Đồng nghĩa của lapsed

Alternative for lapsed

lapses, lapsed, lapsing

Đồng nghĩa: decline, go down, sink, slump,

Tính từ

No longer following the rules and practices of a religion or doctrine

Động từ

(archaic, obsolete) To have brought or to have come to an end
determined ended ceased halted discontinued finished terminated closed completed passed stopped wound up wrapped up expired ultimated quit let up concluded quitted elapsed dead-ended left off winked out died cut off shut off cut out come to an end put an end to broke off broken off broke up broken up brought to an end gone went shut down dropped cut short put a stop to knocked off closed out packed in suspended axed laid off desisted from desisted rounded out rounded off dissolved belayed belaid came to an end packed up brought to a close consummated culminated run out called a halt to called it a day pulled the plug on put the lid on disappeared vanished interrupted canceled cancelled paused abolished adjourned recessed given over lay off gave over settled wrapped wrapt come to a close closed down wound down finished off scrubbed surceased topped off canned broke broken brake given up gave up faded evaporated finalized aborted stayed scrapped cut dwindled evanished refrained called off annulled become invalid crowned intermitted ran out melted away cut loose faded away ceased to exist prorogued cut it out scratched finalised passed away become obsolete put paid to nipped in the bud brought to a conclusion ended up petered out brought to a stop put a period to drawn to a close refrained from brought to a halt called it quits knocked something on the head ran its course put a cork in quit cold turkey finished up become void put a lid on put to bed drew to a close put the kibosh on came to a close bitten the dust sewed up bit the dust sewn up checked arrested blocked abandoned curbed impeded obstructed frustrated ebbed stalled barred failed accomplished discharged depleted hampered resolved stilled kicked caught stemmed hobbled dissipated laid off of exhausted staunched hesitated cinched capped faltered waned wavered relinquished sundered phased out dispensed with immobilized clinched shuttered became invalid balanced staggered scrupled teetered wabbled dithered vacillated wobbled limped disrupted whiffled stumbled come to a stop hung up eliminated nipped something in the bud brought to an untimely end folded carried out gave something the chop come to a halt backed off had no more disunited come to the end brought to standstill tied up loose ends dried up abstained prorogated held at bay wasted away got shut of buttoned up stemmed the flow intervened cleared given something the chop liquidated cleaned up died down setted the seal on departed separated killed blew over immobilised extinguished buttoned down became obsolete winded something up hung back tailed off come to a conclusion blown over packed it in folded up disposed of pulled the plug come to a standstill brought down curtain gotten done died out trailed off held up switched off rounded up parted dissevered disconnected pulled up held back became void wiggle-waggled come to rest got done shilly-shallied transpired carried through fetched up slipped away interposed disjoined brought to a standstill brought to fruition brought up withdrawn withdrew got shot of gotten shot of drawn to close drew to close did came to the end done came to a conclusion frozen froze flown by flew by gotten rid of blown off did away with bagged it got rid of blew off done away with worn out wore out drawn up came to a stop came to a standstill blown the whistle on blew the whistle on drew to a stand drew up came to rest came to a halt drawn to a stand gone by went by ditched rescinded repealed revoked cried off shunned discarded quashed removed nullified binned recalled called brought shelved forfeited ignored remitted jilted divorced sacrificed stopped midstream forsook forsaken forwent forgone knock it off called a halt skipped renounced resisted precluded steered clear of shirked passed up withheld bypassed kept from got off stayed away from finished with retired from backed off from held off avoided withheld from refused reined in shied from sidestepped pulled out of restrained from averted dodged checked out from resigned from parted from parted with wiped out turned your back on skirted surceased from kiboshed eighty-sixed called it quits on escaped from jacked in skipped out on had done with dusted off dumped forbore from forborne from abstained from knocking it off shaken shook withholden gotten off withdrawn from withdrew from done without swore off shrank from broken the habit of gotten out of sworn off did without shrunk from got out of broke the habit of wrote off thrown up threw up written off broke with forgot about broken with forgotten about

Động từ

Past tense for to decline or deteriorate, especially gradually
declined deteriorated degenerated worsened regressed slipped sank sunk sunken slumped retrogressed slid slidden waned dropped fell felled fallen decayed rotted failed withered backslid backslided backslidden descended faltered weakened wilted drifted tumbled got worse gotten worse went downhill gone downhill fell off fallen off hit the skids went to pot gone to pot went down the toilet gone down the toilet went to the dogs gone to the dogs fell away fallen away retrograded devolved ebbed atrophied crumbled degraded collapsed disintegrated become worse depreciated flagged disimproved languished faded diminished stagnated debilitated drooped nosedived corroded impaired lowered broke down grew worse grown worse became worse spoilt spoiled gone down the tubes went down the tubes vitiated decreased skidded wasted away gone to pieces went to pieces lost quality fell to pieces gone backwards went backwards fallen apart fell apart broken down gone to rack and ruin went to rack and ruin went bad gone bad sickened wasted dwindled debased sagged perished lagged depraved reduced relapsed returned corrupted lessened reverted dilapidated putrefied emaciated receded become debilitated contracted died on vine palled moved backward depressed damaged taken a turn for the worse went to the pack took a turn for the worse gone to the pack suffered come apart at seams slackened wore away worn away reached a new low faded away injured took a nosedive taken a nosedive appeared in a poor light alloyed made something worse lost it adulterated dropped off undermined marred went gone became debilitated gone from bad to worse went from bad to worse broke broken brake came apart at seams went into decline broke up broken up fallen apart at the seams fell apart at the seams gone into decline went to ruin gone into a tailspin gone to ruin went into a tailspin fell steeply fallen steeply

Động từ

Past tense for to commit an offense, especially spiritually or morally
transgressed erred sinned misbehaved offended trespassed degenerated fell felled fallen strayed wandered did done behaved badly did wrong done wrong exceeded overstepped committed an offence went astray gone astray slipped up broke the law broken the law broke the rules broken the rules fell from grace fallen from grace violated the law strayed from the straight and narrow misconducted oneself deviated backslid acted improperly caused trouble mucked about played up got up to mischief got up to no good went wrong gone wrong acted badly acted up cheated clowned around fooled about acted foolishly fooled around clowned about backslidden backslided digressed misconducted forgotten oneself forgot oneself given someone trouble gave someone trouble mucked around messed around acted the clown messed about acted the goat blotted your copybook offended against God committed a sin succumbed to temptation committed crime yielded to temptation wallowed in the mire lived in sin committed a crime behaved inappropriately acted the fool broke law broken law broken commandment took the primrose path taken the primrose path broke commandment sowed wild oats sown wild oats cut up carried on failed disobeyed roughhoused stirred the pot raised Cain acted out made trouble committed a transgression committed an offense committed a felony run riot gone down the primrose path went down the primrose path showed bad manners ran riot taken a wrong turn took a wrong turn showed poor manners shown bad manners bent the law gotten into mischief shown poor manners done evil did evil got into mischief

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