Đồng nghĩa của bled

Alternative for bled

bleeds, bled, bleeding

Đồng nghĩa: grieve, pity, sorrow,

Động từ

To have expended or consumed by employing
used exhausted consumed depleted burned burnt expended gobbled got through guzzled ran through spent used up wasted wore out dissipated drained finished up frittered away frivolled away squandered went through dried up finished milked sucked dry burned up emptied sapped impoverished run through absorbed absorpt devoured reduced diminished deprived bankrupted bled dry played out washed up gone through been through weakened strained utilized attenuated slashed dried swallowed up run down cut back gotten through drawn down run out dug into put to use utilised drew down drawn drew worn out eaten up ate up fleeced decreased squeezed evacuated lessened lowered employed enervated siphoned busted syphoned voided tapped pared down had recourse to catheterized emptied out ran down burnt up filtered off dispersed freed from pumped out slimmed down took last of run up taken last of dispelled diverted undermined ran out blew blown ate eaten broke broken brake taken up gotten rid of gotten last drop got rid of drew off drawn off got last drop took up ran up threw away availed oneself of blew through blown through thrown away cleaned out ruined exploited finished off wiped out dispatched wrecked pauperized made somebody broke sucked the life out of brought to its knees made somebody skint made use of disposed of brought to ruin brought down run out of burned through destroyed annihilated ravaged engulfed demolished occupied devastated enveloped frittered gutted razed laid waste disfigured pillaged beggared paid out liquidated ran out of crippled financially reduced to beggary made destitute decimated ruinated crushed

Động từ

Past tense for to lose blood as a result of injury or illness

Động từ

Past tense for to ooze or pass slowly through pores or other small openings
oozed exuded percolated leaked wept weeped sweated sweat strained leached transuded gushed spurted filtered escaped leeched haemorrhaged hemorrhaged shed permeated seeped drained trickled discharged dripped flowed issued dribbled welled extravasated excreted filtrated run exudated poured out emitted emanated released secreted streamed spouted flowed out drained away dropped perspired overflowed emptied outflowed poured ran spilled spilt ejected lost passed spewed squirted poured forth penetrated sent forth seeped away seeped out oozed out gushed out flowed away soaked flowed rapidly transpired suppurated festered emerged given out gave out overflowed with gave off given off emitted liquid rushed come out of jetted spewn expelled evacuated conveyed projected sent out rolled surged cascaded flooded effused swept exuded pus pervaded leaked out spilled out filtered through welled forth osmosed drooled bubbled impregnated charged infected transfused saturated spurted out welled out run off got into filtered off passed through left dry tapered off seeped into came out of threw off thrown off ran off gotten into distilled rippled sputtered drizzled welled up swelled deluged teemed gurgled regurgitated trilled splashed sprung sluiced brimmed tumbled disembogued coursed burst stemmed discharged pus let flow spread out swoll swollen run out resulted come out followed inundated sprang sprinkled purled babbled abounded birthed vented appeared originated plopped pullulated maturated gathered risen rose derived from come forth steamed proceeded crawled creeped crept glided glid brimmed over rotted swirled drifted slipped flowed forth gushed forth oozed forth come seeped forth rained whirled decayed putrefied mattered eventuated formed pus swelled up fallen in drops fell in drops ran out upsprung come to a head came out bursten brast arose arisen came forth sprung up sprang up comen came swollen up came to a head upsprang

