Đồng nghĩa của insane

Alternative for insane

Đồng nghĩa: crazy, deranged, foolish, mad, unbalanced,

Trái nghĩa: sane,

Tính từ

In a degenerative state of mind which prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction
mad psychotic demented deranged unhinged crazed crazy schizophrenic unbalanced batty cracked cuckoo loony nuts nutty bats bonkers certifiable disturbed screwy unstable barmy crackers hysterical mentally ill sectionable loopy psycho bananas maniacal psychopathic raving wacko balmy barking bedlam brainsick buggy bughouse crackbrained crackpot cranky daffy daft fruity gaga haywire kookie kooky loco looney lunatic maniac mental nutso rabid scatty slang unsound wacky whacko whacky wud bushed derailed frenzied meshuga meshugge moonstruck nutsy porangi squirrelly paranoid raging unsettled of unsound mind raving mad barking mad mad as a hatter out of one's mind severely mentally disordered non compos mentis not all there mad as a March hare off one's rocker off the wall stark raving mad stark staring mad away with the fairies round the bend nutty as a fruitcake sick in the head round the twist looney tunes loony tunes not the full shilling one card shy of a full deck a few cards shy of a full deck a few sandwiches short of a picnic as daft as a brush off one's chump off one's nut off one's trolley touched out to lunch delirious dotty distraught distracted irrational around the bend frantic wild manic off one's head dippy berserk off one's gourd eccentric not right in the head not right upstairs not quite right in the head up the pole foaming at the mouth disordered not together stark mad schizoid potty unglued flipped out violent frenetic yarra neurotic gonzo troubled furious idiotic with a screw loose freaked out agitated bizarre have kangaroos in the top paddock confused have a screw loose erratic out there unscrewed have bats in the belfry berko silly peculiar doolally weird stupid crazy as a loon foolish feverish queer sick flipped excited hectic overwrought odd hyper fraught beside oneself out of control flaky flakey corybantic mixed up sociopathic oddball angry off-the-wall off unzipped strange outlandish uncontrolled fierce ferocious panic-stricken distressed off the air swivel-eyed wired worked up kinky weirded out shook up wigged out freaky screwball mentally deranged screwed up a bit lacking ape obsessed daft as a brush not in one's right mind psychopathological senseless unreasonable fevered fatuous wrong preposterous upset spazzed out keyed up hot under the collar zonkers in a stew hot and bothered in a tizzy at wits' end quirky off the deep end zany out of one's head not of sound mind have bats in one's belfry have kangaroos in one's top paddock severely mentally ill offbeat ridiculous absurd way-out unconventional off-centre far-out funny uncontrollable fantastic idiosyncratic rum remarkable funky spaced-out queerish quaint off-kilter weirdo out-of-the-way curious bizarro schizo maddened demonic fanatical chaotic aberrant amok ranting phrenetic consumed way out disarranged moonstricken off your rocker desperate demoniac dazed dreamy touched in the head intense anxious having bats in the belfry deprived of one's wits manic-depressive wound up over the edge non compos out of one's tree in another world out of one's gourd having a screw loose in a daze out of one's skull having kangaroos in the top paddock flipped-out off your head unnerved avant-garde psychoneurotic baked fried mindless ludicrous paranoiac paranoic psyched out few X short of a Y unwise unsafe invalid daggy unrealistic simple nobody home dilly left-field dingy irresponsible impractical yampy gibbering rampant madding schitzy demoniacal bedlamite schizzo original off the chain undone pixilated fanatic flighty bemused out of your mind disorganized off your trolley two sandwiches short of a picnic topsy-turvy not in your right mind not right high out of one's box busy overexcited up madcap faulty tangled shambolic as mad as a March hare one sandwich short of a picnic as mad as a hatter in the ozone surreal gone possessed overcome nonsensical goofy unusual nonfunctional wonky broken fuddled panicky amusing unpredictable clownish freakish comic soft in the head panic-struck incoherent unorthodox Bohemian far out disorganised orderless amiss defective messy like one possessed fired up aroused outré emotional babbling not functioning properly out of order uptight distrait hysteric turned out hopped up spare hare-brained out of commission out of whack on the fritz in pieces in a mess on the blink up the spout barro postal crook in a state in a flap last-minute at your wits' end in a cold sweat beside yourself worried having kittens in a flat spin at the end of your tether in a tizz het up rattled carried away at one's wits' end not knowing what to do with oneself in a frenzy bothered worked-up out of one's wit acting crazy up the wall through the roof on the rampage hot hallucinating restless light-headed rambling wandering lightheaded deviant bewildered hallucinatory deviate turbulent energetic tumultuous hyperactive exciting furibund obsessive confusing extreme fast and furious in a lather lost it fervent intolerant uncompromising extremist bigoted passionate over-enthusiastic overzealous diehard biased prejudiced one-sided zealous partisan illiberal gung-ho infuriated intemperate narrow-minded perfervid dedicated overboard infected naked poisoned smoking mad-dog ultraist enthusiastic diseased ardent sizzling bitten unwell militant virulent ill keen

