Đồng nghĩa của putting off

Động từ

Present participle for to distract
confusing disconcerting distracting diverting flustering putting somebody off his or her stride upsetting rattling disturbing confounding discomposing perplexing unsettling fazing perturbing throwing discomfiting agitating nonplussing unnerving bothering dismaying abashing throwing off balance bewildering troubling disquieting psyching out ruffling worrying discountenancing shaking discombobulating flurrying flummoxing shaking up distressing alarming baffling embarrassing daunting frustrating taking aback puzzling getting to discouraging mortifying demoralizing mystifying unhinging appalling muddling vexing demoralising dumbfounding putting someone off their stroke unbalancing deterring frightening disarranging undoing disheartening scaring surprising making anxious making uneasy concerning discomforting distempering hagriding frazzling ailing derailing fussing throwing off spooking weirding out freaking out addling putting out startling overwhelming dispiriting intimidating disorienting disordering horrifying disorganizing discommoding jumbling graveling gravelling shocking destabilizing jolting exasperating disarraying bugging deranging terrorizing terrifying exercising alaruming afflicting aggravating chagrining putting out of countenance fouling up panicking unmanning rummaging fuddling disrupting depressing making nervous bamboozling pulling the rug from under making someone scratch their head putting into a flap destabilising throwing into disorder rattling one's cage messing up chilling screwing up mixing up causing someone to lose their composure befuddling chillin putting someone off their stride terrorising pulling the rug out from under throwing into confusion throwing into a tizz mucking up annoying saddening harassing awing aweing cowing overawing astonishing catching somebody off balance dizzying catching somebody unawares affecting irritating stirring up working up dashing disappointing subduing filling with consternation knocking sideways putting the wind up someone throwing into a tizzy disenchanting knocking for six paralyzing disgruntling lousing up pothering snafuing giving someone a turn letting down affrighting paralysing disillusioning dejecting browbeating bullying consternating tormenting sapping thwarting despairing torturing irking blinding pouring cold water on throwing cold water on oppressing agonising pestering chafing plaguing causing disquiet to agonizing besetting fretting provoking bedeviling persecuting nagging bedevilling beleaguering aggrieving beating bemusing stumping dishevelling disheveling mussing rumpling posing shuffling tousling dislocating scrambling mazing disjointing hashing tumbling obfuscating snowing causing confusion in stopping wildering obscuring throwing a spanner in the works of stirring mulling breaking up muddying amazing profundicating intruding on causing turmoil in muddying the waters making a mess of flooring getting foxing cutting short fogging turning upside-down upsetting the apple cart convulsing spoiling befogging buffaloing throwing into disarray interfering with wondering playing havoc with setting someone thinking bollixing stumbling foiling throwing a monkey wrench in the works of complicating flabbergasting downing needling turning displacing dementing sickening throwing into uproar catching off balance balking hindering putting someone off baulking taking by surprise stopping someone in their tracks upsetting apple cart setting someone back on their heels causing to be at a stand

