Đồng nghĩa của croaking

Tính từ

Resembling a squawk
coarse croaky grating gravel gravelly gruff hoarse husky rasping raspy rusty scratchy throaty guttural rough harsh raucous thick discordant jarring cracked dissonant strident dry growling deep sharp growly creaking screeching low cacophonous unmelodious squawky stridulous stridulant jangling piercing noisy squawking unmusical uneven hard earsplitting clashing tuneless astringent caterwauling out-of-tune out-of-key off-key rough-sounding ear-piercing shrill brassy indistinct squeaky rugged creaky disagreeing acrid glaring incompatible bleak unrelenting flat rigid jagged asperous severe grim unlevel sour bitter disturbing craggy inarticulate blaring not smooth tickly uncomfortable harsh-sounding muffled loud gular jugular glottal sepulchral abrasive snarling distorted unharmonious brittle metallic clamorous riotous penetrating ear-splitting grinding tumultuous ragged scratching blatant croupy stertorous breathy whispering tinny slurred jangly inharmonious unmelodic boisterous unvocal unpleasant turbulent horrisonant absonant high screechy deafening stridulent irritating high-pitched annoying vexatious wild atonal inappropriate unsuitable disagreeable furious disharmonious blustering buffeting inharmonic stridulatory out of place maddening ringing clangorous clanging incongruous booming thunderous tempestuous offensive forceful violent vociferant vociferous obstreperous displeasing irksome braying fierce raging choppy agitated grotesque unaesthetic shrieking plinky jingling jingly piping stormy blustery squally roily acute intrusive disharmonic strong thin roiled inclement dirty heavy ugly stentorian shrieky head-splitting monotone monotonous droning stentorious persuasive vocal baying rabid ferocious rowdy cacophonic immusical ill-sounding clinking bell-like resounding resonant rocky explosive convulsive infuriating lively lacking harmony at variance at odds uncongenial out of keeping treble shattering air-rending squeaking whistling exasperating rankling galling reedy paroxysmal volcanic forcible tough harsh sounding niggling tiresome aggravating troublesome out of tune knockabout argute vociferating yowling yawping yauping clamant insensitive vexing ill suited rough-and-tumble conflicting contrasting scraping steep cragged unbearable upsetting uncharacteristic restless swirling screaming crying scurrilous loudmouthed vulgar obtrusive disturbed storming roaring stormful carrying penetrant crisp clearly audible pointed entering puncturing clear-cut infiltrating permeating all-pervading forcing ingoing edged going through passing through

Danh từ

Caw or call
caw call croak cry squawk squawking cackle rasp scream cluck shriek bark clack screech squeal yell crow hoot yelp wail yowl shrill hoarse voice gasp wheeze hack harsh call shout howl bellow holler cough roar exclamation whoop bawl vociferation bell outcry caterwaul note interjection uproar ejaculation ululation grunt yawp groan clamor clamour acclamation bay hullabaloo squeak squall yammer whine fuss hurrah expletive cheer ruckus trill yoo-hoo whimper moan lament plaint sob complaint lamentation growl yap mewl grumble yip keen whinge tumult howling murmur bleat crying hubbub yelling grouse gripe beef grouch hue and cry noise grievance kvetch carp miserere yowling clamouring weep baying utterance halloo woof protest clamoring shouting barking caterwauling nyao purr mew crowing meow yelping sigh snivel blubber keening rallying call ululate war cry call to arms call to battle battle cry war whoop rebel yell rallying cry hail screaming wailing objection shrieking blare grizzle protestation huzzah dissent salvo huzza outburst demurral commotion opposition sudden utterance cock-a-doodle-doo disapproval whining indignation furore cry out flak stink furor hoo-ha howls of protest loud outcry formal complaint yelled statement chorus of disapproval bellowing growling yawl roaring hollo short hoop sniffle hue bawling screeching jeering weeping squalling calling ahoy signal alarm cry of pain cry of grief crash jeer pule blub hiss boo snarl catcall high-pitched shout trumpet raspberry miaow miaowing ululating bird snort razz taunt exception remonstrance interpolation interposition whistle demur expostulation animal yelp challenge demand appeal request demurrer question criticism loud communication difficulty emphatic exclamation flood of tears kick mock applause grousing moaning complaining grouching guffaw ovation Bronx cheer murmuring carping griping whispering whingeing muttering acclaim plaudits beefing mithering bellyache outrage cheering approval moans and groans babble approbation howl of protest whinny heehaw laudation clapping babel raves plaintive cry talk bravo row fracas bowwow brawl bluster chatter hurray bray harsh sound sound neigh bangarang rumpus bedlam ruction ballyhoo hullaballoo alleluia hosanna uproariousness katzenjammer discord fanfare turbulence bewailing disquietude disquiet boisterousness hubba-hubba ferment encouragement war song war dance banzai

