Đồng nghĩa của strewn

Alternative for strewn

strews, strewed, strewing, strewn

Đồng nghĩa: disperse, distribute, scatter, sprinkle,

Động từ

Past participle for to distribute objects or pieces of something over an area, especially in a random manner
scattered sprinkled bestrewn dispersed littered spread tossed tost sown distributed dotted peppered spotted sprayed besprinkled broadcast broadcasted cast cluttered covered filled thrown disseminated diffused shed interspersed dusted powdered radiated propagated spattered flung showered set circulated punctuated interrupted broken dredged spread out discharged poured sent out irradiated drizzled broken up vented released emanated thrown out sifted emitted spread in droplets interfused infused flecked thrown around freckled thrown about scrambled put in spread over issued expelled shot shotten proliferated cast forth exhaled expired given out evolved given off taken off in all directions let off spread around sent forth put in the ground set off cast out studded spangled interlaced interleaved promulgated interjected carpeted staggered expended dabbed seeded drilled planted lodged spaced out splashed gleamed glittered implanted inseminated dibbled dealt ejected divvied partitioned routed disbursed illumined yielded lit up afforded rambled expanded beamed out yolden talced grown pitched disjected raised drenched measured out doled out sent off intermixed interlarded spritzed smeared intersprinkled intermingled intersowed combined commingled misted applied douched atomized spewed spewn sprinkled with powder covered with powder dredged with powder mixed together projected flowed held leveled aimed headed bended bent holden deposited sent trained directed pinpointed levelled mobilized circled moved coursed passed pointed bestowed milled around travelled gone about gone round wandered got about got round gotten about moved round gone around gotten around moved around revolved around mobilised flown about traveled bestrewed sowed rained mizzled spitted spat spilled spilt dropped rained lightly threw coated rained down poured down trickled dribbled dripped bespeckled garnished threw out finished floured topped hailed felled threw around downpoured pattered broke up threw about sleeted stormed gave out gave off took off in all directions come down in buckets broke brake fell fallen shook over shaken over came down in buckets yold

Tính từ

Scattered with a disorderly mixture of objects that take up space
cluttered messy untidy chaotic disordered jumbled confused disarranged disarrayed disorderly littered muddled disheveled dishevelled messed mussed mussy rumpled sloppy slovenly strewed tousled tumbled unkempt crowded piled scattered untidied higgledy-piggledy hugger-mugger topsy-turvy mixed-up pell-mell out of joint upside-down at sixes and sevens disorganized disorganised in disarray in a mess in a muddle shambolic all over the place haywire mixed up tangled in disorder haphazard out of order anarchic orderless in a state upside down wild in a jumble scrambled unsystematic messed up disjointed in chaos out of place mussed up helter-skelter every which way in a shambles straggly tumultuous disrupted upset random unorganized dislocated unorganised all over the shop all over the map all over the lot unmethodical indiscriminate incoherent unruly shuffled uncombed unarranged riotous in confusion in turmoil discombobulated ruffled uncoordinated unplanned undirected unpremeditated lawless unsettled askew awry snarled slapdash deranged turbulent uncontrolled frenzied hectic out-of-line out-of-step out-of-control out-of-whack untrained heterogeneous undisciplined tumult unsystematized unrestrained overturned rampageous purposeless casual in uproar utterly confused harum-scarum like a bomb's hit it screwed up in pandemonium unsorted stirred up unclear bedraggled convoluted irregular matted dilapidated crude neglected rough slipshod inside-out like a dog's dinner like a dog's breakfast broken windswept unfastidious unorderly snafu top upturned luxated unhinged cockeyed upended downside-up windblown ungroomed muddly worse for wear messed-up mussed-up in a clutter tangly systemless out of kilter misplaced displaced tossed knotted out-of-place hit-or-miss erratic careless desultory arbitrary aimless unfocused unthinking complex complicated intricate thoughtless unpredictable heedless designless inefficient unstructured capricious offhand loose confusing blind hasty difficult tortuous badly organized without purpose inconsistent directionless fluky scattershot disconnected lax wayward unguided unselective catch-as-catch-can stray unconsidered incidental lost wanton fitful sporadic unprepared in pieces hit or miss without goal without direction irresponsible multifaceted anarchical without a goal unregulated fragmented scrappy slaphappy into disarray jumbled up into disorder multifarious manifold uncritical undiscriminating variable into chaos into a jumble into confusion toppled varied uncertain hit and miss illogical indeterminate whimsical dragged capsized spilled rambling in total disarray into a muddle kaleidoscopic many-faceted non-linear nonuniform promiscuous entropic fractal stochastic aleatory undiscerning undifferentiating sketchy chancy incalculable tipped over inconstant occasional spasmodic intermittent involved rioting rebellious unstable lawbreaking revolutionary knotty ungoverned misruled misgoverned mutinous off and on involute labyrinthine without law and order cursory perfunctory accidental chance labyrinthian sophisticated byzantine baroque maze-like elaborate devious daedal complicate out of control slack neglectful negligent remiss clumsy hit-and-miss imperfect botched shabby hurried unmeticulous shoddy threadbare unthorough faulty inexact junky inaccurate involuted poor inattentive lackadaisical lazy unprofessional unconcerned spontaneous sudden willy-nilly devil-may-care unexpected reckless fluke unconscious awkward tricky intertwined raveled ravelled interwoven slap-happy thrown together problematic any which way any old way

Tính từ

scattered discrete infrequent intermittent irregular isolated occasional sparse sporadic widespread odd erratic spasmodic periodic casual episodic rare scarce fitful discontinuous aperiodic uncommon episodical periodical random seldom semioccasional unsteady patchy spotty choppy spastic uneven unfrequent catchy unusual few limited on and off exceptional scanty unwonted unaccustomed few and far between scant in fits and starts unlikely rarefied incidental out of the common unique desultory unheard of disconnected recurrent recurring out of the ordinary seasonal on-again-off-again hit-or-miss fragmentary on again and off again not frequent not habitual convulsive jerky uncustomary rambling uncertain spurtive twitching shaky changeable wandering aberrated aberrant chance intervallic abnormal atypical anomalous disjointed accidental outré in bits and pieces unpredictable scattershot fortuitous fluky contingent unconventional surprising uncharacteristic unexpected unorthodox part-time broken bits and pieces fits and starts cyclic punctuated on-and-off continual stop-go isochronal epochal cyclical alternate shifting checked stop-and-go iterative interrupted rhythmical arrested metrical discontinuing isochronous iterant rhythmic alternating serial scattering some not many unthinkable light unimaginable attenuated singular subtile magnificent deficient flimsy outstanding recherche subtle standout towering inconceivable tenuous strange thin remarkable preeminent attenuate extraordinary short by bits and pieces here and there every other now and then meager sometime stray meagre thin on the ground like gold dust once in a blue moon as scarce as hens' teeth

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strewn Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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