Đồng nghĩa của baying

Alternative for baying

bays, bayed, baying

Đồng nghĩa: Laurus nobilis, alcove, bay laurel, bay tree, embayment, quest, true laurel,


Present participle for to make a loud howl, yell or cry


A loud and confused noise, especially that of people shouting
clamour din racket shouting babel uproar commotion hubbub blaring brouhaha hullabaloo noise outcry roaring screaming tumult yelling agitation bedlam blare clangor clangour pandemonium rumpus stramash vociferation charivari loud noise row shout ululation hue and cry turmoil furore fuss ruckus furor disturbance hoo-ha clamor ruction ballyhoo hurly-burly stir confusion storm kerfuffle to-do riot bustle chaos ado mayhem disorder fracas bluster squall clatter hoopla pother stew moil shindy coil turbulence bother upheaval blather whirl welter bobbery foofaraw williwaw clutter hurly splore corroboree hurry hurricane zoo do fun helter-skelter hubble-bubble hoo-hah hurry-skurry hurry-scurry roar alarums and excursions hassle unrest howl bangarang trouble stink melee frenzy excitement disquiet brawl havoc maelstrom ferment jangle flap convulsion protest carry-on anarchy babble disruption affray perturbation flurry cacophony lather aggro discord ructions dither fight disquietude argy-bargy palaver big scene complaint objection hell broke loose protestation dissent indignation opposition quarrel lawlessness outburst chatter broil violence discomposure uneasiness strife bagarre restlessness fermentation snafu splash scene upturn tizzy annoyance imbroglio free-for-all breach of the peace song and dance bobsy-die outrage criticism madness outbreak altercation disarray madhouse fever unsettlement wildness seething craziness howl of protest roughhouse shivaree bickering rowdydow sound all hell broken loose hype shambles all hell breaking loose glow heat bugle call discordance katzenjammer rattle bowwow babbling decibels bruit unquietness restiveness rioting rebellion insurrection confused noise chaotic situation fighting mutiny ailment uprising rumble jargon clang tower shindig scrimmage Sturm und Drang car crash unruliness wilding biffo state of unrest entanglement discombobulation misrule static revolution strike anarchism terrorism scandal rage hysteria controversy clamouring cry mob rule firestorm argument anger reign of terror disapproval exclamation temper rabidity demurral hullaballoo bouleversement cataclysm earthquake tempest worry hubba-hubba clamoring flak howls of protest war of words formal complaint alarm anxiety upset chorus of disapproval squabble wrangle concern distraction distress stimulation anxiousness apprehension concernment arousal sweat nervousness fluster fear agita care solicitude apprehensiveness nervosity unease incitement disconcertment mixing tension rocking tizzy, tizz nervous excitement folderol activity donnybrook excitation action fireworks pantomime hustle tamasha backwash production combustion hustle and bustle fuss and bother big stink drama performance disorganization rigmarole buzz disorganisation whirlwind jumble animation disorderliness rampage carrying-on mess busyness disarrangement mix-up comings and goings movement liveliness sensation fray storm in a teacup tempest in a teapot nuisance muddle melodrama panic fury eruption goings-on disorderedness scuffle explosion events business hell incidents hijinks delirium fuss and feathers happenings disorderly conduct public nuisance proceedings occurrences mare's nest conflict fret thrill histrionics flutter adventure elation tremor public disturbance dishevelment enthusiasm paroxysm fisticuffs misorder messiness muss tumble toing and froing huff much ado about nothing shock dislocation a madhouse snake pit haste a three-ring circus passion deliriousness activeness feverishness tizz bombshell nonsense wingding life uncertainty caterwauling dynamism bomb hysterics instability destruction boisterousness swirl hazard craze peril trepidation monkey business rush mania danger entropy provocation stirring topsy-turviness interruption spectacle chance-medley heck confrontation surprise procedure street fight twitter contretemps grief harassment rout three-ring circus incident state seething mass theatrics dramatics twit derangement disaster theatre nervous state theater rat's nest holy mess utter confusion exaggeration tempest in a teacup tempest in a tea-kettle federal case state of agitation state of anxiety mountain out of a molehill big deal struggle hurrah scrap stooshie dust-up jiggery-pokery upheavals big fuss rhubarb scrum circus draft draught shemozzle an outcry convulsions spin whirlpool rampancy flash to do tohubohu feeling emotion skirmish party carousal frolic dance bash revel fancy merrymaking spree work moving hurly burly hell to pay devil to pay thrills spot of bother hectic activity rough house wild disarray clash hectic lunacy fad vandalism enterprise wow mêlée tizz-woz swivet swelter incitation farce farcicality ridiculousness senselessness energy kick-up calamity flare-up motion scuffling quake talk afters mishap encounter hindrance scramble fussing discontent omnishambles spasm boiling troubles street fighting snarl distemper burst insurgence brannigan mob violence violent disorder demonstration shower run-in revolt dissatisfaction kicks spirit eventualities high jinks episodes roughness flurry of activity ride soap opera seesaw saga actions tintamarre stunner lament remonstrance protesting clinker lamentation bewailing yelp uproariousness fanfare bellow squawk shaking trembling quaking seism tottering carryings-on chain of events a maelstrom ataxia mobocracy threat ritual mistake misunderstanding overthrow menace boilover riskiness perilousness hazardousness risk warmth dangerousness a mess a muddle a shambles high winds rollercoaster flip-flop alteration turnaround shakeout switch catastrophe violent change about-face temblor lengthy process red tape tedious business topsy-turvydom topsy-turvyness an omnishambles tantrum hubbubs gaieties excitements fervor untidiness eagerness exciting experience precariousness a car crash stage dramaturgy acting consternation movements dramas fit blowup hissy new deal major change seismic shift sudden change new ball-game wilderness complication dismay tangle error hullabaloos tumults exhibition haze intricacy irritation inconvenience fright vexation discomfiture miscalculation fankle botch puzzle slip-up hurry-scurries activities high spirits to-dos pothers fervours fervour hurt grievance disappointment defeat shake-up torment distressed state hissy fit temper tantrum a buzz a charge a kick reversion exhibition of oneself letdown affront problem display of emotion queasiness turn-up subversion tiz-woz state of panic disconcertion circumstance crisis interference theatricals affair disarranging disordering unsettling confusing upsetting stoppage ruining obstruction impeding discontinuation wrecking suspension hampering spoiling perilous experiences dangerous experiences exciting experiences undermining delay retardation delaying holding up division splitting break separation severance


