Đồng nghĩa của dilapidated

Alternative for dilapidated

Đồng nghĩa: battered, broken-down, decayed, ruined, run-down,

Tính từ

Having fallen into a state of disrepair or deterioration, especially through neglect
derelict decrepit deteriorated deteriorating battered damaged decayed decaying dingy dumpy ramshackle ruined rumpty rundown run down shabby slummy tattered uncared unmaintained wrecked bedraggled crumbling crumbly crummy destroyed impaired injured mangy marred mean old rickety seedy shambly tatterdemalion tatty tumbledown unkempt unsound grungy miserable neglected ratty scruffy shacky shaky tacky timeworn untended beat faded raunchy scrubby sleazy threadbare unimproved broken-down beat-up run-down worn-out badly maintained beaten up tumble-down uncared for uncared-for worn out beat up dog-eared fallen in falling apart falling to pieces in disrepair in ruins poorly maintained worse for wear down-at-the-heels gone to rack and ruin in a bad way on its last legs the worse for wear weather-beaten bombed-out fallen-in ill-maintained moth-eaten down-at-heel gone to seed rinky-dink seen better days used-up worn squalid ragged shoddy grotty down at heel raggedy ruinous scuzzy disintegrating frayed sorry insalubrious wretched poor disheveled dishevelled sordid untidy grubby broken in tatters tottering well worn torn tired fragile in rags holey falling apart at the seams filthy skanky depressed rough yucky ragtag scraggy dismal slovenly seamy having seen better days precarious rotten scungy sloppy messy disreputable worn to shreds raggedy-ass warby antiquated ripped in a state of disrepair unpleasant creaky creaking frazzled shaggy flimsy in bad condition collapsing in shreds patched poorly made badly dressed badly worn full of holes decomposing superannuated rotting rent in holes broken down on your last legs pitiful desolate cheap frowzy slipshod spoiled abandoned degenerated base paltry clapped out used crude unsafe insecure unsteady dodgy down-at-the-heel low poverty-stricken rugged overgrown breaking up caving in falling in unstable frail wobbly weak torn to pieces bad tawdry infirm rocky spoilt in ribbons faulty defective second-rate unhealthy withering nasty haggard disordered time-worn wild dirty in poor condition disfigured bare meager meagre breaking eroding busted slumlike trashy subsiding moldering putrefying peeling unprepossessing mouldering used up all the worse for wear low-class falling down dowdy slimy skeezy limp slum-like shredded under par below par coming apart at the seams out at elbows down and dirty forgotten unattended unloved historic overcrowded godforsaken underprivileged deprived beaten-up done clapped-out dateless hazardous perilous dangerous treacherous unweeded uncultivated wonky outworn teetery uncouth unkept worm-eaten ancient old-fashioned useless unusable weedgrown manky peaked shattered droopy wilted sickly wilting drooping ailing sagging flagging contaminated infected septic unwholesome blighted quavering shaking effete anile crippled insubstantial imperfect jerry-built feeble scroungy woebegone knocked around mediocre coming undone overused overworked unsavoury unsavory scabby dishonest crooked smirched substandard ordinary lousy well-read well-thumbed about to collapse about to break middling low-grade menial two-bit sad lined dinged totaled wizened rachitic wavering tottery unbalanced rattletrap geriatric cure pot low-rent rank mucky indigent sick impoverished sticky gunky gungy condemned fordone undone irreparable undid shot irremediable split decrepit. in ruins in bad repair out of condition unoccupiable unlivable tasteless gaudy vulgar blasted munted worn-down wrung out pegged out well-worn desultory unpressed unfinished contemptible kitsch showy garish hurt robbed plundered pillaged defaced botched mutilated uninhabited harried harmed flash Brummagem common loud about to fall apart down at the heel uninhabitable corroded naff flashy disintegrated crumbled outmoded ostentatious out-of-date stodgy frumpy unbecoming waxy unsuitable poky gaunt drained unwell cheap and nasty pinched exhausted fatigued drawn in bad taste coarsened debauched raddled hollow-eyed malfunctioning inoperative washed out on one's last legs with sunken cheeks kaput down bust not working non-functioning dud not functioning finished duff knackered disorganized disorderly playing up gone haywire acting up gone phut done for conked out conked-out out of order jumbled disarrayed cluttered out of commission on the blink chaotic muddled on the fritz not in working order mussed tumbled rumpled mussy tousled confused disarranged messed littered in a state pell-mell disorganised messed up upside-down unruly topsy-turvy hugger-mugger in a mess higgledy-piggledy

