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Tính từ


Động từ

Past tense for to impede the work or progress of
impeded hindered hampered obstructed inhibited handicapped encumbered cramped trammelled trammeled fettered stymied shackled retarded hobbled clogged handcuffed manacled interrupted detained interfered interfered with held back hog-tied short-circuited tied up slowed down set back slowed up checked curbed blocked restrained delayed stopped restricted frustrated thwarted hamstrung hamstringed embarrassed baulked put off balked arrested foiled hung up barred prevented halted constrained slowed stalled put back limited put a brake on cumbered baffled put a stop to put the kibosh on forestalled stayed postponed stood in the way of crippled suspended shut off shut down deferred put on hold put on the back burner put in cold storage put on ice bridled derailed shelved borked held put over shut out put an end to cut off curtailed crimped deterred cramped one's style held over prohibited confined opposed scuppered withheld remitted upset stonewalled bogged down put aside put on back burner put paid to held off upset the applecart nipped in the bud braked kept back spoiled spoilt scotched circumvented ruined prorogued caught debarred disrupted tabled rescheduled repressed pigeonholed mothballed decelerated defeated gotten in the way got in the way thrown a spanner in the works of threw a spanner in the works of adjourned interdicted snookered beat countered quit entangled forbid bound choked stifled stilled discomfited paused crabbed intermitted let up closed off put the stopper on put a spoke in someone's wheel put off the evil day thrown a monkey wrench in the works of threw a monkey wrench in the works of cut short put in abeyance pulled up laid over fouled up put off the evil hour got in the way of laid on the table gotten in the way of put the mockers on held off on frozen froze outlawed brake reduced mired inconvenienced disappointed tied discontinued dashed enjoined suppressed ruled out regulated withholden checkmated weighed down outwitted made late averted respited sabotaged choked off kept in abeyance laid aside brought to screeching halt loused up screwed up held in abeyance tabooed stood over neutralized sidelined fetched up controlled obviated neutralised come to a standstill brought up banned proscribed slackened disallowed vetoed ceased decreased lessened stunted precluded excluded loitered disadvantaged moderated quitted leashed terminated forbidden forbade faltered hesitated kept waiting stumped confounded quashed straitened kept embogged procrastinated confused burdened criminalized made illegal nullified entrammeled entrammelled reined in crossed dragged your feet incommoded nobbled backed off protracted continued sandbagged put straitjacket on come to a stop staved off rattled forfended canceled took a rain check on come to a halt set laid off dead-ended put the brakes on put to one side put down hung fire put a lock on counteracted set aside put a stopper in put on brakes put an stop to put on the bank burner dismissed cut back cancelled nixed put the chill on obscured embargoed intercepted hit the brakes put the lid on immobilized put a crimp in overturned put out of commission carried over put the brakes on fazed contravened saddled with put half nelson on let down flaps discommoded taken a rain check on criminalised put chill on put end to cut down immobilised chained brought to an end cut out put on one side spiked put a cork in filed locked up prolonged stove off put on the shelf boxed in put at a disadvantage held down retardated taken down took down drawn up given a hard time done for gave a hard time came to a standstill drew up did for tempered discouraged fixed ended puzzled abated lagged diminished finished debilitated downed loafed impaired poked flagged bogged dawdled smashed concluded mystified dropped pegged closed qualified reefed quieted netted captured ensnared enmeshed overloaded beaten nonplussed elapsed smothered dissuaded snagged caused to stay caused to wait disturbed affected lapsed crushed tied one's hands flummoxed canned bilked passed determined entrapped influenced tampered expired bottlenecked traversed confronted rooted broke off broken off circumscribed throttled died constricted kept lid on lost speed dammed stemmed the flow of came to a stop prevented from making progress passed on omitted charged licked corked balanced arrived brought to standstill complicated closed down repelled belayed stood in the way negated warded tethered messed up staggered bottled up wound down whiffled done later waived reached a standstill packed up monkeyed with declared illegal came to a halt killed belaid desisted from repulsed petered out bit hauled up skinned lost steam cornered brought to a stop conflicted reprieved pulled the plug on stemmed conquered headed off given the run around kept in poured cold water on resisted jammed up dithered screened fenced recessed capped parried lay off vacillated jammed wound up wiggle-waggled stultified invalidated wavered troubled disbanded zinged held in held captive counterplotted winked out dashed one's hope buried stood not moved gave the run around oppressed staunched disconcerted dissolved come to an end pulled in gridlocked limped threw a spanner in the works overcome packed in broke up called a halt to hemmed in come to a close broken up setted limits on got there prorogated made difficult held at bay counted out got bogged down parked tied down played off stemmed the flow muzzled censored bitted squashed cooled stumbled bothered scrupled banjaxed rendered null and void declared taboo hung back teetered deprived called it a day imposed limits on knocked off annulled clipped someone's wings wabbled did later placed at a disadvantage left off placed an embargo on picked off kept down said no come to rest inactivated cooked someone's goose stood off shilly-shallied thrown a spanner in the works caused setback beat down wobbled contained scuttled brought to a standstill denied broke broken overcame anchored it threw a spoke in the wheel of thrown a spoke in the wheel of threw cold water on thrown cold water on taken out of play took out of play thrown monkey wrench in threw monkey wrench in thrown a monkey wrench into threw a monkey wrench into undone beaten down undid got the better of gotten the better of took wind out of sails taken wind out of sails took out gave disadvantage given disadvantage taken out gone went gave the thumbs down to gave the red light to given the red light to given the thumbs down to pink-slipped snafued blown the whistle on given over blew the whistle on came to rest drawn to a close gave over drew to a close came to an end came to a close drew to a stand drawn to a stand taken wind out of given the slip took wind out of gave the slip took the wind out of your sails taken the wind out of your sails drew to a halt drawn to a halt

