Đồng nghĩa của piquing

Alternative for piquing

piqué, piques, piqued, piquing

Đồng nghĩa: agitate, anger, annoy, arouse, disturb, exasperate, excite, foment, incite, inflame, infuriate, instigate, invoke, stir,


Providing inspiration
inspiring inspirational rousing stirring moving stimulating uplifting encouraging exciting exhilarating motivating affecting impassioned motivational animating emotive energising energizing enlivening heartening passionate spirited striking breathtaking charged dramatic dynamic electrifying emotional galvanising galvanizing gripping impactful intoxicating envigorating invigorating memorable persuasive provocative provoking riveting animated electric exhilarative galvanic impelling impressive influential inspiriting lively poignant stimulative thrilling affective anthemic arousing energetic exalting instigating instigative kicky refreshing touching awakening enthusiastic hearty inciting meaningful triggering vibrant vigorous emotion-charged mind-bending mind-blowing soul-stirring thought-provoking hair-raising heart-stopping mind-boggling rip-roaring interesting challenging appealing spine-tingling bracing fascinating titillating adrenalizing hectic captivating astonishing restorative amazing tonic exhilarant intriguing heady stunning wonderful absorbing overwhelming vitalizing magnificent renewing reinvigorating incredible sensational quickening expressive profound roborant spectacular fabulous wondrous stem-winding awe-inspiring entertaining compelling intense enthralling startling heartfelt awesome fervent enchanting eloquent staggering vivifying significant eye-popping cheering innerving arresting remarkable action-packed out of this world powerful fiery engaging wild astounding explosive fantastic stupendous brilliant deep mournful delightful piquant sincere gladdening beautiful eye-opening sad marvelous grand doleful marvellous cheerful soulful sexy inflammatory strong elevating heart-warming agitational heartrending ardent inviting fervid tender heartbreaking attention-grabbing complex complicated difficult baffling confusing puzzling shocking mind-altering exhilaratory cliffhanging knife-edge compulsive amusing pleasing diverting riotous charming buzzworthy pleasurable exquisite jaw-dropping imposing dazzling amazeballs splendid glorious extraordinary beguiling unique magnetic eye-catching consuming engrossing enticing majestic monumental lavish entrancing showy luxurious influencing prompting galvanical reviving cordial rejuvenating vital brisk shareable viral revitalizing potent sensitive sparkling ensational readable elating hallucinogenic suspenseful laden revitalising pervaded permeated filled feeling giddy imbued suffused stirred fraught loaded full saturated animative deeply felt stupefying inconceivable hallucinatory psychedelic warming tense exalté nerve-racking boisterous rollicking ripping uproarious adrenaline-charged edge-of-the-seat telling shaking trembling breathless sententious heart-stirring jolting giving one food for thought adrenaline-fueled shivering quaking vibrating shuddering upsetting outstanding enriching inspirative improving buzzy volatile adrenalized frantic blood-tingling large mad swinging fab miraculous boss picturesque heart-rending tear-jerking power-driven AC DC juiced motor-driven electrical electronic plug-in rechargeable unforgettable zero cool battery operated insane cool surprising curious never to be forgotten gee-whizz excellent crazy unreal unbelievable enjoyable ridiculous far out terrific meaty charismatic eventful hypnotizing hypnotic tantalising mesmerising worthy of note fresh mesmerizing preoccupying bewitching unputdownable portentous trenchant topical fine unboring immersing hypnotising newsy splashy relatable prepossessing attractive involving vivid racy out of the ordinary tantalizing exceptional newsworthy alluring mesmeric spellbinding noteworthy seductive emphatic magical funny bad daring first-class primo divine momentous like wow swell hunky-dory super groovy dandy first-rate superb bold delicious stately massive pleasant humorous witty agreeable fun incendiary inflaming congenial recreative droll nice seditious hilarious chucklesome admirable insurgent rabble-rousing anarchic comical tremendous demagogic relaxing scream clever riot be a ball fun-filled gas gay side-splitting priceless rebellious fomenting agitating revolutionary extravagant transcendent phenomenal hate-mongering intemperate rabid mutinous eager vehement flaming contentious controversial excited committed assiduous earnest dedicated steadfast allegiant zealous resplendent far-out notable sumptuous special fantastical out of sight dreamy unmitigated commanding prominent splendorous towering arrestive surpassing magnific seditionary great confounding perfect incitive sightly like a red rag to a bull fierce feverish frenzied heated burning warm messianic violent fanatical perfervid passional torrid glowing raging red-hot demonstrative warm-blooded incandescent superheated religious tumultuous blazing uncontrollable hot-blooded impulsive impetuous ungovernable steamed up high-pressure forceful stimulated precipitate headlong high-powered hotblooded quickened