Tính từ

Stupidly irresponsible
stupid preposterous senseless nonsensical absurd bizarre fatuous silly daft foolish idiotic asinine crazy inane pointless farcical irrational laughable ludicrous mad ridiculous weird imbecilic implausible impracticable mindless moronic untenable balmy brainless bubbleheaded cockeyed crackpot cuckoo daffy dippy dotty fanciful fantastic fantastical featherheaded fool harebrained illogical impractical inept irresponsible jerky kookie kooky looney loony lunatic lunkheaded nutty potty sappy screwball simpleminded slang tomfool unreal unrealistic unreasonable unthinkable unwise wacky whacky wild witless zany barmy half-baked ill-conceived half-witted hare-brained cock-eyed extremely foolish weak-minded off beam way out full of holes stupidly irresponsible strange odd cockamamie risible screwy eccentric unintelligent imprudent off the wall peculiar batty crackbrained dumb comical outrageous unbelievable foolhardy cockamamy unusual injudicious dopey off-the-wall grotesque wacko loopy empty-headed ill-advised outlandish incredible goofy queer extraordinary doltish incongruous demented damfool dim-witted oddball chowderheaded dotish glaikit puerile cretinous dim funny giddy simple dunderheaded derisory thickheaded gormless birdbrained unsound madcap unstable ill-considered pea-brained cranky extravagant wooden-headed curious imbecile unconventional deranged reckless unhinged rash scatty cracked incautious thoughtless nuts indiscreet halfwitted erratic thick shocking astonishing feebleminded lamebrained derisive boneheaded derisible pathetic divvy slow-witted out to lunch dof vacuous meaningless quirky mental crazed inconsistent unbalanced offbeat bonkers remarkable crackers muttonheaded chuckleheaded monstrous surreal singular loco gaga weak scatterbrained bats freaky fat-headed brain-dead blockheaded maniacal delirious dull feather-brained infantile far-fetched whimsical unique amazing flakey unworkable gonzo dozy flaky inconceivable unjustifiable freakish rum mystifying unscientific unreasoning abnormal unthinking baffling puzzling out there up the pole kinky nonrational outré groundless funky off the air pinheaded weirdo uncommon softheaded far-out aberrant disturbed touched spaced-out short-sighted off-kilter psycho psychotic whacko out-of-the-way certifiable fruity distracted haywire psychopathic nutsy meshuga clownish simple-minded invalid slow hilarious impolitic fallacious comic feeble-minded round the bend distraught phenomenal not all there idiosyncratic childish non compos mentis raving unlikely incorrect faulty improbable braindead doolally impossible bewildering squirrelly specious off-centre extreme dubious flawed dense wrong doubtful unreasoned not the full shilling rare illegitimate inconsequent inconsequential unfounded grandiose immature unorthodox off your trolley unimaginable flighty sophistic incoherent off the rails bizarro ignorant contradictory way-out dappy quaint nerdy unearthly uncustomary bugged out atypical droll in left field unfamiliar queerish uncanny unexpected freak unaccustomed make-believe out of sight dead from the neck up without foundation without basis not making sense off your head pie-faced out of the ordinary thick-witted bathetic clock incomprehensible clueless defective unsafe unpractical rattlebrained unsteady heedless changeable careless off the beam ornate imaginative exotic avant-garde mentally incompetent frivolous excessive amusing light-hearted alternative exorbitant waggish chucklesome diverting dimwitted soft contemptible baseless arbitrary fancy creative original callow burlesque unaware insipid insensate complacent idiotish goofy loony credulous retarded green foolheaded mercurial dilly reasonless disconnected disjointed nitwitted sublime gelastic smoothbrained too much wackadoodle nonconformist crazy-ass wackadoo dopy joshing humorous camp witty campy far out worthy of scorn berserk dreamlike quixotic inexperienced taking the cake Gothic gothic baroque Boeotian donkeyish obstinate very stupid smooth-brained disordered irregular perplexing sheepheaded muddle-headed not well thought out ill-thought-out dull-witted dunce-like sick dope backward unaccountable out of the question unglued inexplicable flipped schizo vapid as thick as two short planks feather-headed wet behind the ears mysterious deviant bovine pig-ignorant excellent outre daggy beyond all reason bird-brained out of all reason inappropriate off your chump out of the way off-beat left-field brainsick maniac wud bedlam meshugge bughouse moonstruck ill looney tunes slow on the uptake thick as two short planks bedlamite not quite right loony tunes fried soft in the head imaginary exceptional unconvincing illusory incredulous very good spurious unconceivable misleading romantic capricious ambitious visionary uncompelling artificial in the ozone unjustified erroneous surprising illusive suppositious different hallucinatory sensational astounding out of one's gourd inconclusive stunning notable striking momentous prodigious miraculous sophistical unforgettable eye-catching arresting frenzied special spectacular stupendous unwonted noteworthy conspicuous sectionable casuistic unproved bananas cock-and-bull exceeding extraordinaire unprecedented serious especial eye-popping unco preternatural aberrated anomalous tremendous wondrous frantic manic barking hysterical nutso buggy amazeballs perverse false irrelevant unconnected irreconcilable self-contradictory unsubstantial beyond belief hollow schizoid heavy flash gnarly forby bushed porangi yarra off beaten path never to be forgotten unheard-of out of this world twisted mentally ill not following of unsound mind raving mad sick in the head mad as a hatter not together stark mad stark raving mad away with the fairies nutty as a fruitcake beyond the bounds of possibility barking mad foaming at the mouth mad as a March hare round the twist stark staring mad not right in the head not quite right in the head not right upstairs as daft as a brush have a screw loose have bats in the belfry have kangaroos in the top paddock mentally unbalanced out of one's head

