Đồng nghĩa của piqued

Alternative for piqued

piqué, piques, piqued, piquing

Đồng nghĩa: agitate, anger, annoy, arouse, disturb, exasperate, excite, foment, incite, inflame, infuriate, instigate, invoke, stir,

Tính từ

Annoyed, usually mildly and temporarily, especially by an offense to one's pride or honor
affronted annoyed cross hurt in a bad mood in a huff indignant in high dudgeon irritated nettled offended peeved put out resentful riled sulky upset vexed disgruntled irked angry displeased exasperated aggrieved sore cheesed off miffed narked teed off irate incensed hacked off aggravated furious huffy fed up enraged ticked off discontented browned off mad angered provoked infuriated tooshie eggy galled shirty not best pleased dissatisfied peed off choleric brassed off testy bothered wrathful ireful hot under the collar outraged miffy ruffled bent out of shape irritable snuffy foaming at the mouth livid crabby fuming in a temper apoplectic steamed up wounded troubled wroth grumpy unhappy rankled sullen ballistic ticked vex inflamed disturbed rabid roiled ratty steaming ill-humored ill-humoured bad-tempered stung distressed ill-tempered frustrated steamed pained petulant hopping mad impatient fit to be tied enflamed maddened crook snaky perturbed surly up in arms insulted foaming agitated touchy hot infuriate tetchy bitter hopping riley irascible choked sour hot-tempered horn-mad depressed injured snappy grouchy malcontent harassed scunnered moody acrimonious churlish querulous peevish wrath chippy on the warpath ropeable crabbed going crook in a pet in a fume hoha blue in the face seething splenetic discouraged disheartened short-tempered boiling soreheaded out of humour worked up in a lather flustered disgusted waspish embittered beside oneself cantankerous in a frenzy discontent morose chagrined miserable crotchety prickly bored narky afflicted stroppy weary antagonized heated raging incandescent tired aerated disaffected quick-tempered antagonised wound up rancorous worried glum disappointed as cross as two sticks harried off the air slighted dark grieved fractious fretful curt malcontented crusty moping hateful blue mardy chafed huffish wild fiery cranky acrid raving ungratified frenzied sick and tired ill-disposed out of sorts waxy ranting needled seeing red goaded roused rattled sick anguished grudging jaded mopey gloomy complaining glowering vitriolic mopish hostile wearied dismal reproachful perverse blasé spiteful hassled snappish frowning grumbling bellyaching tormented dour mumpish antagonistic fretted griping kvetching vehement short fierce very angry uptight pettish unsatisfied grieving bugged dirty unglued filthy hard out of joint sensitive gnashing one's teeth storming spare passionate at daggers drawn burned up in a paddy hard done by with all guns blazing in a bate blown a gasket beside yourself with rage unimpressed defiant snubbed abrupt confused salty wry undermined tense dishonored humiliated p.o.'d scornful perplexed weighty annoying distressing rebellious disrespected unfulfilled defeated brusque terse umbrageous dishonoured wronged temperamental restive edgy curmudgeonly unsated harmed factious hacked envious begrudging out of countenance emotional rousted impetuous hotheaded unindulgent thin-skinned ticklish peckish whingy ill-used woeful saddened dissentious troublemaking grousing crabbing uncontent out of temper kicking critical unforgiving saturnine dogged scandalized buffaloed carrying a chip on your shoulder up the wall hung up cut to the quick restless nitpicking fault-finding carping revengeful persecuted oppressed victimised victimized stewed like a bear with a sore head frantic shocked scandalised jaundiced picky disquieted excitable dejected agitable broody bad tempered menacing in a rage all steamed up overcome with anger bummed out at end of one's rope boiling mad hot and bothered pushed too far beside yourself at boiling point raging mad rubbed the wrong way in a filthy temper neurotic kittle mopy skittish cynical sardonic irreconcilable caustic surfeited down sated satiated belly-aching sick to death with chip on shoulder grudge-bearing with a chip on one's shoulder pouting having short fuse hot under collar threatening fed up to the teeth belligerent aggressive unfriendly malignant scowling with a chip on your shoulder fed up to the back teeth malevolent evil wicked malicious vindictive easily frightened easily upset easily agitated hot-headed high-strung pouty aloof maleficent baleful disagreeable up to here withdrawn uncooperative brooding ornery obstinate sourpussed sulking unsociable gruff mean cheerless malign louring poisonous malefic bored by black venomous surfeited by weary of distressed