Something that arouses activity or energy in someone or something
stimulus spur impetus incentive motivation encouragement incitement stimulant boost impulse provocation goad instigation inducement stimulation inspiration fillip motive catalyst incitation momentum yeast push prompt influence cause urging prod kick propellant invitation charge flash sting bang fireworks precipitant shot in the arm turn-on eye-opener geeing-up clarion call kick up the backside excitement trigger drive urge reason pressure persuasion pick-me-up tonic goading impulsion lift driving force carrot prompting lure thrust help rationale bait aid prodding purpose consideration uplift reviver instigator motivating force egging on abetment desire compulsion force invigoration attraction movement challenge spark grounds stirring stimulator support come-on taunt ground straw that stirs the drink motivator enticement rousing muse propulsion actuation temptation sweetener assistance douceur agitation kindling fuelling envigoration hand exhortation fomentation spark plug a shot in the arm jump-start speed determinant dare backing motion spring assist stirring up fueling whipping up kick-start leg up helping hand start mover and shaker ammunition pleasure promoter persuader fodder piquancy tittivation titillation refreshment inclination instinct wish yen whim goal prick food intellectual nourishment excitant activation needle jog shove coaxing bolster initiation bidding example model pushing pressurization reward spice behest inception devising pressing spurring amphetamine psychostimulant drug cocaine energy strength power motive power fuel zest kick in the pants will carrot and stick afflatus revelation arousing stimulating substance forward motion boost to the spirits inspo pull pressurisation needling beseeching enkindling spurring on creativeness awakening arousal eureka go-forward welly steam velocity persuading conversion convincing draw bribe inducing suasion stoking up baiting facilitator arm-twisting perk leader hook con brainwash twist guiding light red rag agitator object design casus belli driving power adjuvant incendiary intention kickoff reactivation ultimatum occasion thinking basis reassurance radical stimulus hard sell sweet talk snow job soft soap wave maker wherefore authority subject why account mainspring succor gauntlet summons antecedent passion whys and wherefores root end aim emotion feeling intent creative influence insistence excuse allurement premium secours comfort relief the why and wherefore buzz succour defiance defy cartel reason why gee-up


To be irritating or upsetting, typically with repeated or unpleasant acts
annoying harassing aggravating antagonizing bugging exasperating galling getting goading irking irritating narking nettling peeving pestering riling ruffling vexing frustrating nagging upsetting angering bothering displeasing disturbing hassling incensing infuriating maddening making angry needling provoking teasing agitating getting to incommoding making cross molesting perturbing troubling worrying badgering bedeviling bedevilling breaking chafing distressing enraging frosting gnawing grating harrying henpecking nudging persecuting plaguing riding rubbing up the wrong way spiting beleaguering burning up driving crazy driving to distraction graveling gravelling rankling antagonising bumming out driving mad eating getting at getting under your skin getting up your nose getting your goat giving someone grief giving someone the hump hacking off making your blood boil teeing off ticking off winding up cheesing off driving round the bend driving round the twist driving up the wall egging on firing up getting in your hair getting on your wick getting your back up getting your dander up hacking you off heating up making someone see red making waves turning off working on asking for it getting on your nerves giving someone the pip putting your back up hitting where one lives putting out miffing rasping offending griping itching getting across outraging affronting exacerbating fretting humping inflaming roiling disgruntling hurting rattling paining stinging rubbing the wrong way wounding insulting tormenting disgusting discomposing rankling with disquieting mortifying abrading grating on baiting getting on one's nerves giving a hard time disconcerting discomfiting niggling aggrieving enflaming madding iring steaming up getting on someone's nerves burning taunting injuring afflicting grieving perplexing getting someone sending into a rage pricking