Tính từ

Extremely angry or annoyed
angry annoyed furious irate livid agitated apoplectic crazy enraged exasperated galled incensed infuriated mad outraged rabid ropeable seething aggravated cross indignant irked irritated vexed wrathful crackers huffy peeved spare testy angered foaming at the mouth hot under the collar bent out of shape hopping mad in a frenzy steamed up gnashing one's teeth in a lather fuming inflamed raging riled boiling frenzied maddened sore choleric ballistic rankled ticked shirty roiled wroth foaming hot enflamed infuriate steaming riley frantic hopping ireful beside oneself steamed horn-mad hacked desperate maniac irrational corybantic bent unreasonable demented smoking crazed cheesed off browned off bummed out up in arms on the warpath teed off fit to be tied incandescent very angry ranting raving choked raving mad aerated wild crook soreheaded vex snaky in a temper tooshie uncompromising in high dudgeon in a paddy breakneck beside yourself upset full-on as cross as two sticks energetic concerted extremely angry all-out in a bate manic up the wall violent fierce vehement frenetic rage vicious in a towering rage in a huff in a pet in a fume going crook blue in the face ticked off resentful piqued displeased worked up aggrieved provoked nettled miffed frustrated waxy hacked off disgruntled offended affronted antagonized surly troubled bothered perturbed ruffled antagonised hostile stroppy wound up boiling mad put out raging mad ill-humored off the air bad-tempered ill-tempered ill-humoured bitter discontented narked disgusted chafed hurt irritable irascible dirty filthy snappy grumpy impatient grouchy antagonistic unglued touchy fed up dark splenetic ratty crabby at daggers drawn prickly eggy hot-tempered peed off pushed too far short-tempered quick-tempered out of sorts not best pleased in a bad mood out of humour with all guns blazing in a filthy temper berserk rousted roused bugged heated dogged uptight buffaloed scandalized storming scandalised passionate shocked unhappy seeing red at boiling point all steamed up overcome with anger petulant in a rage burned up beside yourself with rage churlish disagreeable blown a gasket peevish fractious rubbed the wrong way at end of one's rope hot and bothered miffy flustered tetchy snappish crotchety waspish cantankerous querulous harried disturbed captious harassed sulky hassled hateful insulted dyspeptic snuffy snitty sullen wrath scunnered pettish narky fiery cranky snippy snarky snippety perverse short liverish raspy stuffy crusty hoha fretful jumpy faultfinding mardy out of humor cavilling caviling dishonored slighted humiliated sour umbrageous dishonoured brassed off