Động từ

Past tense for to blend or meld together (by flowing or seeping into each other)
blended blent combined mixed amalgamated fused melded united intermixed mingled converged met merged with put together merged integrated intermingled incorporated commingled commixed compounded homogenized married interfused composited immixed comingled immingled conflated concreted interblent interblended homogenised coalesced joined alloyed synthesized dissolved admixed interflowed brought together cemented synthesised agglutinated jumbled whisked stirred associated unified federated interfaced folded in blunged emulsified premixed interweaved linked interpenetrated run together welded folded liquesced feathered in interwove interwoven ran together mixt connected knit consolidated coupled wed bound conjoined conjugated bonded pooled linked up glued knitted sticked stuck joined together fastened interlaced meshed wedded bounden cohered fixed fixt soldered affixed affiliated yoked come together lumped adhered gummed pasted concatenated conglomerated secured banded weaved networked concentrated bracketed stuck together tied spliced interlinked suffused braided lumped together interconnected assimilated absorbed absorpt chained embodied mixed up included allied subsumed harmonized intertwined crossed fit tangled brazed came together knitted together melted hitched grouped become one harmonised hooked massed accommodated catenated compacted clung clinged held cleaved added made up repaired symphonized tied up woven wove intertwisted sealed hybridized instilled interbred browden leagued interlocked beat infused transfused kneaded crisscrossed hybridised taped interwreathed assembled collected interleaved centralized worked in paired concentered centered pinned formed amassed encompassed related clamped tacked put centralised centred concentred organized gathered clasped annexed matched fitted bunched up made created produced fitted in lodged snagged hooked up joined up molten molt embraced became one stuck fast held fast organised co-opted gathered together arranged orchestrated stuck on manufactured holden entangled mended patched knotted snarled concocted twisted adjoined reticulated entwined darned pleached made uniform teamed accompanied adulterated infiltrated saturated bound together shared strapped tethered trussed lashed roped agglomerated correlated laced plaited wrought worked made similar whipped coagmented smoothed treated imbibed complexed contained shuffled inmixed clapt clapped clenched interacted interspersed interknitted condensed bunched coadunated dubbed pegged bolted rivetted clipped clipt riveted slotted in aggregated desegregated coordinated introduced plied matted wreathed implicated enlaced aligned interworked writhed inweaved diluted enclosed confederated sellotaped adapted adopted appended subjoined plastered slipped in joined forces cojoined embedded criss-crossed twined concorded systematized added to garnered accumulated congregated corralled constellated conformed naturalized engulfed admitted harnessed buckled grappled ganged up hooked in hewed gripped stayed hew cross-bred stirred together mortared batched physically joined stirred in interwound espoused appropriated adjusted acclimatized accepted melted into remained pieced together threw in together thrown in together shifted around joined to confined closed encountered inclosed run into comprehended gelled codified jelled acclimatised naturalised twisted together grouped together made one tagged on clung like ivy stayed put stuck to hung together come into contact plugged into run into one another welded together held on like bulldog held on to fastened together formed a circle held together considered together comprised swallowed up melted into one another melded with systematised tacked on formed a whole bulked up had held on stuck like glue involved blended in stuck like a barnacle tied in with slapped on established rounded up faded into one another beaten inmixt screwed added in thrown threw inwoven inwove wrothe writhen putten gotten together got together threw together thrown together shaken shook hewn frozen froze thrown in with threw in with took in taken in ran into ran into one another attached securely came into contact taken over took over hitched on hitches on frozen to froze to