making someone's blood boil getting one's goat making someone's hackles rise ruffling someone's feathers putting someone's back up getting in someone's hair getting someone's back up getting up someone's nose flustering slighting dismaying hounding distracting exciting dissatisfying jarring on shocking dissing chagrining dogging stirring up getting under someone's skin put somebody's nose out of joint getting under one's skin putting someone's nose out of joint getting on someone's wick causing offense eating away at unsettling confusing repelling confounding rousing flurrying jarring discountenancing biting embittering distempering depressing getting across someone discommoding trying disobliging mithering picking on embarrassing raising your hackles driving bananas rubbing you up the wrong way getting someone's goat wearing on cutting to the quick trying someone's patience getting under skin getting someone's dander up getting on nerves prodding concerning alarming sickening revolting nauseating deranging unnerving repulsing ailing discomforting scandalizing besetting unhinging fazing intimidating devilling deviling frazzling inconveniencing bullying disrespecting fussing discombobulating crazing horrifying putting off affecting exercising shaking up empurpling zinging pursuing grilling scaring browbeating crossing bumming browning off making blood boil umbraging making your hackles rise rattling someone's cage hurting someone's feelings getting your hackles up sticking in one's craw hectoring hacking setting one's teeth on edge acerbating arousing scandalising trying one's patience getting a rise out of working up getting on somebody's nerves making you see red putting down eating at trying your patience giving offence to festering crushing aching pressing chiding wigging getting on someone ruffling one's feathers driving insane putting your nose out of joint steaming trying the patience of bristling resenting messing with messing pushing someon's buttons compressing squeezing cramping pinching spurring imposing upon putting on the spot causing annoyance to causing resentment to saddening making one see red boiling making sore blowing up losing one's temper raising hell disaffecting discontenting obsessing gnawing at eating up riling up rubbing one the wrong way bruising hazing heckling agonizing souring panicking excoriating tangling winding somebody up driving you up the wall shaking inciting jarring upon setting your teeth on edge grating upon wearing upon capping curdling mispleasing cooling winging sounding disappointing harming getting someone's hackles up fraying tattering eroding devastating victimizing pothering tiffing huffing stewing petting examining tweaking quizzing running up the wrong way questioning taking a rise out of starting setting on setting one off working into lather putting someone out thwarting foiling nipping playing dirty terrorizing slapping causing to panic causing anxiety making anxious excruciating driving you crazy frightening startling scouring wearing down putting crabbing lousing up begrudging hanging up getting even grudging upsetting the apple cart cramping style driving out of mind making livid driving you to distraction making somebody's blood boil driving you out of your mind driving you round the bend shattering driving you off your head driving somebody up the wall driving you round the twist possessing hagriding undoing alaruming derailing mourning pushing the buttons of thumbing nose at causing suffering causing anguish bleeding making unhappy agonising causing sorrow lambasting nagging at stirring abusing slandering dumping on giving the cold shoulder criticizing criticising confronting dispraising giving a zinger making it hot for someone hunting wronging terrorising penetrating crucifying beating victimising exiling sticking the knife into expelling making things hot for someone dragooning singling out poking getting the knife into chivvying throwing bewildering dazing giving a bad time mixing up getting in one's hair gnawing away at raging wearing away scraping away wearing to shreds wearing out biting into making nervous disheartening weirding out freaking out interfering tiring making uneasy astounding complicating intruding getting in the way amazing puzzling chivying throwing off balance tantalizing interrupting snubbing boring furbelowing blustering putting into a flap flooring rattling one's cage putting someone off their stroke wearing frilling cowing disrupting stumping flummoxing throwing into tizzy causing someone to lose their composure fuddling throwing into a tizz prickling impeding hindering tantalising breathing down someone's neck bending someone's ear carping at intruding upon imposing on hurting somebody's feelings slurring turning one off giving offence humiliating treading on someone's toes giving the business