Động từ

Present participle for to postpone or assign to a later time or date
hindering impeding obstructing preventing delaying postponing deferring shelving adjourning putting on ice suspending putting on the back burner holding off mothballing putting back tabling remitting holding over holding up putting on hold proroguing taking a rain check on putting in cold storage staying rescheduling putting over respiting setting aside stalling holding in abeyance pigeonholing holding off on holding back putting aside interrupting laying on the table retarding stopping continuing holding laying over intermitting putting on back burner halting checking blocking procrastinating putting to one side arresting discontinuing breaking off protracting prolonging dissolving terminating detaining withholding bringing to an end restraining curbing pausing avoiding slowing laying aside carrying over ceasing keeping in abeyance giving rain check cutting short stonewalling calling a halt to hampering thwarting evading inhibiting stymieing trammelling trammeling frustrating extending fettering hanging fire encumbering sidelining hamstringing shackling slowing up standing over filibustering interfering with slowing down disbanding recessing ending reserving prorogating waiving restricting filing breaking up barring putting in abeyance putting on the shelf derailing dismissing baulking hanging up staving off cramping hobbling braking standing in the way of tying up handcuffing putting a brake on putting a stop to putting off the evil day bridling putting off the evil hour keeping back shutting down borking balking hog-tying clogging freezing setting back doing later parking retaining suppressing hanging reprieving refusing rebuffing cooling containing temporizing taking a raincheck giving a rain check dallying temporising taking offline stilling leaving renouncing neglecting catching putting on one side putting on the bank burner waiting resisting slowing pedal limiting forestalling inactivating quitting omitting stifling breaking cutting refraining keeping from severing canceling cancelling short-circuiting drawing up handicapping not moving standing sabotaging bringing up coming to a standstill embarrassing petering out standing off pulling up fetching up fencing manacling preventing from making progress laying off counting out ruling out leaving off putting an end to cutting off bringing to a close taking a breather from putting on a back burner bringing to a standstill bringing to a halt putting into storage decommissioning putting out of commission packing away shutting up playing for time employing delaying tactics buying time wasting time kicking the can down the road suspending proceedings taking a break knocking off finishing letting up taking a breather taking a recess coming to an end taking five calling a halt taking a rain check retardating foiling calling it a day repressing crippling crimping bringing to screeching halt throwing a spanner in the works of closing off shutting off choking off bogging down getting in the way of cumbering deterring choking throwing a monkey wrench in the works of taking down making late backing off confining giving the slip slipping away from fobbing off getting away from giving the runaround running from lengthening circumventing defeating constraining counteracting stemming heading off nipping in the bud opposing reducing prohibiting averting decelerating putting the kibosh on shutting out baffling countering slackening curtailing staunching intercepting scotching spoiling putting paid to dead-ending scuppering reining in interdicting warding off vacillating hanging back dropping beating controlling closing damming hesitating faltering immobilizing checkmating decreasing miring lessening discouraging congesting crabbing occluding moderating stuffing loitering regulating stumping smothering belaying obscuring jamming immobilising sandbagging keeping waiting nullifying circumnavigating upsetting crashing ruining stopping up skirting sidestepping pulling in weighing down holding in holding down defending against steering clear of getting in the way cramping one's style stemming the flow of bringing to a stop bringing to standstill coming to a stop coming to a halt plugging up pulling the plug on sinking clotting scrubbing bracing sidetracking fixing inconveniencing getting out of withstanding keeping causing to wait causing to stay escaping bypassing overloading taking out of play putting the brakes on picking off acting against crossing overturning disadvantaging incommoding dissuading quashing holding on snookering forbidding debarring gumming up oppressing bothering discommoding charging discomfiting disrupting deflecting arriving tempering stunting bitting warding tabooing enjoining outlawing putting on brakes keeping in putting an stop to fazing puzzling disconcerting unsettling juking doing for putting the stopper on wrecking keeping lid on taking wind out of outwitting ditching mystifying confounding rendering powerless destroying saddling with making difficult dashing disappointing hanging around sitting tight hanging about nonplussing fending off diminishing lagging abating interfering flummoxing embogging quieting reefing qualifying throttling bringing an end to cornering screening complicating reining neutralizing reaching a standstill hauling up drawing to a halt getting there putting out of business putting out of action wiping out bringing to naught bringing someone to their knees plugging throwing monkey wrench in throwing a curve upsetting the apple cart swallowing squelching muffling adopting Fabian tactics barricading sealing caulking bottlenecking fighting back governing cutting down cutting back letting down flaps winding down losing steam anchoring it losing speed putting the brakes on hitting the brakes bottling up repulsing choking back neutralising taming filling up blockading clogging up closing up filling closing out blocking out throwing a spanner in the works giving the run around throwing a monkey wrench into monkeying with keeping in check packing jamming up stanching blocking up choking up bunging up dawdling bogging loafing downing poking flagging slackening pace keeping under control keeping a lid on biting back blocking off bunging putting a spoke in someone's wheel stoppering bottling muzzling gagging concluding elapsing lapsing passing determining expiring going dying wavering teetering dithering scrupling wabbling wobbling staggering balancing limping stumbling whiffling winding up cutting out desisting from giving over packing in winking out packing up blowing the whistle on putting a cork in coming to rest drawing to a stand coming to a close closing down shilly-shallying wiggle-waggling holding at bay drawing to a close stemming the flow