Động từ

Present participle for to complain or express discontent in a wearisome manner
complaining grousing grumbling moaning muttering whingeing beefing bellyaching bleating carping caterwauling crabbing fussing griping grizzling grouching growling grumping hollering inveighing keening kicking kvetching maundering murmuring nagging repining screaming squawking squealing wailing whimpering whining yammering yauping yawping yowling groaning mithering kicking up a fuss chuntering crying protesting objecting lamenting criticizing bemoaning grieving sounding off screeching sniveling snivelling bewailing finding fault creating criticising yelping cavilling caviling sobbing deploring bawling howling chirping shrieking going on finding fault with kicking up a stink puling scolding nattering cribbing knocking squalling weeping condemning remonstrating ululating blubbering yelling mourning whispering denouncing reproaching taking exception yapping making a fuss expostulating objecting to speaking out against plaining over running down crowing hooting cawing greeting wauling roaring mewling decrying sighing censuring upbraiding disparaging berating raising objections expressing disapproval nitpicking mumbling opposing taking a stand making a stand trashing demurring picking on nit-picking putting the boot in putting up a fight railing at lodging a complaint making a complaint picking holes in carrying on picking at inveighing against quibbling sniffling pleading blubbing niggling sulking excepting anathematizing execrating cursing baying miaowing sorrowing bickering quarrelling quarreling jowling taking on blowing off crying softly rumbling hypercriticizing making screeching kicking up a storm raising a ruckus crying the blues crying loudly panning objurgating pecking splitting hairs bothering rubbishing slandering sniping maligning raising Cain gabbling sputtering muddling swallowing slurring snarling droning burbling wittering picking holes badmouthing sorrowing for sorrowing about sighing over grieving over talking under your breath declaiming moaning and groaning casting aspersions on bad-mouthing doing a hatchet job on slagging off pulling to pieces taking apart speaking ill of impugning lashing admonishing castigating railing reviling lambasting ranting vituperating charging dissenting fretting fulminating recriminating roasting blasting vilifying contravening indicting defying accusing laying differing deprecating twining disagreeing ascribing imputing gainsaying disapproving refuting attacking cackling storming abusing denigrating raging blaming scorching harassing taking exception to looking askance going on about harrying badgering clucking calling jumping down one's throat sounding off about working over beefing about kicking up a fuss about tongue-lashing grouching about kicking up a stink about cracking down on letting have it bellyaching about laying into complaining vehemently about going after having at ripping into laying out hounding clacking mewing henpecking chivvying hassling pestering persecuting worrying bullying needling pecking at dogging plaguing vexing keeping on at riding going on at carping at keeping after urging baiting eating grumbling at teasing heckling disturbing moaning at harping on at importuning prodding provoking hectoring nudging goading distressing egging moaning on at keeping complaining to working on taking it out on breathing down someone's neck bending someone's ear giving a hard time regretting complaining about boohooing hurting grieving for shedding tears weeping over wailing for singing the blues ruing rueing bleeding repenting crying over expressing regret about arguing snuffling agonizing girning suffering anguishing quibbling about expressing disagreement kvetching about taking issue challenging weeping for disputing moaning about aching pining wailing about agonising crying out crying a river taking it hard keening over making an objection breaking down expressing sorrow expressing sorrow about shedding tears over eating one's heart out making a stink sorrowing over beating one's breast wailing over gurning niggling about pettifogging grunting dwelling on repeating keeping on ragging calling out kicking up a rumpus crying fretfully hating being sorry cutting up harping upon dwelling upon dripping sniffing crying convulsively turning on waterworks crying eyes out crying over spilled milk crying over spilt milk moaning over longing for wringing hands letting go languishing bursting into tears yearning wearing black missing letting it out turning on the waterworks harping on revolting resisting making a protest back-talking expressing opposition voicing disapproval kicking against saying no to fighting rebelling combatting saying no speaking out combating taking up the cudgels despairing raining singing shedding tears for pining for eating your heart out eating heart out feeling sad protesting against expressing objections crying for kicking self minding expressing objections to lodging a protest arguing against expressing disagreement with lodging a protest against expressing disapproval of raising objections to remonstrating against spurning having a problem quarreling with disapproving of taking issue with grousing about having a problem with grumbling about cavilling at drawing the line taking a stand against disavowing discommending drawing the line at crossing making a fuss about baulking discountenancing balking disesteeming ranting about griping about frowning on begging to differ railing against raising objection mixing it up with going-one-on-one tangling with expressing sorrow for expressing woe for