Tính từ

Excessive in degree or amount
exorbitant extravagant extreme excessive inordinate immoderate lavish plethoric undue devilish intolerable overdue overextravagant overmuch overweening steep unconscionable baroque stiff fancy towering unmerciful unreasonable over the top outrageous disproportionate intemperate a bit much OTT exaggerated too much unwarranted preposterous unmeasurable unrestrained needless superfluous extortionate dizzying uncalled for O.T.T. unnecessary enormous uncalled-for profligate prodigal overboard overabundant wanton overkill uncurbed ridiculous irrational imprudent over the odds unrestricted gratuitous sky-high over-the-top criminal unlimited self-indulgent monstrous overindulgent wild wasteful superabundant fantastic out of all proportion too many way out unjustified expensive high dear prohibitive unfair grandiose overpriced unseemly uncontrolled unjustifiable unwarrantable improper egregious boundless heavy epic limitless super pricey unbridled reckless unjust dissipated indulgent monumental redundant unbounded recrementitious stratospheric more supernatural extra punitive huge surplus substantial unbalanced fanciful ludicrous gross unrelenting zealous unyielding unmitigated nonsensical silly prodigious costly supererogatory untempered very expensive overblown theatrical dramatic overdone de trop extraordinary blown up out of all proportion inexcusable over very too profuse uncivilised unthinkable inconceivable shocking appalling uncivilized ungodly unacceptable horrifying illogical unholy sneaky conscienceless knavish reprehensible wicked barbarous vast immense tremendous improvident absurd farcical radical infinite immeasurable astronomic massive stupendous humongous astronomical implausible fantastical decadent violent too-too dissipative riotous debauched unhampered thumping whopping giant mega monster extensive unchecked mountainous mighty gargantuan colossal unfettered mammoth overgenerous gigantic uninhibited incredible foolish beyond the pale super-duper unreal crazy bizarre a lot ostentatious large ambitious imposing drastic dire out of control desperate strict severe uncompromising harsh unbending stern bold immodest audacious big serious forceful momentous tough far-reaching unsuitable inappropriate remorseless rigid unusual exceptional consequential sharp ruinous commanding elaborate magnificent showy lordly punishing austere fanatical draconian rigorous inflated excessively high extremely high fulsome non-essential unneeded downright thorough absolute remarkable oppressive unconventional flagrant ferocious uncommon exacting absonant out-and-out fabulous swingeing utter out of proportion sheer imperious impressive unbecoming too great undeserved unmerited daylight robbery highway robbery costing a bomb a rip-off exceeding underhanded inept untimely unapt unfitting forbidden indecorous ill-advised sinister inapt ill-timed illegal unseasonable ballsy grand adventurous heroic costing the earth costing an arm and a leg up to here out of sight over one's head not required ruthless rampant cruel indiscriminate elevated raised eccentric increased senseless excess boosted additional overinflated surplus to requirements effusive far-fetched passionate uncontrollable far-out posh out of bounds unrightful imbalanced unlawful wrongful peremptory unprovoked arbitrary raw dissolute unhindered tempestuous abandoned runaway demonstrative ungovernable incontinent gushy gushing actorly expansive wholehearted generous unaffordable unreserved high-priced pricy greedy very high top premium outre spendy big-ticket uneconomical high-end exuberant priceless valuable precious unduly expensive an arm and leg hard overbearing insensitive tactless despotic high-handed autocratic flinty ramrod authoritarian tyrannical thoughtless merciless inconsiderate undiplomatic bungling domineering scandalous atrocious overstrict coercive brutal hardhanded sadistic heavy-handed terrible horrible disgraceful heinous infamous abominable villainous offensive unspeakable nefarious abhorrent horrendous beastly iniquitous evil savage odious dreadful horrid vicious hideous loathsome shameful nauseating ghastly foul unbearable nasty vile sickening insupportable diabolical unendurable insufferable inhuman barbaric infernal fiendish maddening exasperating impossible distressing execrable godawful hellacious depraving flagitious debasing contumelious scurrilous malevolent shaming disgracing ignoble despicable contemptible debauching corrupt notorious degenerate sinful opprobrious very bad more than one can afford

