
intermixed blended blent combined mixed mixt merged fused amalgamated integrated mingled melded incorporated commingled intermingled homogenised homogenized interfused united commixed coalesced compounded immixed composited comingled conflated immingled concreted linked synthesised synthesized alloyed interwove interweaved interwoven admixed lumped associated embodied interbred conjoined weaved wove woven crossed stirred hybridised hybridized suffused braided browden tangled infused kneaded transfused adulterated infiltrated instilled saturated put together mixed up worked in made up joined unified married knit emulsified folded in interpenetrated welded meshed blunged premixed knitted affiliated interblent interblended cemented yoked interflowed interlaced become one linked up joined together wed assimilated massed consolidated banded harmonized whisked accommodated pooled converged conglomerated melted added absorbed absorpt subsumed harmonised concentrated agglutinated compacted shuffled folded bled connected coupled desegregated concatenated coordinated symphonized interfaced interspersed matched come together bonded conjugated tied brought together spliced lumped together became one wedded melted into stirred together cross-bred shifted around run into molt molten gotten together got together came together threw in together thrown in together ran into networked included crossbred intertwined mongrelized cross-fertilized cross-pollinated dissolved beat interposed fitted in tied up varied punctuated variegated diversified entangled knotted intertwisted snarled interlinked inmixed crisscrossed interconnected mixed together interlocked interwreathed reticulated interleaved pleached darned bound together federated enveloped diluted intercrossed feathered in liquesced interacted made uniform bound introduced spooned physically joined stirred in met appropriated made similar whipped treated smoothed imbibed formed glued run together stirred gently joined up coadunated blended in merged with related dubbed bracketed slotted in swallowed up melted into one another knitted together run into one another co-opted cross-mated stuck together hooked in ganged up slipped in faded into one another bunched up inmixt bounden beaten ran together thrown together threw together threw in with thrown in with added in added to ran into one another took in taken in

Động từ

Past tense for to become entangled or intertwined
tangled entangled knotted snarled coiled matted twisted intertwisted enmeshed intertwined interwove interweaved interwoven meshed ravelled raveled entwined interlaced immeshed interlocked kinked muddled scrambled hooked jammed tousled winded wound ensnarled entoiled netted disheveled intertangled dishevelled knit implicated ensnared linked embroiled involved connected weaved braided laced knitted wreathed trapped entrapped interlinked snared inweaved twined enlaced plied writhed associated inculpated mired plaited caught up incriminated woven wove concerned mixed up joined intermingled stitched up interconnected inwoven inwove imputed wrothe writhen mixed crossed roped in compromised sucked into engaged pleached surrounded crisscrossed interwreathed reticulated looped bound criss-crossed spliced interleaved encircled exposed tangled up twirled affected snarled up wrapped framed tied up set up merged caught blended blent fused intermixed mingled pulled in sucked in roped into dragged in tied united padded fouled secured interested intermeshed embraced occupied curled alternated interwound convoluted tethered fastened drawn in drew in drew into drawn into coupled darned felt felted spiralled spiraled entwisted winded round coiled round twisted round wrapped round devoted committed busied bound together lashed complicated clenched combined yoked mated interknitted bothered drawn drew platted threaded tatted corded sucked got into preoccupied immersed networked intervolved corkscrewed snaked make fasted locked criminated charged cited blamed accused fingered meaned related named stigmatized stigmatised meant consumed included meandered born on engrossed participated brought in falsely incriminated undulated pinned on fabricated charges against wrapped up in attended entailed mixed up in implicated in laid at one's door entwined itself made a bow in fabricated evidence against made a party to involved in enwrapped wrapped around pointed finger at made a knot in pointed the finger at dragged into absorbed absorpt tied a knot in fitted up pointed to distracted interplaited thridden gotten into done up did up threw thrown

Phó từ

In disorderly haste or confusion
helter-skelter pell-mell wildly headlong hastily hotfoot hurriedly recklessly carelessly impetuously posthaste post-haste heedlessly impulsively precipitately amok amuck anyhow berserk berserkly frantically frenetically frenziedly harum-scarum hectically madly rashly wild apace at full speed hurry-scurry in a hurry lickety-split about around as fast as possible as quickly as possible at full pelt at full tilt cluttered disorderly hell for leather higgledy-piggledy hit-or-miss incautiously incontinently irregular like blazes like crazy like mad muddled random topsy-turvy tumultuous unmindfully at a lick like a bomb like billy-o like greased lightning like the clappers like the wind at random in confusion any which way at a rate of knots like a bat out of hell precipitously cursorily in haste fast rapidly quickly speedily swiftly thoughtlessly hysterically at top speed crazily at warp speed on the spur of the moment expeditiously briskly foolishly without delay at a run at a gallop at the double double quick uncontrollably without thinking in a rush in double quick time rampantly agilely nimbly busily full tilt precipitiously indiscreetly insanely slap bang barmily deliriously head over heels without forethought head first agitatedly franticly excitedly desperately passionately spontaneously vehemently unthinkingly like a lunatic in the heat of the moment like lightning at the speed of light promptly pronto quick fleetly flat-out snappily like a shot swift at speed hell-for-leather like the deuce a mile a minute like a scalded cat PDQ double-quick at breakneck speed at high speed immediately like an arrow from a bow nippily chop-chop on the double in a flash like wildfire like a flash instantaneously presto abruptly like nobody's business very fast in less than no time with all speed very quickly straightaway instantly soon directly straightway hot suddenly at once in a jiffy in no time at full throttle in an instant like a whirlwind at a fast pace in a trice with all possible haste with dispatch before you can say Jack Robinson like a madwoman like a madman forthwith instanter ekdam forthright in a split second in short order here and now tout de suite quick as lightning straight away at a stroke in a moment on the instant then and there that minute in the twinkling of an eye in a wink this very minute there and then in two shakes by leaps and bounds like gangbusters in a fraction of a second this instant in a second all of a sudden that instant toot sweet in the blink of an eye as fast as one's legs can carry one double-time that very minute this minute in a minute right away in double time before you know it subito unpremeditatedly like a bullet out of a gun now fast and furious like a streak ventre à terre dangerously fast express presently right plumb bang on spur of the moment too quickly as swift as an arrow without losing time as fast as your legs can carry you first off on a dime right now right off on the spot straight off hurried furiously energetically in high gear chop chop vigorously ludicrously absurdly at maximum speed full sail full speed ahead full speed open throttle full steam ahead full throttle hammer and tongs senselessly nonsensically unreasonably irrationally tumultuously stormily devotedly distractedly turbulently hard violently rabidly psychotically dementedly something fierce in two shakes of a lamb's tail unhesitatingly like all get out meteorically in the wink of an eye in a jiff in no time at all very soon before you can say knife

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jumbled Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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