igniting quickening grabbing attracting interesting motivating awaking absorbing grossing out squicking turning one's stomach making one sick relucting causing aversion abominating surfeiting making someone want to throw up disenchanting cloying on causing to feel nauseous turning your stomach making shudder filling with loathing palling offending morals of oppressing torturing pressurizing harrowing coercing pressuring pressurising stressing burdening racking straining bulldozing besieging forcing railroading cursing strong-arming leaning on tyrannizing compelling importuning anguishing tyrannising blackjacking pushing bludgeoning taxing impelling driving putting the screws on causing suffering to obliging haunting menacing constraining ill-treating going on at appalling keeping on at putting pressure on domineering prevailing on mistreating threatening steamrollering making bullyragging maltreating hustling weighing down keeping after using strong-arm tactics on putting the squeeze on ridiculing ragging bogarting mau-mauing pushing around scolding mocking harping on at ribbing fast-talking picking at chaffing brainwashing blighting having it in for impressing urging obligating smiting assailing dunning sandbagging muscling preying on bringing pressure to bear on lying heavy on prompting razzing subjugating influencing discriminating against wringing inducing attacking pecking at martyring dominating using pressure on twisting someone's arm weighing heavily on riding roughshod over causing trouble to exploiting joshing deriding bantering scourging wearying dejecting guying moving berating leading on persuading gibing pushing about instigating overbearing overwhelming whipping triggering bouncing spooking grumbling at making miserable making wretched despotizing press-ganging tearing enforcing having a down on finding fault with putting up to turning on the heat ragging on weighing on siccing jibing at taking the mickey out of taking the piss out of making fun of causing anguish to suppressing destroying kidding roasting smothering facing satirizing testing subduing jiving joking rallying twitting carping daunting titillating terrifying dispiriting stretching upbraiding abasing funning reminding belittling discouraging fearing chiacking punishing unfairly misusing overawing blackmailing baffling rending cajoling sweating overpowering nonplussing dashing enslaving stabbing shucking smoking addling punishing gripping rotting buffaloing kicking sledging bringing down casting down rousting bossing about bossing around searing insisting getting down stressing out treating harshly indisposing causing anxiety to having on keying up putting screws to finding fault making a monkey of flouting at flipping out putting under an obligation turning the screws on poking mullock at hanging over taking advantage of having someone do something falling on making uncomfortable ill-using infesting grinding down tightening the screws on tyrannizing over causing discomfort to goofing on jeering at satirising grinding cutting up poking fun at poking borak at making sport of insisting on laughing at putting on causing concern to coming at plying keeping complaining to putting the heat on rowelling causing agony to acting on slinging off at roweling scoffing at moaning at sending up barraging walking all over flirting with buffeting making jokes about buffetting showing antagonism to disapproving of fooling around soliciting petitioning keeping at ruining ravaging feeling ill will towards showing ill will towards bearing a grudge towards telling off steamrolling scorning calling names sapping draining exhausting wheedling arousing hostility in preying on one's mind giving someone hell caviling cavilling niggling at recurring getting on the nerves of getting in the hair of disparaging touching harping on squashing condensing constricting frenzying jeering arguing requiring kidding around unquieting making fretful making restless swaggering politicking twisting arm selling working over reviling reproaching preoccupying staying with coming back to buttonholing barracking booing talking swaying violating manipulating bringing one down dampening spirits breaking one's heart boning leading someone a merry dance playing cat and mouse putting through wringer rubbing salt in wound riding roughshod walking heavy desolating making it tough for strapping doing a number on arousing anxiety in pushing buttons nit-picking castigating making blue putting into a funk chastening breaking the heart of dragging down putting a damper on belabouring fomenting overriding shouting down sticking it to giving it to dishing it out weakening dishing out overcharging getting someone down becoming bored grating at having had enough making fed up making discontented losing patience throwing off incapacitating rocking the boat laying up