Động từ

Present participle for to die or cease living
dying perishing expiring deceasing succumbing departing flatlining falling demising going parting exiting dropping ending passing away passing on conking out checking out pegging out popping off kicking off kicking in stepping out kicking the bucket biting the dust snuffing it buying it departing this life giving up the ghost buying the farm going belly up crossing the great divide crossing the Styx going bung going the way of all flesh hopping the stick hopping the twig shuffling off this mortal coil going to glory biting the big one going the way of the flesh pushing up the daisies going the way of the dinosaurs cashing in one's chips meeting one's maker ceasing living passing carking it breathing your last popping your clogs meeting your maker kicking it pegging it going belly-up going to the great beyond dropping dead going under ceasing to exist popping one's clogs collapsing ceasing passing over resting in peace relinquishing life breathing one's last punching one's ticket buying the ranch buying the plot farming kicking in [slang] slipping away ruining desisting abolishing exterminating waning invalidating caving declining striking out folding up disappearing vanishing cashing in chips up and dying wasting meeting your end running through cashing in going to one's reward going west going to the wall shoving off losing life losing your life wilting cooling off calling off all bets buying a one-way ticket pushing up daisies dying a death running out taking your last breath falling dead dying suddenly dying unexpectedly giving up giving way going down packing it in meeting waterloo fainting conking suffocating drowning swooning sucking the kumara going way of all flesh dropping off losing consciousness going out sinking down passing out keeling over falling unconscious flaking out falling down blacking out dying out dying off becoming extinct petering out going to meet your maker falling asleep fading away fizzling out dwindling becoming less common becoming rarer passing into oblivion ceasing to be

Động từ

Present participle for to kill or cause the death of
killing murdering assassinating executing slaying dispatching terminating liquidating icing whacking offing neutralising neutralizing felling snuffing getting doing in taking out bumping off rubbing out knocking off putting away destroying eliminating wasting slaughtering doing away with topping exterminating stiffing putting to death butchering wiping out blowing away massacring smoking doing to death claiming finishing off taking the life of eradicating annihilating polishing off mowing down taking carrying off disposing of doing for scragging cutting down shooting down erasing ending the life of decimating snuffing out finishing making away with zapping hitting extirpating cutting to pieces putting to sleep causing the death of putting down getting rid of shooting garrotting waxing giving someone the works terminating with extreme prejudice blotting out hanging guillotining greasing chillin chilling dusting off crucifying obliterating putting an end to abolishing beheading lynching cooling electrocuting decapitating downing taking someone's life gunning down stretching out taking care of deep-sixing removing ending euthanizing strangling asphyxiating expunging canceling cancelling extinguishing purging smiting knocking someone off gassing putting to the sword wiping from the face of the earth putting before a firing squad putting out of its misery sending to the gibbet stoning to death sending to the electric chair sending to the chair stringing up sending to the gas chamber wiping off the face of the earth nuking stabbing dusting silencing stoning discarding dropping vaporising vaporizing blasting sending to the gallows murking effacing killing in cold blood garotting smothering doing knifing defeating killing off seeing the back of frying bowstringing scratching sterilizing dragging excluding sterilising ethnically cleansing stamping out cleaning up sending to the gas chambers sending to kingdom come rooting out sweeping away blacking out taking a life clearing away taking down dragging down blackballing nixing carrying out a sentence of death on suffocating costing sacrificing immolating causing the loss of resulting in the loss of causing the sacrifice of leading to the end of putting end to razing demolishing deleting totalling totaling ruining devastating axing smashing wrecking desolating shattering quashing creaming crushing putting paid to pulverizing excising wracking squashing pulling down wiping off the map pulverising abating tearing down gutting overwhelming crosses out blanking out suppressing trashing striking out scoring out stopping cutting out weeding out quelling squelching undoing levelling leveling banishing beating uprooting blue-penciling blue-pencilling putting a stop to cutting overturning trimming scratching out torpedoing scrubbing overthrowing ravaging striking inking out blocking out bluing pencil washing out putting out overcoming mutilating obscuring concealing covering routing overpowering disrupting bowdlerizing upsetting nullifying deleing annulling bringing to an end wiping vanquishing bringing down sinking laundering bowdlerising canceling out cancelling out editing overrunning KO'ing exsecting taking away knocking out wreaking havoc on laying waste giving something the chop putting a line through dispensing with putting somebody out of their misery removing all traces of stunning depopulating forgetting kayoing aborting checking burning incinerating breaking off discontinuing mangling torturing sticking maiming poisoning cutting a swath through committing genocide expurgating putting out of your mind eroding fading worsting burning away crossing through besting covering over putting the lid on invalidating abrogating editing out scrapping rubbing away whiting out wearing away smoothing away scissoring out lopping off amputating eliding exscinding slashing cutting up Xing out wiping off censoring redacting taking off driving to the wall moving in for the kill marking out destroying root and branch rubbing off blowing to bits taking apart blowing sky-high wiping off face of earth withdrawing scraping off negating blotting disannulling blanking getting shot of driving out casting out knocking something on the head phasing out stifling obfuscating battening eclipsing darkening shading ousting toppling ridding clearing deposing benothinging unseating mastering subverting stripping voiding emptying shedding culling licking conquering dethroning clearing out scouring cleansing spoiling damaging supplanting trouncing displacing subduing passing out holding back covering up making dark keeling over cutting off desecrating thinning out thinning out the population of reducing the numbers of unloading lifting dissolving subjugating defenestrating upending disestablishing consuming dismantling impairing knocking over bringing to ruin tipping removing from power knocking down tumbling removing from office bringing low bringing about the downfall of scourging havocking prostrating trampling cleaning out routing out shaking out breaking up leaving in ruins wreaking havoc leaving desolate

