Đồng nghĩa của diffused


Past tense for to fill or be in every part of
pervaded permeated suffused imbued saturated filled steeped infused impregnated penetrated charged percolated infiltrated informed riddled transfused overspread interpenetrated perfused invaded affected gripped spread through diffused through filtered through passed through extended through ran through run through percolated through flowed through extended throughout percolated into instilled spread throughout ingrained bathed spread spread over spread out entered seeped engrained tinged soaked seeped through inculcated invested endued inoculated indued flooded covered loaded filtered drenched tinctured seeped into mantled injected washed loaden inspired leavened infixed inundated interfused stabbed leaked stalked pierced passed stained coloured soaked through introduced interjected colored tinted diffused throughout infected soaked into laded imbrued clogged afflicted choked packed crowded flowed into tainted worked into seeped in piled into heaped into filtered in crammed into went through gone through been through laden got in gotten in characterized beset drowned overrun characterised animated distinguished endowed marked sweat cut through got into burst through flavoured flavored overwhelmed soused sopped soddened pestered plagued overran swamped macerated sodden overflowed typified probed assailed attacked seethed dyed engulfed immersed enveloped illuminated strained oozed taken over took over drained dripped shaded accessed leached transuded indoctrinated interspersed planted fortified trickled filtrated flushed overlayed pigmented painted bepainted overlaid sweated dribbled bled wept exuded weeped passed into breathed into washed over streaked gotten into lit up bubbled sod went gone underlay underlain overlay


Past tense for to disappear
dissolved disappeared vanished faded dispersed evaporated dissipated crumbled disintegrated dwindled evanesced perished decomposed ebbed subsided dematerialized died disassembled fled flew flown melted molt molten melted away scattered sank sunk sunken waned wilted withered broke down broken down faded away fell away fallen away declined dilapidated dispelled fizzled out petered out unmade passed away ceased to exist broke into pieces broken into pieces came to an end come to an end wasted away spread banished squandered quelled disbanded checked allayed cleared out run dry melted into thin air drove away driven away ran dry died out receded died away failed lessened weakened abated diminished decreased cleared decayed deteriorated degenerated dimmed felled lift moderated let up tailed off flagged drooped ended languished passed attenuated tapered off slackened lowered tapered dropped palled vanished into thin air died down drained away dropped off eased off went away gone away shrunk fell fallen lifted evanished folded drained shrivelled shriveled collapsed remitted thinned out trailed de-escalated relented eased relent trailed off faded out ceased to be wound down run out slacked off ratcheted down phased down dropped out of sight come to nothing become weak passed into oblivion grown faint grew faint grown less grew less grown dim grew dim went downhill gone downhill vaporized fragmented sagged emaciated lagged risen rose eliminated shrank shrunken etiolated depleted gone went deliquesced hushed quieted tired rarefied thinned dried up parched vaporised concentrated miscarried aborted misfired contracted atrophied trailed away left departed exited become invisible become unimportant plummeted plummetted expired died off slumped withdrawn withdrew bated retrograded broke up broken up passed off tuckered out become less loud pooped out fagged out guttered stopped rebated ceased blurred grown feeble grew feeble receded from view reduced worn off wore off died on vine fizzled gave out given out ran out dulled went down gone down fallen through came to nothing fell through released retired became weak disappeared from sight become less become extinct run low flowed away become shadowy come to a halt become vague missed the mark ended gradually withered away become confused become obsolete ceased to be known made faint left no trace disappeared from the face of the earth ended in defeat come to naught numbed become blurred ended in disappointment become indistinct became invisible became unimportant became less loud fell off fallen off became less gave way given way gave in given in went missing gone missing worn away wore away became extinct came to a halt ran low broke apart broken apart fell short gotten smaller got smaller fallen short became confused became vague became blurred became shadowy became indistinct went south gone south became obsolete came to naught drawn to a close drew to a close fallen apart fell apart

Trái nghĩa của diffused

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