Tính từ

(slang) Impressively bold or daring
bad awesome amazing cool brilliant crazy excellent fantastic unbelievable unreal extraordinary fabulous far out incredible intense ridiculous terrific thrilling inspiring marvellous marvelous massive out of this world powerful profound remarkable sensational splendid super superb wonderful deep delicious dramatic exciting first-class first-rate glorious groovy impressive like wow monumental primo rousing stirring striking swell bold dandy daring divine hunky-dory influential moving awe-inspiring grand momentous absorbing affecting arresting impassioned imposing lavish luxurious majestic stately touching great fab neat boss capital mean magnificent lovely smashing prime heavenly topping superior beautiful bully fantabulous phat wizard peachy boffo cracking dope radical jim-dandy keen corking brill ace sublime stupendous tremendous rad wicked fine exceptional spectacular stellar tip-top magic sterling quality choice bonzer champion spiffing ripping unsurpassed slick top-notch delightful top-shelf crucial phenomenal sound admirable spanking supercalifragilisticexpialidocious amazeballs dreamy def bodacious mind-blowing bosting exquisite prize top-hole superlative hot top topflight famous dynamite frontline gangbusters righteous classic immense prizewinning bonny high-class bang-up noble bumper gangbuster banner nifty brag crackerjack A-OK bonnie supernal out-of-sight first-string blue-chip blue-ribbon five-star gilt-edge top-of-the-line gilt-edged prodigious par excellence peachy keen number one numero uno mega select fabby gorgeous astonishing miraculous astounding marvy stunning wondrous nice beaut too good to be true to die for outstanding agreeable satisfying precious beezer valuable colossal on fleek kif goodly lank breathtaking surprising formidable down gone four-star hype brave schmick supreme A1 high-quality high-grade solid gold dazzling hypnotic memorable enchanting bewitching captivating charming entrancing radiant belting barrie pearler unique unforgettable skillful masterful virtuoso masterly skilful solid outrageous pleasurable rewarding enjoyable pleasant greatest scrumptious delectable staggering eloquent agitating most awful eye-opening portentous zero cool unblemished consummate able flawless crack reputable welcome honourable deluxe super-eminent acceptable congenial uninjured satisfactory commendable shipshape worthy gratifying whole favorable entire gnarly unbroken intact super-excellent positive recherche perfect up to snuff pleasing unimpaired undamaged unharmed unhurt honorable competent notable eminent unparalleled distinguished exemplary preeminent utmost out-of-this-world state-of-the-art heavy preternatural enviable laudable best special unmarred favourable exclusive hand-picked elect premier top-quality dainty elite finest optimal 10 popular preferred favored preferential handpicked rare vintage favorite elegant plum cherry-picked favoured unusual favourite uncommon carefully chosen first-line top-drawer 24-karat grade A top of the line top of the range A-1 of the first water sovereign singular eye-popping chillin' jaw-dropping exo sik good very good mind-boggling peerless world-class matchless too much premium pre-eminent unrivaled unrivalled accomplished eye-catching noteworthy topnotch fantastical overwhelming startling splendiferous incomparable commanding conspicuous tiptop of high quality attractive fascinating top-tier out of the ordinary leading electrifying extravagant prominent bizarre strange unimaginable splendorous applaudable dominant wild outlandish gee-whizz of the highest quality of the highest standard desirable inconceivable unprecedented class transcendent ideal illustrious winning exhilarating top-class highest emphatic unequalled extraordinaire priceless high considerable unequaled way-out heart-stopping unheard of far-fetched mind-bending peculiar fancy surpassing especial weird noticeable noted highest quality signal of the first order meritorious marked showy estimable pronounced out of sight abnormal distinctive shocking fly splashy top-grade stupefying flamboyant catchy anomalous intoxicating unexcelled enthralling noisy lofty unmatched magical suspenseful rip-roaring hair-raising beyond compare spine-tingling histrionic chic engaging preposterous gripping stimulating invaluable second to none odd exaggerated alluring standout absurd riveting praiseworthy sweet top-level faultless unwonted uncustomary theatrical exceeding atypical aberrated freak aberrant star celebrated awesomesauce superhuman kenspeckle grabby flabbergasting salient renowned bosker unusually good inspired optimum large mad quintessential tops exhilarative tense unco far-out electric exalted stem-winding farcical extremely good kicky peak expert classy upscale upmarket very best grandiose super-duper climactic heroical the dog's bollocks never to be forgotten emotional without equal hard to swallow beyond belief effective towering sudden ominous proud royal awe-striking selected of the highest order adept huge unlikely improbable ravishing implausible dubious adorable curious fanciful plush mighty picturesque skilled important tasty doubtful glamorous substantial crowning