turning on turning flipping debilitating making a scene piercing causing commanding cutting accosting obtruding encroaching breaking in putting heat on lording it over twisting somebody's arm putting through the wringer convulsing putting the chill on hissing tiring out making severe demands on making demands on putting a strain on enticing dumbfounding manhandling rocking causing pain to despairing prevailing upon effecting tightening the screw on having turning the screw on ordering demanding shaming abashing jangling disharmonizing disaccording hitting a sour note discording bamboozling befuddling horning in on intruding on butting in on causing someone distress interfering with causing pain barging in on stimulating gutting scratching around yapping at searching high heaven mangling bringing pressure to bear putting the bite on making someone fed up entangling hampering playing the heavy with brutalising kicking around mishandling brutalizing messing over surprising shouting at butting in shouting catcalls at targetting making game of targeting aggressing dishonoring ramrodding challenging jumping on one's case giving the needle giving one the business falling upon starting in on disadvantaging sweating out beguiling intriguing luring tempting alluring fascinating belaboring bombarding repressing dizzying catching somebody unawares astonishing catching somebody off balance starting on fiddling with toying with deflating humbling inspiring encouraging overcoming hegemonizing mastering suffocating going for jugular martyrizing giving no quarter laying a bad trip on doing an injustice to dishonouring stepping on the toes of charming subjecting lashing making it tough swindling hoodwinking meddling putting in a spot tricking discommodating fleecing giving trouble cheating putting to trouble putting someone to trouble giving someone bother causing someone difficulty making someone go out of his way keeping down handicapping beating down encumbering weighing heavy upon ruling with an iron hand bringing someone to their knees ruling over trampling overloading putting upon ruling with a rod of iron bringing under the yoke trampling on ruling saddling holding sway over trampling underfoot holding down bringing to heel overthrowing keeping hanging keeping hanging on keeping someone hanging on making mouth water making someone's mouth water putting someone to shame making someone eat humble pie disgracing taking down demeaning degrading taking the wind out getting one's comeuppance taking down a peg putting to shame awing aweing immolating using demonizing affrighting having your knife into stacking the deck demonising tensing overtaxing overstretching scaring off scaring the bejesus out of conning traumatizing crowding macerating foraying noodging despoiling jerking around putting on trial crunching tensing up overdoing pushing to the limit overextending traumatising making tense causing to feel mental strain causing to feel emotional strain putting in traction surrounding making gloomy lying making despondent striking taking visiting croaking repining yammering bellyaching moaning bleating yawping yauping wailing maundering muttering hollering screaming grizzling complaining grumbling beefing squealing grumping squawking grousing growling grouching inveighing whimpering whining murmuring kvetching caterwauling whingeing keening yowling making desolate taking the heart out of overrunning moaning on at taking it out on egging encircling jostling slanging crowding around mobbing descending on crowding round converging on setting upon swarming around spoofing slamming snapping pulling somebody's leg messing around pulling someone's leg leading somebody on swipeing at


To be triggering a passionate feeling or reaction
exciting provoking inciting riling stirring up fomenting impassioning inflaming rallying roiling rousing stirring triggering aggravating agitating animating electrifying firing up goading inspiring instigating arousing enthusing galvanizing incensing irking priming ruffling stimulating whipping up baiting charging egging on eliciting encouraging enlivening grilling kindling pumping up revving up setting off vexing vivifying winding up working up activating angering awakening bringing about bringing out causing charging up commoving energising energizing enkindling galvanising jolting motivating needling pepping up sparking off touching off triggering off working into lather chafing discomposing flustering inducing infuriating intensifying maddening offending shaking shaking up starting taunting upsetting waking up feeding the fire moving prompting sparking whetting spurring firing prodding urging quickening impelling wakening actuating inspiriting turning on driving pushing generating thrilling calling forth persuading titillating waking kick-starting pricking bestirring instilling