Động từ

Present participle for to cause (something) to flee by frightening it
frightening away chasing off deterring discouraging driving away frightening scaring away scaring off warning off dissuading frightening off preventing disinclining appalling scaring terrifying alarming startling shocking terrorizing affrighting petrifying intimidating daunting unnerving panicking horrifying spooking frighting alaruming agitating scarifying discomforting curdling the blood scaring to death terrorising striking terror into dismaying cowing disconcerting chillin chilling aweing awing disturbing perturbing browbeating disquieting bulldozing disheartening stiffing unhinging demoralizing astounding worrying repelling fazing scaring stiff demoralising making blood run cold freezing your blood making one's blood run cold scaring the bejesus out of making teeth chatter chilling to the bone getting the wind up making your blood run cold making your hair stand on end throwing into a panic throwing into a fright making one's hair stand on end scaring the daylights out of making someone jump out of his skin putting the wind up someone surprising making one's teeth chatter scaring the living daylights out of someone scaring the pants off of unmanning flustering shaking ruffling throwing into panic rattling scaring witless upsetting throwing into a blue funk giving someone goose pimples making someone jump out of their skin giving someone the heebie-jeebies making one's flesh creep filling with fear scaring someone out of their wits scaring the pants off giving one the creeps chilling someone to the marrow putting the fear of God into putting the wind up scaring the living daylights out of scaring someone half to death

Động từ

Present participle for to attempt to pass off a counterfeit or inferior product as genuine

Động từ

Present participle for fail to keep up with another or others in movement or development
lagging delaying lingering dawdling loitering dallying trailing idling sauntering straggling tarrying hanging back shilly-shallying crawling creeping decreasing diddling dillydallying dilly-dallying diminishing dithering dragging dropping failing falling back falling behind flagging lallygagging lollygagging moping poking dragging behind ebbing slackening trailing behind waning faltering hobbling inching jellying limping lounging moving slowly plodding procrastinating retarding shuffling slouching slowing staggering staying tailing tooling trudging bringing up the rear dropping behind falling off inching along slowing up dragging one's feet losing strength getting no place fast dragging your feet hanging about pausing hanging around taking your time frittering away fooling around wasting time lolling waiting loafing ambling killing time hesitating stalling drifting trifling puttering hanging out warming a chair sitting around taking one's time vacillating meandering lagging behind biding boondoggling goofing off remaining whiling away time strolling fooling with whiling away trifling with horsing around playing games with fooling about temporizing stopping temporising filibustering lodging resting hanging round skulking moseying mooching staying put losing time stopping over goofing around halting hovering lurking wandering traipsing shambling sloughing going slowly rambling dabbling holding the phone passing time pottering pottering about diddle-daddling toddling marking time hanging fire pottering around pottering round frittering time away scrounging around shlepping along bumming around sitting on one's butt tottering lumbering walking slowly taking a stroll strolling along taking it easy following straying roaming roving dragging oneself dragging yourself tagging along dragging along tagging along behind stumbling doddering waddling tramping slogging stamping galumphing tromping floundering lumping clumping barging scuffing stomping scuffling stumping changing flogging shifting lurching pounding walking

Động từ

Present participle for to bring something somewhere (and leave it there)