advanced dramaturgical hotshot demon proficient romantic cream blissful really good nonsensical ludicrous lead unrealistic flagship adroit lively unfamiliar idyllic obvious manifest bewildering unbeatable uncanny enticing uppermost rockin observable untouchable blinding whimsical glamourous fat significant blindsiding monstrous effusive excessive extreme offbeat charged galvanic galvanizing heady dumbfounding dumfounding attention-grabbing arrestive worthiest inflated unnerving unsettling unthinkable action-packed refined jolting jarring above average unexpected dramaturgic freakish pointed confounding model heroic vivid award-winning galvanising unsurpassable high quality top quality major better than expected off the wall classical of a high standard heart-stirring costly foremost central dear pricey expensive the best august of highest order can't miss it resplendent opulent spendy big-ticket the palatine in a class all by itself high-end melodramatic histrionical celestial regal palatial ultraexpensive princely magnific epic theatric solemn kingly swanky sumptuous queenly statuesque above and beyond pricy expressive top-end sightly baronial Homeric comic high-ticket reliable certified mint legit sharp quick coruscating key splendent top-of-the-range particular rapturous sophisticated polished beauteous frabjous smart agile deft clever bestselling posh ritzy A-list splendacious fashionable unorthodox rocking foxy juicy disturbing disquieting handy apt stylish well-designed natty convenient ingenious spruce immaculate impeccable well-known cherished crashing pick something else creditable really nice sunny dexterous paradisal paradisaic paradisic ambrosial yummy lush spiritual saintly choicest first awing principal dignified prize-winning eventful chur proper paragon practised compleat versed veteran educated practiced complete experienced master professed dextrous predominant humbling what left-field high-test invigorating amiable banging providential titantic chief hundred-proof elevated ka pai top-flight best ever not too shabby joyous A-number-1 mostest sup rior all very well well and good surpassing belief better improved enhanced eximious explosive compelling unaccountable inexplicable the very best a standout hallucinatory mind-altering with it pretty cool slap-up superfine diverting not bad cat's meow five star of the highest type top grade best-quality highest-quality enigmatic grade-A pure nonpareil paradisiacal inimitable paradisiac unexampled wonderworking numinous supranatural supermundane better than usual first class of the best quality better than average weighty one in a million in a league of their own what great promising well-favored very agreeable very pleasant very nice sensorial psychedelic arousing cliffhanging dynamic chimeric incomprehensible imaginative out there romanesque the utmost nerve-racking envigorating knife-edge some empyreal world class chimerical deviating illusory adrenaline-charged edge-of-the-seat enormous vast luscious pretty mammoth gigantic imperial ostentatious portly venerable extra special discernible baffling befuddling beguiling appealing graphic weird and wonderful measurable perceivable distinguishable appreciable clear unmistakable evident detectable recognizable perceptible plain distinct shock-horror high-octane unforeseen flustering freaky devastating sexy seductive tragic thespian colourful different clear-cut studied unannounced unanticipated inordinate gargantuan delightsome babelicious drop-dead adorbs savory grateful knockout darling blessed dulcet savoury blest jolly felicitous palatable bootylicious breath-taking unconventional off-centre apparent decided palpable visible easily seen undeniable patent spirited animated questionable misleading overblown giant sizeable extremely attractive comely pulchritudinous fair shaking inspirational emotion-charged trembling passionate emotive blatant sensible humongous fishy untruthful untrue embellished fabricated dishonest suspicious dubitable false illogical suspect serious queer funny out-of-the-way unaccustomed irrational avant-garde alternative foreign-looking Bohemian mysterious bizarro shivering vibrating soul-stirring anthemic shuddering quaking inspiriting wacky comical oddball foolish cockamamie zany recognisable unconvincing shady impossible farfetched laughable hyperbolic incoherent flash forby hare-brained frantic swinging blood-tingling oceanic pharaonic gigantesque walloping titanic galactic humungous cosmical cyclopean astronomic Himalayan oversized king-sized cosmic planetary leviathan vasty king-size Brobdingnagian supersize whopping jumbo monster whacking mountainous elephantine supersized astronomical herculean unheard-of off-the-wall make-believe external outside exotic extrinsic extraneous colorful interesting kinky peregrine under one's nose in plain sight in full view right under your nose big as life open and shut immeasurable ginormous flimsy distorted incongruous disputable equivocal embroidered debatable undependable untrustworthy iffy arguable unreliable off beaten path copious profuse king size gross big mortal avant garde way out from abroad cock and bull tall blown up out of the common complicated