invigorating evoking fueling fuelling engendering swaying pressing vitalizing stinging producing fanning precipitating promoting fostering incentivizing tempting propelling touching spurring on drawing forth challenging lighting a fire under getting going envigorating giving rise to influencing strengthening occasioning reviving increasing begetting exhorting initiating exhilarating fermenting inclining enticing nudging siccing intoxicating making raising abetting beginning calling into being leading to bringing into being putting a bomb under setting going firing the imagination of making waves innervating bringing on enhancing startling shocking impressing leading igniting sowing the seeds of disposing bringing working chivvying breeding steeling invoking augmenting crowding jogging memory reminding sounding exercising brewing bringing around stoking up dynamizing firing with enthusiasm building up making for resulting in suscitating contributing to pressuring irritating intriguing heightening exalting refreshing informing agitating for agitating against fanning the flames of stunning astonishing frightening zapping giving a shot in the arm giving someone a kick getting someone going building a fire under revitalizing warming teasing pleasing tickling tantalizing egging resuscitating creating jumpstarting switching on spooking calling to mind bringing back stirring embers adding fuel to fire making wild calling tantalising firing the enthusiasm of summoning up alerting sending heating up bracing reactivating filliping spiking reanimating acting as a stimulus to acting as an incentive to cranking up putting in motion setting in motion buoying running revivifying reinvigorating juicing up zipping up gingering up jump-starting revitalising dispatching amping up livening vivificating livening up springing growing innerving jazzing up constraining sharpening driving on keying up burning up getting smoking prevailing upon procuring steaming up planning originating setting on suggesting adding fuel plotting rooting on hinting rabble-rousing scheming insinuating putting up to effecting effectuating spawning catalyzing yielding translating into catalysing drawing on bringing forth launching bringing to pass introducing doing hatching establishing developing picking bearing awaking making happen instituting educing inaugurating summoning affecting setting up actualizing calling up conjuring up drawing out organizing achieving accomplishing recalling compelling cultivating putting in place evincing rekindling extracting mustering organising starting the ball rolling advancing enacting drumming up realizing attaining fulfilling bringing off carrying off carrying through engineering opening performing founding giving birth to manifesting conceiving rendering setting pulling off contriving drawing reproducing making possible extorting wreaking conjuring causing to happen causing to occur realising getting things rolling cooking up giving life to propagating progenerating bringing to mind geeing up bucking up multiplying breathing life into ending in furthering reawakening inviting giving gladdening having as a consequence having as a result exacerbating inflicting playing a part in nurturing nursing giving incentive starting off bringing up meaning expediting heartening forcing forming conducting carrying out sowing the seeds fanning the flames reigniting executing enforcing implementing birthing playing a role in emboldening disturbing whomping up hounding having a hand in culminating in adding to amounting to being a factor in cheering up lighting up adding fuel to the flames extending expanding setting afoot setting on foot causing to appear starting up resurrecting getting up pushing forward opening the door for administering making alive cheering bringing to life giving new life to breathing new life into giving a buzz perpetrating accelerating being responsible for having a part in spelling helping entailing adding up to contributing being partly responsible for conducing having the effect of oiling the wheels of forwarding conducing to finishing in completing getting in operation getting under way fixing rejuvenating consummating delivering uplifting speeding finalizing administrating fortifying supporting getting working getting off the ground commencing getting functioning managing echoing discharging succeeding in mothering fathering exacting arranging for expressing capturing imparting encapsulating finishing getting one going giving a new lease of life to acting as a incentive to acting as a spur to acting as a fillip to acting as a impetus to perking up speeding up getting one started putting new life in kicking off obtaining laying the foundations of deriving laying the first stone of getting the ball rolling setting the ball rolling calling out reminding one of milking putting one in mind of incarnating fetching concluding stoking interesting bringing into the world dropping having siring rearing attracting innovating turning out putting across turning the trick finalising necessitating brainstorming ravishing fascinating seducing amusing palpating grappling grabbing entertaining hooking adding fuel to making up putting fuel on mending coming out with dreaming up thinking up leading on tickling pink