by glutted by surfeited with jaded with jaded by satiated by captious glutted with evil-intentioned hate-filled dyspeptic have had it up to here with have had enough have had a basinful of have had something up to here snippy snarky snippety liverish raspy stuffy down in the mouth having a fit of the sulks in a funk in a mood in the sulks in a strop jumpy caviling faultfinding cavilling out of humor snitty ill-natured bilious peppery scratchy bearish quarrelsome shrewish on a short fuse nasty short-fused cross-grained harsh volatile truculent acid sorehead difficult contrary unpleasant argumentative on edge snarling whingeing bloody-minded rude contentious bellicose sharp pugnacious scrappy ungracious fussy awkward unkind vicious whining combative feisty discourteous uncivil impolite tart arsey waspy vinegary uncommunicative cussed ugly confrontational inhospitable violent militant blunt disputatious uncongenial whiny warlike joyless unmannerly unsympathetic unresponsive catty censorious unsmiling having got out of bed the wrong side inimical oversensitive hot-blooded agonistic tough discordant taciturn ferocious assaultive obnoxious trying antipathetic misanthropic distant humourless humorless obstreperous cruel iracund iracundulous unapproachable hurtful sarcastic mean-spirited severe anxious negative having got out of bed on the wrong side het up destructive abusive cold adversarial bristly cool disobliging unattractive snarly envenomed chilly pertinacious crybaby atrabilious bad frosty stern hypercritical inconsiderate scathing boorish unhelpful unneighbourly frigid sombre somber unruly gladiatorial unlikable savage berserk brawly hasty chill wintry clammy cold-blooded cold-eyed wintery antiseptic uncordial hard-eyed gelid brittle frozen icy arctic glacial coldish intimidating impulsive chuffy growling fretting childish easily offended uncharitable inflammable stiff foul-tempered insane ready for a fight nasty-tempered out-of-sorts sharp-tongued loudmouthed burning with excitement excited unsavoury uneasy offensive virulent distraught uncomfortable overwrought objectionable mighty good and mad mad as hell stressed fidgety foul unlikeable disrespectful brief hypersensitive vinegarish blazing crazy pernicious spunky acute acerbic bad-humored ready to be tied lugubrious wrought up ill at ease unsettled no-nonsense laconic rough bluff uncontrollable ungenerous tempersome zowerswopped adverse recalcitrant offhand Eeyorish pessimistic sober wreck unquiet overstrung twitchy nervous refractory crackers forceful viperous perversely irritable like a bear ill-mannered unceremonious froward plaintive murmuring apt to fly off the handle toey indomitable indocile uncompliant ill flaming offish off perturbable dicey hazardous unsafe unpredictable highly strung unsavory blazing mad flaming mad litigious with a long face sharp-tempered raving mad got up on wrong side of bed crude boisterous disputative unlovable evil-minded out of control very upset warring wired up as black as thunder moaning wailing crying deploring lamenting grumbly bemoaning whimpering eristic in a wax in a towering rage bundle of nerves desperate demented uncompromising energetic unreasonable corybantic full-on all-out crazed maniac bent smoking manic breakneck irrational concerted ghastly insufferable unbearable frightful irritating controversial polemical polemic battling fighting unloveable ructious arguesome wrangling bickering tempestuous extremely angry impassioned turbulent war brawling long-faced hard to please have chip on shoulder forbidding despondent huffy irascible steely uninviting flinty disconsolate sad downcast disillusioned serious formidable melancholic forlorn low strict stony sinister stark lowering solemn ungentle fell austere grave unamicable antisocial inconsolable disenchanted crestfallen doleful gutted downhearted unsocial unwelcoming unaffable bolshie itching aggers resolute bleak reserved stand-offish sorrowful deadly terrifying cowing terrorizing vituperous terrorising trenchant mordacious insolent frightening browbeating bullying mordant gray grey grim supercilious unforthcoming haughty impersonal indifferent disdainful adversary mortal Olympian starchy spoiling for a fight mean-looking boot-faced against conflicting opposite estranged competitive unpromising vengeful opposed unneighborly low-spirited not on speaking terms disparaging overcritical deprecating nagging pedantic quibbling niggling pettifogging nit-picking hair-splitting criticizing judgemental judgmental disapproving rejective pernickety pass-remarkable nitpicky thorny exceptive criticising exacting unjust unfair hairsplitting very critical petty demanding trivial cavillous finicky tricky

