Đồng nghĩa của divorced

Alternative for divorced

divorces, divorced, divorcing

Đồng nghĩa: disconnect, disjoin, divide, separate,

Tính từ

Forming or viewed as a unit apart or by itself
separate independent autonomous different disconnected isolated respective apart detached disparate distinct discrete individual unique unrelated distinctive free unconnected disjointed divided individualised individualized dispersed diverse single solitary unattached separated freestanding dissociated disengaged removed severed cut off discontinuous unlike unalike dissimilar unequal contrasting variant divergent distinguishable nonidentical distant heterogeneous differing contrary mixed motley sundry manifold diversified conflicting varied contradictory contrastive unassociated incompatible opposite several other peculiar assorted miscellaneous omnifarious multifarious particular variegated inconsistent clashing mismatched discrepant numerous many all manner of polymorphic many-sided changing multitudinal legion divers multitudinous populous changeable specific opposed poles apart at variance antithetical at odds incongruous contrasted multiform unsimilar express protean non-identical especial alternative various incongruent varying polymorphous opposing discordant deviating dissonant precise special singular disproportionate alternate incomparable antithetic disagreeing indiscriminate diverging incommensurate eclectic inconsonant not related disharmonious uncoordinated anomalous ill-matched in opposition like night and day unjoined otherwise irrelevant uneven unequivalent distinguished discriminable characteristic proper categorical nothing like like chalk and cheese not alike disjunct disjoined bipolar far cry idiosyncratic non-continuous uncoupled unlinked unallied piebald patchwork wide-ranging raggle-taggle haphazard ragtag kitchen-sink jumbled magpie promiscuous not the same sole distinguishing irreconcilable impertinent nongermane irrelative inappropriate polar conglomerate offbeat disunited personal diametric converse sui generis untypical unnatural off-key factious atypical irregular factional adverse obverse reverse antipodal antipodean diametrical cross not kin not kindred inimical competing hostile oppugnant inverse reversed counter paradoxical contrapositive violative own flip-side streets apart diametrically opposed relevant corresponding each appropriate one-to-one

Động từ

Past tense for to force or break apart
separated disconnected divided severed dissociated disunited detached disjoined split sundered dissevered isolated alienated decoupled disassociated disjointed distanced parted ramified resolved uncoupled unlinked unyoked broke up broken up dissolved unmarried cut off kept apart set apart broke apart broken apart put away split up cut segregated disengaged removed cut up cleaved partitioned set at odds estranged disaffiliated rent rended sectioned put at a distance rived quit abstracted come apart disbanded dissected unfixed secluded subdivided spread broke broken brake segmented sliced set against insulated sequestered split in two cut in two disentangled unhitched diverged quarantined freed undone undid unfastened bisected teared parted company broke off broken off dichotomized loosed untethered broke down turned off sliced up unhooked setted at variance delinked riven rove quitted came apart disaffected withdrawn withdrew dismembered luxated disrupted roped off branched excluded loosened disassembled shut away dispersed cracked burst antagonized left disgruntled soured aliened splintered dismounted islanded bifurcated disarticulated shut off turned away dismantled closed off divided up carved up weaned quartered halved antagonised become estranged opened chopped put a cordon sanitaire around carved busted up made unfriendly ruptured divided in two pushed away come between made hostile to turned your back on set aside put asunder reached a parting of the ways chopped up put on the outs split open untied unstrapped abjugated ended things torn tore taken apart took apart broke away broken away broken down distinguished forked grouped sorted stood between scattered cocooned defected extricated dislocated cloistered factionalized reduced decomposed divaricated compartmented distributed dislodged moved relocated branched off disintegrated protected closeted shielded unclasped fractured branched out screened off kept out confined cordoned off hacked fenced off sealed off made hostile withheld tore off torn off seceded from gone separate ways went separate ways forked off driven apart drove apart taped off partitioned off curtained off amputated docked embroiled ghettoized sorted out cleared selected unbuckled breached punctured unbolted avoided kept in solitude blocked off formed a ring around chopped off hewed off sheared off lost lopped off hacked off sliced off severed connections with parted company with slashed ripped sheared withdrawn from became estranged broke with withdrew from broken with disenchanted dissatisfied disunified disillusioned diverted stripped particularised articulated itemised particularized itemized portioned unbuttoned unpinned ghettoised discriminated against busted singled out carven wedged apart shared out portioned out fractionated unravelled unraveled moved apart made indifferent abscinded came between moved away unclicked setted at odds with cracked open become disconnected pulled apart walked away distanced oneself placed far off separated out kept at arm's length uncombined unsnapped laid open drove a wedge between driven a wedge between got divorced got a divorce destroyed the affections of sundered out severed connections between pierced caused antagonism between come away become detached drew back drawn back brast withholden chosen chose torn apart tore apart shore shorn sowed dissension sown dissension became disconnected became detached came away broke from broken from drove away driven away broken open broke open drew apart drawn apart burnt your bridges sown dissension between burned your bridges sowed dissension between smote smited tore asunder torn asunder smit smitten withdrawn the affections of withdrew the affections of broken off relations with broke off relations with slit lacerated incised split off gashed cut open axed excised cut away cut in half lopped cut across split down the middle snapped mutilated shred shredded mangled extracted injured truncated crossed butchered hewed hew pruned intersected trimmed pulled off demarcated jointed released taken off took off shared ribboned disentwined untwined knifed frayed untangled divided off unloosed pulled out shattered rifted cut out lanced cut into pieces clawed scratched wound wounded damaged cut off the limbs of cut into cut to ribbons cut in set asunder cut to pieces put to flight let loose made an incision in slotted extraught diced hashed minced removed surgically curtailed eliminated abscised separated off come off snapped off dislimbed skimmed liberated felled cubed anatomized maimed hewn saw off unzipped limbed crippled bit disembarrassed unbridled dissipated tattered resected fissured schismatized clipped off held erupted pruned off nipped off whacked clipped fragmented hackled jimmied apportioned hacked up stripped off scored dispelled stabbed dimidiated furcated hemisected caused a breach ripped asunder dealt dispensed disbursed screened penetrated destroyed jigsawed differentiated ripped off solved gaped shaved chivved squandered sent polarized polarised parcelled out parceled out ripped open ripped apart chased caused a rift between created a rift in wrenched frazzled pulled caused disagreement among kicked in doled out divvied up impaired broke in two carved out created a schism in perforated discumbered ripped in two snatched opened up sliced open come undone busted in wrested sized into grabbed yanked pitted against one another snipped out run evulsed sectioned off disjected nicked disburdened seized plucked measured out separated into two broken in two migrated moved in different directions cleared out came off fell took out taken out jigsawn bitten tore limb from limb torn limb from limb shaven shove shave ran driven drove took a chunk out of taken a chunk out of broke in broken in given way came undone gave way went their separate ways gone their separate ways gone in different directions went in different directions

