Đồng nghĩa của befuddling

Alternative for befuddling

befuddle /bi'fʌdl/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm ngớ ngẩn, làm đần độn, làm mụ đi


Present participle for to perplex, confuse (someone)
baffling confounding confusing bemusing mystifying perplexing puzzling bewildering flummoxing stupefying bamboozling flustering nonplussing vexing addling beating buffaloing discombobulating disorienting dumbfounding fazing foxing fuddling gravelling graveling mazing muddling stumping befogging dazing distracting muddying posing bothering getting inebriating intoxicating making punchy shaking throwing off mixing up balling up blowing your mind going to your head throwing obfuscating fogging wildering stunning flooring disconcerting astonishing rattling astounding making someone scratch their head clouding flabbergasting staggering setting someone thinking obscuring blurring beclouding upsetting causing to be at a stand disorientating making unclear amazing disturbing surprising distorting throwing off balance muddying the waters complicating jumbling tangling unnerving convoluting discomposing ruffling eluding stymieing frustrating taking aback catching off balance messing with one's head overwhelming garbling dulling deranging worrying raveling ravelling entangling snowing dizzying dismaying perturbing confuscating bringing up short striking dumb shaking up knocking out making your head spin boggling the mind of distracting from bedeviling bedevilling muddling up confusticating startling dislocating defeating psyching out getting at throwing for loop boggling causing to lose your bearings leaving aghast leaving open-mouthed disorganizing messing up snafuing disordering disrupting fouling up mistaking bowling over knocking sideways blowing away taking by surprise flurrying agitating knocking for six discountenancing unsettling harassing discomfiting boggling the mind stopping someone in their tracks screwing up knocking the stuffing out of troubling disquieting affecting exercising involving besetting thickening embroiling encumbering twisting mucking baulking balking thwarting stumbling making nervous putting into a flap catching unawares putting someone off their stroke causing someone to lose their composure putting off throwing into a tizz misinforming misleading making complex making a mess of obnubilating making more difficult rendering uncertain making difficult mixing you up getting to numbing snarling up leading astray darkening muddying up repressing deadening benumbing misrepresenting concealing hiding miring throwing up smoke screen fuzzing up colouring tainting clouding the issue coloring throwing a veil over equivocating tarnishing fuzzing muddying the waters of falsifying knocking unconscious knocking senseless laying out abashing embarrassing mortifying distressing irking demoralizing annoying putting out demoralising putting out of countenance putting someone off their stride alarming hassling panicking exasperating chagrining aggravating bugging hanging up putting in a spot setting someone back on their heels giving a hard time putting on the spot discouraging disheartening dispiriting shocking frightening dejecting daunting discommoding shaming unmanning humiliating irritating disobliging discomforting inconveniencing needling cowing exciting chilling chillin scaring sapping making uncomfortable intimidating unhinging appalling making uneasy meddling trying interfering incommoding spooking plaguing making self-conscious rattling one's cage putting to trouble making it tough giving trouble sticking it to putting down undoing unbalancing heating hurrying worsting bustling snookering foiling disarranging hindering taking the wind out of your sails disarming jolting outwitting putting on edge crazing flipping disadvantaging burdening rocking upsetting the applecart imposing on dumfounding undermining uncalming enervating weakening riding enfeebling thunderstriking stirring up working up sending into a spin making waves sticking stopping surprizing giving someone bother discommodating causing someone difficulty making someone go out of his way giving a turn putting the wind up setting back putting at a loss confuzzling conquering nettling angering peeving deterring riling stirring narking demeaning consternating miffing spiting chafing eating grating griping niggling frosting piquing rasping itching persecuting galling putting to some trouble horrifying crushing dishonouring discrediting burning up furbelowing blustering browbeating fretting wearing frilling provoking tormenting abrading bullying owning showing up making awkward making ashamed hacking off winding up getting across dishonoring teasing throwing into tizzy making a monkey of throwing into a tizzy giving a bad time catching one short putting in a hole letting down pouring cold water on throwing cold water on


The state of being bewildered or unclear in one's mind about something
confusion bewilderment puzzlement perplexity bafflement mystification dither wonder befuddlement disorientation wonderment discombobulation discomfiture distraction doubt fluster muddle uncertainty bamboozlement discomposure disconcertion perplexing stupefaction agitation astonishment bemusement bewilderedness chagrin confounding confusedness daze discomfiting perturbation shock tangle abashment awkwardness demoralisation demoralization disconcertment dumbfounding embarrassment flap fog lather mixup stew unsettling upsetting whirl addling blurring cluttering difficulty maze misperception misunderstanding obscuring pother surprise tangling turbulence head-scratching stirring up stupor haze consternation amazement awe trance incomprehension distress disquiet dismay muddledness anxiety hysteria mortification nervousness trepidation incredulity nadaville gauze lala-land narcosis glaze uneasiness startlement unease disbelief obscurity fear spin alarm flusteredness shame dazedness discomfort swoon worry disturbance panic upset obfuscation devastation doubtfulness disquietude questioning fright suspicion nonplus humiliation inquietude disorder horror terror vagueness blankness deliriousness dread surprize derangement admiration egg on one's face muddlement insanity madness mania numbness delirium speechlessness fearfulness apprehension stunner marvel frenzy apprehensiveness astoundment state of shock something else one for the books unclearness dumbfoundedness giddiness concern dwaal cluelessness blur angst skepticism quandary wooziness doziness qualms misgiving dimness indistinctness malaise trepidity jumble dubiety fogginess dumbfoundment dwam blindness lack of comprehension disillusion curiosity scepticism flabbergastment astoundedness flabagast obliviousness trance-like state confused state loss of face state of confusion state of bewilderment state of disorientation feverishness fever trancelike state state of stupefaction crazedness harassment discord abstraction mental unclarity lack of understanding frustration beating ruin failure defeat state scare alarum funk tizzy tizz swivet undoing disappointment rout overthrow cold sweat jam crush cold feet rush confoundment stopper flabbergast mental distress comedown vexation descent conquest vanquishment defeasance dementia dementedness blow irrationality trauma bombshell hallucination lunacy incoherence calenture revelation whammy temporary insanity temporary madness injury thunderbolt earthquake excitement encounter rude awakening eye-opener state of agitation double whammy bolt from the blue state of perturbation source of consternation kick in the teeth source of distress a bolt out of the blue source of amazement a bolt from the blue

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