Tính từ

Low, or very bad, in condition or quality
wretched atrocious awful terrible bad dismal inferior mediocre miserable poor sleazy substandard unsatisfactory abject dire dreadful lousy pathetic punk trashy unspeakable abominable bush crumby crummy deficient deplorable dissatisfactory execrable horrible junky lame lamentable paltry rotten rubbishy shabby sorry suboptimal subpar sucky unacceptable wanting wrong beastly cheap common grotty pants schlock shoddy yucky bum calamitous cheapjack cheesy coarse cruddy dirty disastrous faulty flimsy ghastly gimcrack godforsaken gross grubby gruesome hideous horrendous inadequate mean nasty off pitiful ratty repulsive scabby schlocky scummy scurvy seedy shlock shlocky sordid trumpery unsightly wack weak woeful God-awful bush-league low-quality run down a load of pants low-grade second-rate bargain-basement low-rent cut-rate el cheapo down at heel tacky tawdry tatty poor-quality third-rate jerry-built tinny crude cheapo slipshod cheap-jack rubbish ropy bodger duff dingy scruffy broken-down plastic pretentious inglorious low makeshift gaudy low-down run-down base not up to snuff worthless imperfect abysmal appalling defective diabolical useless below par poxy two-bit sad below standard unsound frightful hopeless second-class flawed cheap and nasty junk direful not up to scratch insufficient disappointing dodgy dime-a-dozen below average lemon pitiable average downmarket laughable ramshackle disagreeable poor quality tenth-rate not up to much disgraceful contemptible subnormal thrown together badly built egregious under par insubstantial valueless middling twopenny-halfpenny ordinary leaving much to be desired chronic sub-par not up to par impaired lacking low quality not much cop hack meretricious indifferent brummagem incomplete meagre poorer rickety damaged amiss naff trifling meager unexceptional pedestrian Brummagem tinhorn inept low-end broken déclassé good-for-nothing vulgar tasteless showy amateurish slight out of order the pits incompetent frail rinky-dink grim piddling unstable unpleasant malfunctioning warped jerrybuilt piss-poor very bad scant limited blemished sketchy no good lowbrow unfinished fragile displeasing scanty derisory careless half-pie breakable light of a sort of poor quality of low quality shaky pits slapdash knocked together rough tottery wobbly dud cracked kitsch scratched torn deformed inoperative unworthy garbage shameful scarce unrefined cheapie sour insignificant offensive ineffectual not working short not functioning vile unsuitable shy injured distressing not up to standard odious marred puny low cost a dime a dozen two a penny negligent from hunger second rate garish tinsel chintzy catchpenny garbagy uncultured crass bungling trivial scroungy feeble unsaleable outrageous unsophisticated pinchbeck tattered brassy regrettable unfortunate end-of-the-pier buckled non-functioning patchy strictly for the birds reduced little negligible small of little value measly rude unsatisfying entry-level stinking godawful raffish knackered dubious questionable unfit delicate no great shakes uncomfortable nickel-and-dime damnable sick unimpressive inconsiderable restricted dime-store ill minimal skimpy for the birds of no value needing in disrepair less-than-stellar inappreciable bottom-rung Mickey Mouse reject weak sauce gone wrong unreliable uninviting fallible exiguous nominal tragic rueful of no financial value destitute not good enough unpolished half-baked on the blink rough-hewn god-awful frowzy thin kitschy commonplace down scale corny cheeseball throwaway cheap-looking shocking twopenny second-best down-market distorted ropey second class inexpert doubtful hateful superficial inefficient slovenly bad quality chipped tricky impotent poorly of negligible value unsubstantial inconsistent tinpot excruciating hellacious sparing ineffective desperate depleted tinselly not cutting it worse meritless iffy small-time low-class unfashionable insalubrious off-color poopy downscale catastrophic cataclysmic flashy sparse would fetch nothing stupid unwelcome harmful without value diminished brash incorrect tainted botched crippled unseemly under-strength ridiculous absurd ludicrous affecting buggy disreputable of no worth of little worth few insupportable obnoxious undesirable impermissible exceptionable objectionable distasteful intolerable improper inadmissible inappropriate ill-constructed foolish-looking silly glittering flash loud reprehensible insufferable unhealthy abnormal seconds clumsy dwindling unreasonable repugnant minor-league minor league small potatoes not satisfying loathsome condemnable scurrilous indefensible stinky horrid out irremediable noddy of little financial value artless cut in short supply at a low level inacceptable unappealing flamboyant flaring sporty glitzy glaring flaunting jazzy screaming blatant brazen obtrusive not on not cricket beyond the pale won't do over the fence not quite the done thing petty on the bum beggarly absent missing piffling scrappy not acceptable ten a penny picayune minor unimportant omitted empty gone unfulfilled less bereft devoid cooked away needed bankrupt deprived failing unsellable toytown niggling mingy ungenerous inconsequential chicken minute mere piddly footling pimping no-account peanut unassembled rare undersupplied infrequent unequal underprovided jury-rigged jerry-rigged carelessly built rough-and-tumble rough-and-ready dumbed down partial craptacular burned out in default cut off not up to expectations too little too late out of gas dinky immature outta gas found wanting third string not enough second string second fiddle set narrow de minimis unconsequential undeveloped inexact rudimentary not make it not cut out for vicious faultful bottom-of-barrel disfigured minus few bugs wonky vulnerable in poor taste in a state of disrepair uncouth uncultivated ill-mannered frangible teetery dreary bleak depressing boorish uncivilized impolite desolate squalid gloomy sombre drab foul despicable dark cheerless disheartening discouraging unpromising joyless sullen morose drear piteous solemn somber uncivilised unsavoury roughneck unmannered clodhopping incult oafish unladylike brutish slobbish mannerless cloddish churlish graceless ungentlemanly lowbred unsavory unmannerly ill-bred illiberal unhappy heartbreaking grievous heartrending funereal morbid filthy indigent dreich forlorn lugubrious saturnine glum scungy depressive impoverished sepulchral detestable comfortless sunless plutonian tenebrous lonesome black tenebrific elegiac elegiacal Cimmerian poverty-stricken