Động từ

Present participle for to speak or write with divine inspiration
prophesying predicting auguring forecasting foretelling presaging divining foreseeing prognosticating vaticinating forewarning soothsaying calling prevising reading auspicating foreshowing spaeing adumbrating envisaging forewarning of portending prefiguring warning making book seeing coming calling the turn having a hunch psyching it out seeing the future foreboding anticipating envisioning foreknowing doping out perceiving visualising visualizing psyching out seeing future seeing in the cards boding signifying seeing foreshadowing doping apprehending revealing figuring telling announcing declaring disclosing proclaiming divulging figuring out calling it calling the shot seeing something coming crystal balling it projecting expecting estimating speculating imagining guessing concluding gathering reckoning calculating determining inferring conjecturing reasoning gaging gauging understanding predetermining deducing surmising judging supposing assuming presuming believing fancying thinking suspecting considering extrapolating contemplating thinking likely presupposing telegraphing counting on saying picturing hypothesizing hazarding a guess deriving deciding sensing seeing it coming conceiving hypothesising positing deeming coming to the conclusion taking for granted banking on demonstrating planning tipping heralding indicating previsioning discerning forefeeling theorizing suggesting espying harbingering omening feeling ascertaining postulating betokening planning for theorising trusting pointing to making out drawing conclusions pre-empting construing counting upon taking it bargaining on working out waiting for drawing the inference watching for hoping for having a hunch of looking for taking bargaining for contemplating the possibility of visioning planning on computing prophecying backing modelling modeling napping awaiting casting meaning intending proposing thinking of having in prospect looking ahead to looking forward to charting purposing conceiving of accepting resolving solving contriving viewing seeing in one's mind's eye ratiocinating syllogizing adjudging drawing appraising evaluating esteeming regarding intuiting summing up assessing diagramming delineating imaging featuring diagraming learning conceding forerunning intimating foretokening daresaying hearing entertaining premising detecting foretasting philosophizing rationalising discovering stumbling on contextualizing taking something on board feeling for gleaning seeing through rationalizing differentiating contextualising philosophising seeing the light counting hearing tell noticing valuating forereckoning symbolizing hinting symbolising typifying typing shadowing forth halsening forespelling forespeaking figuring on having sneaking suspicion preparing for allowing for counting chickens reckoning on getting the idea taking it as given regarding as likely thinking it likely sizing up warning of telling in advance seeing handwriting on wall inducing generalizing generalising drawing a conclusion seeing ahead making an educated guess

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