Tính từ

Showing enthusiasm or displaying positive energy about something
excited enthusiastic eager buoyant delighted desirous elated jovial joyful joyous thrilled ecstatic encouraged engaged enlivened enraptured enthused euphoric excitable exhilarated glad great interested motivated overjoyed rhapsodic stoked willing craving electrified exuberant exultant gung ho happy inclined inspired jolly roused agog ambitious amenable animated appetent athirst avid awakened bursting disposed elevated giddy hungry hung up impatient intoxicated keen longing on cloud nine peppy pining restive solicitous sparky thirsty tickled tickled pink covetous full of beans geeked greedy hankering hepped up hopped-up alive blissful bright-eyed and bushy-tailed jubilant moved tumultuous aflame beside oneself cock-a-hoop enrapt rapt entranced rapturous rhapsodical heady stimulated high dizzy sent infatuated concerned galvanised absorbed turned-on captivated affected delirious quickened galvanized extremely happy ardent wild pumped crazy raring anxious voracious antsy nuts juiced hot passionate aroused fervent lively over the moon zealous spirited vivacious ebullient high-spirited energetic yearning gleeful zestful champing at the bit itching keyed up transported cheerful fired up dying in seventh heaven bouncy gay merry ready impassioned chomping at the bit pleased intent fanatical stirred bubbly in raptures chirpy in high spirits effervescent on a high hysterical sparkling psyched blissed out frenzied jaunty vehement sunny keen as mustard peart desiring devoted dedicated vigorous breathless sprightly wholehearted jumping for joy walking on air cheery dynamic exalted zingy aching charged carried away zippy upbeat full of life crank frolicsome wigged out breezy triumphant irrepressible light-hearted earnest ready and willing atingle in transports of delight fervid chipper corybantic worked up raring to go active on tenterhooks mad keen on cloud seven on top of the world frolic gamesome psyched up beside oneself with happiness committed gagging hopeful intense vibrant as keen as mustard mad animate perky afire vital energized feverish expectant airy blithe blithesome nutty gratified chuffed bright wild with excitement turned on in suspense energised wrapped driven juiced up bright and breezy on fire wishing proud in a frenzy of delight heated determined waiting with bated breath hot to trot rarin' to go full of vim and vigour titillated gladsome smiley assiduous flying fiery overwrought uplifted activated thirsting diligent inspirited gloating all agog agitated brash enchanted on edge gone on desperate hearty wacky in a frenzy lighthearted of good cheer delirious with happiness zesty mettlesome astounded pert wishful itchy rejoicing with bated breath game alive and kicking restless cheered stirred up full of fun as merry as a grig perfervid industrious on pins and needles desirous of dying to puffed up exulting conscientious warmblooded bubbling curious flushed open-mouthed potty scintillating crowing forceful vivid frantic happy-go-lucky carefree apprehensive glorying prideful daft touched infatuated with devoted to enamoured of smitten with edgy triumphalist alert zappy prepared boisterous flipping warm in heaven brisk mirthful very keen on floating satisfied intent on hoping influenced enamored of turnt up insatiable obsessed pumped up pizazzy bouncing springy snappy kinetic jazzy racy spanking pizzazzy jumpy frisky overexcited amused grasping acquisitive emotional flying high geared up ravenous hilarious cranked up rapacious feeling one's oats dashing itching for dying for as pleased as Punch on the edge of one's seat in a hurry pleased as punch hankering after amped-up blazing accelerated possessed fierce approving triumphal inflamed exhilarative aglow ablaze fired transfixed awestruck amazed effusive dotty nutso hot for contented frothy gushing in paradise in rhapsodies started lusty overwhelmed overpowered celebrating tingling tingly enthralled amped chafing straining fun-loving avaricious raving uproarious in love with hooked on lusting filled with joy doing handsprings revelling daring untrammeled untrammelled unrestrained impetuous restored refreshed revitalized distraught distrait hysteric distracted rabid burning extravagant lyrical eulogistic bold swaggering boastful jocose laughing jocund jocular festive full of the joys of spring ripe Corybantic gotta have habitual unreluctant diehard straining at the leash victorious content reveling wowed beatific set all a-gog smug boon self-driven set on bent on fascinated passional playful very excited spunky over-the-top revitalised thunderstruck flabbergasted drunk fain tantalized unqualified ravished coltish self-starting gallant kooky zany cottonmouthed juiceless bone-dry sapless tantalised bugged gaga minded jumping up and down in transports grateful flattered privileged eagerly red-hot blown away riled up full of enthusiasm orgasmic charmed longing for wanting hoping for beside yourself consumed with desire favourably inclined fond romping sportive skittish jittery gone athrill dreamy tickled to death beside oneself with joy in exaltation very happy out floating on air up for on for in the mood of a mind pysched up keen on smitten enamored ludic rollicking kittenish frolicky chafing at the bit gladdened diverted entertained partial to crazy for wild for dry as dust honoured honored thankful wanton anxious for yearning for ambitious for eager for uptight worried nervous uneasy enchanté fulfilled wicked larkish prankish full of get-up-and-go full of joie de vivre ready for willing for avid for in love def in trendy groovy now mod hep downtown with-it cool hip made up as happy as a clam very pleased pleasantly surprised as happy as Larry like a child with a new toy like a dog with two tails lustful hopeful for envious aspiring towards prehensile amorous aspiring keen for gluttonous predatious piggish unsatisfied hungered intemperate swinish unfilled edacious hoggish ravening esurient insatiate anticipatory greedy for ravening for thirsty for craving for wishing for hungry for with an appetite covetous of in need of lusting after with a yen in want of waiting expecting fond of sweet on very enthusiastic aspiring to quick enamoured wigged-out awaiting anticipating agape anticipant waiting for the axe to fall au courant aggressive proactive bullish banzai watchful go-go vitalized anticipative vigilant take-charge can-do extremely enthusiastic hopped up set up looking good looking for waiting on