Tính từ

Having little or no sense, use, or purpose
pointless meaningless senseless fruitless futile useless aimless inane unavailing unproductive worthless absurd hopeless ineffectual irrelevant needless nonsensical unprofitable purposeless idle in vain valueless wasted empty fatuous footling hollow impotent inconsequential ineffective insignificant nongermane purportless redundant superfluous unnecessary to no purpose without rhyme or reason not pertinent vain nugatory profitless trivial unimportant bootless trifling unsuccessful abortive otiose barren paltry inefficacious petty immaterial negligible frivolous minor to no avail incidental inconsiderable slight nonessential piddling failed insubstantial sterile minute to no effect small unrewarding inessential peripheral niggling extraneous of no consequence unessential casual fiddling Mickey Mouse inutile of no use little measly unneeded non-essential piffling superficial beside the point of no account lightweight picayune unfruitful inadequate nothing small-fry null nickel-and-dime not worth mentioning of no importance uncalled-for foolish unsubstantial uncalled for non-successful light inappreciable inferior goalless inapposite motiveless nominal of little consequence unfructuous of little importance good-for-nothing gratuitous unhelpful no-account meager of no avail thwarted impractical forlorn meagre vapid neither here nor there off the subject of little account second-rate expendable impracticable junky silly inefficient time-wasting of no great concern Sisyphean wandering trite inapplicable marginal without success unconnected no-good piddly pimping no dice unusable impertinent miserable not germane irrelative unrelated unwarranted scanty counterproductive secondary de minimis mediocre minuscule cheap lesser mindless dispensable small-time impossible unsatisfactory vacuous no use chaffy feckless unprolific foiled void drifting baulked unwanted doomed unremunerative unpurposed frustrated unrequired lost haphazard wanton shallow lame chicken peanut balked extrinsic commonplace tangential baseless directionless no-win wanky inoperative for nought twopenny-halfpenny puny unfounded small-bore ignorable random not to the point inappropriate on a treadmill out of place surplus lazy wasteful poor trashy nondescript wretched low-ranking bogus waste ignoble abandoned wide of the mark not worth the candle of no moment not needed no great shakes not worth speaking of groundless base unreasonable dull unworkable thankless undesired boring objectless misfired powerless excessive dry unreal uninspiring indiscriminate vacant banal uninteresting undirected exhausted desultory delusive pathetic avoidable causeless pants inept humdrum bad drab insufficient prosaic unachievable gainless feeble penny-ante unavailable flighty flimsy minimal inapt beyond hope indecisive unable dinky additional everyday unimpressive optional unmerited not much cop of no value a dead loss tiny cosmetic shoestring not worth bothering about a dime a dozen nothing to do with it infinitesimal mean of minor importance minor-league not required not to the purpose not having a prayer with no chance of success not pertaining to off the topic off the point abject drossy not at issue not connected with despicable contemptible unjustified stupid automatic oblivious ne'er-do-well childless slothful inactive laggard indolent uneconomic objectiveless unasked throwaway unsalable pyrrhic scant unmeaning unsound insincere botched helpless adrift bungling bungled specious frustaneous unlucrative disastrous defeated without direction smaller pettifogging unsuitable save one's breath witless designless thoughtless illogical irrational of no earthly use ill-fated bleak misleading unnotable shuck delusory exorbitant two-bit unserviceable nonfunctional rambling dead puerile flippant frothy tinpot zero zilch zip indifferent brainless surplus to requirements stillborn nonpractical unfunctional bush-league uncelebrated obscure smalltime momentary microscopic skin-deep diminutive atomic evanescent vanishing insipid going nowhere for naught lilliputian stale erratic nonproductive uncreative slow unyieldly blocked issueless scrap unuseful inoperable dysfunctional broken ridiculous floundering not a prayer in vicious circle not worth worrying about not the issue nothing to do with the case lacking foundation Pyrrhic beyond remedy parlous spinning one's wheels wild goose chase empty-headed without depth arid tedious flat not useful vagrant capricious heedless blind resultless unpromising threatening sinister menacing weak despaired of without grounds without foundation invalid lacklustre dreary unstimulating monotonous lifeless hit-or-miss desperate despairing despondent unattainable not serious wishy-washy of little import beside the question wide of the point not important nihil ad rem not significant unfilled clear forceless emasculate withered slack-spined spineless neutralized defeasible neutralised innocuous limited anticlimactic no good to gundy driftless careless disposable cancelled nullified rescinded revoked lackluster fortuitous no go no way not effective uncritical defective deficient prodigal noncompulsory null and void nonvalid non-viable nonbinding terminated discontinued poxy rubbishy inconsequent undesirable chance accidental unexceptional of no benefit no need ordinary detached disconnected average rubbish remote independent unassociated unapt disparate dissociated foreign outside hair-splitting inapropos separate inappurtenant common typical plain two a penny of no matter not applicable off base not connected not related nothing to do with out of order mundane bland unremarkable undistinguished usual unmemorable pedestrian fussy unexciting routine unnoteworthy vanilla normal canceled not binding extra middling uneventful uninspired hairsplitting niggly too much supererogatory workaday supplementary inadmissible characterless whatever not in force adventitious dime-a-dozen run-of-the-mill common or garden bog-standard garden-variety so-so nothing to write home about middle-of-the-road nothing special plain vanilla garden variety bog standard not worth a hill of beans de trop intrusive