Động từ

Past tense for to cheat, deceive or defraud someone for personal gain
cheated defrauded conned swindled fleeced stiffed bilked diddled suckered gypped stung cozened hustled rooked skinned flimflammed victimised victimized did done shortchanged screwed fiddled hosed sticked stuck mulcted shorted chiseled chiselled skunked gaffed reamed choused thimblerigged euchred plucked nobbled beat beaten exploited overcharged stole stolen extorted wrung wringed blackmailed impoverished pauperized ripped off shook down shaken down did in done in sucked dry strong-armed put the screws to sucked the life out of squeezed deceived tricked duped put one over on milked bamboozled hoodwinked gulled scammed misled fooled gouged finagled hoaxed shafted took for a ride taken for a ride forced pulled a fast one on clipped exacted double-crossed hornswoggled buncoed deluded took advantage of taken advantage of snookered wrested burnt burned sandbagged extracted sold a pup to coerced taken to the cleaners took to the cleaners swizzled robbed preyed on wrenched sold a bill of goods to embezzled pulled a swifty on gazumped chicaned had beguiled rushed strung along snowed abused intimidated short-changed put one over on someone set up swizzed put screws to put the bite on someone for goldbricked elicited soaked manipulated extraught misused plundered sold a pup led up the garden path roped in used jerked around sold down the river pinched stitched up bullied pulled a fast one oppressed double-dealt played on imposed on obtained by force walked all over sold illuded humbugged snew snown caught fudged trimmed pilfered shucked attacked terrorized gipped enslaved screwed over took in taken in run a game on pulled a fast one on someone sold a bill of goods had on racked terrorised pulled one's leg overreached burst ill-treated held up walked over treated unfairly obtained by threat obtained by threats blackmailed someone for lived off the backs of ill-used wormed something out of someone bled someone of something stepped on cashed in on put the arm on withheld rights from taken took molested gave someone a bum steer given someone a bum steer took someone for a ride taken someone for a ride harassed hounded penalised fined forfeited penalized baulked punished balked bluffed misguided misinformed jiggled frauded picked on inveigled wheedled entrapped kidded despoiled expelled lured coaxed cajoled crossed betrayed spoofed gammoned buffaloed belirted cribbed lirted rogued blenched juggled filched outwitted framed bilked of pigeoned sweet-talked faked out sucked in dragged ravished blasted assaulted compelled dragooned heisted pressurised constrained pressurized grifted pressured fast talked ran a game on jived strangled did the dirty on done the dirty on obtained demanded got secured iced defiled twisted pried ruined disappointed frustrated foiled circumvented thwarted done out of did out of dumped on preyed upon played upon imposed upon done someone in the eye lived off suckered into mistreated played with pulled fast one haunted weighed targeted worried leveraged controlled capitalized on lived on loaded patronized traded on did someone in the eye made pay through nose held a knife to patronised used violence on obtained under duress killed bothered led somebody down the garden path trifled with depressed taxed seized used for one's own ends pulled something wormed out maltreated preoccupied played someone for a sucker distressed hunted targetted bugged devoured fed on profited from raided consumed troubled arm-twisted burdened treated lightly depredated gotten done a number on did a number on brast taken out took out gave bum steer broke the rules given bum steer broken the rules tore from teared from taken liberties with took liberties with ate eaten did number on taken to the cleaner's took to the cleaner's done number on clipt pluckt outmaneuvered outmanoeuvred outfoxed led on outsmarted foxed put on pulled the wool over somebody's eyes let down outslicked outthought seduced ensnared pulled the wool over someone's eyes baffled faked juked two-timed sold out made a fool of stabbed in the back led astray outjockeyed outplayed defeated outguessed topped disinformed outgeneralled outgeneraled worsted capped confused jipped bewildered played false lied hit below the belt failed figured out leaded one down the garden path pulled the wool over one's eyes backstabbed trapped split caught out jockeyed cuckolded wangled weaselled ducked dodged weaseled four-flushed double dealt befooled stepped out played away mousetrapped run rings round distorted had someone on put on the wrong track put on an act put on false front played trick on led up garden path pulled wool over eyes put up smoke screen made rings round wormed one's way out of copped out slipped out beaten around the bush outdone outdid dispossessed took someone in surcharged taken someone in broken faith with broke faith with bent the rules stacked the cards pulled something funny stretched the rules got the better of gotten the better of sold someone down the river welshed wrang swayed contrived charged too much impressed played dirty padded overtaxed nicked dusted stumped biased biassed outperformed misdirected hacked falsified hooked played prevaricated misstated gaslit gaslighted conned out of rigged machinated manoeuvred maneuvered bested overcome crossed up finessed pretended misrepresented played joke on beat out of took to cleaners taken to cleaners affected influenced engineered doctored feigned shammed bunked fabricated tempted propagandized perverted enticed lain to lay to pulled wool over rooked out of cooked masterminded ran rings round propagandised wound up baited entangled enmeshed played for a fool passed off bled dry found a loophole in tampered with flammed play-acted sent on a wild goose chase played a jest on psyched out made a sucker of played a trick on exploited a loophole in led down the garden path stole a march on interfered with pulled strings pulled wires played a prank on covered up blagged fixed fixt played games with stolen a march on wrong steered tinkered with fiddled with pulled someone's leg gamed played a joke on fudged with played games twisted around your little finger played a practical joke on did someone dirty done someone dirty thrown threw overcame taken for took for taken for ride took for ride beaten out of stage-managed went one better than gone one better than stolen someone blind stole someone blind thrown off the scent gave the wrong impression given wrong information to threw off the scent given the wrong impression gave wrong information to hocus-pocused gone back on went back on

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