Động từ

To have triggered a passionate feeling or reaction
excited provoked incited riled stirred up fomented impassioned inflamed rallied roiled roused stirred triggered aggravated agitated animated electrified fired up goaded inspired instigated aroused enthused galvanized incensed irked primed ruffled stimulated whipped up baited charged egged on elicited encouraged enlivened grilled kindled pumped up revved up set off vexed vext vivified worked up wound up activated angered awakened brought about brought out caused charged up commoved energised energized enkindled galvanised jolted motivated needled pepped up sparked off touched off triggered off worked into lather chafed discomposed flustered induced infuriated intensified maddened offended shook shook up started taunted upset waked up woke up fed the fire moved prompted sparked whetted spurred fired prodded urged quickened impelled wakened actuated inspirited turned on pushed generated thrilled called forth persuaded titillated waked kick-started pricked bestirred instilled put a bomb under set going invigorated evoked fueled fuelled engendered swayed prest pressed vitalized produced fanned precipitated promoted fostered incentivized tempted propelled touched spurred on challenged envigorated lit a fire under drave driven druv drove influenced strengthened occasioned revived increased exhorted initiated exhilarated fermented inclined enticed nudged woke woken sicced intoxicated made raised abetted set on brought into being set in motion made waves innervated put up to called into being fired the imagination of brought on put in motion stung drew forth drawn forth gotten going given rise to gave rise to got going startled refreshed shocked pressured ignited revitalized impressed led leaded enhanced resuscitated constrained disposed begat begot begotten worked brought warmed wrought reanimated chivvied filliped braced spiked reactivated bred intrigued stoked up dynamized pleased teased jumpstarted created steeled egged invoked irritated revivified reinvigorated procured prevailed upon exalted heightened tickled tantalized exercised brewed sharpened informed began begun got someone going hinted zipped up insinuated rabble-roused made wild called to mind psyched vivificated shaken up brought around juiced up astonished cranked up agitated for run fanned the flames of gingered up stunned brought back sounded keyed up led to steamed up frightened innerved plotted contributed to augmented livened up summoned up spooked buoyed called stirred embers jogged memory acted as an incentive to fired with enthusiasm schemed acted as a stimulus to dispatched jump-started jazzed up agitated against revitalised heated up planned amped up tantalised suscitated made for woken up reminded het up switched on sprung originated sent alerted built a fire under built up rooted on fired the enthusiasm of livened crowded suggested zapped drove on driven on added fuel to fire shaken sprang grew grown gave a shot in the arm gave someone a kick given someone a kick given a shot in the arm sowed the seeds of sown the seeds of added fuel burnt up gotten smoking got smoking burned up ran effected effectuated hatched affected catalyzed spawned set up catalysed compelled yielded mustered translated into cultivated introduced developed brought to pass put zip into bucked up rendered heartened enacted hounded instituted emboldened fortified perked up buoyed up activized got up yolden yold did done disturbed drawn on drew on struck advanced set conceived established uplifted rejuvenated cheered up boosted set light to set alight set a match to set on fire set fire to empowered inaugurated sustained beared reinforced whipped started up made up armed enabled acted as a incentive to geed up put on put match to lashed cooked up put pep into put into action let sunshine in started off put a match to put together put new life in set in improved nettled drummed up honed refined gotten up burnt burned devised enflamed invented designed annoyed gladdened formulated contrived concocted stricken whomped up launched manufactured badgered projected cheered accelerated exacerbated secured worried formed restored brightened pressurized harassed forced coerced torched speeded sped opened infused dug imbued brightened up narked supported bolstered dragooned bullied setted burning founded made lively found conjured wakened up bore borne countenanced propagated favoured favored speeded up reassured made more lively snapped out of it got picked up accomplished got to stressed out thought up started the ball rolling added fuel to the flames parented expanded mobilised lashed at trumped up achieved sired mobilized procreated beghasted attracted sped up emerged infected moved to action spiced acted as a spur to brainstormed worked on mustered up laid eggs interested rousted pressurised lighted spitballed made to happen extended showed lit recreated multiplied braced up renewed brought forth made happen captivated elated acted as a fillip to performed enchanted prepared endued chirked up come up with acted as a impetus to come out diverted dreamt up carried entertained made more exciting brought up stricken up struck up drew drawn gotten to given a shot in the arm to gave a shot in the arm to gave birth to given birth to gave the incentive to given the incentive to gave life to given life to gave a lift given a lift got one going gotten one going given a new lease of life to gotten one started gave a new lease of life to got one started got things rolling gotten things rolling were responsible for was responsible for given one an idea gotten gave one an idea borne up been responsible for given impetus bore up gave impetus got started shown gotten started broke in broken the ice broken in broke the ice came out threw together broke open broken open given forth came up with gave birth thrown together given birth gave forth