Động từ

Past tense for to stop, or cause to stop, movement or progress
stopped halted checked arrested stayed stalled stilled caught drew up drawn up brought up pulled up fetched up put a brake on obstructed blocked brought to a standstill inhibited delayed limited impeded curbed interrupted hampered retarded thwarted hindered restrained prevented suppressed held stemmed cut short held back slowed down interfered with shut down put a spoke in someone's wheel nipped in the bud ended barred slowed controlled restricted frustrated foiled stifled bridled neutralized reined paused baulked reduced squelched smothered constrained swallowed muffled terminated contained withheld staunched bottlenecked fought back moderated governed repressed counteracted dropped sidetracked braced scrubbed fixed balked repulsed regulated checkmated neutralised braked discouraged circumvented tamed bottled up choked rebuffed choked back kept in check reined in knocked off slackened pace pulled in kept under control kept a lid on kept back held in held down stemmed the flow of brought to an end stood in the way of played for time withholden frozen froze canned brake bitten back bit back put away subdued muzzled corked handicapped dampened confined measured bit harnessed curtailed ruled leashed bitted kept straitened held in check debarred circumscribed deterred kept within bounds gagged impounded reined back gaoled detained imprisoned guided hogtied jailed directed cooled delimited killed kept in pulled back pinned down boxed up hemmed in sat on tied down kept down locked up cracked down kept in line brought under control kept the lid on had on a tight leash

Động từ

Past tense for to postpone or assign to a later time or date
postponed delayed deferred paused shelved suspended remitted stayed prorogued held off put off held over put over laid over held off on put back put on ice put in cold storage put on the back burner put on hold adjourned put on back burner tabled mothballed respited set aside pigeonholed rescheduled held in abeyance put a stop to cut short continued stalled retarded laid on the table ended halted discontinued terminated stopped interrupted brought to an end procrastinated carried over protracted took a rain check on extended taken a rain check on prolonged hung fire put an end to cut ceased finished dissolved cut off brought to a halt brought to a close called a halt to brought to a standstill slowed kept in abeyance hindered detained impeded let up curbed shut down put the kibosh on put on a back burner given rain check gave rain check checked severed canceled cancelled recessed laid aside left off finished off broke off broken off brought to a stop arrested nipped in the bud wound up stood over forestayed immobilised suspended proceedings temporized called a halt deactivated come to an end intermitted called it a day pulled the plug on restrained left to another time stemmed temporised concluded knocked off blocked cooled it dallied turned back prorogated held back obstructed given a rain check immobilized waived desisted lengthened gave a rain check broke broken brake took a raincheck taken a raincheck took a breather from taken a breather from came to an end taken a break took a breather took a break broke up broken up taken a breather took five taken five took a recess taken a recess taken a rain check took a rain check

