Đồng nghĩa của vanished

Alternative for vanished

vanishes, vanished, vanishing

Đồng nghĩa: disappear, fade, go away, perish,

Trái nghĩa: appear,

Tính từ

No longer present or existing
bygone bypast dead defunct departed done expired extinct gone nonextant disappeared faded missing died out wiped out lost obsolete forgotten archaic late superseded past passé lapsed dated ancient antiquated deceased finished ended outmoded of yore destroyed concluded perished exterminated former extinguished old abolished void previous vanquished one-time olden terminated asleep snuffed out lifeless cold fallen old-fashioned antique done for long-gone old-time erstwhile out-of-date oldfangled passed on of old no more dead and gone out of date irrelevant invalid ruined over effaced eradicated obliterated wrecked annihilated extirpated demolished devastated frittered crushed run historical outdated redundant unremembered worn-out outworn unrecalled ex- at an end ancient history dead and buried way back lost and gone way back when latter-day lost in time consigned to oblivion in the past a thing of the past over and done with demised lamented abandoned low breathless discarded disused passed away buried stiff fossilized discontinued earlier with God at peace completed long-ago six feet under bought the farm in the grave dead as a doornail as dead as a doornail pushing up daisies laid to rest unemployed stagnant fossilised gone by fallen into disuse no longer in use sometime quondam belated foregone forepassed very old past recall in oblivion sunk in oblivion water over the dam water under the bridge down memory lane inactive quenched doused out unknown nonexistent exanimate inexistent no longer extant no longer existing no longer known superannuated prehistoric obsolescent demoded medieval mediaeval kaput old hat unfashionable antediluvian prehistorical neolithic behind the times moth-eaten mossy démodé Stone Age out of the ark anachronistic Noachian moribund rusty kaputt musty primitive elapsed old-hat moldy stale mouldy had it old-fangled out of fashion has-been out of style dinosaur vintage unhip unstylish out-of-style not with it out of commission run out aged corny odd smashed totaled vieux jeu fusty deprecated timeworn fossil square old-school of olden days out of it neglected rococo dowdy not modern not current grown old disapproved of the old school unusable past it olde worlde past its sell-by date horse and buggy out of business down the drain no longer current no longer topical yesterday tired null and void spent hackneyed exhausted decayed subverted collapsed ravaged desolated crashed done to death accomplished unrenewed past its prime bent out of use ago old-world having seen better days frumpish quaint frumpy old fashioned venerable conservative old-fogeyish passed voided backward-looking crusted feudal bankrupt retrograde horse-and-buggy creaky clunky retro old-timey rinky-dink inanimate primeval primal inoperative over and done square-toed left removed primordial dateless early immemorial atavistic earliest relic antwacky primaeval unused non-functioning passe of long ago past one's sell-by date dissolved dissipated dried up burned up moved on closed torn down not functioning no longer in existence geriatric broken out-of-fashion obscure dusty doomed sunk cooked toast floored on the skids out of circulation burned out belly-up washed up down and out down the tubes in flames down for the count all washed up

Động từ

Past tense for disappear suddenly and completely
disappeared evaporated evanesced faded dissolved dematerialized dispersed dissipated fled flew flown melted molt molten sank sunk sunken withdrew withdrawn became invisible become invisible departed exited faded away left cleared died went gone went away gone away melted away receded from view vanished into thin air disappeared from sight went missing gone missing petered out dwindled died out ebbed waned let up come to an end passed away ended diminished expired perished passed ceased to exist subsided lessened receded died off weakened quit become extinct ceased declined fizzled out died away dispelled tailed off decreased abated stopped evanished came to an end withered disintegrated finished terminated tapered off failed scattered set run out trailed off died down elapsed halted discontinued lift lapsed concluded closed moderated quitted became extinct determined passed on wasted away faded out come to nothing wilted vaporized flagged disassembled dead-ended felled wound up left off slackened crumbled winked out drooped eased vaporised dropped ceased to be dropped off palled eased off remitted trailed cleared out dropped out of sight slacked off passed into oblivion dimmed worn off wore off diffused ran out parched concentrated decayed spread folded dried up broke up broken up attenuated lifted shrivelled shriveled dilapidated tapered shrunk dipped collapsed grown faint grew faint thinned out degenerated deteriorated passed off fallen away fell away slumped lowered relented relent came to nothing melted into thin air de-escalated ran its course ratcheted down phased down drained away fell fallen broke off broken off come to a halt become obsolete grown dim grew dim grown less grew less went down gone down blew over blown over decomposed settled down dropped away languished sagged emaciated lagged cooled off broke down squandered quelled banished disbanded descended etiolated unmade become rarer allayed checked dehumidified dehydrated lost strength desiccated lost intensity trailed away deliquesced hushed quieted cleared up tired rarefied thinned risen rose faltered become unimportant miscarried aborted misfired become unproductive shrank shrunken contracted atrophied tuckered out become less loud pooped out fagged out become less common disappeared slowly drove away driven away wound down run dry volatilized died on vine vanished from sight bated retrograded transpired ceased to yield passed from sight fizzled mouldered moldered become weak ceased to be visible plummeted plummetted worn away wore away fell off fallen off lost its effectiveness lost its effect vanished off the face of the earth nosedived come to a halt end come to a an end went downhill gone downhill gotten smaller got smaller become invalid boiled away become smaller packed in missed the mark run low withered away ceased to be known came to a halt left no trace disappeared from the face of the earth ended in defeat became obsolete drawn to a close come to naught dipped below the horizon closed out become less ended in disappointment become void slipped away drew to a close broken down became rarer grown feeble grew feeble became unimportant sunk into oblivion sank into oblivion gave out given out broken into pieces broke into pieces became less loud ran dry became less common grown sterile became unproductive grew barren grown barren grew sterile became weak gave way given way gave in given in flown by flew by fallen through fell through grown smaller became smaller took a nosedive taken a nosedive became less grew smaller went south gone south came to naught fell short fallen short became invalid gone by given up went by became void gave up gone dead went dead ran low came to a halt end came to a an end