Động từ

To have instigated the curiosity or attention of someone
interested attracted appealed to drew engrossed excited fascinated intrigued tempted captivated entertained enthralled lured snared tantalized titillated affected amused aroused concerned distracted engaged gripped hooked involved perked up pleased pulled touched mattered to mesmerised mesmerized moved riveted rivetted tantalised turned on beguiled bemused caught one's eye diverted enchanted grabbed immersed absorbed absorpt aroused one's curiosity bewitched captured one's imagination engaged one's attention floated someone's boat held held one's attention lit someone's fire occupied preoccupied sat up tickled someone's fancy whetted one's appetite arrested busied enwrapped drawn charmed tickled one's fancy aroused the curiosity of tickled your fancy holden aroused curiosity allured seduced enticed thrilled entranced enraptured magnetized magnetised ravished wowed delighted tickled pink tickled roused stimulated spellbound slayed sent won over hit the spot swept off one's feet wooed wiled killed knocked dead swept off feet gratified cheered inveigled witched fulfilled delectated courted tickle to death gladdened satisfied contented exhilarated electrified persuaded pleasured hypnotized intoxicated cajoled dazzled rejoiced led on inflamed enamored slain slew sucked in made happy knocked out whetted the appetite of hypnotised teased galvanized stirred up stirred decoyed charged humoured humored indulged ensnared coaxed invited enamoured transfixed baited betrayed solicited suited overjoyed warmed endeared beckoned tricked raptured grooved arrided tickled to death bowled over made someone feel good vamped turned one's head put under magic spell put horns on cast a spell on put under a spell enthused come on pumped up hit on put the whammy on steered gladded agreed with made a hit with galvanised cheered up sparked whetted wakened got going given pleasure to went over big gave pleasure to given a buzz gave someone a kick gave a buzz given someone a kick gone over big provoked kindled obliged induced bedazzled solaced elated uplifted heartened palpated grappled quickened infatuated enlivened stoked led leaded jubilated exulted gloried scored inclined regaled gotten going aroused sexually worked up caught someone's eye got someone going introduced pulled in made someone glad carried away obtained made feel sexually excited brought in taken freaked out dragged made someone pleased controlled caught the eye of drawn one's attention showed buoyed up exerted influence on got picked up won roped in secured brightened up trained captured made someone's mouth water warmed the cockles of the heart come on to owned got under someone's skin held the attention of caught up made hit with brought joy to exerted a pull on made a hit with someone given someone a thrill gave someone a thrill bedevilled done it for someone voodooed came on switched on pleased greatly held spellbound took made someone content made content initiated turned someone on roped made somebody's day bucked up made someone feel sexy entrapped did it for someone drew one's attention tickled the fancy of bedeviled own gotten drawn in drew in came on to forspoken forspoke gave the come-on to given the come-on to got one's kicks gave someone pleasure gave a lift given someone pleasure given a lift gotten one's kicks got started shown gotten started fallen in love with fell in love with blew away blown away