Động từ

Past tense for to go into decline
failed declined degenerated deteriorated diminished faded flagged regressed atrophied retrograded retrogressed collapsed depreciated disimproved ebbed spoiled spoilt drooped sickened stagnated withered disintegrated dwindled fell felled fallen languished wasted crumbled degraded rotted slid slidden vitiated debased debilitated sank sunk sunken weakened perished sagged slipped slumped devolved lagged lapsed wilted went gone worsened decayed dropped emaciated impaired putrefied waned became debilitated become debilitated went downhill gone downhill went backwards gone backwards became worse become worse fell apart fallen apart broke down broken down wasted away got worse gotten worse wore away worn away went bad gone bad grew worse grown worse lost quality broke up broken up went to pot gone to pot hit the skids fell to pieces went into decline gone into decline went to pieces gone to pieces fell apart at the seams fallen apart at the seams went down the toilet gone down the toilet decomposed festered corrupted molded moldered fouled dissolved corroded mouldered composted moulded descended lowered decreased backslid lessened depraved went to the dogs gone to the dogs gone down the tubes went down the tubes gone to rack and ruin went to rack and ruin receded nosedived contracted palled died slackened faded away skidded injured alloyed adulterated undermined marred backslidden backslided fallen off fell off lost it reduced relapsed returned reverted become moribund went to the pack gone to the pack had one foot in the grave stained turned died on vine perverted withered away demoralized become dilapidated warped debauched demoralised come apart at seams grew weak grown weak broke broken brake became moribund taken a turn for the worse came apart at seams took a turn for the worse became dilapidated fell into decay fallen into decay gone to seed went to seed