Động từ

Past tense for to depart or run away, especially secretly
absconded fled escaped decamped skedaddled left split disappeared scrammed scramed scarpered flew flown skipped lammed vamoosed quit quitted bolted hightailed broke brake broken got gat gotten jumped ship ran off run off ran away run away took off taken off made off cleared out took flight taken flight cut and run beat it ran for it run for it beat a hasty retreat beaten a hasty retreat got away gotten away did a bunk done a bunk got out gotten out made a run for it did a runner done a runner made a break for it slipped away did a disappearing act done a disappearing act flew the coop flown the coop stole away stolen away hooked it headed for the hills took a powder taken a powder broke free broken free broke out broken out snuck away pulled out broke out of broken out of did a moonlight flit done a moonlight flit showed a clean pair of heels ducked out went on the lam gone on the lam made your getaway did a Skase done a Skase did a vanishing act done a vanishing act skipped out departed secretly dogged it went south gone south made a break made a quick getaway made scarce took French leave taken French leave went AWOL gone AWOL cut out departed hightailed it made oneself scarce made a getaway cleared off legged it deserted bugged out lit out peeled out cut loose burst out run made tracks made a escape pushed off beat a retreat hotfooted it shoved off busted avoided shunned slipped retreated passed eloped doubled emerged absquatulated eluded evaded turned tail hit the road bailed out got off snuck off wriggled out made getaway scooted made a quick exit sloped off shot through played hooky run out on bunked made one's escape worked out of taken it on the lam took it on the lam gotten free got free broken loose broke loose ran beaten a retreat flitted made evacuated ducked circumvented dodged blew blown jumped scampered creeped slunk off skulked sneaked slunk snuck crept slinked departed suddenly went away gone away made yourself scarce gotten off made your escape slipped through your fingers stepped on it made quick exit gone through went through been through went scot-free gone scot-free ran out on stepped on the gas gotten away with got away with took on the lam taken on the lam crept off gone went went missing gone missing absented oneself absented yourself broken away from broke away from taken a hike taken to your heels took to your heels took a hike done a moonlight did a moonlight given the slip gave the slip gone out went out levanted skipped off did a fade done a fade retired moved exited parted bailed withdrawn withdrew booked recoiled pushed on walked out set off set out packed up pulled back hit the trail bugged off piked out stepped along buzzed off dug out packed off sallied forth piked off run along begone book headed moved back moved along moved away hurried folded gave ground backed off zipped vacated darted gave way receded struck out hastened hustled gone off given way cleared ran along peeled off went off scurried abandoned run from shrunk made haste scattered made time backed away rushed scatted speeded got lost given ground fallen back dashed moved fast hid sped fell back hurried up hastened away disengaged drew back spurred pulled stakes backed out drawn back had it away raced expedited kicked rocks whizzed ran from hidden tore off torn off shook a leg got a move on gotten lost gotten a move on went like lightning shaken a leg gone like lightning went back shrank shrunken gone back

Động từ

Past tense for to leave a place, often for another
departed left went gone retreated evacuated exited parted decamped retired escaped withdrew withdrawn bolted deserted fled bailed begone scooted scrammed scramed skedaddled split vacated vamoosed abdicated booked book disappeared flitted got gat gotten moved quit quitted scarpered abandoned emigrated flew flown gitted migrated removed repaired sallied absented advanced proceeded started trooped walked out went off gone off set off set out took off taken off beat it cleared out got away gotten away went away gone away went forth gone forth headed off set forth bailed out beat a retreat beaten a retreat bugged off bugged out buzzed off cleared off hightailed it made off packed off packed up pushed on ran along run along ran away run away ran off run off shoved off slipped away took your leave taken your leave blasted off got going gotten going made a break made an exit moved off moved on moved out packed your bags peeled off piked off piked out pulled out took leave taken leave absented oneself absented yourself abstracted oneself hit the road hit the trail made oneself scarce pushed off said goodbye broke camp cut and run dug out hooked it made tracks marched out racked off sallied forth upped sticks betook oneself betaken oneself bogged off cut out stepped along hit the bricks got off gotten off sloped off cut embarked eloped defected issued relinquished absconded stirred departed from disappeared from headed out decamped from absconded from retired from checked out run away from pulled out of setted out from absented oneself from removed oneself moved out of slipped out fled from escaped from bolted from disengaged from exited from stepped down come away walked away slung your hook forsook forsaken withdrew from withdrawn from went from gone from ridden off taken a hike broke away gone away from took your leave of taken your leave of ran away from rode off went away from took a hike flown from flew from broken away gave the slip taken yourself off from came away given the slip took yourself off from did a bunk from gone AWOL took French leave taken oneself off from taken French leave done a disappearing act did a disappearing act done a bunk from went AWOL did a bunk done a bunk took oneself off from

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