Động từ

Past tense for to feel irritated or resentful
annoyed irritated galled provoked vexed vext displeased got gat gotten irked nettled bothered offended peeved affronted exasperated riled aggravated angered bugged ruffled upset infuriated miffed narked disgruntled needled wounded wound incensed rasped stung chafed ate eaten frosted grated gravelled graveled griped grope gripen hacked off itched mortified persecuted rankled rode rid ridden spited exacerbated got to gotten to humped put out absorbed absorpt attracted awoke awaked awoken bummed out burned up burnt up got across gotten across goaded grabbed ignited interested motivated pricked quickened ticked off wound up rubbed up the wrong way egged on gave someone the hump given someone the hump made waves worked up got under skin gotten under skin gave the business given the business gave a hard time given a hard time got a rise out of gotten a rise out of put someone's nose out of joint disturbed maddened hurt hassled antagonized enraged harassed antagonised outraged agitated fretted inflamed pestered troubled made someone see red worried distressed roiled got at put your back up teed off hacked you off pained plagued perturbed rattled nagged made angry teased frustrated insulted driven up the wall drove up the wall rubbed the wrong way tormented put someone's back up disgusted made cross discomposed harried rankled with baited disquieted abraded badgered grated on niggled gotten at driven mad drove mad bedevilled bedeviled got your goat disconcerted drove crazy driven crazy madded enflamed ired burnt burned got on your nerves gotten on your nerves taunted discomfited aggrieved steamed up injured afflicted molested perplexed grieved cut to the quick hit where one lives driven to distraction drove to distraction got in someone's hair sent into a rage got in your hair beset hounded turned off dissatisfied dismayed flustered slighted made someone's blood boil distracted ruffled someone's feathers made someone's hackles rise given someone the pip gave someone the pip chagrined dissed excited dogged shocked gnawed driven round the bend drove round the bend jarred on got on your wick put down stirred up cheesed off put off caused offense made your blood boil got under someone's skin driven round the twist drove round the twist bit hurt someone's feelings unsettled confused mithered embittered tried roused got across someone confounded gotten on one's nerves got on one's nerves discountenanced embarrassed gotten your back up got your back up discommoded repelled distempered jarred disobliged flurried depressed picked on prodded rubbed you up the wrong way gotten on someone's nerves got on someone's nerves got someone gotten someone tried someone's patience raised your hackles got your dander up got one's goat gotten one's goat gotten up someone's nose got up someone's nose scandalized inconvenienced gotten someone's back up got someone's back up affected revolted crossed devilled deviled empurpled acerbated concerned disrespected zinged grilled deranged bummed nudged hacked pursued put discomforted scandalised alarmed fussed crazed sickened browbeat incommoded nauseated horrified browned off scared sticked in one's craw unnerved gnawn gnew frazzled intimidated repulsed ailed setted one's teeth on edge fazed bullied tried your patience aroused unhinged tried one's patience exercised discombobulated hectored fired up got under your skin gotten under your skin gotten under one's skin got under one's skin put someone out beat umbraged put your nose out of joint eaten away at ate away at upset the apple cart hurt somebody's feelings rattled someone's cage gotten on someone's wick got on someone's wick bitten put someone off their stroke made your hackles rise made blood boil made you see red set one off set on put into a flap put on the spot put somebody's nose out of joint worn on wore on given someone grief gave someone grief pressed prest ached nipped driven bananas drove bananas got on nerves gotten on nerves gotten someone's dander up got someone's dander up poked penetrated got someone's goat gotten someone's goat pinched compressed cramped squeezed chivvied prickled chivied discontented disaffected tattered frayed eroded chid chided harmed tantalized interrupted bored crushed bristled stewed petted tiffed huffed impeded hindered winged capped curdled disappointed sounded cooled mispleased festered tantalised foiled thwarted tried the patience of steamed saddened spurred soured scoured slapped boiled snubbed agonized incited intruded upon imposed on victimized heckled hazed crabbed begrudged grudged bent someone's ear browbeaten slurred humiliated breathed down someone's neck carped at started played dirty stirred raised hell abused dispraised confronted slandered criticised criticized terrorized devastated raged wigged tangled riled up questioned examined tweaked quizzed made sore lost one's temper eaten at ate at excoriated panicked henpecked caused resentment to caused annoyance to loused up cramped style hung up imposed upon rubbed one the wrong way mixed up made nervous excruciated startled frightened wound somebody up bruised beleaguered turned one off dumped on pothered gnawed at expelled dragooned wronged victimised exiled obsessed hunted terrorised crucified grated upon jarred upon made one see red gotten on somebody's nerves got on somebody's nerves hagrid alarumed derailed scraped away got up your