Danh từ

An eccentric or unusual person
crackpot character codger crack crackbrain crank eccentric flake fruitcake kook nut nutcase nutter oddball oddity original quiz screwball weirdo zany crazy head case lunatic maniac nutbag nutbar wacko live one nut ball loony loon sicko psychopath dingbat wack madman weirdie psycho nutjob cuckoo case odd bod radge wackadoodle wackadoo madwoman whacko fool sickie wing nut bug individualist freak nonconformist queer fish psychotic headbanger nutso misfit card individual maverick odd fish odd fellow free spirit one-off unorthodox person schizo meshuggener madcap rare bird bohemian geek zealot odd duck basket case lamebrain deranged person oner bedlamite piece of work rara avis deviant daredevil dropout pervert fanatic perv devil simpleton clown schizophrenic schizoid odd bird mad person eccentric person bigot headcase loose cannon queer square peg in a round hole hothead dodo galoot numbskull bozo goof dumbbell saphead bonehead blockhead lunkhead anomaly strange bird tearaway sociopath one caution Section 8 gink zombie spook beatnik hippie loner madling madperson crazyman looney raver odd man out wild man fish out of water round peg in a square hole queer duck rum customer odd person booby nit turkey jackass simp mooncalf nitwit nincompoop ding-a-ling goose dipstick ninnyhammer charley ninny doofus featherhead charlie ding-dong berk git yo-yo half-wit mad man unstable personality disturbed person antisocial personality insane person unbalanced person mental case one who has bats in the belfry moonling demoniac one who has a screw loose paranoid sociopathic neurotic scatterbrain harebrain dement crazy person psychiatric patient insane man jester wag joker comedian nut case non compos mentis prankster joculator merry-andrew buffoon wisecracker moron idiot show-off farceur humorist cutup comic gag person practical joker funny person hippy jock outsider rebel iconoclast heretic dissenter dissident lone wolf freethinker boho radical counterculturist nonconformer enfant terrible lone ranger unconventional person bad boy odd one out free thinker exception dissentient rarity malcontent flower child renegade protester independent outlier offbeat misbeliever New Ager extremist avant-gardist different breed one of a kind skeptic loser gonzo wackjob peculiar person strange person trendsetter outcast nonbeliever odd type rationalist unconventional thinker independent-minded person unconstrained thinker unorthodox thinker nut job libertine revolutionary infidel sceptic longhair dilettante gypsy artist writer artistic person New Age traveler independent thinker apostate separatist schismatic recusant demonstrator heresiarch sectary seceder swinger liberal night person

Trái nghĩa của insane

insane Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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