(rare) Instigating the curiosity or attention of someone
interesting attracting appealing to drawing engrossing exciting fascinating intriguing tempting captivating entertaining enthralling luring snaring tantalizing titillating affecting amusing arousing distracting engaging gripping hooking perking up pleasing pulling touching mesmerising mesmerizing moving riveting rivetting tantalising turning on beguiling bemusing enchanting grabbing immersing absorbing bewitching floating someone's boat lighting someone's fire occupying preoccupying sitting up tickling someone's fancy arresting busying enwrapping charming diverting involving delighting transfixing gladdening entrancing alluring spellbinding hypnotizing magnetizing infatuating enamoring wiling seducing magnetising hypnotising stimulating gratifying satisfying putting under a spell holding in awe concerning arousing one's curiosity capturing one's imagination mattering to holding one's attention whetting one's appetite engaging one's attention catching one's eye holding enrapturing arousing the curiosity of tickling your fancy tickling one's fancy arousing curiosity compelling ravishing enticing witching killing bedazzling enamouring catching up provoking enslaving subduing inviting transporting intoxicating stirring firing kindling overpowering holding spellbound ensnaring interesting greatly thrilling winning animating overwhelming appealing cheering regaling solacing disporting recreating winning over carrying away dazzling comforting humoring cracking up ecstasizing elating inspiring making merry indulging inspiriting tickling giving pleasure to holding the attention of enlivening relaxing slaying humouring knocking dead tickling pink taking wowing rapturing bowling over catching knocking out capturing tickle to death sending persuading impressing monopolizing leading on amazing sweeping off one's feet monopolising striking astounding inveigling stupefying stunning baiting awing aweing blowing away rousing overawing inflaming astonishing teasing dazing overcoming exhilarating decoying flooring coaxing betraying soliciting staggering bedevilling bedeviling wooing inducing rapping delectating catching the eye of sucking in electrifying employing influencing consuming engulfing obsessing cajoling fixating dumbfounding overjoying beckoning courting turning someone on vamping taking up pulling in sweeping off your feet steering whetting the appetite of making a hit with making happy sweeping someone off their feet roping in coming on bringing in taking somebody's breath away tormenting contenting sparking plaguing whetting wakening pleasuring taking aback leaving speechless gaining seizing fixing misleading elevating rejoicing deluding stirring up blinding entrapping harassing confusing filling tricking quickening controlling giving someone a thrill doing it for someone getting going subjugating grooving trancing arriding fulfilling ensorcelling sending into raptures pleasing greatly soaking taking someone's breath away giving someone a kick keeping busy going over big drawing one's attention catching hold of making someone's mouth water tying up sweeping off feet striking dumb taking your breath away rooting to the spot giving a buzz hitting the spot bewildering keeping maintaining getting someone going subjecting grabbing the attention of keeping amused turning one's head turning one on agitating giving joy to giving great pleasure to giving someone a charge obtaining getting securing picking up tickling the fancy of sending into transports galvanizing charging scoring jubilating exulting glorying wrapping up binding burying leading freaking out calling holding attention using up attending prompting dragging training hitting on roping drawing in palpating grappling fracturing one panicking knocking 'em dead getting one's jollies put ting'em away breaking one up endearing enveloping blurring surprising eliciting calling forth bringing forth arguing into bringing around keeping up keeping alive absorbing yourself in throwing yourself into losing oneself in getting lost in switching on pumping up galvanising inclining deceiving trapping filling with delight exerting influence on catching someone's eye exerting a pull on holding your attention cornering becoming lost assimilating hogging sewing up upping on applying giving the come-on to getting under someone's skin owning putting under magic spell forspeaking