nose shook up shaken up blustered frilled flummoxed furbelowed stumped disrupted cowed fuddled floored lambasted possessed shattered agonised caused sorrow bled nagged at caused anguish mourned caused suffering got your hackles up gotten your hackles up given offence to gave offence to worked into lather made anxious caused anxiety got someone's hackles up setted your teeth on edge squicked grossed out dazed bewildered worked on heated up het up made livid messed run up the wrong way resent made it hot for someone disenchanted messed with weirded out made unhappy caused to panic turned your stomach made things hot for someone freaked out surfeited complicated rattled one's cage puts somebody's nose out of joint interfered puzzled astounded pushed someon's buttons abominated resented pushed the buttons of made shudder cloyed on made somebody's blood boil relucted made uneasy filled with loathing singled out caused someone to lose their composure ruffled one's feathers got the knife into intruded caused aversion palled thumbed nose at tired amazed caused to feel nauseous offended morals of turned one's stomach gnawed away at disheartened made one sick made someone want to throw up sticked the knife into asked for it oke aken bore blew up blown up putten shaken shook worn down wore down broke broken brake gotten even got even thrown threw beaten wore out wore away worn out worn away drove you up the wall driven you up the wall gotten in one's hair got in one's hair gave a bad time given a bad time worn upon wore upon thrown off balance threw off balance driven insane drove insane trod on someone's toes trodden on someone's toes given offence gave offence undone undid hagridden hagrode ran up the wrong way given a zinger given the cold shoulder gave a zinger gave the cold shoulder worn wore took a rise out of taken a rise out of ate up eaten up wore to shreds bit into worn to shreds bitten into drove you crazy driven you crazy gotten in the way got in the way thrown into a tizz threw into a tizz threw into tizzy thrown into tizzy gotten on someone got on someone drove you to distraction driven you to distraction drove out of mind driven somebody up the wall drove you off your head driven you round the twist driven you out of your mind drove you round the bend drove you round the twist driven you off your head drove somebody up the wall driven you round the bend drove you out of your mind driven out of mind tortured oppressed racked besieged harrowed anguished curst cursed mistreated ill-treated had it in for kept after kept on at discriminated against maltreated tyrannized stressed tyrannised strained importuned had a down on ragged pushed around leaned on haunted dunned ill-used ribbed went on at gone on at chaffed attacked scolded mocked pushed about berated punished unfairly upbraided grumbled at domineered pecked at misust misused wrung assailed dishonoured dominated found fault with put through wringer martyred despaired put pressure on harped on at dishonored picked at caused suffering to lied heavy on disapproved of beared a grudge towards felt ill will towards scorned guyed violated exploited manipulated ridiculed misrepresented maligned rousted suffered stressed out belittled disparaged smote smit smited smitten infested gibed bullyragged forayed macerated punished despoiled noodged boned labored laboured mused pressurized obtruded encroached accosted terrified pressurised subjugated menaced immolated demonized used blighted reviled reproached abased derided yawped inveighed growled yammered murmured grizzled grumped muttered complained squealed maundered grouched whinged bleated kicked croaked whimpered squawked whined kvetched caterwauled wailed grumbled moaned yowled bellyached carped hollered keened beefed yauped repined screamed groused reminded squirmed insisted manhandled threatened demonised razzed defamed taxed wringed wrang pushed gripped jerked around overwhelmed overpowered cheated discredited impugned libeled vilified libelled denigrated made fun of scratched around yapped at ragged on searched high heaven urged egged moaned at grinded ground burdened brutalised brutalized mishandled buttonholed enslaved preyed on got on the nerves of punished repeatedly and unfairly moaned on at kept complaining to rubbed salt in wound leaded someone a merry dance played cat and mouse brought pressure to bear on martyrized weighed down tested caused agony to got in the hair of caused disquiet to taken advantage of did an injustice to took advantage of done an injustice to found fault teared messed over inflicted anguish on played the heavy with targeted weighed heavily on trespassed treated harshly spooked sinned against psyched out sweated out offended against tyrannized over walked all over kicked around had your knife into damaged targetted caused anxiety to laid a bad trip on stepped on the toes of stacked the deck showed antagonism to shown antagonism to shown ill will towards showed ill will towards overbore overborne overrode overridden taken the mickey out of took the mickey out of broke in broken in taken the piss out of took the piss out of torn tore took it out on taken it out on threw off thrown off rode roughshod over ridden roughshod over gave no quarter went for jugular gone for jugular given no quarter did wrong to done wrong to did injury to did the dirty on done a disservice to did a disservice to bad mouthed done the dirty on done injury to