Động từ

Past tense for to annul
dissolved annulled cancelled canceled invalidated nullified voided overturned repealed rescinded revoked quit axed cut off shut off cut out abandoned quitted discontinued ended ceased relinquished terminated stopped aborted halted scrapped shunned scrubbed kicked scratched ditched shelved ignored interrupted remitted forfeited desisted from left off dropped parted with called off finished with resigned from retired from dispensed with laid off of jilted knocked off sacrificed packed in eighty-sixed packed up cried off had done with wiped out laid off parted from turned your back on dusted off broke brake broken forgone forwent forsaken forsook canned written off broke with broke off shaken withdrew from shook lay off forgot about given up broken with withdrawn from gave over gave up forgotten about wrote off broken off threw up broke up thrown up broken up given over set aside abolished quashed abrogated disannulled negated nulled abated vacated rolled back struck down avoided retracted countermanded reversed put an end to rendered invalid declared null and void vitiated obliterated repudiated recalled overruled stricken down obviated removed rendered null and void annihilated killed nixed lift vetoed withdrawn withdrew undone undid cut cast aside offset stamped out eradicated did away with done away with eliminated erased suppressed overridden overrode discarded neutralized disallowed zapped discharged reneged dismantled neutralised made void lifted overthrew overthrown blacked out destroyed expunged extinguished effaced deleted chopped subverted recanted rejected shed trashed deracinated superseded torpedoed counteracted canceled out cancelled out blotted out declared invalid counterbalanced offsetted took back taken back counterchecked redressed backpedalled backpedaled brought to an end put the kibosh on put kibosh on washed out knocked something on the head weaseled out put down shut down put the lid on put damper on dumped gotten rid of got rid of exterminated extirpated liquidated finished squelched suspended excised renounced junked prohibited jettisoned disaffirmed reneged on backtracked on disestablished declared inhibited abnegated called back disclaimed waived abjured bleeped rubbed out countervailed rebutted snuffed out weakened undermined nigged confined squashed compensated restricted limited rooted out refuted retired redlined ruled against made ineffective finished off knocked out swept away cleaned up belayed belaid turfed counterpoised disqualified circumducted unfitted impaired backwatered forgot KO'd blackballed contravened impugned dinged traversed disproved frustrated crossed belied stonewalled opposed blued pencil closed down given the chop gave the chop called all bets off wiped slate clean brought to naught weaselled wangled out hushed up opted out bottled up corked up crawled out of pulled back stood down rendered inert weaselled out wormed out pulled the plug phased out ruled out turned thumbs down backed out turned down made null and void shot down gone back on went back on did in done in blew blown forgotten it taken out took out forgot it disproven forgotten forgat threw out thrown out gotten off the hook got off the hook blew sky-high rendered meaningless blown sky-high threw over thrown over went back on your word gone back on your word flown in the face of flew in the face of backed out of took away took off taken away taken off drew back drawn back

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