Đồng nghĩa của got along


Past tense for to survive or manage, at least at a minimal level
advanced coped did done fared fore faren managed progressed shifted got by gotten by got on gotten on made out muddled along departed developed developt lived survived muddled through made do scraped by scraped along made ends meet kept the wolf from the door endured fended succeeded carried on shifted for oneself weathered the storm subsisted scrimped prospered fared all right hacked it scraped a living rubbed along handled scarcely have enough to live oned barely have enough to live oned existed scraped through made it scratched a living proceeded cut it suffered flourished thrived staggered gotten through got through made shift dealt with the situation eked out a living weathered dealt with hacked put up with it grappled borne up bore up encouraged inspired persevered inspirited emboldened heartened steeled buoyed up chirked up cheered up bucked up withstood improvised contrived rubbed on did all right done all right happened muddled held up soldiered on held out paid your bills thriven throve cracked it went gone hied proved performed journeyed passed did well enough done well enough panned out sticked it managed by oneself stood one's ground made it out alive looked after oneself dispatched come through dealt held one's own stood tall endured it contended with grinned and bear it tussled faced tangled contended managed without assistance wrestled scarcely manage to lived managed without help struggled made headway beared it made a go of it turned out struggled through confronted tolerated it barely manage to lived stood firm made the best of a bad job scratched out a living tholed it stood it battled handled it abode it scored achieved managed to live with difficulty broken even broke even prove proven came through gotten a handle on got a handle on done with did with took care of oneself taken care of oneself dealt with it


Past tense for to interact or coexist well, without argument or trouble


Past tense for leave hastily
beat it departed went gone got going gotten going got out gotten out scatted split buzzed off cleared off got lost gotten lost pushed off ran along run along shoved off bogged off bugged off hopped it left lit out naffed off scrammed scramed shooed skedaddled vamoosed avaunted begone went away gone away hauled off nicked off oned your bike racked off slung your hook beat off beaten off hit the trail hurried away sodded off took a hike taken a hike took a powder taken a powder beat a retreat beaten a retreat went jump in the lake gone jump in the lake went and jump in the lake gone and jump in the lake set off set out hit the road decamped got exited moved along walked off pushed along moved off made yourself scarce hopped the twig walked out hopped the stick ducked out quit made oneself scarce popped off skipped off cleared out vacated got out of my sight bailed out retreated started out made a start backed out checked out retired took off taken off scooted bolted gotten gat made tracks run off taken wing quitted gotten stuffed got moving run away scarpered hightailed disappeared gotten moving flown flew got stuffed took wing withdrawn withdrew taken a long walk on a short pier gone your way took yourself off taken yourself off went your way took leave absented yourself took a long walk on a short pier took your leave drawn away taken leave drew away taken your leave absented oneself bailed parted bugged out made like a tree and get out of here piked out cheesed off got away headed off stepped along ran away made like a tree and leave moved packed off torqued off got off ran off teed off ticked off packed up peed off piked off gotten away blew blown gotten off gone and chase yourself went and chase yourself cut out pulled out booked sallied forth pushed on peeled off dug out gone off went off book made off fled escaped cut and run hightailed it moved out made an exit upped sticks hooked it absconded vanished pulled stakes flitted beat a hasty retreat abstracted oneself made a run for it evacuated made a break for it slipped away sloped off made a move set forth said goodbye deserted headed for the hills embarked broke camp taken flight took flight repaired removed did a bunk done a bunk peeled out started abandoned showed a clean pair of heels packed your bags beaten a hasty retreat snuck away skipped proceeded run gotten under way got under way set sail hotfooted it set about stepped out removed oneself snuck off did a disappearing act done a disappearing act skipped out split up quit the scene sallied put up bail emigrated cut gitted made a quick exit issued migrated hit the bricks stole away stolen away gone AWOL went AWOL went forth gone forth betook oneself betaken oneself did a runner flew the coop done a runner took French leave flown the coop taken French leave said adieu separated sailed started off creeped slunk off skulked slunk snuck slinked sneaked kited crept walked said farewell ran cruised ranged alighted conked out wended lammed moseyed marched got on the road setted forward levanted legged it turned tail made one's way gone out went out eased out shipped out left flat parted company absquatulated did a moonlight flit went on the lam done a moonlight flit gone on the lam made for departed from leaped leapt hurried absented oneself from left suddenly absconded from disengaged from run out departed suddenly relinquished made a break run for it advanced eloped pulled out of setted out from made disappeared from flaked off moved about headed obtained somebody's release exited from got up and go slipped out posted security stormed out escaped from bustled bid farewell stood surety forsook dropped out decamped from trooped stirred walked away flowed moved out of forsaken abdicated stepped down struck out shoved fled from blasted off exeunted walked out on run away from got on your bike headed out defected shot through marched out stormed off crept off retired from moved on stranded shipped made a sudden departure off-loaded come away absented bolted from marooned broke up broken up broke broken brake begun one's journey began one's journey gone to hell went to hell shove shoven shave taken a walk took a walk ran out done a Skase taken it on the lam did a Skase took it on the lam did a fade ran for it been through gone through went through done a fade flounce dout gone off in a huff flounced out went off in a huff broke off broken off taken one's leave took one's leave gone offstage did vanishing act went offstage bade farewell done vanishing act went their separate ways gone their separate ways went separate ways gone separate ways ridden off took your leave of done a bunk from withdrawn from given the slip flew from withdrew from gave the slip came away broke away went from ran away from broken away took oneself off from gone from taken your leave of did a bunk from taken yourself off from gone away from taken oneself off from rode off went away from flown from took yourself off from

Trái nghĩa của got along

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