Động từ

Past tense for to persist or remain active, especially in the face of adversity
persisted continued lasted endured remained abode abided prevailed bode bided bidden perdured survived kept up held on kept going held out ran on run on bore up borne up carried on persevered lingered held kept on lived on stayed hung on carried through lived toughed it out gone on went on outlasted stood stuck it out hung in there stayed around plugged away stood up sustained perseverated strived grinded ground existed followed through kept at stuck at stayed the course come through lasted out stuck to your guns extended cut it tarried stuck at it stayed on dwelt chugged away stuck around dwelled hung in soldiered on stood firm followed up withstood subsisted dragged on gone the distance gone all the way went all the way went the distance went the limit had legs gone the limit held it pushed on strove striven operated run handled pressed ahead pressed on saw through seen through stayed fresh cracked on hung in the air pegged away hung tough withstood wear came through refused to go away made it weathered proved durable ground away obtained spun out stopped at nothing remained alive stayed round had no end held the phone resisted continued to exist stood your ground stood up to wear made the cut repeated stuck with it wore well hung out outlived never said die hammered away beared remained standing hacked it stayed with something resisted wear stuck to pursued stood fast sweated it attended stayed alive clung on hung around stood wear left no stone unturned kept worn well struggled on recurred sat tight watched for resided ran saw it through seen it through lain in wait lay in wait bore borne did done been ridden out worn on were was wore on rode out saw something through seen something through worn wore proceeded maintained ploughed on had life protracted executed taken stayed staunch occurred remained true sustained oneself sticked cheated death labored come about deported laboured kept afloat kept it up escaped death had being kept at it passed plodded on held true advanced remained unchanged plowed on perpetuated stuck kept on at stretched out comported acted kept body and soul together held fast sustained life clung to life evaded death walked the earth dug your heels in happened kept going with fought for your life bashed on drudged progressed took conducted finished rambled toiled projected kept your head above water insisted behaved drawn breath drew breath werepatient showed determination shown determination been patient was patient showed determination in shown determination in drawn out hed good held good drew out came about taken place went ahead gone ahead took place

Động từ

Past tense for steal
shoplifted filched knocked off nicked pilfered pocketed robbed stole stolen thieved burglarized defrauded embezzled heisted lifted lift looted pillaged pinched snatched swiped took taken carried off made off with ripped off ran off with run off with shop stole shop stolen stuck up walked off with purloined misappropriated appropriated hooked boosted nipped snitched plundered removed nabbed whipped trousered cabbaged peculated souvenired liberated snaffled prigged walked boned flogged cribbed nobbled scrumped glommed jacked snavelled defalcated kidnaped rifled blagged kidnapped abstracted ransacked abducted swindled converted cozened half-inched helped oneself to cheated one of spirited away stripped one of run away with poached pickpocketed copped held for ransom defrauded one of walked away with kept withdrawn withdrew absconded with took for oneself took possession of taken for oneself taken possession of ran away with went walkies gone walkies burgled scrounged helped yourself to raided requisitioned borrowed expropriated sneaked snuck skimmed annexed made away with had sticky fingers helped yourself arrogated commandeered seized used acquired bagged knocked over bereaved withheld lost disinherited relieved drained despoiled hijacked ousted strong-armed conned bereft absconded simulated obtained assumed usurped derived sniped hustled snared fingered plucked pluckt palmed grabbed siphoned off stole from stolen from took off withholden taken off taken over took over took from taken from

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