Động từ

Past tense for to cause damage to
harmed damaged spoiled spoilt blemished impaired broke brake broken defaced desecrated devastated marred ruined smashed compromised crushed demolished flawed ravaged sullied tainted tarnished trashed undermined wrecked annihilated defiled destroyed disfigured gutted razed sabotaged shattered vandalised vandalized vitiated weakened besmirched corrupted dismantled endamaged mangled nicked prejudiced smirched totalled totaled corroded crabbed sapped shocked wrenched handled roughly caused detriment to mucked up loused up messed up did mischief to done mischief to dumped on decimated pulverized wasted desolated vaporized nuked wracked extinguished pulled down rubbed out vaporised pulverised levelled leveled flattened injured obliterated knocked down torpedoed left in ruins creamed torn down tore down did in done in hurt blighted mutilated crippled unbuilt bulldozed despoiled disassembled defeated brought down put out of commission wiped off the map wiped out razed to the ground beat put in toilet reduced to rubble put the kibosh on broke up broken up taken apart took apart deformed uglified bloodied consumed tagged crashed scratched distorted contorted crossed up scarred misshaped toppled scotched ruinated busted dashed scuppered overthrew overthrown botched overwhelmed ravished nixed blasted mullered shipwrecked undone banjaxed dished reduced euchred scourged bodged poisoned cruelled undid overturned run onto the rocks left desolate eliminated reduced to ruins made a mess of brought to naught cleaned out laid waste to damaged beyond repair gobbled up taken out smashed up reduced to nothing battered took out wreaked havoc upon screwed up waxed cracked up dashed to pieces cracked laid in ruins wracked up cooled piled up butchered ripped down brought to nothing effaced finished off burnt wolfed wiped off map depleted burned trounced slaughtered removed devoured bankrupted finished brought to ruin fouled up laid waste wreaked havoc on maimed wiped off the face of the earth blew sunken sank blown sunk blew up blown up did away with blew away blown away done away with threw down beaten thrown down blown to pieces blew to bits torn to pieces tore to pieces blew to pieces blown to bits tore up wrote off teared up written off ran onto the rocks done for wrought havoc on blew a hole in did for blown a hole in wrought havoc upset put paid to disrupted put an end to thwarted queered subverted disabled foiled eradicated killed quashed abolished exterminated stymied frustrated put the lid on put a damper on put a stop to hindered squashed put out of action bombed burst incapacitated pillaged sacked destabilized unsettled depredated spoliated cut erased prostrated expunged debilitated stamped out extirpated liquidated wound wounded destabilised exploded threatened bruised interfered with disfeatured destructed put down diminished terminated ended canceled cancelled snuffed out enfeebled blotted out disturbed quelled impoverished obstructed plundered nullified disorganized suppressed overcome stained broke down felled debased put at risk dynamited impeded zapped stopped hampered blotted abated enervated played havoc with undercut split invalidated fragmented dispatched attenuated neutralized dented jeopardized disordered disarranged prevented brought to an end exhausted axed blunted pranged depressed blocked annulled scathed raided deleted confused popped rooted out blacked out squelched swept away neutralised scorched cleaned up jeopardised lessened touched tumbled derailed separated wreaked havoc disintegrated attacked wiped from the face of the earth canceled out cancelled out rendered ineffective shot down knocked out ransacked marauded negated rended rent mauled curbed devitalized clobbered lacerated abused scuttled overcame teared jumbled broken down fell struck disestablished inhibited cast a pall over cast a shadow over slit cut about raped shivered incinerated discolored discoloured thrown a spanner in the works of threw a spanner in the works of cramped busted up massacred tormented depopulated threw a monkey wrench in the works of thrown a monkey wrench in the works of restrained retarded dirtied lowered hashed offset dissolved hit deranged twisted cost fractured subdued ballsed up capsized excised obscured prohibited conquered dislocated drained knocked to pieces roughed up polluted halted floored ceased crimped hamstrung hamstringed bashed bumped counteracted overpowered overmastered swamped whelmed oppressed detracted paralysed disempowered let down brought about the downfall of immobilized repressed paralyzed unmade put the skids under softened cast down checked confounded avoided inactivated struck out interrupted restricted played merry hell with brast bursten split up pinioned shut out unstrengthened cast gloom over set off cut up muzzled cut down mixed up disposed of cast a gloom upon put the stopper on cut a swath through hit for six rendered incapable kiboshed handicapped demoralised wiped hogtied unfitted unbraced immobilised snowed under hocked demoralized blown sky-high blew sky-high molested traumatized bollixed shaken shook shook up shaken up hacked aborted violated pulled to pieces pulled apart dusted dampened looted bombarded taken down took down intruded on darkened endangered gotten rid of got rid of shelled supplanted deteriorated degraded slowed smothered delayed stifled deflated held up convulsed detonated imperiled imperilled cannonaded worsened avenged robbed deposed unseated ousted dethroned havocked clouded afflicted chopped crumpled