Đồng nghĩa của high spirited

Tính từ

Lively and cheerful in behaviour or mood
lively vivacious spirited bouncy effervescent exuberant vital animated boisterous energetic vibrant fun-loving bubbly buoyant active cheerful daring dashing dynamic ebullient frolicsome sparky zestful bold joyful sparkling vigorous chirpy crank frolic gamesome gay irrepressible jaunty peppy full of fun mettlesome peart spunky enthusiastic excited full of life gallant jolly merry pert alive and kicking bright and breezy bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans full of vim and vigour perky happy sprightly zippy sunny upbeat cheery frisky blithe playful chipper light-hearted blithesome bright jovial airy breezy gleeful joyous carefree in high spirits snappy lighthearted brisk sportive mirthful animate zingy glad pizazzy pizzazzy jazzy jocund bouncing kinetic springy jocular racy elated rollicking gladsome spanking exhilarated zesty jubilant happy-go-lucky festive hilarious funny genial fiery uproarious jocose ludic determined alert laughing in good spirits euphoric skittish coltish exultant valiant frivolous full of the joys of spring resolute bubbling as merry as a grig spry kittenish amusing wanton untroubled zappy indomitable go-go of good cheer vivid indefatigable steadfast willful stalwart convivial entertaining ardent passionate optimistic humorous unflagging brash gingery smiley winsome feisty jumping lusty insouciant prankish riotous unswerving staunch dogged unwavering lionhearted firm strong-willed doughty unshakeable stubborn unflinching unfaltering unyielding unbending rowdy positive frolicky scintillating noisy quick antic debonair peppery rocking eupeptic forceful canty fun lightsome facetious fresh eager jokey good-humored good-humoured romping full of get-up-and-go unruly wild full of pep game comic witty flamboyant boon tumultuous elfish larky fay sportful impassioned cock-a-hoop flippant zealous exciting unworried gregarious over the moon strong volatile outgoing keen enjoyable impish hearty comical gritty larking unconcerned resilient on top of the world perk feeling one's oats droll without a care in the world disorderly as lively as a grig hyper loud gushing rumbustious amused chucklesome fervent delighted sassy knockabout triumphant raucous pleased courageous rejoicing roisterous rough rip-roaring heated ecstatic overjoyed contented swinging light robustious plucky laughable powerful hopeful hell-raising rambunctious festal alive content brave vehement intense smiling grinning grooving mischievous fearless hardy radiant waggish sparkly elastic stoked roguish confident storming wick nimble robust unserious excitable larkish in fine fettle bustling slaphappy busy agile pleasant buzzing expansive whimsical rhapsodical sporty espiègle gutsy strenuous devil-may-care red-blooded pushy devilish full of joie de vivre stimulating industrious full of zip full of spirit wacky extrovert coquettish flirty flirtatious nonchalant frolicking capering spritely carnival holiday celebratory striking casual effusive heartful easy-going frothy agitated graceful gratified invigorating saucy diverting Christmassy gala flush tough uncaring unthinking unconsidered heedless indifferent cheering pleasure-seeking rakish turnt youthful laughter-filled proud aware puckish go-getting sanguine bullish full of hope relaxed exulting bubbling over high back-slapping good-time fun-filled pleasurable crowing mobile feelgood laid-back hale and hearty forward self-assertive presuming tricksy naughty rascally elvish insubstantial free and easy glorying avid hot sharp burning barnstorming thrilled exalted smug gloating unconstrained mad saturnalian backslapping raring to go prideful supple invigorated trim easy natty venturesome jumpy wicked occupied flip joking spruce showy as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy party envigorating fanciful decorated carnivalesque feastly feastful expressive eventful dexterous dextrous deedful enlivened on the go on the move full of the joy of living joshing loony nutty chaffing off-the-wall lots of laughs bantering jollying delightful Pickwickian dizzy daffy vitalized energized activated energised turbulent laid back wild and woolly rude termagant not put off undismayed undiscouraged not discouraged undeterred undaunted juiced up for a laugh ridiculous glib ludicrous beguiling sidesplitting tongue-in-cheek in jest risible farcical tongue in cheek beaming flourishing electrifying dazzling unrestrained feverish happening stirring virile driving colorful humming colourful rousing potent aggressive hopping coruscating intensive thriving tireless astir abuzz overexcited resounding ballsy full-blooded all-out punchy enterprising muscular sensitive untiring abubble vibrating ball of fire effective high-powered have-a-go hard-hitting high-octane sturdy rugged sound aboil forcible emphatic responsive torrid fervid superheated rapturous enraptured explosive charged emotional fierce demonstrative warm-blooded religious ungovernable warm hot-blooded clamorous undisciplined wayward uncontrolled abandoned uninhibited rhapsodic intoxicated incandescent perfervid passional impetuous wilful roistering rapt elevated transported enrapt giddy blissful entranced heady intrepid clangorous obstreperous audacious heroic steely tenacious valorous in paradise in rhapsodies in heaven on cloud nine strident vociferous vociferant over-the-top brawling mettled resolved in seventh heaven on a high red-hot manful as game as Ned Kelly

Tính từ

Full of fervor
excited zealous energetic fanatical fervent lively manic perfervid pumped frenetic obsessed passionate raring ready ardent disorderly fevered spirited sprightly wild crazy effervescent feverish psyched uncontrollable voracious delirious fierce game high nuts restless unruly vivacious amped angry crazed furious high as a kite juiced mad nutty stirred up unrestrained stirred fired up hyperactive on fire steamed up wigged-out eager enthused enthusiastic exuberant hungry exhilarated avid ebullient animated willing interested vehement stoked keen determined intent titillated motivated desirous athirst gung ho mad keen keyed up as keen as mustard ready and willing keen as mustard raring to go chomping at the bit itching anxious wholehearted agog committed yearning dedicated devoted ambitious impatient thrilled antsy solicitous pleased animate thirsty appetent driven geeked hopped-up hepped up earnest hearty fiery dynamic zestful aflame afire bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans champing at the bit warm vigorous rabid fervid fascinated passional great forceful rhapsodic tantalized industrious concerned unqualified intense wacky gaga active diligent tantalised assiduous bugged conscientious zesty warmblooded turnt gone on red-hot greedy hot to trot inspired inspirited galvanized stimulated roused energized aroused encouraged moved uplifted influenced activated energised galvanised self-driven longing wishing hot dying intent on frantic frenzied agitated uncontrolled violent ferocious swivel-eyed obsessive tumultuous overwrought distracted desperate fraught hysterical hectic turbulent confused maniacal confusing distraught chaotic corybantic fast and furious inflamed aggressive proactive bullish banzai worked up raving uproarious take-charge can-do extremely enthusiastic daft untrammeled untrammelled potty panic-struck panic-stricken in a frenzy panicky very excited convulsive overexcited berserk jumping up and down impassioned burning militant abandoned sincere devout boisterous unbalanced single-minded pushy purposeful full-on overwhelming overpowering uninhibited insane exciting phrenetic demented wired furibund hyper unscrewed itchy ripe zealotic extreme fired go-ahead fanatic fireball self-starting possessed gung-ho wild-eyed coming on strong gay riotous weirded out lost it wigged out in a lather

Trái nghĩa của high spirited

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