Đồng nghĩa của gutting

Alternative for gutting

guts, gutted, gutting

Đồng nghĩa: bowel, catgut, intestine,


The remains after gutting a fish


Present participle for to remove or destroy completely the internal parts of (a building or other structure)
destroying ruining consuming demolishing devastating ravaging razing despoiling flattening leveling levelling wrecking burning damaging decimating dilapidating wiping out laying waste to leaving in ruins annihilating laying waste smashing wasting totalling totaling dismantling spoiling trashing shattering desecrating pulling down wreaking havoc on marring harming impairing blemishing desolating crushing creaming extinguishing pulverizing tainting tarnishing tearing down sabotaging breaking undermining breaking up pulverising injuring hurting depredating defacing blighting pillaging sacking disfiguring bombing vitiating crippling obliterating defiling compromising flawing blowing up weakening vandalizing sullying scorching scourging mangling mutilating wracking disrupting endamaging nuking cracking smirching vaporizing spoliating wounding crabbing corrupting razing to the ground blotting vandalising denting knocking maiming leaving desolate corroding blowing to bits vaporising devouring messing up bruising depopulating emptying making desolate plundering rubbing out doing in nicking prejudicing besmirching bulldozing shocking sapping wrenching laying low handling roughly doing mischief to dumping on lousing up causing detriment to mucking up torpedoing unbuilding sinking felling crashing dynamiting blasting spending exploding taking knocking down smiting torching engulfing marauding overcoming ravishing breaking down blowing to pieces blowing sky-high expending absorbing enveloping draining exhausting depleting taking out incinerating scalding combusting cremating carbonising carbonizing burning up burning down burning to the ground burning to a crisp reducing to ashes destroying by fire playing out dispatching using up drawing down going through exterminating overwhelming havocking prostrating overrunning trampling wreaking havoc undoing staining bloodying disfeaturing incapacitating abusing scratching scathing maltreating tearing disintegrating gnawing discoloring wronging battering lacerating splitting infecting dirtying discolouring rusting rotting stabbing crossing up polluting contaminating bleaching fading tampering with wearing away banging up causing injury smashing up playing merry hell with driving a nail into the coffin of playing havoc with doing damage to


Present participle for to plunder or completely remove the contents of, typically nefariously
plundering pillaging looting ransacking ravaging despoiling sacking rifling clearing out cleaning out emptying out raiding robbing marauding stripping devastating depredating spoliating spoiling laying waste raping reaving fleecing ruining destroying desolating wasting desecrating devouring vandalizing vandalising stealing from foraging appropriating ravishing demolishing harrying denuding requisitioning grabbing liberating relieving lifting lofting wreaking havoc on ripping off moonlight requisitioning sticking up tearing apart wrecking razing dispossessing levelling leveling annihilating pirating depriving depopulating kipping knocking off foraying prowling knocking over preying burning rustling reiving freebooting wreaking havoc invading arrogating trespassing embezzling confiscating burgling swiping snatching making boosting salvaging salvageing thieving burglarizing taking laying waste to doing over tipping over havocking attacking stealing taking off making off with overrunning assaulting assailing preying on doing violating harassing nicking purloining pinching filching pilfering defiling stiffing steaming mugging abusing corrupting going pillaging going looting marauding over breaking into holding up turning over going on forays going on raids thieving from totaling totalling wracking decimating trashing shattering creaming nuking extinguishing smashing scourging vaporizing pulverizing flattening vaporising pulverising rubbing out doing in pulling down tearing down leaving desolate leaving in ruins stamping out razing to the ground taking apart wiping off map


Present participle for to eliminate completely
expunging annihilating eradicating obliterating abolishing destroying extirpating eliminating exterminating extinguishing killing liquidating kayoing razing trimming zapping KO'ing cleaning up snuffing out stamping out knocking off deleting effacing removing canceling cancelling crosses out excising erasing blue-penciling blue-pencilling striking out cutting bowdlerizing scratching out deleing blanking out scoring out wiping out axing striking bowdlerising laundering blotting out cutting out taking out blacking out putting a line through bluing pencil expurgating crossing through scrubbing editing out inking out scrapping exscinding slashing eliding exsecting editing amputating scissoring out lopping off cutting up Xing out giving the chop rubbing out wiping off redacting censoring scraping off blanking dispatching rooting out annulling sweeping away blotting canceling out nullifying negating withdrawing disannulling cancelling out removing all traces of decimating wasting demolishing totalling totaling doing in squashing smashing quashing doing away with wrecking devastating desolating finishing off getting rid of terminating offing ruining shattering pulverizing vaporizing nuking wracking wiping from the face of the earth wiping off the face of the earth creaming abating crushing tearing down pulling down vaporising pulverising putting an end to wiping off the map suppressing slaughtering trashing massacring torpedoing undoing scratching putting a stop to putting paid to putting down weeding out blowing away shooting down washing out ending squelching stopping obscuring murdering covering levelling leveling stifling slaying executing assassinating sinking uprooting checking wiping upsetting croaking topping stiffing icing smoking putting to death blocking out bumping off giving someone the works mowing down terminating with extreme prejudice purging disrupting forgetting bringing to an end taking away overwhelming putting out of your mind beating benothinging breaking off recording over putting the lid on disposing of curbing doing for quelling dragging excluding sterilising sterilizing dragging down clearing away taking down butchering flattening subduing bulldozing repressing banishing overcoming scotching cracking down on putting the kibosh on nipping in the bud putting out quenching felling unbuilding nixing whacking knocking down finishing scragging ravaging defeating spilling overturning crashing dynamiting battering reducing capsizing laying waste overthrowing unmaking toppling scattering bombing subverting knocking to pieces polishing off cutting down ending the life of taking the life of sending to the gas chambers sending to kingdom come doing to death putting to the sword ethnically cleansing throwing down casting down razing to the ground tearing up blowing down breaking down marking out knocking out destroying root and branch rubbing off blowing to bits taking apart wiping off face of earth blowing sky-high concealing obfuscating battening eclipsing darkening smothering shading passing out making dark holding back keeling over covering up cutting off


Present participle for to cut off or remove excess material from, especially a tree or shrub

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gutting Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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