turned upside-down slowed down overrun trampled forestalled eroded discomposed strafed torn apart tore apart spent pounded caused turmoil in pulled to bits caused confusion in rifled harried benothinged circumvented withered inconvenienced muddled assaulted dishevelled disheveled etiolated smitten smote smit smited pauperized dismissed disarrayed torn tore befouled soiled mussed engulfed countered annoyed opposed traumatised made of no use or value imploded stricken discredited rattled flayed carved mashed slashed wreaked havoc with detracted from slayed sliced tousled rumpled moved affected stirred stunned dumbfounded torched disproved refuted shuffled splintered emptied made desolate barraged cracked down on reft reaved suspended absorbed blotched enveloped expended speckled perverted absorpt outfoxed skinned reversed had overreached superseded inverted outmanoeuvred crazed outsmarted offsetted rebelled outmaneuvered nipped in the bud made a hash of chopped up costed soured chastened coloured chastised colored scrambled tired staggered impressed discontinued disjointed disbanded threw into confusion threw into disorder thrown into confusion thrown into disorder disgraced harshed vanquished made waves worked against escaped evaded bypassed ignited maltreated gnawed spilled infected rotted rusted messed wronged scattered knocked spilt dinged ruffled adjourned bended bent warped tweaked brought to nought subjugated knackered dazed dazzled spellbound executed bleached stabbed contaminated faded jammed made useless rummaged silenced staved off circumnavigated baulked stood in the way of made destitute bled dry stove off concluded snapped smattered fragmentized prorogued abrogated rescinded scrunched crunched repealed smashed to smithereens lamed nulled vacated voided disannulled indisposed snapt rived combusted scalded shot full of holes banged up caused injury tampered with created chaos played mischief with tortured aggrieved grieved pained fouled piqued distressed caused the loss of caused the sacrifice of resulted in harm to deactivated disenabled targeted targetted banged demeaned played out used up minimised minimized belittled bowled over made emotional mowed down offed scrubbed cremated carbonised carbonized strangled headed off steered clear of warded off interdicted blitzed quelched defended against iced sidestepped held back deflected skirted overshadowed limited disunited torpefied displaced scrapped wound up wore away worn away covered clamped interfered whittled away sealed the doom of laid low scratched out leaded to the end of resulted in damage to misplaced eaten away ate away knocked the bottom out of kept lid on rendered speechless actioned rendered inoperative trammeled mined rolled back committed genocide wound down clipped one's wings marked out scored out burnt to a crisp rendered void discharged knocked for six made unfit outwitted emasculated dug out brought someone to their knees knocked sideways struck down prevented from moving stumped tied severed washed out made inoperative subordinated prevented from working tunneled collapsed destroyed by fire crushed to smithereens dragged through the mud shot turned topsy-turvy postponed threw monkey wrench in loosed clamped down on bewildered hollowed out inked out barred stonewalled ditched killed off spiked rendered inactive faded out brought to a standstill disarmed ground down steamrollered closed down queered the pitch of got to made powerless run circles around puzzled brought a note of sadness to rendered powerless brought to a halt thrown monkey wrench in rained on someone's parade blocked out forced down resolved into KO'd slapped down arrested left speechless spray painted tunnelled dug disqualified held off hacked up surprised removed all traces of closed burned to a crisp trammelled knocked off balance stalled crossed out juked poked full of holes chipped away wiped off face of earth knocked off averted swept someone off their feet grinded sandbagged downgraded ground destroyed root and branch rubbed off challenged reduced to ashes balked chipped away at blanked out overran took taken threw into disarray thrown into disarray slew carven slitten corve slain burned away burnt away took to pieces took to bits taken to pieces taken to bits gotten out of got out of did harm to done harm to hitten hat did one in done one in taken the shine off took the edge off took the shine off taken the edge off thrown a monkey wrench into threw a monkey wrench into took the pleasure out of took the enjoyment out of taken the pleasure out of taken the enjoyment out of gnew gnawn disproven stung froze frozen blew down blown down rove blown out blew out riven lay low did damage to done damage to proven wrong proved wrong shotten stricken down taken away took away blued pencil drawn down drew down bore down on borne down on drew blood drawn blood took wind out of taken wind out of broken into pieces broke into pieces worn wore taken care of took care of drove a nail into the coffin of driven a nail into the coffin of took aback ran circles around taken someone's breath away gotten to taken aback took someone's breath away struck at the foundations stricken at the foundations blown apart blew apart gave the lie to given the lie to worn down wore down gone through been through went through burnt to the ground burned to the ground burned down burnt down burned up burnt up threw out thrown into chaos thrown out threw into chaos drove a coach and horses through driven a coach and horses through blew out of the water blown out of the water