putting the whammy on voodooing casting a spell on putting horns on ruling egging one on mousetrapping conning leading astray tolling touting shilling leading up garden path dominating possessing haunting hounding petrifying paralysing indicating signing summoning demanding commanding asking bidding besetting befooling besotting halting gorgonizing immobilizing freezing torturing having a get-together nurturing treating to laughing it up partying fracturing tossing a party giving a party refreshing preying on sweeping you off your feet making a fool of palsying stopping in one's tracks rooting stopping dead riveting the attention of paralyzing stopping one dead stopping someone in their tracks immobilising appeasing mollifying having a grip on becoming an obsession with eating up preying on your mind taking control of taking over having a hold on heartening uplifting converting placating taunting warming brightening up making content bringing joy to suiting making a hit with someone agreeing with giving someone pleasure getting one's kicks cheering up making someone feel good bucking up warming the cockles of the heart buoying up gladding giving a lift propitiating conciliating pacifying sweetening annoying thwarting worrying badgering beleaguering pestering gnawing frustrating baffling harrying assuaging gentling keeping someone hanging on winding up making mouth water flirting with keeping hanging keeping hanging on putting off guard urging winning the affection of unarming convincing disarming setting at ease


Present participle for to drive spiritually or urge someone on
encouraging inspiring motivating emboldening buoying buoying up cheering driving empowering incentifying stimulating strengthening applauding enlivening galvanising galvanizing envigorating invigorating pushing reassuring spurring stirring building up disinhibiting enforcing filliping fortifying goading heartening impassioning inspiriting sparking swaying triggering vitalizing activating arousing boosting brightening building comforting egging enheartening exciting exhilarating firing up incentivizing instigating jumpstarting kindling moving pepping up spurring on steeling stirring up uplifting whipping up animating assuring boosting up cheering on energising energizing giving a boost to igniting provoking pumping up quickening raising reenforcing restoring revitalising revitalizing revivifying revving up rousing bearing up chirking up gladdening inciting nudging rallying refreshing consoling praising pricking bielding boosting someone's morale bucking up cheering up geeing up giving a shot in the arm to giving confidence to giving hope to giving shot in arm lifting the spirits of lighting a fire under propping up psyching up raising the morale of raising your spirits spiriting someone up stiffening the resolve of stimulating spiritually bolstering prompting prodding inducing urging hooking fomenting inflaming whetting grabbing elating firing with enthusiasm firing bracing supporting perking up impelling accelerating gingering up hastening livening up amping up hurrying speeding up instilling vivifying reviving fanning exalting promoting spiking kick-starting electrifying commoving intensifying jump-starting fueling fuelling giving confidence juicing up jazzing up setting up zipping up working up rushing speeding advancing expediting urging on keying up stepping up fast-tracking hurrying up giving courage nerving making brave boosting moral feeding making braver raising someone's spirits causing exacerbating sustaining nurturing influencing nourishing powering lifting the morale of persuading soothing enthusing thrilling solacing impressing inclining giving pep talk rejuvenating calming fostering imbuing touching infusing stoking up giving life to lighting up striking relieving charging up increasing dynamizing giving new life to breathing new life into livening breathing life into informing getting something going sparking off getting occasioning enduing infecting affecting beghasting stinging carrying making alive giving a buzz starting off giving impetus bringing to life being responsible for firing the imagination of waking up turning on giving one an idea steaming up picking up hustling acting as a fillip to getting one going acting as a impetus to giving a new lease of life to acting as a incentive to acting as a stimulus to acting as a spur to getting one started building a fire under putting new life in putting at ease precipitating giving a lift restoring confidence to putting one's mind to rest setting your mind at rest snapping one out of it dispatching helping facilitating pressing aiding bundling assisting cranking up hurrying on whisking pushing forward making faster driving on pushing on making haste going faster getting faster picking up speed

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