Đồng nghĩa của shredded

Alternative for shredded

shreds, shredded, shredding

Đồng nghĩa: crumb, fragment, particle, piece, scrap,


Having a strong or muscular physique
sturdy strong muscular robust strapping powerful brawny burly vigorous beefy stout rugged thickset hefty solid tough stocky lusty husky ripped buff athletic chunky hulking jacked bulky Herculean thewy mighty stark meaty powerhouse substantial powerfully built solidly built muscly hunky stalwart well-built sinewy healthy fit broad-shouldered hardy able-bodied mesomorphic muscle-bound hearty well muscled big manly energetic hale and hearty as strong as an ox hale trim in fine fettle beefcake well active lean toned sporty virile sound in trim herculean in good shape in good trim in good health in good condition in tip-top condition fighting fit hulky well-developed well knit muscled as fit as a fiddle as fit as a flea chiseled lively firm vital chiselled physical fine heavy agile nimble lithe sturdily built in shape bruising masculine bursting with health macho well-knit whole studly jock well-conditioned manful right as rain musclebound as strong as a horse as strong as a lion hard big and strong cut devoid of fat gorillalike hunk portly fleshy red-blooded blooming butch broad gigantic tiger ropy stringy wiry swole forceful peppy gingery dynamic flush iron aerobicized pumped up bursting with good health well-made strenuous two-fisted full-bodied built potent young fresh wholesome abled well-proportioned tall formidable slim healthful able in rude health great toned up fit as a fiddle as right as rain in top form well set-up overpowering physically fit built like an ox obdurate redoubtable full-blooded heavyweight A1 full of life strong-featured spirited bouncing animated zippy flourishing vivacious perky zestful sprightly jaunty vibrant indefatigable in the pink sparkling high-spirited thriving enthusiastic full of beans airy bouncy gay sparky tireless snappy brisk spanking chipper spunky bright-eyed and bushy-tailed bubbly full of vim and vigour effervescent exuberant animate feisty frisky pert spry driving springy racy mettlesome jazzy pizazzy pizzazzy intense breezy aggressive kinetic enterprising forcible alive and kicking buoyant staunch hardened toughened inured go-getting upbeat cast-iron hard-bitten fiery vivid emphatic tenacious effective bold vehement fit as a flea heavy-duty high-powered unflagging bright and breezy ball of fire full of the joys of spring merry ebullient bubbling procreative zealous scintillating rigid jolly capable happy inflexible cheerful determined thick reproductive carefree irrepressible chirpy durable cheery joyful sunny unbreakable resilient bright resistant in excellent shape influential zingy fertile flamboyant keen passionate frolicsome playful hard-wearing happy-go-lucky assertive gamesome frolic crank light-hearted in good kilter dashing fecund seasoned zesty indomitable exciting resounding ballsy gutsy peart hard as nails high-octane raring to go steamroller full of fun brash up to snuff full of vim industrious have-a-go go-go untiring full of get-up-and-go sexually potent very healthy very well in perfect health bounding excited exhilarated right sane balanced rude resolute roaring rough hilarious gleeful joyous mirthful strongly made invincible stable as strong as a ox magnetic electric in peak condition in high spirits moving demoniac motive mobile kinematic dynamical locomotive motile dogged earnest violent eager go-ahead enduring acclimatised acclimatized heavily built imposing strong as an lion strong as an ox strong as an horse tiptop effectual positive stiff persistent unremitting pertinacious pushing wick persuasive take-over take-charge efficient hard-driving lumbering mammoth towering huge gargantuan massive colossal leathery ardent indestructible good charismatic compelling energizing hyped-up activating go-getter productive vitalizing self-motivated highpowered energising full of energy tough as nails steeled molded made to last cohesive dense conditioned tight withstanding moulded long-lasting restored rosy-cheeked unimpaired safe and sound normal OK sportive play for keeps play hard ball coming on strong jumping lighthearted swinging rocking steel electrifying important bright-eyed all right bushy-tailed in good physical condition the picture of health in good physical shape adamant steely alive dazzling bustling salutiferous puissant happening stirring impassioned colorful humming colourful buzzing rousing hopping coruscating intensive stimulating busy astir abuzz leading dominant doughty significant adamantine storming punchy sensitive vibrating radiant responsive abubble pushy aboil predominant authoritative prestigious controlling rock hard all-out hard-hitting full of pep full of spirit wieldy omnipotent strengthy boss almighty strong as ox full of the joy of living


Torn, either partly or into separate pieces
ripped frayed ragged shabby tattered torn in rags in shreds in tatters threadbare tatty rent split holey seedy worn-out raggedy ratty scruffy tatterdemalion ragtag broken moth-eaten dilapidated unkempt scraggy shaggy shoddy frazzled battered poorly made badly worn badly dressed full of holes rugged torn to pieces cut lacerated slit severed cracked separated ruined destroyed fractured impaired slashed cleaved snapped ruptured burst wrenched gashed mangled sliced damaged in disrepair in ribbons cut open worn poor faded neglected patched rundown old in holes decrepit untidy dingy tacky worn to shreds well worn contemptible crude unfinished worn out desultory unpressed mean worse for wear down at heel falling to pieces down at the heel having seen better days the worse for wear tumbledown mangy run-down grungy dumpy scrubby miserable timeworn beat-up bedraggled sleazy down-at-the-heels bombed-out down-at-heel dog-eared squalid broken-down run down sorry gone to seed grotty deteriorated decayed scuzzy ramshackle rickety crumbling filthy grubby decaying used weather-beaten tired yucky beat up raggedy-ass warby wretched deteriorating rough crummy falling apart at the seams disheveled dishevelled falling apart on its last legs messy pitiful desolate slipshod degenerated well-worn out at elbows seen better days hackneyed shopworn time-worn stale trite passé overused derelict distressed slummy clapped out ruinous dirty disfigured bare meager meagre old-fashioned sloppy ancient out of date injured poverty-stricken disreputable lined frowzy outworn untended rumpty wrecked overworked used-up down-at-the-heel poorly maintained all the worse for wear antiquated in a bad way below par tumble-down badly maintained uncared-for under par beaten-up dowdy unravelled unravelling trashy scraggly decrepit. in ruins scroungy slovenly disordered sordid unraveling worn through unraveled broken down falling down insalubrious busted dinged totaled wizened peaked shattered worn thin superannuated well-thumbed well-read dismal knocked around in bits in bad repair out of condition in bad condition in pieces uncared unmaintained passe sere etiolated useless shot depleted effete skanky scabby shambly crumbly unsound marred yellowed worn down shacky shaky worn-down wrung out pegged out rank mucky indigent impoverished sick sticky unpleasant gunky gungy bad raunchy unimproved beat outmoded mediocre substandard tawdry base lousy ordinary paltry cast-off middling low-grade menial second-rate two-bit sad low-rent démodé gone to rack and ruin fallen-in ill-maintained uncared for in ruins beaten up fallen in rinky-dink banal hand-me-down hackney cliche obligatory hack cobwebby cliché-ridden stereotyped aged stock musty commonplace dated weathered haggard wrinkled clichéd hoary unoriginal corny old hat gaunt unwell drained unhealthy pinched exhausted drawn fatigued coarsened debauched raddled hollow-eyed washed out on one's last legs with sunken cheeks cure pot

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