Động từ

Past tense for to become less strong in intensity, especially to the point of disappearing completely
died dwindled faded lapsed declined ebbed sank sunk sunken disappeared passed subsided wilted withered vanished waned abated dissolved moderated weakened decayed decreased diminished discontinued elapsed lessened receded ceased closed concluded degenerated determined ended evanesced expired finished halted quit quitted slackened stopped terminated bated crumbled deteriorated drooped went gone retrograded mouldered moldered eased off faded out petered out went down gone down ran out run out wore away worn away died away went dead gone dead went downhill gone downhill grew less grown less let up ran low run low dead-ended fell away fallen away melted away packed in wound up winked out broke up broken up came to an end come to an end left off broke off broken off died down died out dispersed evaporated dissipated disintegrated perished decomposed diffused disassembled fled scattered dematerialized melted broke down faded away fizzled out dispelled unmade passed away wasted away ceased to exist molt molten flown flew broken down broke into pieces broken into pieces failed cleared dimmed felled lift tailed off dropped flagged languished attenuated tapered off lowered tapered evanished collapsed palled vanished into thin air run dry drained away dropped off banished went away gone away quelled spread shrunk fell fallen lifted folded drained cleared out shrivelled shriveled atrophied slumped remitted thinned out trailed de-escalated relented eased relent trailed off departed ceased to be wound down slacked off ratcheted down phased down dropped out of sight come to nothing become weak hit rock bottom hit the skids passed into oblivion grown faint grew faint ran dry grown dim grew dim squandered disbanded allayed checked vaporized fragmented sagged emaciated lagged risen rose eliminated shrank shrunken etiolated depleted worsened deliquesced hushed quieted tired rarefied thinned dried up parched vaporised concentrated miscarried aborted misfired contracted trailed away left exited become invisible become unimportant plummeted plummetted slipped slid melted into thin air died off drove away driven away withdrawn withdrew passed off tuckered out become less loud pooped out fagged out guttered rotted descended regressed rebated devolved blurred grown feeble grew feeble receded from view reduced worn off wore off died on vine fell off fallen off fizzled gave out given out dulled fallen through came to nothing fell through fell to pieces released depreciated become dilapidated run to seed retired pejorated became weak disappeared from sight become less become extinct flowed away become shadowy come to a halt become vague missed the mark ended gradually withered away become confused become obsolete ceased to be known made faint left no trace disappeared from the face of the earth ended in defeat drawn to a close come to naught numbed become blurred ran its course reached depths ended in disappointment become indistinct drew to a close come apart at the seams became invisible became unimportant became less loud became less gave way given way gave in given in went missing gone missing blew over blown over became extinct came to a halt broke apart broken apart fell short gotten smaller got smaller fallen short became confused became vague became blurred became shadowy became indistinct went south gone south became obsolete came to naught became dilapidated gone to seed ran to seed went to seed fallen apart fell apart went to pot fallen into disrepair fell into disrepair gone to pot got worse gone to rack and ruin went to the pack gone to the pack gone down the toilet went to the dogs went down the toilet gone down the tubes went to rack and ruin gotten worse went down the tubes gone to the dogs came apart at the seams

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