Danh từ

An act or instance of deferring or putting off
deferment delay postponement suspension adjournment moratorium stay arrest deferral interruption pause rescheduling respite shelving continuation grace put-off putting back reprieve tabling rain check rearrangement prorogation pigeonholing mothballing procrastination deferring remission stopping halt continuance protraction carrying over reorganizing rearranging holdup hiatus layoff extension letup abeyance discontinuation recess abeyancy break dissolving termination dissolution disbandment halting time-out breather stoppage rest breaking off reorganising intermission temporary cessation let up time out knocking off taking five suspension of proceedings interlude interval gap stop wait lull check downtime cessation interim interregnum lacuna breathing space lapse standstill discontinuance spell discontinuity interstice entr'acte deadlock freeze dormancy stopover quiescence doldrums latency end gridlock let-up hold-up hiccup parenthesis hiccough pausation cutoff suspense impasse finish hesitation ending extra time standoff space caesura hitch logjam holding pattern stalemate period stand deep freeze term cold storage suspended animation comma span five layover time lag break-off surcease meanwhile meantime breathing spell obstruction hindrance dead end Mexican standoff transferal change of date embargo stay of execution ban prohibition truce episode lagging time gap time warp intervening period intervening time intermezzo idyll smoko tie draw allowance leeway grace period stop-off pause in the action disturbance obstacle disruption sojourn visit time season passage course stretch half-time catch-22 stand-off disconnection intrusion severance impediment passing playtime ten while dead heat armistice rupture disuniting blackout separation division rift split breach quiescency break in your journey closing checkmate ceasing arrestment close shutoff expiration conclusion suppression cease closure offset shutdown closedown more time additional time longer period increased time inhibition blockage hole desisting remaining block terminating deterring holding lessening staying prevention restraint checking stalling restraining inaction full stop breath reduction beat dead stop communication breakdown decrease abatement easing hush silence lapse of time stillness moderation diminution dwindling slackening waning break off happy hour rest period awkward moment coffee break relaxation ebb ebbing alleviation amelioration dying down retardation release cutback

Tính từ

Slow to act
dilatory slow sluggish tardy slack unhurried dallying laggard snail-like backward delaying lax lazy lingering crawling creeping dawdling dillydallying dragging idle lagging languid leisurely loitering pokey poking poky sluggardly snaillike snail-paced time-wasting tortoise-like unpunctual behindhand indolent lollygagging procrastinating slothful tarrying deliberate flagging late moratory neglectful negligent problem remiss slow-going slow-paced unhasty stalling deferring temporizing postponing dilly-dallying shelving tabling Fabian temporising listless lackadaisical drowsy inert inactive heavy apathetic lethargic slow-moving torpid measured passive delayed sleepy plodding leaden dull behind languorous phlegmatic easy ponderous supine enervated laid-back belated stagnant overdue moderate tortoiselike dreamy gradual behind schedule indifferent running late dormant behind time debilitated not on time unrushed delinquent somnolent tired latish unenergetic lifeless weary comatose fatigued draggy impassive dopey moony blah slow-footed having spring fever relaxed gentle comfortable sedate casual undemanding steady quiescent weak exhausted lacklustre slumberous lackluster snoozy spiritless neb lymphatic too late moving slowly without energy long-delayed held up hebetudinous behind target restful easy-going effortless painstaking patient stupid undeveloped dense underprivileged imbecile checked moronic arrested underdeveloped feeble-minded subnormal free slackened relaxing slow and steady on hands and knees unproductive burned out sedentary somnific spent deferred later postponed jammed put off hung up last-minute eleventh-hour long-overdue laboured stupefied leaden-footed unenthusiastic shiftless laggy flat labored imperceptible slithering shuffling quailing inching sneaking grovelling worming skulking writhing slinking wriggling squirming shambling groveling hobbling nebbish narcotic stretchy unmoving stolid wimpy sleepyhead static limp quiet depressed out of it on all fours barely moving dead yawny faineant unresponsive fainéant insensitive insensible dozy logy neurasthenic asthenic in arrears

Trái nghĩa của putting off

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