Đồng nghĩa của in shape


In good health, especially because of regular physical exercise
fit athletic healthy strong robust strapping well hale sound sturdy hardy abled buff muscular tough trim vigorous wholesome hearty lusty powerful rugged stalwart fine muscled ripped shredded slim toned whole able-bodied in good health in good shape in good trim right as rain fighting fit in trim well-conditioned hale and hearty in fine fettle toned up fit as a fiddle in good condition as fit as a fiddle in tip-top condition in top form as fit as a flea as strong as an ox as right as rain bouncing in the pink husky normal good fresh right active physically fit full of life in good physical shape all right sound in body and limb in excellent shape in fine feather strong as an ox solid as a rock alive and kicking in good form able up to par firm aerobicized staunch stout capable okay proper Herculean mighty brawny burly unimpaired nondisabled sinewy bushy-tailed healthful chipper bright-eyed in rude health up to snuff thriving bursting with health blooming up to scratch together glowing luxuriantly better not disabled healthier very well recovered refreshed rehabilitated ok lively healed cured mended restored invigorated fitter hunky-dory in good physical condition in good kilter fit as a flea fine and dandy OK energetic flourishing jacked well-built beefy virile solid muscly sporty hard hunky red-blooded vital substantial stark thewy dynamic hefty peppy flush forceful gingery resilient hardened hard-bitten full of vim physical potent agile nimble lithe thickset powerfully built undamaged spirited broad-shouldered iron uninjured well-developed sprightly toughened indefatigable resistant solidly built perky two-fisted inured durable as strong as a horse seasoned sane cast-iron vibrant feisty safe full of beans bright-eyed and bushy-tailed hard as nails young very healthy herculean disease-free mesomorphic well-proportioned manly A1 lean in perfect health bounding health-conscious masculine rested bursting with good health well-made strenuous manful as strong as a lion energised strengthened full-bodied built stable in peak condition untroubled hulky relieved musclebound vitalized energized intact unharmed soothed muscle-bound well muscled unflagging enduring acclimatised acclimatized tenacious fast bombproof rude powerhouse comfortable outdoorsy outdoor as right as a trivet roaring rough flawless wide-ranging undecayed well-constructed perfect rigorous unhurt unblemished sports-loving safe and sound rosy-cheeked animated hanging together holding together as strong as a ox sparkling high-spirited vivacious the picture of health rigid stiff inflexible effervescent zippy jaunty spry playful strong as an lion buoyant strong as an horse intense zestful tireless unbreakable leathery hard-wearing go-getting bouncy upbeat spanking forcible indestructible resolute wick spunky persuasive good at sports take-over dashing enterprising steamroller snappy exuberant efficient take-charge brisk hard-driving driving effective dogged determined cohesive dense steeled molded conditioned tight moulded raring to go tough as nails heavy-duty withstanding long-lasting made to last aggressive gritty ball of fire unyielding full of energy obdurate stubborn obstinate doughty cynical as tough as old boots tough as old boots hard-nosed self-assertive self-confident high-powered


Carried out using a planned, ordered procedure
orderly organised organized methodical systematic businesslike regular systematised systematized neat careful logical ordered precise trim well-organized coherent efficient methodic meticulous punctilious structured tidy well-kept in order shipshape well organized well-regulated alike arranged clean conventional correct exact fixed formal framed rangé regulated scientific set-up slick spick-and-span thorough together uniform well-ordered well planned well regulated all together in apple-pie order to rights in good shape neat as button neat as pin controlled planned disciplined methodized well ordered coordinated consistent scrupulous painstaking clear analytical strict standardized deliberate systematical well thought out standardised rigorous supervised routine practical rational intelligible comprehensible sound fastidious thoroughgoing governed measured regimented by the book by the numbers joined-up self-controlled skillful skilful effective well thought-out streamlined reasonable legible accurate sensible conscientious standard sedulous diligent industrious lucid analytic valid readable understandable exacting decipherable consequent good well run complete directed mathematical purposeful guided fussy judicious objective heedful finicky solid managed distinct out-and-out delimited well-arranged rigid steady nonrandom law-abiding well-behaved peaceable restrained professional integrated straightened out correlated cataloged classified tabulated settled cohesive smooth-running workaday matter-of-fact severe well-maintained deductive experimental grouped formed catalogued prearranged prepared formulated competent superintended conscionable punctual demanding reasoning sorted out consolidated collective unified cerebral thinking intelligent practised piloted administered insightful in sync cooperative assimilated combined united harmonious pragmatic no-nonsense firm wise hard productive economic unchanging even unvarying unvaried economical hard-headed straight-thinking resourceful organic laborsaving timesaving expeditious earnest practiced accomplished serious enterprising direct concentrated intent hardworking monotonous strictly regulated unbroken dull saving restricted negotiated contrived enforced closely controlled strictly controlled on a tight rein plain reasoned aimed cost-effective well-planned labour-saving fuel-efficient energy-efficient energy-saving focused sharp articulate fluent graphic sponsored easy to understand unmistakable straightforward easy to read counseled unequivocal explicit assisted focussed counselled simple conducted flowing easily deciphered smooth clear-cut easily read cogent well-grounded well-founded relevant meaningful well reasoned attentive particular identified assiduous exhaustive provident thoughtful faithful dedicated full cautious laborious circumspect intensive religious prim searching observant elaborate regardful concerned picky selfdisciplined chary pernickety persnickety loving nice discreet perfectionist strenuous in-depth going to great lengths

Trái nghĩa của in shape

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