(of a sound) Loud and harsh
strident grating harsh jarring rasping raucous discordant screeching shrill loud stentorian stridulous unmusical clashing piercing rough stridulant dissonant ear-piercing jangling unharmonious unmelodious clamorous stentorious stridulatory blatant boisterous forceful hoarse noisy obstreperous persuasive squawky squeaky stertorous vocal vociferant vociferous blaring cacophonous deafening booming thunderous earsplitting clangorous ear-splitting resounding sharp sonorous ringing thundering powerful inharmonious roaring blasting plangent penetrating tumultuous resonant reverberating full strong riotous deep slam-bang rich reverberant squawking high-pitched carrying vibrant uproarious tuneless shrieking orotund reverberative rowdy unvocal deep-toned scratchy brassy croaking high gruff echoing unmelodic lusty screechy rambunctious raspy rotund absonant rackety off-key treble throbbing heightened pulsing sonorant intensified husky consonant enhanced mellow electrifying croaky screaming clear round grinding guttural golden canorous head-splitting throaty ear-popping acute very loud jangly pulsating piping horrisonant beating profound thrilling clattering disharmonious disorderly clattery inharmonic reverberatory fortissimo turbulent baritone gravelly shattering shrieky air-rending gravel rusty coarse braying irritating annoying squeaking intrusive metallic vexatious growling caterwauling atonal unpleasant falsetto whistling growly roisterous shouting disharmonic disagreeable thin clearly audible lively bass strepitous clarion full-throated dinning crashing forte low full-bodied vehement blustering intense ear-shattering turned up loud-voiced vigorous hearty flat hard mournful inspiring uncongenial chattering soprano trumpeting brittle plaintive resonating sounding basso high-frequency maddening melancholy pear-shaped rumbling tinny insistent whiny talkative brash definite bellowing full-toned pure pleasant importunate immusical ill-sounding clinking sour cacophonic thundery tremendous almighty creaking astringent rabid fierce rugged ferocious bawling demanding lacking harmony at variance at odds loudmouth jumping blusterous cracked out-of-tune out-of-key fulminating wakes the dead high-sounding big heavy pealing full-mouthed emphatic clamorsome explosive convulsive furious ragged scratching croupy breathy whispering uneven thick indistinct dry vociferating yowling yawping yauping clamant harsh sounding out of tune argute clanging raising Cain raising the roof paroxysmal volcanic stridulent forcible buffeting oscillating fruity palpitating harmonious melodious aquiver plummy robust overpowering full-voiced offensive incongruous incompatible inappropriate conflicting contrasting crying scurrilous loudmouthed vulgar obtrusive grotesque unaesthetic scraping unsuitable displeasing irksome unbearable upsetting uncharacteristic unruly rollicking wild active animated unrestrained out of place rumbustious overexcited bouncy ebullient excited frisky spirited knockabout exuberant high-spirited wayward uncontrolled undisciplined abandoned uninhibited impetuous wilful rip-roaring romping hell-raising roistering robustious in high spirits effervescent over-the-top energetic brawling

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