Động từ

Past tense for to drive spiritually or urge someone on
encouraged inspired motivated emboldened buoyed buoyed up cheered drove drave driven druv empowered incentified stimulated strengthened applauded enlivened galvanised galvanized envigorated invigorated pushed reassured spurred stirred built up disinhibited enforced filliped fortified goaded heartened impassioned inspirited sparked swayed triggered vitalized activated aroused boosted brightened built comforted egged enheartened excited exhilarated fired up incentivized instigated jumpstarted kindled moved pepped up spurred on steeled stirred up uplifted whipped up animated assured boosted up cheered on energised energized gave a boost to given a boost to ignited provoked pumped up quickened raised reenforced restored revitalised revitalized revivified revved up roused bore up borne up chirked up gladdened incited nudged rallied refreshed consoled praised pricked bielded boosted someone's morale bucked up cheered up geed up gave a shot in the arm to given a shot in the arm to gave confidence to given confidence to gave hope to given hope to gave shot in arm given shot in arm lifted the spirits of lit a fire under propped up psyched up raised the morale of raised your spirits spirited someone up stiffened the resolve of stimulated spiritually prompted prodded urged induced fomented hooked bolstered inflamed whetted grabbed elated fired with enthusiasm fired braced supported set up perked up impelled accelerated gingered up hastened livened up amped up hurried speeded up sped up instilled vivified revived fanned exalted promoted spiked kick-started electrified commoved intensified jump-started fueled fuelled juiced up jazzed up zipped up worked up rushed speeded sped advanced put at ease expedited urged on put one's mind to rest keyed up set your mind at rest stepped up fast-tracked put new life in hurried up caused influenced persuaded soothed enthused nerved made brave inclined impressed hustled solaced calmed imbued touched infused made braver struck thrilled relieved occasioned got sparked off beghasted infected endued affected fed feed rejuvenated lit up carried lifted the morale of fostered breathed new life into breathed life into informed livened exacerbated nurtured sustained started off boosted moral gave confidence given confidence increased dynamized powered nourished raised someone's spirits fired the imagination of made alive precipitated brought to life picked up facilitated prest helped dispatched pressed turned on waked up restored confidence to stoked up bundled assisted aided snapped one out of it steamed up charged up got something going hurried on pushed on cranked up pushed forward whisked picked up speed acted as a incentive to acted as a stimulus to made haste made faster acted as a fillip to acted as a spur to acted as a impetus to built a fire under gave courage given courage stricken gotten gat gave life to given life to gave new life to given new life to given impetus gave impetus given a buzz gave a buzz been responsible for were responsible for was responsible for stung given pep talk gave pep talk gave one an idea given one an idea holp holpen gave a lift given a lift woken up woke up given a new lease of life to got one going gotten one started gave a new lease of life to gotten one going got one started drove on driven on gotten faster went faster got faster gone faster

Động từ

(be taken by or with) Past tense for to be attracted or charmed by
took taken captivated fascinated charmed enchanted beguiled enthralled entranced intrigued mesmerised mesmerized attracted delighted absorbed absorpt allured amused bewitched enamored gripped hooked infatuated magnetised magnetized spellbound tantalised tantalized titillated transfixed carried away dazzled entertained hypnotised hypnotized lured seduced won over diverted gladdened gratified pleased satisfied wiled put under a spell tickled pink tickled someone's fancy interested bemused engrossed occupied engaged enwrapped involved immersed busied stimulated enraptured riveted rivetted cheered distracted compelled regaled ravished tempted enticed disported solaced witched bedazzled arrested killed preoccupied recreated caught up enamoured aroused held the attention of grabbed made merry fired interested greatly excited inspired animated overpowered elated indulged provoked kindled thrilled stirred ensnared transported tickled enslaved held in awe inspirited appealed held spellbound subdued won humored invited knocked dead overwhelmed cracked up relaxed enlivened comforted humoured slayed ecstasized intoxicated drawn drew given pleasure to slain gave pleasure to slew held wowed employed panicked convulsed turned on fractured sent vamped cheered up put 'em away monopolized monopolised swept off one's feet kept busy put away made roll in the aisles nurtured refreshed partied made laugh brushed caressed patted touched scratched vellicated itched kittled prickled tingled irritated bowled over roused treated to made happy fractured one charged galvanized inflamed electrified exhilarated consumed teased knocked out knocked 'em dead caught fixated fixed filled palpated grappled quickened tossed a party had a get-together laughed it up soaked attended concerned tickle to death tickled the fancy of cracked someone up wooed used up broken one up broke one up engulfed obsessed creased someone up led on pumped up galvanised kept amused made somebody laugh held attention made smile tied up swept off your feet roped in turned one on made a hit with switched on held one's attention appealed to got one's jollies gotten one's jollies taken up took up tickled to death gave a party given a party

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