Đồng nghĩa của emanated

Alternative for emanated

emanates, emanated, emanating

Đồng nghĩa: exhale, give forth,


To have gradually increased in detail
developed evolved unfolded arose broadened deepened emerged transpired arrived materialized occurred progressed rose advanced appeared crystallised dawned flourished flowed grew increased manifested materialised matured naturalised resulted surfaced took form took shape turned up became apparent became known came into being came to light came up changed cropped up crystallized leaked out loomed naturalized showed sprang up became visible came forth came into sight came into view came out came together merged issued sprung proceeded stemmed originated derived developt arisen ensued sprang started followed risen set in come up happened come commenced come into existence formed eventuated come out come into being come forth descended actualized headed come about come to pass come from become apparent originated in began begun birthed accrued engendered accompanied comen came come into view become visible spawned came into existence hailed from attended culminated grown turned out popped up upsprung germinated sprung up stemned from taken shape supervened on set came about came to pass came from poured spread erupted hatched derived from supervened catalyzed come after sprouted extended broke broken brake set off taken place took place started off sprung from betided presented itself betid made an appearance entered into the picture come into sight revealed itself had its origin in put in an appearance burst out bobbed up come on the scene manifested itself catalysed had its origin befell befallen shown upsprang taken form originated from lived in succeeded precipitated sparked incited initiated had roots in invoked enkindled fostered incubated come next hailed instituted actuated established occasioned triggered flowed from activated conceived came after ended up ejaculated hovered passed rolled up reappeared emanated from issued from become established started up kick-started kicked in triggered off happed propagated launched fomented sprang from entered showed up hove in sight manifested oneself become evident had one's origin made the scene followed on turned out from had one's foundations exposed itself figured come on fell out revealed become known hoved into view made appearance spurted come together popped in panned out fallen out had its origins flared up rolled out presented oneself heaved into view appeared indistinctly came on the scene chanced gushed wound up at revealed oneself resulted from came next became established gone went came on arose from arisen out of arisen from arose out of uprose uprisen taken root took root broke out broken out hoven in sight shown itself became evident showed itself arrived on the scene showed your face blew in shown oneself blown in showed oneself shown your face felled cultivated existed gelled acquired become common knowledge become manifest become definite shot up shaped up kicked off proved to be the case entered the picture come to the fore leaked come off gotten out got out fell fallen fallen into place fell into place come along unravelled begun life began life unraveled become public devised fared contrived learnt learned burgeoned continued settled crystalized solidified combined united amalgamated jelled opened imbibed mastered concocted blossomed grasped become performed ripened proliferated mushroomed accumulated became common knowledge became manifest became definite become entrenched occurred suddenly came off assimilated settled in went down appeared unexpectedly popped circulated picked up pushed up formed into crystals hardened came to the fore hung together shot happened suddenly paced gone down resolved itself become clear pushed sprouted up become delineated come out in the wash come to stay condensed come down got along sorted itself out slipped out appeared suddenly come forth suddenly forthcome come out in the open glimmered become a reality became public came along bore fruit fore borne fruit faren becomed becomen became forthcame shotten came forth suddenly taken up took up came out in the wash gotten around came out in the open got around became clear became delineated assumed a pattern been gotten under way was took effect came down got under way gone on came to stay taken effect became entrenched were went on took on character taken on character became a reality gone off went off risen up rose up


Past tense for to expel or discharge, typically gas or light
emitted radiated discharged exhaled exuded gave out given out issued sent out cast evolved expelled expired irradiated released shot shotten spread threw out thrown out vented disgorged distilled birthed exited gave off given off initiated oozed poured out rose risen sent forth shed leaked diffused ejected cast out gushed spewed dripped poured spouted jetted let out let off transmitted breathed excreted secreted effused squirted output beamed spilt spilled flowed erupted sent trickled escaped yielded dribbled spewn voided seeped spurted belched displayed evacuated reeked vomited exhibited disembogued demonstrated broadcast spread out spewed out dispensed drained eructed showed passed emptied sprinkled spitted spat ejaculated poured forth breathed out manifested yolden yold produced bled streamed projected burst dropped expended extruded drizzled outsent run scattered perspired purged expectorated splashed flowed out oozed out seeped out gushed out plopped distributed broadcasted set percolated ventilated deposited illumined strewed put trilled spit out given vent to gave vent to put out let loose shined shone shown rayed embodied exhausted tingled steamed leaked out spilled out drained away expressed evaporated exsufflated voiced aired uttered thrilled given forth gave forth forced decanted spurted out vaporized vaporised disseminated verbalized revealed ran felled spoke spake spoken trained directed levelled held leveled aimed headed bended bent pinpointed articulated asserted communicated glittered gleamed smelt of loosed glowed spattered threw thrown proclaimed strewn circulated afforded drooled expanded propagated rambled proliferated extravasated precipitated snowed repeated gulped hiccuped posseted irrupted hiccupped pointed sprayed bestowed verbalised declared delivered weeped filtered rained wept hailed beamed out coughed up spat out breathed forth spewed forth come out with made public brought into the open fallen in drops lit up fell in drops found expression for found an outlet for overflowed with provided escape bursten brast holden fell fallen thrown up threw up snew snown broke out broken out putten gave voice to gave free rein to given free rein to came out with given voice to driven out drove out threw off taken out on gave expression to took out on given expression to thrown off set forth put across put in words put into words sayed said stated vocalized raised enunciated pronounced worded phrased tabled divulged told announced mentioned mouthed couched formulated conveyed clad clothed asseverated vocalised talked of put over pointed out put forward broached annunciated proposed mooted affirmed purported submitted argued cited claimed intimated discussed promulgated suggested framed opined debated alleged denoted professed advanced testified presented published disclosed imparted talked avowed heralded blared designated sounded propounded trumpeted publicized advertized indicated expounded advocated advertised maintained imported looked averred hinted insinuated inflected blazoned admitted muttered bespoke recounted emphasized informed avouched stressed intoned confessed connoted intonated shouted rendered cried roared publicised allegated reasserted yelled emphasised reaffirmed modulated enounced testified to got across talked about spelt out spelled out got over laid down given utterance to gave utterance to brought out gone into sounded off made known brought forward went into popped off made out shouted from the rooftops given gave bespake bespoken gotten across attested to spoke about spoke coherently spoken coherently spoken clearly spoken about spoke clearly gotten over lay down given utterance given away gave testimony gave utterance given testimony borne witness spoke out gave expression bore witness given expression spoken out gave away


Past tense for to spread or extend outwards from, or as if from, a central point

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